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December 13, 1996 - the Vision, the Plan Unfolds


October, 1991:

"Feed the Hungry" for six weeks


October, 1991:


Jesus: "Go to the ends of the earth, I have all
the power".

December 17, 1991


Shows me His Heart, tells me the mission to
spread His burning love to the world

May 13, 1993:

First message for God's Blue Book I

May 13, 1993

-March 31, 1994:

God's Blue Book I and II


March 22, 1994:


He is ignored - Building at Center, wing fell

July 5, 1994 -

Sept. 5, 1995:

Mary appears almost daily.   We receive
rosaries from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

July 5, 1994 -

Oct. 5, 1996:

Mary appeared every 5th of the month.

August 13, 1996:



St. Michael appears at the Farm.   There is a
blue light over John Weickert's head.  Mary
gives important messages.

August 27, 1996:



Mary pleads - she cries out.   She is so
sorrowful.  She cannot hold back the hand of
her Son anymore.

October 5, 1996:


Mary says she cannot hold back the hand of
her Son anymore.  It is struck with power.

October 13, 1996:

Mary appears as Our Lady of the Rosary.

October 13, 1996:

Jesus calls us to the Farm at 12:00 noon.

Oct. 16, Oct. 21,

Oct. 30, Nov. 3:




Strong messages from Jesus.   Tell us He is
calling us on the 13th.  He is very displeased
that we are taking this so lightly.  This is a
major part of the completion of the Fatima

October 30, 1996:




Jesus: "I have spoken.   You are not dealing
with My  messenger any longer.  To persecute
her is to persecute Me and I will take action. 
I have spoken and delays will displease Me."

December 5, 1996:




Jesus appears on the crucifix.   His mouth
moves for 20 minutes.  Mary did not appear. 
Jesus is handling it.  He is speaking in the
rosaries and in the Blue Book messages.

December 6, 1996

First Friday:




Message from Jesus how the   Shepherds of
Christ Movement will majorly assist in bringing
about the completion of the Fatima message in
carrying out Mary's peace plan given at

December 7, 1996

First Saturday

Revelation on light

December 19, 1996:

Strong message from Jesus and Mary

December 22, 1996:

Strong message from Jesus

December 29, 1996:


Very strong message from Jesus - Jesus
outlines the message that follow

January 5, 1997

Neither Jesus nor Mary appeared

January 11, 1997:

Message from God the Father

January 18, 1997:

Message from God the Father

February 5, 1997:




After receiving rosaries for two years and
seven months, I was sick and could not pray
the rosary, so the apostles played a live rosary

February 6, 1997:



Jesus wants the chapters to gather for a
candlelight rosary with the live rosary tapes. 
He promises special graces.

am_p173.gif (6187 bytes)

January 9, 1997:
Message given through Rita Ring

Jesus: I am Jesus, I am requesting My beloved apostles to study the entire message given on December 29, 1996. In this message, I have tied together the Shepherds of Christ Movement with the completion of the Fatima message. You are to study all of the enclosed messages given as My teaching for this purpose.

The Father's plan will unfold. I have given you special insights into His plan in this teaching.

Continue to pray the Morning Offering daily. Pray the consecration prayers and the Holy Spirit prayers often during the day with your family and friends this will bind you in one mind and one heart, and protect you from the evil one.

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