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I Am First

God's Blue Book I Cover

September 22, 1993

Jesus speaks: Empty churches, empty hearts, cruelty, hate for each other. Oh, why do they not listen? Oh, I am here. I give them all they need. They won't turn to Me. Where are they, My little dumb children? They have turned their hearts off and to evil works, hatred of their brothers, their self-promotion. All they do is operate from crippled hearts. Their hearts can be at peace. They can be joyous. They can have all they need but they do what they want. They are willful, they don't listen. They close themselves off. They hear Satan's promptings and they follow his way which is evil.

Oh, My children, I cry, I love you so. Where are you? Come to Me. My way is peace, My way is love, My way is joy, My way is the way. All other ways are so useless. They are not of Me. Why, children, don't you listen? I cry by night and cry by day. I send My mother. I talk to you. They close their hearts and choose their evil ways. Oh, please listen to Me, little ones. I cannot let this massacre go on much longer. There is so much hate, such vileness, such disobedience, such abuse. What do you want with all this sin? It casts a dark light in your soul and your hearts wither and die. Oh, children, please come to Me, spread My message of love. I need you to tell these little sick children about Me. You may be rejected but, if one soul listens to you, then it will be saved.

The world needs you to spread My light. I am in you and working in your heart. Your heart is full and plump and filled by Me. My love is so full in a heart that stays fixed to Me. You, My child, must do this work. Speak. Time is short.

Woe to those who teach My children such vileness and hurt My little ones. They will pay for their misdeeds. My love is abounding and encompassing. It reaches to the ends of the earth. Woe to those who spread filth. They will answer for corruption of My children.

I love My children. I want you to speak of My love. All of you lights, speak. Do not hold back. The time is at hand. Smile, be filled by Me. Generate My presence. You know I am in you, little ones. I have all the power. No one has power except through Me. My ways are the right ways. Your ways must be in Me. I will help you all in your earthly things, but make Me First. I am First. Talk to Me every day. I need to teach and comfort you. You need to be alone with Me. I am all there is. All else is useless if it is not rooted in Me. I cry and I wait for My children. You who know Me have the true treasure. Cherish this treasure. I am here with you, truly present, always by your side. You are never alone. You are fixed in Me and I know Mine and Mine know Me. We have the true joy. All other joy only lasts a moment and then it dies, sooner than it came. My joy never dies. It lasts for all eternity. I give you all you need, little ones. Come and be filled by Me. My light is on you, My power is within you. You don't do it. I do it through you. Make yourself My empty vessel. I fill you and work in you. I love My world through you. I want to use you to love My children. Give yourself to Me, little babies. I am here and I am waiting. Let Me save My world through you. Your tongue is My tongue. Speak and I will talk for you. Don't worry, many will listen and be saved because of your willingness to speak for Me. For those who turn away, they will suffer for turning from Me. In their arrogance they say nay and they pay with their lives, not this life but the life of My kingdom. This is no joke. Many are so far from Me. Help your brothers. If they reject you, they will suffer this loss forever. I am making My words available through you. You must remain open and let Me use you. I need you, I need you. Stay close to Me. Open your mouth-My love will pour out to your brothers. Pray for courage to do My will. I love you, little ones.

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