Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

May 25, 2002

May 26th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 8 Period II.
The Novena Rosary Mystery
for May 26th is Sorrowful.


A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb,
the Bridegroom of the Soul

    Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.



Pray for two very, very urgent intentions
and all involved.




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May 25, 2002 - Saturday Eve of Trinity Sunday

Messenger:    Tell God of your great love and thanks for 
                            the gifts you have received in your faith.



Mark 10: 13-16

Jesus and the children

People were bringing little children to him, for him to touch them. The disciples scolded them, but when Jesus saw this he was indignant and said to them, ‘Let the little children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs. In truth I tell you, anyone who does not welcome the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.’ Then he embraced them, laid his hands on them and gave them his blessing.



May 25, 2002 message continues

Messenger:          My dear apostles,

                                    I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you in
                            love. You are forever in my heart. The days
                            go by and the end comes quick and all the
                            days are but memories it seems sometimes,
                            but Jesus tells us we are lights and our light shines
                            in those we touch. A life time can go by and a person
                            that gives their life every day to Jesus serving
                            others and promoting His Kingdom has touched so
                            many souls, they don't even remember how
                            many or they may not know who they touched in
                            spreading His messages.

                                One by one—hearts are touched in ways we may
                            not even know and on that last day, Jesus says
                            to us "Well done good and faithful servant..."
                            Every day is a new day. When Jesus is so alive
                            in us, when we let Him possess our soul
                            He acts through us, His light shines and
                            He touches souls in ways we do not comprehend.

                            What is loving?



May 25, 2002 message continues

Messenger:         When I saw Him December 5, 1996, I felt as if

                                    I was filled with such emotion

                                    I cannot describe it.

                                    I sat on the end of my chair and

                                    I cried as I watched Jesus at

                                    the point of death on the cross

                                    move His mouth in such

                                    anguishing pain, I did not

                                    know how a person in that

                                    condition could even move.

Jesus speaks:     When you love someone, you give

                                    yourself so completely to them.

                                    I gave My all for love of you.

Messenger:         Loving is giving and receiving, we

                                    love someone so much we really

                                    give to them.

                            This is how Jesus wants us to love

                                    Him and each other.

                            Oh winter days of cool breezes

                                and frosty morning grass,

                                how cold indeed is the hearts

                                of many men who give to get

                                things in return, some of these

                                things given are for selfish


                                Oh God my beloved I give myself

                            to you and I love you so much.  

                            Oh God, I anticipate this feast with such joy.

Jesus speaks:      My child, I desire My priests to talk about their
                                relationship with the Persons of the Trinity.
                                Sometimes before Trinity Sunday some
                                get out their books and look for
                                explanations of the Trinity.

                            If priests do not take time with each
                                Person of the Trinity and if they
                                do not talk about their relationship
                                with the Trinity how will the people

                            My child, I have given this earth the
                                writings of Fr. Carter in the
                                Newsletters and his books.
                                They are Trinitarian.

                            I have given you deep insights into
                                the mystery of the Trinity.

                            To those who pray My Shepherd of
                                Christ prayers, I promise
                                to take you deeper into My 
                                Heart. In My Heart I will lead you
                                into deep union with My Father.

                            The Father and I are one.

                            The Love of the Holy Spirit will
                                flood your soul and you will 
                                be filled with such grace.

                            Your hearts will be set afire for
                                the love of your God.

                            My child read the Gospel of



May 25, 2002 message continues

Jesus speaks:      Oh My child, if you want an
                                intellectual study of the
                                Trinity, if you treat it
                                as a study of history
                                you may miss that deep intimate
                                love union that your heart
                                cries for.

                            Oh the litanies—How I love the Litany
                                to the Blessed Mother, oh
                                how I love it when you
                                pray the Litany to My Sacred

                            Oh the litanies—oh My child,
                                what honor your God receives
                                when you fervently recite or sing 
                                the litanies.

                            Oh My child, pray the litanies
                                with your whole heart.

                            Ponder the words—cry out
                                "pray for us",  "have mercy
                                 on us".

                            Oh My child that deep love union
                                with God the Father, Myself
                                and God the Holy Spirit can
                                grow ever deeper when you
                                go to Mass and go before the
                                tabernacle and pray fervently.

                            What about the Trinity.

                            I want a love union with My beloved
                            Your Father wants you to obey His
                                will and be like a little child.



Matthew 11: 25

At that time Jesus exclaimed, ‘I bless you, Father, Lord of heaven and of earth, for hiding these things from the learned and the clever and revealing them to little children.



May 25, 2002 message continues

Jesus speaks:      And so they focus so on all the "fat-
                                cells" and on their food and
                                do they even worry about
                                feeding their soul.

                            Oh every gram is weighed, they
                                lift their weights, and
                                what about the care for their 

                            If they would be so conscious
                                about their spiritual food.

                            "Oh lets talk about the Trinity or
                                lets ignore it all together"
                                many of my priests may think.

                            Oh you live every moment so one with
                                the Trinity, so united to the
                                Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

                            Your heart should be on fire for love of
                                God, you should live as the child
                                of the Father, you should live as
                                My Spouse making Me the
                                King and Center of your
                                hearts, you should live to please
                                Me and promote My Kingdom.

                            Oh My child, they are blind, in Churches
                                all over the world today and
                                tomorrow priests will talk
                                about the Trinity like it
                                is a "thing" to be described
                                and end by saying it is 
                                a mystery.

                            Oh My child, I want your writings of
                                the experiences I have given to 
                                you published. I want the priests to
                                read the Mass Book. I want priests
                                and sisters to receive the Blue
especially Blue Book II.

                            I want priests to know about Mary's
                                image in Florida.

                            My people help Me to circulate
                                the picture of Mary's image
                                in relationship to the writings
                                of Fr. Carter and Rita Ring.

                            You are not permitted to circulate
                                materials without the Imprimatur
                             on Church property or in
                                schools without the permission
                                of the priest.

                            Give your priests and bishops the
                                prayer manual and prayer

                            My people please print My prayer
                                cards or offer to help with
                                this and the pictures. The persons
                                doing so for the ministry,
                                must be delegated to do so by
                                the Ministry.

                            I do not want you to do it "any old
                                way." I want the image of My
                                Mother to accompany the materials
                                I have given through Shepherds
                                of Christ and the writings of 
                                Fr. Carter and Rita Ring.

                            Be very careful to select pure writings.
                                All of the books were very carefully
                                discerned by Fr. Edward Carter, S.J.
                                doctorate in theology.

                            Oh My children, such a gift I have
                                given to the earth and you
                                smite Me and chase My messenger
                                and when I ask you to celebrate
                                My Feast—well how do you
                                celebrate the Feast of the Trinity?

                            I want your heart to burn with
                                love of God: Father, Son and
                                Holy Spirit.

                            I want your heart consumed with
                                love for God.

                            What is the 1st commandment?

                            When you love someone do you have
                                trouble talking about them.

                            I want an intimate union with you.

                            If you go to heaven, for all eternity you
                                will be possessed by God: 
                                Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

                            CELEBRATE the

                                Feast ———

                            let your hearts be

                        consumed with love.

                        Oh My men—do you

                            love Me?



Excerpt from Response to God's Love

by Father Edward Carter, S.J.



                                               The Mystery of Christ and
                                                     Christian Existence

...In reference to Christianity, God himself is the ultimate mystery. Radically, God is completely other and transcendent, hidden from man in his inner life, unless he chooses to reveal himself. Let us briefly look at this inner life of God.

       The Father, in a perfect act of self-expression, in a perfect act of knowing, generates his son. The Son, the Word, is, then, the immanent expression of God's fullness, the reflection of the Father. Likewise, from all eternity, the Father and the Son bring forth the Holy Spirit in a perfect act of loving.

       At the destined moment in human history, God's self-expression, the Word, immersed himself into man's world. God's inner self-expression now had also become God's outer self-expression. Consequently, the mystery of God becomes the mystery of Christ. In Christ, God tells us about himself, about his inner life, about his plan of creation and redemption. He tells us how Father, Son, and Holy Spirit desire to dwell within us in the most intimate fashion, how they wish to share with us their own life through grace. All this he has accomplished and does accomplish through Christ. St. Paul tells us: "I became a minister of this Church through the commission God gave me to preach among you his word in its fullness, that mystery hidden from ages and generations past but now revealed to his holy ones. God has willed to make known to them the glory beyond price which this mystery brings to the Gentiles—the mystery of Christ in you, your hope of glory. This is the Christ we proclaim while we admonish all men and teach them in the full measure of wisdom, hoping to make every man complete in Christ" (Col 1:25-28).

end of excerpt from Response to God's Love



May 25, 2002 message continues

Jesus speaks:     Oh My people, I cry for you.

                            You analyze every fat cell and
                                then you know so little
                                about God the Father, God the
                                Son and God the Holy Spirit.

                            How will My little ones know when
                                My priests do not tell them
                                about their love for the Persons
                                of the Trinity.

                            And men will come to lead your children
                                away—will you try to tell
                                them, then? Why didn't they
                                tell them about deep intimate
                                love of the Persons of the
                                Trinity when they went to
                                school and to church as
                                little ones.

                            You have a little time to teach
                                the people in Church.

                            What is the First Commandment                                

                              1. I, the Lord, am your God. You shall not have 
                                  other gods besides me.

                             What is the Second Commandment

                               2.  You shall not take the name 
                                    of the Lord, your God, in vain.

                            What is the Third Commandment

                               3. Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.

                            Who will tell them how deeply God

                                wants to be loved if the clergy

                                doesn't have a deep intimate

                                union with each Person of

                                the Trinity themselves.

                            Love means wanting to please
                                the other for their good.

                            Love means spending time
                                with the one loved.

                            My priests and sisters many leave
                                right after they receive

                            I want a love affair with

                                My people, I want deep

                                intimate love.

                            The Eucharist is such a gift.



Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

I Want My Priests to Come Back

God's Blue Book II Cover

January 17, 1994 3:40 a.m.

Jesus speaks:  You know I am He Who lifts you up. In one second I can turn your feelings around and lift you up. Constantly pray to Me. You need Me through these times. Remember, I truly died for you on the cross. Remember, little one, I have chosen you to write to Me. Do you think I will ever abandon you? I am a God who truly loves His people. I love you with such ardent love. You must never doubt.

    Look into My face and see My gentleness. I am the kindest of all hearts. I am He who knows how to love with such love. Become totally lost in My arms.

    Do you think Satan will not taunt you? Put him behind you. You are being guarded by God and His heavenly court. Walk in My ways and the angels walk with you on your path. You are escorted on your way and you are never alone. You are guarded as a precious treasure that is being transported to another place.

    You need to put all your cares in My hands. You are developing true trust when you let go and let Me take over. Keep trusting and silence the ugly prompting of Satan who wants you to worry about useless things. Quit worrying and pray and play with your children. I am telling you there is so much peace and grace gained by private prayer with them. I will tend to all the details of your life. Do not worry for one moment. Put your life in My hands. I am here, little one. Read this message and all of them over and over again.

    You need to go to the Blue Book for your answers. Your answers are found there. I never leave your side. God is guarding you. Just continue to have a union with Me all through the day. All the prayer time alone with Me in one day is not enough. I want you in constant prayer.

    Turn to Me and My Blue Book. This will help many priests to come back and sit before Me in private union with Me. When priests come back to the tabernacle, the flock will begin to be led back to His altar. Priests need to read these letters. They are the preachers. If they do not value their own relationship with Jesus, if they are being led away from Me with busyness, they will not preach the intimate love of Jesus. They are so busy, but it is like throwing out the baby with the bath water. I am the center and their relationship with Me is utmost.

    The priests need these messages. They need to have an intimate, close union with Me. They should be preaching "time in front of the tabernacle." They should be preaching My intense love for My people and how I have so much to give. Some sermons are so complicated--yet nothing about union with Me in the Eucharist and in front of the tabernacle.

    I want My priests to come back and pray before My tabernacle. I want them to read these messages and make Jesus the Center of their lives. When they are led back to Jesus, they will lead the flock home. Priests need adoration every day for at least an hour. I don't care how busy they are. None of it matters if they are not spending time in private prayer alone with Me. They need to come and get their supplies. They need to quit thinking they are doing it and turn back to turning their lives totally over to Me, to totally letting their burdens and busy lives off at the foot of My cross and letting Me lead the way.

    There is not one priest who has so much to do that he cannot do private adoration daily. When the priest comes back to the power in the Eucharist and the tabernacle, the congregation will turn to God for their troubled hearts. Satan has led priests away from Jesus. They are so busy they cannot do all their work, but this must all take second place to praying silently before God and reading His words. These letters will help many priests to come back and be intimate with Jesus.

    All the rituals, all the upkeep of the churches, all the little details, and the King of Glory sits alone! You have thrown out the baby with the bath water. You are missing the boat.

    I want the priests to read this message. Where is the reverence after Communion and who has even heard it mentioned in the church? Private union with Jesus! What an honor! I have all you need. Come to Me and I will give you rest. I am all powerful. I have all the power. I am hyper--vigilant over your lives. I guard you. Quit trying to do it yourselves. Become selfless and let Me possess your souls.

    Have the priests spread these messages. Read them in church. I want adoration of the Eucharist back. I want people to know I am God and I am coming to them in Holy Communion. I want the Blessed Sacrament exposed. I want My churches open. Union with Jesus, the love of Jesus, trust, faith, love for one another, love of God--I want all of these preached from the pulpit!

    I am the Alpha and the Omega. I want My people to be led back to the center, which is Jesus. Pray for your priests. They are under attack. If Satan can wreck the family, the priests, the children, he has it made.

    You are under attack, My beloved priests, and you, in your busyness, are being led away from your union with Jesus. Bring yourselves back to Me and let Me give you My love. I am indeed the bridegroom of your souls. I wait for My beloved ones at the altar. I long for private union with all My beloved ones.

    Come to Me, all who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest. Come and be lifted up to heights you never dreamed possible. I am God. Put your lives in My hands. Let Me run your life. Quit running amok. You have lost your way and are running down the wrong road. Bring your lives back to Jesus in the tabernacle.

    The world is getting farther from God every minute. Read the messages at prayer meetings. Spread them by word of mouth. The time you waste is valuable. These words are not meant to be saved. Spread them here by any means possible. I want them out, I tell you! If someone wants to read some messages, give them to them and let them read them at prayer meetings. There is no secret here. They are from Me and I want them out. I want you to speak. A lot of your discontent is in sitting around with all these messages and not spreading them. Tell your friends to speak. Speak My words here. You don't have to mention the source. Spread the messages. You are not what is important. The messages are. You will be exposed. Don't worry who knows, but don't spread your own story. Spread the messages. Like ripples on a pond, the love of God will be spread throughout the land. I have so much to give to My hurting ones. I am your God. I died for you out of deepest love. I have come in these messages to lead you back home.

    Quit worrying of details. I am He Who runs the show. Pray for guidance every day. Spend one hour in front of the tabernacle. You cannot do in a million years what I can do in one moment. Quit relying on yourselves. You are only pushing buttons. When you are fixed in Me, the right door opens. When you go it alone, you have a hard road to walk. One hour in private adoration. Be silent or read the Blue Book. Your life will become uplifted by My teaching and you will sail a blue sky.

    Spend time in silence and some in reading My words in front of Me. I am talking to you in these letters. What power, to read them in front of the tabernacle! You can't go it alone. You need My help. You need your supplies. But you must come and get them! You are following your tail around if you do it alone. I am He Who can do all this. When you realize My power in adoration, your lives will change. As long as you are too busy you will have a hard time. The soul craves this union with Me.

    Lead the priests back to adoration and the people will follow. Our leaders have become too busy for adoration. This is the key, the key to unlock the doors to the world's problems. It is found in front of the tabernacle, at daily Mass and Communion. Do the priests ever preach any of this? You have forgotten your center, Jesus, in the Eucharist! All the power is found in Jesus. You have all that you need and you walk about and decorate My churches and clean every speck of dust and repair My pews and carpet My house and fix My organs but you walk about and miss the King of Glory who sits there all alone! Spread the messages on the tabernacle. I want them out!

Prayer for Union With Jesus

    Come to me, Lord, and possess my soul. Come into my heart and permeate my soul. Help me to sit in silence with You and let You work in my heart.
    I am Yours to possess. I am Yours to use. I want to be selfless and only exist in You. Help me to spoon out all that is me and be an empty vessel ready to be filled by You. Help me to die to myself and live only for You. Use me as You will. Let me never draw my attention back to myself. I only want to operate as You do, dwelling in me.
    I am Yours, Lord. I want to have my life in You. I want to do the will of The Father. Give me the strength to put aside the world and let You operate my very being. Help me to act as You desire. Strengthen me against the distractions of the devil to take me from Your work.
    When I worry, I have taken my focus off of You and placed it on myself. Help me not to give in to the promptings of others to change what in my heart You are making very clear to me. I worship You, I adore You and I love You. Come and dwell in me now.

end of excerpt January 17, 1994



December 18, 1995

Excerpt from the Mass Book


    The place Jesus took me was into the deepest recesses of His Heart. I was enveloped in His burning love. It was a red room with heat and an intense glow. I was swept away in this embrace, and I only existed in Him. The power of the Almighty God enveloped me, and I only existed in Him. There was no fear, for I was existent in this Almighty Being. My heart was wrapped in the eternal embrace of this Supreme Being. The security, the power I know was His deep presence in which I existed.

    I knew the room was red and warm. I knew His immenseness, but I felt my own completeness in Him. I did not feel little, as a speck, but elevated and empowered for I existed then in Him in a most special way.

    I was overtaken by the love of God. The fire of the Holy Spirit filled me. I was absorbed by the love of the Father, and I existed IN Him and in the deepest recesses of the Heart of Jesus. Our heaven on earth is these inner chambers of His magnificent Heart - the Heart of the Almighty God, with all the power, with omnipotence, with the fire of the love of God. He took me to the deepest chamber of this fiery Heart, and in that moment, I touched eternity, for I knew what it was to be enveloped in the deep furnace of His love. I now want to exist in this chamber of His Heart, swept away in His burning love, absorbed in my every cell with His love.

    We do not understand the fire of His love. We do not understand what it is to be absorbed by love itself. He took me to the inner, deepest chamber of His Heart, and I felt the heat and knew the presence of love itself, and there was no fear, only a feeling of completeness, omnipotence, all-embracing, penetrating love - a power indescribable in words, a saturation of my being in the presence of God, and I was as I was created to be - living in Him!

    This is how I will forever live my life, saturated with His divine life and love deep within this inner chamber of His burning Heart, living in Him as He possesses my being, and I operate with His power in me.

    Little creatures though we are, we are His, His power, His life, flowing through us. In Him, we are as the Father intended: one in Him, each one of us, dwelling in this fiery furnace of His love. With our fears quieted and our hearts empowered by His life, we live forever in Him - in the Heart of Jesus.

    Let no man separate what God has joined together. I am wed in the deepest love with my beloved Spouse, wed to the Heart of Jesus. As I am, I am one in Him. I live and I breathe in Him. He, Who is love, He Who is our all, He Who is mighty and without limits, He Who is, He Who is God and as I live, He lives in me in this world.

    I am wed to Him, and I shall not fear for He is God - one, complete, loving, God. Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in Thee. As I live, I live in Your most adorable Heart, the furnace of God's love!

end of December 18, 1995 writing



May 25, 2002 message continues

Jesus speaks:     Oh My priests—I want My people

                                to come to My Sacred Heart

                                on Fire for love of them.

                            Oh My people, you smite Me—

                                I am consumed with love

                                    for you My people.


                                (Jesus said how do you love your God today
                                    2000 years later?)

Jesus speaks:      I gave My life for you.



May 25, 2002 message continues

Jesus speaks:      Oh My people—do you need books

                                to talk about the Trinity?

                            Oh My people where is the love 

                                in your heart for God.

                                Your babies are crying.

                            Satan is carrying off your young.

                            Do My people dress like

                                Christians—look how

                                they dress—

                                look how they act.

                            Oh My people, I cry to you.

                            Will you hear My cry.

                            Oh My priests help Me

                            My cry is falling on deaf ears


The first 3 Commandments


  1.   I, the Lord, am your God. You shall not have other gods besides me.

  2.   You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.

  3.   Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.



May 25, 2002 message continues

Jesus speaks:      My priests talk about your

                                love union with God:

                                Father, Son and Holy

                                Spirit ——————

                        My people need to

                            hear this ————

                        I love you so much

                            please listen!  



Jiffy Sheet: 108 day Novena beginning May 28, 2002 to September 12, 2002

You will need:          1. This sheet
                                2. Holy Spirit Novena Book
                                3. Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual

I. Begin at 6:20 p.m. by singing, "Come Holy Ghost" (verse 1).

  1. Say, "I want to make a Spiritual Communion." 
  2. "I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you in love." (This will unite us in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.) 
  3. Cast out Satan: "We cast Satan into the fires of hell, far from us, our families, our Movement, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, the Church and the world in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

Holy Spirit Novena and Rosary Novena Chart

Day: 1 Joyful 2 Sorrowful 3 Glorious 4 Joyful  5 Sorrowful 6 Glorious  7 Joyful 8 Sorrowful 9 Glorious
Period I May 28 29 30 31 June 1 2 3 4 5
II 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Period I 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
II 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 July 1 2
Period I 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
II 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Period I 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
II 30 31 Aug 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Period I 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
II 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Period I 26 27 28 29 30 31 Sept 1 2 3
II 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  1. Pray the Holy Spirit Novena using the Holy Spirit Novena Booklet.
  2. After the novena, read the appropriate meditation. For example: period 1, day 1; period 1, day 2; etc. This will continue until further indicated.
    • It is enormously important that you feel as a body praying together, asking for the special coming of the Holy Spirit.
  3. After the meditation say: "We consecrate the Movement, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, the Church and the world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary."
  4. Ask that the Blood of Jesus be spread on the Movement, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, the Church and the world.
  5. Begin the 6:30 p.m. prayer service as usual.

II. Begin the 6:30 prayer service

  1. Begin praying:  Dear Father in the name of Your Son Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, through the powerful intercession of the Virgin Mary, with all the angels and the saints and the souls in purgatory, we join in one mind and one heart and ask the Holy Spirit to come to all the world in a special way, especially to our priests. We pray all prayers for the priests and the renewal of the Church and the world and for the Shepherds of Christ intentions. By the precious Body and Blood of Jesus we cast out Satan far from this place, our families, the Shepherds of Christ Movement, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, the Church and the world. We ask the Blood of Jesus be spread on us, the Shepherds of Christ Movement, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, the Church and the world. We beg for grace and mercy for the world and wish to make reparation to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. We give our hearts to Jesus and Mary with all gathered here in love. We wish to be forgiven for offending one another. We love You God, help us.
  2. Sing A Song from Jesus.   Refrain:  "I come to you with greatest love, I am your loving Savior.  I am your God, I died for you, I come to you this day."
  3. Then begin the prayers of the Good Shepherd (Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual).
  4. Sing The Rosary song   Refrain:  "Oh the rosary, the rosary is the love of Their two Hearts,   Oh the rosary, the rosary is the love of Their two Hearts."
          1) Ave Maria, Ave Maria.
          2) Jesus we love You, Mary we love you.
          3) This is her peace plan, Children must pray it.
          4) We turn to Mary, She is the Queen of Peace.
          5) Oh Sacred Heart Divine, Oh Heart of Mary pure, Ave Maria, We love to pray it!
  5. Begin the rosary. Please use the Rosary Books and the Rosary Aves.  The important thing is to pray the prayers and the rosary at 6:30 p.m., if possible. (Rosary mysteries need to be according to the Rosary Novena.)
  6. Read the Ten Commandments.
    1.   I, the Lord, am your God. You shall not have other gods besides me.
    2.   You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.
    3.   Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.
    4.   Honor your father and your mother.
    5.   You shall not kill.
    6.   You shall not commit adultery.
    7.   You shall not steal.
    8.   You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
    9.   You shall not covet your neighbor's wife.
    10.   You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor.
  7. Pray A Prayer of Thanksgiving then read the Daily Message for the day.
III. List of Important Feasts - 2002    


5-St. Boniface
7-Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
8-Immaculate Heart of Mary
13-St. Anthony of Padu
21-Aloysius Gonzaga

24-Navitity of St. John the Baptist
29-St. Peter and Paul
3–St. Thomas

4-St. Elizabeth of Portugal
6-St. Maria Goretti
11-St. Benedict
15-St. Bonaventure
16-Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
22–St. Mary Magdalene
23-St. Bridget

25-St. James
26-Sts. Joachim & Anne,
parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary
31-St. Ignatius of Loyola

1-St. Alphonsus Liguori
4-St. John Vianney
5-Dedication of Saint Mary Major
6–Transfiguration of the Lord

8–St. Dominic
10-St. Lawrence
16-St. Stephen of Hungry
19-St. John Eudes
20-St. Bernard
21-Pius X
22–Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary
23-St. Rose of Lima
24–St. Bartholomew
27-St. Monica
28-St. Augustine

29-Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist

3-Gregory the Great 


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