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We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

August 18, 2005

August 19th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 9 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries
for August 19th are Sorrowful.


Pray for youth conference


Prayer Service  

August 19, 2005

on Friday at 6:20

Please tune in!



August 19, 2005 is a special prayer day in China
in reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


88 Years Ago
the 4th apparition at Fatima


Come to the Florida site or
to China, Indiana.
Rita will be in China.


Jesus wants us to pray
between 12:00 and 3:00
on Fridays before the Blessed Sacrament.



There will be Mass at 1:00 China time.
There will be a prayer service at 6:20
August 19, 2005


Special Prayer Service August 22, 2005
The Queenship of Mary




Excerpts from August 19, 1996
Blue Book Meeting

Transcribed from a live rosary recorded on a tape.

Jesus speaks:   I am with you in a special way. This is the 19th of August, 1996. On August 19th, 1917, My Mother appeared to the children at Fatima. I am glad that you are here, that you have come to venerate Our Hearts. It is through Our Hearts and through you that many hearts will turn their hearts to the love of Our Hearts. Do not underestimate the importance of this meeting here. Each of you were uniquely selected by Me to participate in this plan of the Father to help spread the love of Our Hearts throughout this world. Come to My Heart now. Come into My Heart and feel the warmth in My Heart, for this period in time will be a time of refuge for you, for you will be comforted by My love and the love of My Mother. I am Jesus, how I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

The Annunciation

5.  Jesus speaks:   You have been called, and you have been chosen by Me, My dear ones, and I will give to you this special grace. Open your heart and let Me comfort you this night. Let Me fill you with My love. I am Jesus. I am here, and I want to love you in a special way.

7.  Jesus speaks:   My dear ones, the times ahead will be hard and will be dark. You must listen to these words that I speak to you. You must come and dwell in Our Hearts, for it is there that you will find refuge from the cold and dark world. I am giving to you this great grace that you will be joined in My Heart. This is My little army that I am sending into this world. Look around you at one another. I have joined you in one mind and one heart in a special way.

10.  Jesus speaks:   I called and I was forgotten by many of My beloved souls that I loved with such love, but I have called to you this evening. My special ones, My Blue Book team I have called, and you have answered this call. I am Jesus, and thank you for coming, coming and spending this time in prayer.

I will nourish you with My Word. I will give you My love, and I fill you with My life.


2.  Jesus speaks:   Do you love each other, My beloved ones? Do you know that I live in you and in your brother? I am calling you to love each other with such love, to join in one mind and one heart, to be kind and loving to one another, for the job will be accomplished. The Father's plan will unfold. Your job, My dear ones, is to love, not to be busy and to run around, but to love, to love first, to love God first, and to love one another. I will work through you, and the work will be accomplished in love, love, love, love. I call you to love, to quiet your heart at this moment for you are anxious and afraid, but I call you to quiet your heart and to turn your heart to thoughts of love, to release all anxiety that you feel at this moment in your heart, to be lifted high in this hot air balloon, to let go of all of the cares in your heart and in your mind, to feel peace wrap you securely in it's embrace, to feel love in your heart, to know this peace. There is no fear. There is peace and love in God. I am Jesus. It is My peace I give to you. I am guarding you, and I am watching you at every moment. Release and surrender to My loving care.

3.  Jesus speaks:   My way is love, love of God, and love of one another. You are busy in your mind for many things, but I am calling you to love, love, love, love. Release your minds and let Me carry the burden. I will walk beside you and guard your every move.

4.  Jesus speaks:   It is joy, My beloved ones, that I ask you to carry in your hearts, joy, peace, and love. Let go of the burdens that you hold in your heart, for My way is love and this is My job. It will be accomplished. You must surrender and let Me work in you. Do not busy yourselves with the papers and the work. Surrender and go to Me, and I will carry the load. Your job is to love.

8. Jesus speaks:   I am alive. I am alive. I am alive, and I live in the hearts of men. Open your heart that I may fill you with My life, that you will be the reflection of this life in the world this day. Surrender. Let go of all of those things that hold you bound, and come to Me as the little, dependent child of your Father.

9. Jesus speaks:   I am with you. I am not far away, but I am close to you. Do you feel Me this close to you? Surrender and let Me touch your heart. Let Me fill you with My love.

The Birth of Jesus

3.  Jesus speaks:   My beloved ones, I come to you and I ask you for your love. I want you to love Me with gentle, tender love. I came into this world a little baby. I was laid in a manger, a little, little, tiny baby. Will you love Me? Will you give Me your love, for I am waiting for this love from you? I am Jesus. I am alive, and I am with you. Come, My dear ones. Come into My Heart and tell Me of your love.

4.  Jesus speaks:   This is My call to you, My beloved apostles that I am sending into this world with hearts filled with My love, that you carry the message of My love into this world, but your hearts must be pure and gentle, tender, loving, and kind. You must come to Me and beg for the grace. You must come to Me that your heart will be turned to a heart of love.

Jesus speaks:  You do not understand the great mission that I have called you to, My beloved ones. You must come to Me. You must beg for purity in your heart for you will be the leaders that will carry this love into this world. You underestimate the importance of this mission to this world and to My Church. You must be born in your heart to a heart that is gentle and loving and kind.

5.  Jesus speaks:   And the hearts will shine across the land as you give your hearts to Our Hearts.

6.  Jesus speaks:   You are My stars that go by in the darkness this day, and it is through you that My light will shine to all those you touch. Give Me your heart. I am waiting for you, and I will fill you with the brightest light, and you will radiate against the darkened sky and shine as the brightest lights in the night. I am Jesus. I am all powerful and almighty. You, My dear ones, will be molded into My image and likeness, and the world will know My life and My love through you.

7.  Jesus speaks:   I am alive. I am alive. I am alive, and I live within your heart.

8.  Jesus speaks:   My way is peace, and My way is love. You must come and dwell in My Heart.

9.  Jesus speaks:   I want you to love Me, My dear ones, all through the day to tell Me of your love, to share with Me all your thoughts that I may be one in you, that I may live in you, that I may operate through you, that I may touch others. As you go about this world, I will touch My beloved souls, and this world will be lighted with My love.

The Presentation in the Temple

3.  Jesus speaks:   My dear, sweet ones, satan is pressing down on My beloved apostles, for he aims to stop you. You will carry the messages of My love to this world. You must pray for strength. You must pray to St. Michael to help you to battle against these forces that are coming against you. I am Jesus. I am protecting you and guarding you. I am allowing you to be tested and to fall that you will know how dependent you are on Me.

4.  Jesus speaks:   You must not waver. You must not give in. You must be strong. You must come to Me. You must pray the rosary all through the day, for the rosary will give you strength against the evil one. I am Jesus. I am guarding you, and I love you.

The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple

8.  Jesus speaks:   You are My little army that I have called here. I have formed you. I have guarded you, and I have given to you this special grace to come to Our Hearts. As you dwell in Our Hearts, you will be saturated with Our love and you will be the reflection of this light in the darkness.

9.  Jesus speaks:   You do not comprehend the immensity of this mission to which I have called you, My beloved ones. I am begging you to pray, pray fervently that you will know the importance of this mission. You have been called, and you have answered this call. Listen to Me for I speak to you. This is an urgent message that you come to Me and give yourselves to Me, and you will be My army marching with hearts of love in the darkened night.

end of excerpts



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