Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

I Reflect the God Who Lives Within

God's Blue Book III Cover

June 12, 1994

R. He wants us to put on Christ. All of our actions, our speech, our clothing, how we spend our time, reflect how we preach His gospel. There is not one minute of one day that I am separate from Jesus. My life must be a reflection of Him, totally within me. I cannot wear luring clothes and be Christ to this world. I cannot speak with foul talk and be angry and be Christ to this world. I am the reflection of the God Who lives within me. My every word, action, being must reflect His life within me. I cannot be in union with Him and be separate from Him in some things. I must put on Christ, reflect His being as He lives in me and I live in Him, as I am. I live in this world to preach the gospel of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

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