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Fast for Me

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May 11, 1994 After Communion

If you seek any gratification in this world, it is only momentary. Nothing that you seek here will be an end in itself. You fool yourself. You think you aren't attached. Then it is taken away and you start to kick and scream. "Why, God? Why this?" You are so attached to people and jobs and food and you do not know how attached you are until you are forced to give it up. Fasting is a way to teach you to give up your attachments. Fasting is a way to discipline yourself. Fasting is a way to holiness. If you constantly reward yourself with food, you are attached to food. I call you to holiness. Holiness is not easy. Fasting is not easy. You must eat properly, eat good bread that will sustain you often through the day. Drink a lot of water. You will feel better than if you ate food. I am in control. Go to Communion as often as possible. Communion is the true Body of Jesus Christ.

The way to Me is surrender. The way to Me is doing as I will you to do. Your union with Me depends on your doing the Will of the Father, surrendering yourself, giving in when you don't want to, loving when you don't want to. Pray to love as I will you to love. You do not even know how far you are from holiness. Pray to be holy. Pray for surrender. Pray to be selfless. Pray My Prayer for Union with Me. If you are gratifying yourself with worldly things, you are keeping yourself from Me. This world is passing. I need your sacrifices. Souls are at stake. You can help save a soul from eternal damnation through your prayers and sacrifices. Do you realize this? Live to draw others closer to Me and to help souls to get to heaven. Play the song, "Thank You for Giving to the Lord."

My way is not easy. You are not gratified here in worldly things. You go so far, then the devil says, "Don't fast." Fast this day. You can help to save souls from the fires of hell by your prayers today. You can lead others back to Me with your sacrifices. Do you want your brothers to be converted? Then fast! Mortify yourself. Eat good food on the other days. Constantly sacrifice. Sustain yourself with food. Do not live to gratify yourself with food!

I am calling you to holiness and sainthood. Do you want to convert your brothers? Then do as I ask. The devil will try to get you to eat and tell you that you needn't fast. I want you to fast this day. You will be okay health-wise. I am God. The hairs of your head are numbered, child. I have all the power! Pray for your beloved brothers. Time is so short. You can help your brothers on their journey for eternal life. Will you answer My call? Fast for conversions. Please, I beg you this day, say "yes" to Me!

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