Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Commander of the Ship

God's Blue Book I Cover

December 31, 1993

R. He snatches us from whatever and we are His. Are we in control at every second? He comes as a thief in the night and our control is gone! We are His. We are totally under His control now! Faith is the answer. We must surrender here on earth to have eternity. To ignore God is so silly because He can come in one second and we are totally powerless. Isn't that how it is here? We are powerless the whole time, but in our willfulness we decide to do what we want and thus start our journey down the wrong road. But at any moment He can take us. Then we are totally out of control. At any moment a storm can come and rock us in our path and we are out of control. At any moment we may get a very crippling disease and we are out of control. Basically, it is silly to think we are in control!

He is the commander of the ship. I am only a servant boy. I do not admit to any authority. I only am here to serve. He is the Commander. I am he who complies. He has all the knowledge of the ship and the seas. I do not have any. I only do as I am told. If I try to run the ship, I may become shipwrecked because I do not know such matters. If anyone else tells me what to do, it is to the detriment of the whole ship. I go to the Commander for my directions and He tells me what I must do. I do His will for smooth sailing.

Jesus speaks: When you come to Me in Communion and in front of the tabernacle, let Me fill you with all that is of Me. I want to work in your hearts. Sit silent (very hard to do, but so rewarding). Let your spirit be the total focus. If your leg aches, forget it. Be formless and ready to deal with only the things of the heart. I work in your heart and you are aware of what work I have done. Know I have a plan for you in the silence. God works in the whispers. It is the world that surrounds itself with noise. The closer you get to God, the more you love the silence with Him. Sit and be My bride. I love you intimately. Get rid of all distractions-mind, body, otherwise-and give Me your soul, then just sit. Keep your mind fixed only on My love.

I am the way, the truth and the life. He who abides in Me will have the light of life and the life I give is not of this world. Turn your hearts to Me and give Me your will. To ignore Me is to be shipwrecked on a mighty sorry island. You must take all I give you. Praise Him Who gives it to you! Do not turn away. Come and be with Me in My house. I await you as a lover Who is anxious for His bride. How can you stay away when God Himself beckons you to come? Do you not hear My lamenting cries in your heart? They whisper, "Come to Me in your busy lives," but you silence them with rags and go about your useless tasks.

Oh, little ones, you are missing the glory that awaits you in church and in your life hereafter. All that is here is but a passing thing. Like smoke, it blows away and nothing is left, not even a trace of billowing smoke. It seems so real, but it is so temporary. It is here one moment and gone the next. Do you not see your brothers who die before you? All that matters is their souls. Were they ready to meet their Maker? I warn you, I prompt you in your hearts. Others give you bad example and you follow like little sheep. You follow even when it leads to destruction.

Come, little ones, follow Me. I am the Good Shepherd and you need to follow the Master. I give you a land flowing with milk and honey and you are filled with the gifts of God. Oh, little ones, how do I make you see the nose on your face? You are so blind and caught up in your silly things.

Pray for your brothers. Nothing seems to rock them. They think this world will go on forever. Pray, pray, pray! You have a mighty work to do, My faithful ones. Your brothers walk a dark, dark night and do not have a lamp. They do not even see the darkness. Your prayers may light their way. Stay fixed in your ways and preach by your example. You are My lights shining in the darkness. Keep yourselves holy that you will be doing My work in your being. Be Christ-like and preach My message to your brother!

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