Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Come, Be Alone With Me

God's Blue Book I Cover

October 2, 1993

Jesus speaks: I am the Good Shepherd. I know Mine and Mine know Me. I know the inner workings of the heart and your desire to be alone with Me. Forget everybody else. Just let Me talk to you now. I am truly here, just you and Me. I am your precious Savior, even in distraction. Find My peace. Feel My warmth by your side. Let go of every problem, every distraction. See Me looking at you, My eyes gentle, My smile very slight, loving you in My gaze. All else is fuzzy around you. I am with you-you and Me alone. I am standing in front of you, My hands outstretched, dressed in white. You feel My peace surround you. Warmth. It is as if smoke surrounds us and we are encased in this screen of smoke, all by ourselves.

Feel My power radiating to you. You are engulfed in peace. The world could stop and you wouldn't know and you wouldn't care. I am all you need. Your heart stops beating except for My presence. We are so close. There is such peace there that you never want to leave or care about anything else. I am the Lord, your God. I am your all. I am with you and you are filled by Me. It is such a fullness. The light and warmth that surround us are nothing you could describe. Power-waves of power in the air almost like a magnet-nothing else matters. This is how it is in your life. All is insignificant except in Me. You can be with Me in a crowd. You can block out all things around you and feel My presence. This is what you must learn to do-be alone with Me in a crowd. I am all that matters. Anywhere you are, all people, places and things are insignificant if not seen in Me.

Through the day you must have these moments alone with Me. Come and sit with Me now. I am standing in front of you or I can be sitting with you, but think of us all alone, Me clothed in white, a smoke screen about us. My arms are open and I embrace you and you feel engulfed by My love. You are filled with such peace when you come to sit here alone with Me. See this picture. Feel the pull to Me in your heart-a flutter, a magnetism to be drawn to Me. I am all you need. Nothing else is important. I fill you so you will radiate My love to your brothers. I call you to this place with Me that you are filled to do My work. Come alone and be with Me. I wait with open arms at any time to be with you! It pleases Me so for you to stop and sit with Me, even in a crowd. At work, anywhere you are, come and sit with Me and I will give you My peace and love and your day will start anew. You are refreshed and sent on My mission with My love in your heart. I am the Good Shepherd. I know Mine and Mine know Me. I bid you come and sup with Me. I love you, little one. I am your Jesus. I love you.

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