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October 6, 1993

R. Note: Early in the morning of October 6 I was awakened by the sound of knocking and the song, "Oh, the Lady is calling, she is calling you now," playing. Then the first reading at Mass that morning was about Jesus knocking.

In the afternoon I went to Adoration at St. Gertrude's Church. The Blessed Sacrament was exposed and, while adoring Jesus, I closed my eyes. I saw an image of Jesus, His face turned sideways. The image lasted about two minutes, then faded away slowly. As it faded an image of a monstrance came into view. This was signifying Jesus' True Presence to me and His calling me to spread devotion to Jesus in the Eucharist and adoration before the tabernacle.

That same night, after Communion at Mass in Dayton, I heard a voice from behind me say "Rita." I turned around and no one was there. I have had many images of doors. Jesus has called me by knocking to write these letters for you. You are being called to open your hearts and let Him dwell within you. He loves you so deeply. (See also the November 2 message.)

Jesus speaks: I am the Lord, thy God and you shall not have any gods before Me. Come and be with Me, child. I make your heart filled with joy. I comfort you. I sanctify you. I make you light and you turn only to Me in your prayers and cry out for My mercy, My grace and My love. All is upon you, little ones. All in this world is so useless. My hand is set on you to do My work. I need you free to be with Me here in My church. Remember My face, then the monstrance. You, My child, will see Me. I will make Myself known to you. You must come every day and be with Me, by yourself. One hour for us each day. Do not short Me. Be here for Me. I long to be with you and share Myself with you. Turn not away and toward other things. My concerns are your only concerns. Turn to Me and be attentive to all I tell you. All else is of no account.

I am your God and I love you. I need you to deliver these messages. You must stay fixed totally on Me. Be here that I might work in you, little one. I cannot make you come. I am telling you that which I desire. Do whatever it takes to be with Me alone each day. Pray to Me constantly. You are not to be of this world. That is why you feel like a misfit. You cannot do this work and be worldly. You must let go and trust entirely in Me.

I am truly with you, little one. We are as true lovers. I wait for you and you want so much to be with Me. You know how you long to be here. You must see how Satan puts other things in your way. You must outsmart him and realize I want you with Me in church. All else is insignificant. You have now seen My face from the side, child. It is Me, Jesus, Who loves you. You are not losing anything. You are gaining My love and our relationship. Hold on to Me, child. Totally trust and be with Me. Nothing else is of any account. I am your God and I am jealous. I want your time-here. I want your time in prayer. I want you-alone. All else is insignificant. I fill your heart with all good things and I am there in every step you take.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. Come, child, I wait and I wait for you. Don't keep Me waiting. I beg you to come. Tell others you are busy. Your love awaits you and I am God, child. One hour alone with Me each day. No excuses. I want to be with you, child. I want to show you more but you do not come long enough or you sleep. Be with Me, My child. I wait, I wait, I wait. I want you with Me. I love you. Listen to Me and be not afraid.

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