Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

I Am the Divine Healer

God's Blue Book I Cover

October 24, 1993

Jesus speaks: I am the divine dresser. I dress the fields and adorn them in a covering of frost. People go out and wonder how this just appeared, as if the cold covers your fields. But I make the grass turn white. Nothing happens in this world without My knowing it. I am this personal with you. I know more about your body than you do. I can heal a stubbed toe in an instant or I can leave it broken. Oh, child, why do you fret? Why do you not believe it is in Me you are made whole? I make the sun shine and the moon give its lights. I make the stars shine for you and you wonder what you must control next. You, child, control nothing. I am by your side constantly and I make all things work for you. Turn all your little most insignificant problems over to Me. I love you, child. I will tend to them. This is My promise and I am God. I am true. I am He Who loves you. Come and be filled by My goodness. No man can fill you as I do. I love you.

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