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November 20, 1993 10:00a.m.

Jesus speaks: The thorns in My head cut through to My skull. How to describe such an experience? And I was God! Blood trickled down My face all day. It didn't dry up because, as My heart beat, it would open the wounds. Think how tender your head is if you pull a hair! The thorns pulled My hair, like the tightness of curlers, but they cut Me and when they put them on, they hammered them into My skull. This was for the sins committed in people's minds. The hatred, the anger, the sex signs, contemplating evil deeds, sneering and envy of your brothers-ugliness! The eyes are the windows of the soul. What you look at you reflect on your soul. If your eyes look at evil things, your soul is dirty. If you look on others with hatred and anger and getting even, on dirty pictures, sinful stories, bad TV and movies, what you, through your will, take in with the beautiful eyes created by God, sparkling and full of light, reflects in your soul.

Keep your eyes light and sparkling, full of love. Relax the area around your eyes so you are not looking hard and anxiously at your brothers. Let your eyes reflect My light in your soul.

My eyes were stained with the blood that poured down My head. My vision was blurred with blood and My eyes were matted with dryness. Blood came from My mouth from the blows to My head and blood came from My nose from the hitting on My head. I was beaten on My head with the crown of thorns. I was spat at in My face. Oh, such ugliness in men's hearts! It was their minds that thought such ugly thoughts and why I suffered such brutality to My head. It is paradoxical I suffered for that which they did.

Think of men cutting off women's and children's heads in Bosnia! Such hatred the devil engineers in their hearts! I suffered so many wounds to My precious, tender head. The blood I shed from My head is the blood that washes the men caught in sin from sins of the head.

Ugliness, hatred, sins committed with the mouth, the eyes, the ears! I suffered for these sins with My crown, a crown that would allow many to enter My Kingdom if they repented for their sins. I did this willingly for love of you. I saw beforehand every wound I would receive and I chose and accepted everything that was done to Me out of love of you. I love you this much!

They beat My body, My beautiful body, God-made-man. They tied Me to a pole and they beat Me. There were more than one beating Me. They took turns. I was the victim. They in their hate and anger lashed at Me, My beautiful body, tore My flesh over and over. They laughed and taunted Me. They were so happy to be so guileful. Oh, the laugh of the great deceiver! Like a thief in the night, he steals your hearts and you wonder why so hard. Where did their gentleness go? The great deceiver who laughs at hurting others.

It is the devil operating from the hearts of man! The heart is no longer kind and gentle, but merciless and debased in behavior. Oh, the great deceiver! To beat God-made-man and to laugh at his own ill deeds, to watch the blood of Jesus fly in the air and to laugh. It is by this blood that they and all others who abuse others and laugh will be made whole. I, in My love, forgave them for their deeds. They beat Me. They tore My flesh and I loved them. Can you not love your brothers when they are cruel to you? Can you forgive them and love them as the soul created by God, but dead in sin by the devil's hands? If I could love those who spit and laughed at Me and tore My flesh, who crowned Me with a piercing crown and hit Me on My head, can you not forgive him who offends you with a nasty word?

The way to Me is to study Me, to model yourself after My behavior. You must take up these crosses I give you every day. It is your love for your brothers that might save their crippled souls, dead in sin. See Me in them. Look beyond their deeds and see the God Who made them. Do not focus on their sick ways. Study My passion with Me. Study how I loved the unloving, how I loved those who persecuted Me. Study Me and My ways. Don't waste your time thinking about Satan and how he is taunting you through your brothers. He uses them to get you away from Me.

Come to Me. See Me in their hearts and their eyes. Your looking into their eyes will shed My glare of light into them. Look into the eyes of your brothers. I taught them through your look of love. It is My love and My light I cast into their dark souls. Your eyes touch, as your hands. People may not want your touching them, but your eyes touch very deeply the souls of mankind. Strive for perfection and holiness. Do not give in to yourself and think about how you have been hurt and violated. Never cry to any man. Come to Me and cry.

I will rid you of yourself and you will know no man has any power to harm you. The more selfless you become, the more you live entirely for Me, the more you realize that I am all that matters. The more you rid yourself of you and let Me in, the less power your brothers will have over you. You give them power. You think they are important to your being okay. You are okay. You are perfect as God created you. You are My child. You do not need your brother's approval. You are above the ground. You realize your worth and your job is defined. It is to let Me use you, body and soul, to do My work. This takes total submission.

Whom you touch is being touched by Me. This is your work, to live for Me so I can live in you and operate from you, so I can love My people through you. Open wide your gates and let Me penetrate your soul. For I was hungry and you gave Me to eat, I was naked and you clothed Me. "When, Lord, did I do these things...?" When you did them to your brothers, you did them to Me. Amen.

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