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November 27, 1993

R. Dear Jesus, I come on bended knee and I ask You to forgive me if I took any glory for Your writing. I am only Your servant and I do not want to receive such glory for Your works. I want to remain selfless and unattached. I want to be Your servant and I want to surrender myself to You. Please, Jesus, do not be upset for what I received or took. This is not My goal. It is to serve You. I want to be unattached and selfless. I am Your servant. You are He Who speaks in me.

Jesus speaks: Dear child, I am not upset with you. Satan is constantly trying to bring you down. You must remain selfless entirely and unattached to any glory. You are My servant. I am your God. I want My messages delivered. I have asked you to write and you came to serve Me.

I am He Who makes Myself known through you. I am the one, true, magnificent God. At My presence all knees must bend and all should be in awe of Me there. My love is never changing. It is the same today as the day I died for you on the cross.

Don't feel fear in your heart from this exposure. I wanted them to know of My messages. You had to tell them. You did as you were supposed to and you feel fear. Just remain selfless. I love you so much, child. I love all My beautiful people and I want to be part of their lives. If they read these words, many will respond by coming closer to Me. Have no fear. Things are happening according to My plan.

I want to teach you about surrender. When I accepted the Father's will and proceeded through all the bitter cruelty before My death and then accepted My cross to My death, this was true surrender. There were not little parts of My life I wanted to enjoy and save and do instead of the Father's will. I did always, My whole life, His will.

He has a divine plan for you and you were created to carry out His wishes. To follow His will daily is His desire. His will is not one day you do it, then for five or six days you do yours. Doing His will is a by-the-minute, by-the-hour job. It is always doing what He is calling you to do. If He wants time with you, you spend it, even when you think you are too busy. He comes first. If He wants time with your children, you spend it with them, even if you get pulled away by others. I am calling you to do those things I tell you and prompt you to do in your heart. Everyone knows My will if he prays and stays close to Me. The others just do not feel right. Everyone in the world may tell you something else but you know My will because it feels right for you. It may not be easy. It may not be to your liking, but it is your feeling in your heart, "This is what He is calling Me to do."

He may give you a disease which almost forces you to come His way, but this is not force. Many, even when given helps to follow My will through sickness and crosses, still choose their own ways. One man is given a cross. He accepts it as from the God Who loves him. He learns, he grows, he is following My teaching. Another becomes bitter and hateful and hurts all those around him. He learns not one teaching and he follows Satan's lead to make him mean. When I give a lead to accept a cross, accept it!

I am teaching you valuable lessons in your crosses. Many think they are doing My will and they do many good works. Doing My will is not performing good works. Doing My will is doing whatever I am calling you to do. I may want you to do something else. When you keep choosing "good works" as you plan your own life, this is doing your work. You plan it. You are in control. You do good things and you therefore rationalize, "I am doing God's will." You are doing your will. You are picking. You are choosing. You choose good things-it is God's will. My will is only found from Me. I choose what you are to do. You follow Me. I tell you, in your heart. I tell you in your mind. I tell you in the silent times you are with Me. If you want to do My will, you have to slow down and be close to Me. Stop doing your own will. Do the will of God. You are receiving messages in your heart. You may never hear one message. You stay in your heads and tell yourself what you want to do. You gauge it, "Is it a good act?" Then you say it is God's will. God's will comes from God. It doesn't come from your figuring out what you would think is a good work and then deciding to do it.

God's will is not what you would always choose to do. But God's will is doing what He tells you, in love, to do. You love Him so much you comply with all He sends you. Doing His will is very hard. I wait to tell you what is God's will. Will you listen or will you figure it out on your own? If you want to do God's will, you have to be in communication with God. I am calling you to daily prayer in front of the tabernacle. I am calling you to Mass and Communion. I am calling you to quiet moments with Me constantly trying to listen and do God's will. Doing God's will is a full time job and it is hard enough to figure out His will in your own life. Each person needs to come and be taught by Me. Each person needs the Holy Spirit in his life. We work together to give you the will of the Father. His will is God's will. I, Jesus, want you to do the will of My Father. His will is My will for you.

God wants you to know you need God working in your life, enlightening you and being ever present to you. You will not know many things if you do not pray to the Holy Spirit. Pray to Him and beg for His gifts. It is His wisdom you seek. Don't go to people. Oh, you may get advice all right. Who does that come from? Go to people to do God's will-how silly is that one? Go to God to do God's will. Do not get discouraged. Be open to what He has in store for you. Don't figure it out and then go and ask Him if it is the right thing. Don't figure anything out. Wait on the Lord. Be close to Him. Have time with Him every day. Make Him first and last in your life. He is your all. He is your reason for being. He is Whom you turn to. He is God.

God has a plan for you. He can tell you. You must seek. Do not go to others to know the things of God. Rip the phones from the walls. Watch your conversation. It is there that Satan leads many down the wrong road. Conversation should be of Me. Now in many circles, if you talk of Me, people get up and leave. How sick they are. No one can make it in this world without constant connectedness to Me. I want you plugged into Me as you are dependent on every breath. I want you plugged in to Me with an open heart and an open line. Others do not dump garbage in My line to you. It remains open and clear. Your heart must be fixed on doing God's will. It is hard, hard work. Your time is not your time. I have loaned it to you to work for Me.

Seek to know the will of God so you are doing My work. I need you every minute doing My work. One smile may be that which turns a heart to Me. Don't let Satan creep in with worry and doubt and indecision. There is no decision. That is you. My ways are simple. Sometimes you fall. You are human. That is pride that tells you you must create the perfect image. Stay steadfast in Me and the image you create will take care of itself. You worry about everything. I tell you again, if you pray to Me and stay fixed to My heart, you don't have to do anything but let Me run your life and it will work beautifully. I don't make boo-boos. I am your most ardent lover. I want what is best for you. What you think you want may be very wrong for you and so you get it and it is a hard road to walk. You get what you want but it is drudgery and heartache. It was what you wanted, not what God wanted, and it was not right. It may have been a good thing, but not what He wanted for you.

God's way is joy, peace and love. To walk the path with God is to feel His presence and have joy even in crosses. Come walk with Me, talk with Me. Let Me run your life. Do My will. Make this your top priority. Then you will have peace and joy in your hearts. Your lives will unfold as a book to be lived and you will touch many hearts along the way. I love you so.

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