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-Dialogues With Jesus Continued

As was the case in Volume 1, most messages in this book are from Jesus to the receiver and are proceed by Jesus:. A few read as if from God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. For clarity, the receiver's words are always preceded by the letter R.
- The Editor

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January 1, 1994 2:50 a.m.

Jesus: I come, you write. I give you strength for a tired body. Just do not focus on what people think. All that matters is what I think. How are you with the Lord? This is the most important question that I ask you. How are you with the Lord? The freedom you receive from staying fixed in Him!

R. It is sometimes not easy to put ourselves and our cares aside but we have to turn all things over to His care.
6:40 a.m.
He that abides in Me will have the light of life, and the life I give is My Son. He comes so humbly into your world! He is not noisy. He is very quiet. Quiet your hearts that you may allow Him to enter in. Does He come for a few or for everyone? He comes for each and every one of you. There is not one He did not come to save. He came for you, My child, with all the love that led Him to a brutal death on the cross and He comes for you again. Will you be ready for His coming? What is the focus of your heart now? If you are not fixed on Him now, you are missing the whole reason for your living. He is first and last in your life. He is your all. He comes in splendor and glory and He waits for your presence with Him. Oh, how He loves you, little ones! He loves each of you with this unique love. Do not question. Be glad that He Who is God is so good.

R. This is a new year. Make it a year of the Lord. Every day should be spent with Him as your focus. If He is first, all else falls into line. He is as close as your breath.

Personal Note: I have smelled incense on my hands since last night's Mass at the Center. I feel very close to Him because I smell it as I write.

He is this personal with each of us. He waits for us with such intense love! He loves us as we are. He sees us exactly as we are this minute, sins, weaknesses. What love is this? This is unconditional love, true unconditional love. It fashions our hearts and gives us the dignity that little we are loved by God. No matter what we have done, He loves us anyway.

Who are we that God is so good to us? It is His love that shows us His great goodness. Oh, we are so lucky to have such a good God!

Jesus: You are the salt of the earth. You are a city. Your light is the light of God. Your heart is the light that blazes on fire with His love.

R. It is His love that fills your eyes with fire and you show the world His might. Do you even know of your own might when God dwells in you? Make ready your hearts for His coming. Wear His love on your breast. This is the preaching in the dark world. It is His love for each of His brothers. Pray for all of your brothers that they will remove the blinders from their eyes and receive the Lord.

Oh, what a beautiful God He is! What honor you are given by Him. Embrace His love. Seek after the things of God, for He is indeed mighty and worthy of all praise. You are the light that shines in this dark world. Let Him fill you that you will cast His might into the darkness. Staying fixed in Him is the greatest gift you can give the world. It is no longer you who operate, but He Who lives in you and dwells in you and shines His light from your soul. You cannot hide the light of Christ. You cannot hide His power. It radiates as a burning ember from your very soul. Your gift for your brothers is your steadfastness in Christ. You do not have to perform unreasonable feats. You only have to remain open to Him Who wants to permeate your being. When it is He Who dwells in you, you will perform unbelievable feats. It will no longer be you who is acting, but He Who lives and acts from you.

The life of Christ is a penetrating life that is active. It is in your soul. It lives in you. You cannot contain such a life. It will radiate from your soul and you will be teaching just by being. Each day is so short, little ones. Be prepared for the work at hand.

Spend your days with your minds and hearts attuned to God. Give Him yourself. Be selfless and unattached to anything that is not He and then you will be as He intended. He will dwell in you and make you His city. Your light will be cast onto many dark souls. You will not comprehend the extent to which He uses you.

You are life to this world. He lives and dwells in you. Be holy and pure so He can use you for His work. This is what you are here for--to know, love and serve the Lord. He is Lord indeed, and at His name every knee should bend. Alleluia.

He loves us so and we do not understand, but we do as He wishes, no questions asked, for He is God. He alone knows all things and we honor Him with the gift of our lives. Alleluia.

He dwells in us and uses us as His instruments to reach many. Through His actions we teach the mightiest of lessons, for His life within us cannot be contained.

Alleluia. Praise the Lord!

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