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March 20, 1994 4:45 a.m.

Jesus: I am the Way, the Truth, the Life. To have the light within you must go to the light. This world is a dark place. Watch your children. Your children cannot watch any TV. Keep them fixed on Me! Watch your children. Guard them. They are your most prized possessions!

Your children should be guarded as precious gems. The miracles will come from the children. Pay attention to them. As for any children that come to you at the Center, pray that they answer the call. They are being called to the Center to be leaders. I will need you in these endeavors. Young adults, young children--I want you to talk to them. Pray over them that they be led to My Sacred Heart. Pray over their parents that they be led to Me so they will lead their children. Watch when children come to you at the Center and watch their parents. Be attentive. You must lead others to their calling.

I need all of My soldiers in this dark world. Praying and talking to people after the meetings is the best way for you to reach My people now. Lay hands and be attentive to those who are led to you. Give them a "Prayer for Union with Jesus" card. Pray for their intimate relationship with My Sacred Heart. Pray that they learn to be in love with Me. You will reach individuals who will be led to an ardent, on-fire love of Me. Pray long over their children. Know their names. They will be the leaders of the young. They are not there by accident.

Pray, pray, pray. I will use you all to do My work. I need you to be with Me in everything you do. My hand is on you. My eye is forever watching you. It is in your being. You are preaching My gospel. I am the Lord, thy God. I need you to follow this call.

I am Jesus. I speak here. Pray for union with Me. Pray for their hearts. Pray that they answer My call. Those who come to you are being called. They need My strength to get rid of themselves. People are full of self. Preach dying to self and surrendering. I will set My people free and they will serve Me in all they do.

Alleluia. To be free of self and operate only for the love of God! Alleluia.

You are being called to lead the senseless ones. Pray with them. They will be leaders for others to come to My Sacred heart. Pray for all who come to you to listen to My call and enkindle their love affair with My Sacred Heart. I am Jesus, the Son of God. I make My people fearless. People will come to you who are caught in fear. Pray that they put their fear aside. Pray that they open up and let Me possess them. I need to operate from the fearful ones. They will be of steadfast heart to lead others to My love.

My power dismisses all fear. They must pray the "Prayer for Union" with Me. Keep the cards with you, hand deliver them, give out pictures of My Sacred Heart, have people carry them in their wallets. I want an intimate, personal relationship with My people.

Your prayers are very important. You will lead all to My Sacred Heart. Pray that they enkindle a deep and ardent love affair with Me.

Pray at the Center that all enkindle a deep and ardent love relationship with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am a person. I want to be close to every person who goes there. Then I can permeate their souls. Then I can show them My love. Then My love will flow from those who come to you.

Pray the Prayer for Union with Jesus. Promote this prayer. Tell them to pray every day and many times during the day!

Preach surrender and selflessness. The way to Me is to die to yourself and let Me possess your soul. When I operate from you, what power!!

I am Jesus. I will use the people at the Center to set the world on fire. My people will know My might by the light in their hearts, the light that I and My Blessed Mother enkindle within their breasts. We will light the world. We will set it ablaze. You will set the sparks that fly to the world.

This is My City of Light. This is the Center where all can come and be renewed. I am Jesus. I will set this city on the hill ablaze with the fire of My love and the city will shine to a darkened world. My love will be fused into the hearts of all who come to this City of Light.

Have pictures of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Pass out the holy cards. Tell others to carry the pictures with them at all times. You know the picture I mean. Wherever I am, My mother is right by My side! She is with them, by their side, when they go to Communion. We are always together. What a team! You never walk alone. Though you feel alone at times, we are always with you. Carry the pictures. Look at them when you pray. Keep your focus on us.

Mary leads you to an ardent on-fire love of Jesus. This union will light this city on the hill. This world will be lit by those who come to you. Enkindle in all a great union with My Sacred Heart.

Pray over your people at the Center for intimacy with Me. Where I am in their hearts, their hearts will spread My love to their brothers. So simple, but so vital! My love is the answer. My heart, on fire, is mighty medicine for the sick world. The love of Jesus is the answer to the sick world.

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