Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

My Aching Heart

God's Blue Book II Cover

March 22, 1994

R. I did not understand the ache in My heart or in Jesus' heart. I begged Him to give me a sign so that I could understand. He has been teaching Me that which I experienced but did not understand. I have been experiencing such sorrow and crying when I look at the world and how blind it is. He has all that men's hearts crave. He has all that will heal the hurting souls suffering from their own blindness to God and His ways. The world is operating and suffering. Their hearts are turned to stone. Their eyes have a hollow gaze. They roam the barren desert for water but they do not find any.

Nothing will satisfy the craving soul but the love of God. Nothing we search after is of any account if it is not rooted in God. He and He alone satisfies our soul.

The immensity of the sorrow I feel that people do not know of this ardent love of God! We are the soldiers in this cold world. He calls out to us and begs us to answer His cry. Put Him first. When you live only for the love of God, you will quit looking for your own self-gratification.

Jesus: To seek the self is not to do My will. I need you to do My work. I need you to preach to this world about My love. I need you to have an on-fire love relationship with Me, so My love is emitted from your very being.

I am God. To be in union with Me is to have power and might in your soul. My power, My might, My light I want to give to the hurting world. I can only give that which the world needs when you come, selfless, and let Me work in you. I want to operate from your very soul to minister to this hurting world. Will you answer My call?

I ask you to have an intimate, loving union with Me. That is all you need do. I will tend to all details in your life. I am God. I have all the power. You are so blind.

Surrender. Sit on a chair and wait. Oh, wait for the Lord. I give you all you need, but you must come, you must come and love Me. You must sit with Me after Communion and in front of the tabernacle. I can do, in one instant, what you cannot do ever! You are senseless and full of yourselves. Listen to Me. I am God and I know all things. You come and I minister to you directly. How I love you, but you keep us at arm's length by your foolish attachments. I am here. Will you come and minister to My sick ones?

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