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Refuse to Worry

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January l5, 1994 4:50 a.m.

Jesus: I am Jesus, Your Savior. When you are tired and weary, come to Me. I wait for you as would a doting mother, ready to kiss your little wounds and send you out to play.

I love you so, little one. Come and be with Me in your heart. Do not worry about anything concerning this book. My hand is in everything and I will see to its publishing Myself. Do you fret and fume for nothing? I am God. Why should you worry for the work of God? Do you not think I will take care of My own work? I tend to everything that needs to be done in your life. You are so precious to Me. There is not one thing that happens that I have not consented to.

To be able to be in the midst of adversity and struggle and say, "God's hand is here and He knows what is happening; I will let go of my anxiety and be at peace," is to reach a great plateau of trust in Me! Trust in Me in all your trials. Refuse to worry. What good does such a needless task perform? If I am God and I am there in every moment of your life and you truly believe it, what are you doing letting yourself worry?

Child, I have so much love for you that I died on the a cross for you. Look at Me there. I spread My arms and came for you. I love you this much, this very day. How do I make you realize how much you mean to Me? Well, I am here in everything you are experiencing. There is not one thing that happens without My consent. Do you hear Me? Think of one of your little hairs falling out. I am that hyper-vigilant. I know whence that hair came. I know the very pore on your head it fell from.

If I, Jesus, am that attentive to you and everything that is happening with you, what are you doing worrying? It is your trust and faith in Me that gives you peace. Practice letting go on all matters. Refuse to worry. Place every care in My hands and trust I will tend to it. You, My child, are so precious. I want you to know how I am truly there, loving you and watching you and guarding you.

I watch you like a doting mother lest you stumble and fall and lose your way. In that little trial, practice turning it over to Me. Trust in Me. It is an act of your will to truly trust Me or to worry about your problem.

Listen to Me saying, "Child, I love you, child, I am love, child, don't worry. Turn your burden over to Me." You can be free of worry if you let go. Sail away in your hot air balloon. Drop the package of worries at the foot of My cross and sail away in a trouble-free sky.

You are lifted to such heights in My love! I am so powerful. I can do all things. I am working in your life at every moment. I never leave you abandoned. Take this opportunity to get closer to Me.

It is in your trials you are taught how to trust. Do not curse the dark nights. Come to Me and let Me light your way. Take each trial as an opportunity to get closer to Me. Ascend the ladder to trust in the Lord. You develop trust a step at a time. Trust must be developed by you. Pray that you will learn all the lessons on trust I am sending you.

You are so favored, My little sweet one. I love you. I love you. I love you. Come to Me weary and leave carefree. Only I can take a burdened heart and give it rest. Do not go to your brothers and complain. Keep reading My letters to you (December 30, 1993). Know which letters are those that set you free of worry.

Note: In His December 30 letter He said, "It is in acceptance of all things that you are drawn closer to Me. Do not try to throw back into My face the little opportunity for grace you receive. Child, I am ever by your side and I am ever teaching you. Know that My hand is in everything you are experiencing. I am vigilant and by your side. Nothing happens to you that I have not consented to. I love you. Trust in Me."

R. Jesus, I trust in you!

Jesus: Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I am there with you. Turn to Me. Turn to Me alone and I will give you rest. Oh, you, who are heavily burdened, I will give you rest!

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