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My Heart Aches for You

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January 16, 1994 5:30 p.m.
St. Philip

R. I was drawn here as last week, intense pain in my heart and longing for Jesus, who I received this morning, but I played the organ at Mass and didn't get to be close to Him.

Last Sunday was very hard too. I have to be with Him in front of the tabernacle each day or I experience this intense restlessness and irritation. It is only in moments spent with Him alone in silence that such feelings are quieted.

I felt a real presence of Jesus Himself here, His Body. I experienced such longing as pain in my chest at not being able to know Him more or see Him. It is an agony of sorts to know Him a little but never enough. I ache in My heart for Him Whom I miss so much and Whom I crave to know more. At any rate, it is very painful. It reminds me of what I think the souls in purgatory must feel, intense longing for Him.

In my sorrow, I cried out and He heard my plea. He came to me and ministered to my needs.

I am truly here, My little one, in Spiritual Communion.

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