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Sufferings Are Golden Gems

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January 20, 1994 6:00 a.m.

Jesus: My child, hold My hand and know that I am with you at this moment. You do not need the busyness of Satan. He wants to stop your book, here, in any way possible. Hold tight and pray for strength. I am He Who loves you intently. I care for everything in your life. Anything that happens will strengthen you.

Sufferings are golden gems from heaven. When your life is tested, turn to Me. I am closest in your trials. Any person who is close to Me moves full steam ahead and does not become bogged down by Satan's distractions. He is out to distract you (read the message of January l8). I need your total commitment to Me. I need you with your feet in the air and not looking back with yearning for this worldly ground. Once you are out there on a limb, it is worse to crawl back and forth. I am supporting you in everything and you must know this is not a little work but very important to My plan. I will give you the strength you need to do all I want you to do but you must come to Me constantly.

None of what you do here makes sense in the eyes of this world. No one of the world understands one thing that is happening. Do not turn your eyes to people and their explanations. Turn your eyes trustingly to Me Who needs you to perform your work selflessly and without any questions. Do your job and do not question. Your mind is being engulfed by Satan's sea of doubt.

He will try to stop you any way he can. These letters will bring many of My people back to Me. Do not worry what or how this is happening or how they will reach people. I am Jesus and I am supporting all who are involved in this endeavor. I am defending you with My arms. I am your God and I loved you to My death. See Me with My arms outstretched in love of you! Keep focusing on My Passion. There is so much gained by meditating on My Passion.

My death and Resurrection are the redemption of all mankind. Focus on Me and My love for you. It is My love that will see you through all this.

Focus on Me and My love. Think of Me at My death. Remember My agony, all the blood I shed and the Passion I walked for love of you. Child, I love you this much this day. How can you ever doubt that anything I send you is not out of deepest love for you?

Focus on Me and My love and My work here. You must get both feet off the ground and move full steam ahead. Don't look back to the ground. I need your surrender totally to Me. I need your commitment totally to Me. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

In the end, it will be the things of Me and all that you did for My world that goes with you. All else here is of no account.

My work is your top priority. Your prayer life alone with Me is your utmost concern. You need to be with Me in front of the tabernacle. You need time alone with Me. Satan is going to try to trip you up. Do not focus on anything but the things of Me.

I come to you with such love. I am Jesus, who died for you. I have so much to give you. I will care for all the details in your life. Let go and surrender into My hands. When you worry, when you doubt, that is from Satan. You must be absolutely sure in Me and My work here.

Spend time with Me alone. Spend so much time with Me that you do not ever miss a moment of solitude with Me. Make Spiritual Communions all day. Do not ever take your eyes from Me. You need constant union with Me. Full steam ahead, total commitment, focus on My love for you--nothing else. Say the prayer for Union with Me and let your mind be engulfed in My love. Let go of every distraction and let Me in your heart to work.

Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance. I am your God and I am so loving. I am Jesus Christ. I am truly here!

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