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My Power Is Endless

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January 23, 1994 4:00 a.m.

Jesus: I am your God. I am here and ever present. This letter is for all and not for a few. Give this letter to every child, even the hardest of hearts. Let them all hear Me talk here.

I am your Savior. I am He Who saves you. I died for you that you might have life and have it more abundantly, but you do not understand such things. You are too wrapped up in the today of your life. You worry for needless tasks at hand and miss My divine, ardent love.

I am loving you always. My heart is full with the fire of My love. My heart is ablaze for you. I love you individually. I love you as you are. I do not love you if you are good and then abandon you in darkness.

My heart is on fire with love for you. Come to Me in your weariness. Come to Me in your joy. I never cast you off. I love you as you are. I want to give you My love. I want you to know that I am truly here just for you. I am a personal God. I am not a God far off that you cannot know. I am right with you always.

I love you with an ardent love. I love you, little one. Hear My voice proclaim such love for you. I am God and I come here to love you. You are a human being and God loves you. You are My precious little one. I want to share My love with you. I am God and I have gifts to give you that only I can give.

You wander this barren land in search of treasure. You seek idle pursuits. You look and do not find. The hungry soul seeks satisfaction in a cold, lonely world. The hearts of men have turned cold and are in darkness and you watch while your own heart grows so cold and empty in your chest.

I wait for you in the tabernacle. I have all you need. I give you Myself, God-made-man, in the Eucharist and you wander this empty land and do not find rest. You, My child, will never find rest. Your soul was created by The Father to know, love and serve God. The soul is only fed by God. You search, you wander, you look to all this world has to offer. You attempt to fill yourself with the things of the world, but you feel empty. You are empty and searching, but you search a barren desert.

You are searching for the love of God. Your soul was created to be filled by Me alone. To try to fill the soul with the things of the world is a futile search. You won't find even a crumb to satisfy the soul. So you wander, you wait, you are so stubborn. You have turned your backs on Me. I have tried to make you see Me and My ways but you, in your pride, think that you are autonomous.

You are not the end. You are not the one with the power! I have all the power! If I cease to think of you for one second, you cease to be. You think you are able to sustain yourself. You, My little ones, are totally dependent on Me for the air you breath. I could poison your air in one second or take it away. You are dependent on Me for the sunlight, for your water, for your warmth to heat your home.

I am in control! You are so silly to even think that you can control your life. Such ignorance, not to see that which is before you, to go to school so many years and not know the basic facts! Are you in control of the air you breath? Is it possible that it could be poisoned or cease to be? Then how do you, in all your pride, think you are in control? Could you freeze to death or are you totally in control of that?

Think, child. A power much greater than yourself is holding your life in His hands. I am constantly watching out for you. That is why your air is there, that is why you do not freeze. Why are there not dead birds about? Who cares for such little creatures? They do not have intelligence, yet they survive and chirp with joy.

The seasons come and go and the world just cares for itself. It keeps going. One season does not destroy the life of the next season. It all works. You in your ignorance tell yourself it all works and no one is running things. Try to create life. Man cannot create life from nothing, no matter how hard he tries. He cannot do it

You are so blind! Open your eyes. You have tunnel vision. The TV has become your god. It seems so powerful, but it is a box with signals running through it. In one second it is out and totally quiet. I am He Who has all the power. I am He Who gives life. I am He Who sustains you. I am He Who tends to the creatures of the earth and sends the tormenting weather. I am He Who am! I am He Whose might is endless. I am He. I am. Open your eyes and see all that is before you. Look beyond your cars and your man-made things and see all the things of God. See the air you breathe. See the sun that shines. See the water that you need so desperately. In one second I can show you My power!

I am the Lord thy God and thou shalt not have any gods before Me. I am He Who am. I am He Whose bootstraps you are unworthy to fasten, yet I come to you. God comes to you and gives you life. God comes to you and gives you love. God comes to you and cares for you and you turn your back and in your arrogance run away.

Yours has become an egotistical world. You have, in your sin, taken My name from the minds of your children. You have turned yourselves into gods, but not one of you has any of the real power. I possess all the power! I can rock you off your rocker. The world does not exist without Me. I come to you in great love. I care for you with great love. I died for you that you can enter My kingdom. My kingdom is not of this world. This is your test. This world is not an end in itself. It is a short layover for the kingdom of God which is at hand!

In one second I can snatch your life from you and all that remains are the things of God. In one instant you can die and then what control have you? You are mortal beings. Your body withers and fades. Your cars grow old in front of your eyes. Your TVs are silenced by pulling the plug. Quit looking to this world for your power. I can silence your power in a moment. You have created bombs to destroy yourself. What might is this? I give you life. You cannot create life. You cannot be God! You are as you are. Why is it not enough?

I give you My love. I give you all you need. I promise you a land of glory for loving one another. I only ask you to love Me, love one another, and then such a reward! I give you beautiful trees and birds and skies and food and beautiful children. I give you beauty and love and you make your world hard and ugly.

Oh, children, open up your eyes! Look beyond your clutter. Look and see Me. See My life in each other. See your beautiful children. You create things, you make gadgets, then you pat yourselves on the back and call yourselves gods. I make a beautiful child. I give you a flower. I make a beautiful tree. You are so full of pride!

I have all the power. One second, and you are on your road to where? Your life is ended. There is no age for the death of the body. It happens to old and young alike. Wake up and see your Savior and your God. I am Who am. I am your God. I am loving and good. You have made false idols your gods and you miss My love. You are missing the love of God. This is your test. This is your layover here. You are here to do My work. My work is the work of love. Love God. Love one another. All else is useless if it does not have reference to the love of God.

You are a sick society. Wake up. Take off your blinders. See your world through the eyes of God. You, My little ones, are powerless. I have all the power. Make Me the center of your life or you fail the test. This is your exam. Will you graduate into My kingdom?

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