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January 26, 1994 5:00 a.m.

Jesus: I am with you. Do not ever fear for I am constantly by your side. Though you walk in raging waters, My might is with you, so you will not be consumed.

I come to you in the night to deliver a message. I am pleased that your messages will be published. I will tend to their publishing.

I am Jesus, Son of God. I tend to the lilies of the field. Are you not much more valuable than these? I will tend to all of your affairs. All you need do is trust in Me and know I am your God. My might is ever present with you and you never have a power failure if you stay fixed in Me.

My love goes with you on your way. Let Me possess your soul and operate from your body. I need you to do My work. I need your selflessness so, through you, I can accomplish all the tasks I need to. Turn your whole being over to Me so I can operate through your soul. Remain selfless and unattached and I will go with you on your way. My ways are steadfast and direct. My ways are pure and without error. My ways are the ways for you to travel. But you must be totally unabsorbed and selfless or I cannot operate from you as I so desire.

The world is constantly pulling you back to yourself. The world is full of self. It is self oriented. It says, "You are an end in yourself. You must think of yourself, make yourself a God. You are an end in yourself. You are to be honored and worshiped. Your feet must smell their best and your hair must be the right color. Your body needs to be perfect and ready for all the world wants to use it for." The world wants you to focus entirely on yourself, be an end in yourself, be perfect, live to make yourself perfect, sell yourself as the perfect being.

I tell you not to be concerned with what you are to wear. Do not be concerned with yourself. Your body will soon wither and die and all that will remain are the things of God.

You must surrender your life to Me to possess it and have life eternal. To look to this life as an end in itself is to lose eternal life. Unless you die to yourselves, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.

The world says, "God is dead and of no account." The world has turned godless and has made themselves gods. I say, "I am the Lord, Thy God, and nothing shall come before Me!" This is the first commandment. The world is violating the very first commandment by its nature.

Seek after the things of God. It is in God that your hearts are made whole and your life has meaning. It is in the things of God that your peace lies. All else is of no account and leads to the destruction of the soul.

It is so sick how far the world has gone off in such a short time. The devil is feeding the world with the world's evilness. The world has become so corrupt, his job is made light by others' doing his works. He is so cunning and so crafty. People do not realize how far off they have gone. They are so numb they do not even feel. To make yourself an end in yourself is so sinful. It denies the very reason for your existence, which is to know, love and serve Me.

Pray for your children, America. You are all diseased, far worse than with any flu. Your hearts are hard and your souls are cold in your chest and you do not know how truly sick you are. You can only be ministered to by the direct hand of God. He wants to care for you and lead you home. He wants to show you the way back to His Sacred Heart. He waits for you every day, all day and all night, in the tabernacle. His presence is the healing for your sickness. Sit in front of the Doctor. Make yourself holy and receive Him in Communion. He is the divine healer. There is none to compare to the Savior. He is all powerful and His works are endless. From generation to generation He frees the brokenhearted and leads them with love and conviction back to Him. Now is the time of My greatest mercy.

Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for your brothers. They are in deep need of healing. They need My mercy. My mercy prayer is so powerful. Constantly be in prayer. Constantly be in union with Me. Feel the flutter of My love in your breast constantly. I never leave you. Stay so fixed in Me that Satan will be sent away. Strive to be holy. Strive to live your life only as I will, with Me operating your very soul. Make yourself selfless, unattached and totally yielding to the will of The Father. Get into sync with Jesus and all else is a melody you are performing with your life.

Life with Jesus is a harmony that no worldly life has. Life with Jesus is direction and fulfillment. Life with Jesus is joy, even in sorrow, a joy that everything that happens is from Him Who loves you. My hand is in all you experience. Accept all your trials as permitted by Me Who truly loves you.

I am your all. I am your end. I am your physician. I am the reason to live. When you live in Me, your life is a song and you play for the world the song of Jesus. You play a song of harmony and love and your hearts are at peace for Him Who loves you is using you in a mighty way. You are being used for the greatest job there is. The job of Jesus Christ is the most important work. All else is useful only as it has reference to Him!

Guard your little ones and spend time in prayer and playing with them. Silence your TV. Some commercials and cartoons are bad! Pray for them who feed themselves with TV. They are turning sicker by the minute. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, pray the morning offering. Do little sacrifices all day and never take your mind off of Jesus.

I am your salvation in this sick world. I love you, My little one. I love you!

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