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The Ache in Your Heart Is for Union with Jesus

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February 4, 1994
After Mass

R. At the Consecration of the Mass, He said, "I want you holy like Saints, untainted by any sin."

I realized during the part that followed this how intense is The Father's love to send His only Son. I realize more the love of the Holy Spirit and how the three are joined as one so, when I receive Jesus in Holy Communion, I am receiving the love of all three. How do we separate Jesus from The Father and the Holy Spirit! What immense love we receive as He comes to us as God! We share in the love of Father and Holy Spirit present with Jesus because He is God. Such love we receive in Holy Communion!

This journey with Him is like valleys and hills. It is never the same. My life and my relationship with Christ is ever changing. As I experience more distractions and testing, I declare more my immense love to Him and this deepens my relationship. I am constantly choosing Him over other things. This is what strengthens my commitment to Him.

But the gnawing exists at some times, so prevalent, to want Him so much more. It is as an ache in my heart to know Him, yet not be able to behold Him in this limited body.

It is in realization of Him and His presence that I feel this ache. I know He is truly Jesus, God-made-man. I know He is in my heart and I want to be united totally to Him.

Oh, sweet surrender to the will of God, to know that He, too, uses this to our greater love of Him! All that we experience is to strengthen our relationship with Him! It is in these periods of longing that we realize how much we truly love Him.

Oh, Lord, turn me into all that You want. I selflessly surrender to You and ask You to teach me what You so sweetly desire. I am Your servant, come and be with me and give me Your love. You are all powerful, You are all loving. You dish out, in small bites, Yourself to me. I receive only as You know I can grow in You. I am Your baby. You are feeding me Your love. Little bites I receive when I sit with you.

Babies can only take little bites. I am Your baby. You are teaching me little by little about You. The more I come, the more I am fed. If I do not come, I am not fed and the baby will be small and undernourished and eventually die.

I want to grow in Your love, Lord. Come and feed me, give me your food. As You feed me, I will grow in You. I will be fed by Your diet and I will be Your child.

Lord, Lord, I am but a baby. I am little and helpless and my ways are untaught. I need You to progress in my life with You.

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