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Come to My Tabernacle

God's Blue Book II Cover

February 18, 1994

Jesus: No one knows the glories of him who loves and serves the Lord.

You come and I am waiting, little one. Do you know the intensity of love I feel for you? Do you know I am waiting for you with such longing, just for you to come and be with Me?

I am God, I am Jesus, I am here in the tabernacle and you, My little one, focus on other things. Satan wants you bowed down or focused on other things. No one has any power over you. I have all the power. I have all the answers. If you search this barren desert for a million years, you will not know what I, God, can tell you in an instant. I can reveal such mysteries and truths in your heart in one moment! You will be filled with My love and grace when you come and sit with Me.

You want for nothing for I am God and I am your beloved. I am He Whose bootstraps you are unworthy to tie. I am the God of all heaven and earth and I come and speak to you, and you are afraid? You are focused on what nonsense! Take your burdens to the foot of the cross. Leave them there and follow Me.

Do not argue or belabor points with your brothers. Argumentation is from Satan. You put your focus on Me and My intense love of you! You see My face bloodied, bruised and beaten for love of you. You stop dead in your tracks and refuse to give in to Satan's snare to trip you up and get you focused on things that you have no control over.

I am the Alpha. I am the Omega. I am your all. I have all the power. You worry in vain. Keep your focus on Me. I am here, My little one. "One trial after another," you say? No, I say. I give you great gifts in your trials. They draw you closer to Me. What gifts! Each trial brings you in front of My tabernacle. Each trial teaches you how you must surrender and trust in Me. Do you believe I am closest in your trials? Then let go and do My work. Focus on Me and My work. Smile My smiles. Be as the light that shines in the darkest night. My might is endless and I give it to you in front of the tabernacle.

Satan wants you to focus on the things he has created to get you away from Me. You outsmart Satan. Come to My tabernacle and be filled by Me. You need no one's love but My love. I pour My Godly love out to you and You then can love your brothers, nice and not nice. I love you and you love them.

Love is the key. You battle your battles for Me, with My love. Do not be distracted. Do not give in to the mind to get you focused on other things. You control your mind. You must pray the prayer for union with Jesus. Surrender, trust, love. Do not let Satan take your peace.

You are doing My work here, and your work will affect the lives of millions. One stone can create so many ripples. The harder the stone falls, the more its weight, the more the ripples. You fall hard, hard in love with Me. You carry My weight, a mighty weight. You will create the ripples that are powered by the hand of God.

Do not look back. Look ahead. See Me and behold My face. My eyes look into yours and you behold Jesus, bloodied, bruised and beaten, with such peace, silence and composure. Is your trial this great that you cannot keep My peace in your heart? I gave My last drop of blood for you. Do you think I am not present today in this trial?

I am the key to unlock the hearts of the cold world. My words are their medicine. You possess letters from Jesus Christ and you worry?! Focus on Me and how I am so close to you always. I will direct you in everything you undertake. Satan will try to take your focus off of Me. He will try to distract you and tell you to think. You do not think. You act as I act in you. You know how your heart is. Pray that I will possess your soul. Let Me operate your very being. You are the wind-up toy, I am the Operator. Surrender, be selfless!

This one is for you, My beloved one. Feel My intense love within your breast and know I am present to you this way, this day. You become the key when I possess your soul. Total surrender. Trust. Don't look back. See with the eyes of God.

I am Number One in your life. All else follows after Me. My love is your first love. Come and let Me fill you with all you need. I love you so much. You do not even comprehend a speck of this love. Would you not trust Him Who shed His last drop of blood for you and gave His life for you?

I am Jesus Christ, Son of God. I am your all. I am Who am. I am the beginning. I am the end. I am the power and I am the might. I am all that is of any account. I come to you. Listen and be taught. Listen, focus on Me. I am the bridegroom of your soul. Come and I will love you. You are precious to Me. I love you. Jesus.

R. I want to just sit here and be taught by You, Jesus. You come and I sit in Your school. Like any school, it is hard work, but no school teaches these lessons. You are the professor and You start with the first day of our life to teach us Your ways.

If we go to other schools, TV, movies, newspaper, other people who are not of You, we are taught other lessons. You have the best school. You are the best teacher. You teach us the truths about Yourself.

Make me, Lord, love You more and more. Make me surrender in adversity to Your loving ways. Let me realize that it is in acceptance of all trials that I am taught mighty lessons to draw me close to Your Sacred Heart.

Help me to realize Your hand is in everything I experience. Let me always make You my first love and realize that anything or anyone who takes me from You is not good for me. I must love others with Your heart. I must always focus on You as my primary goal and love You with all my heart. When I love You first, Lord, my actions become those of Your love. I can love the unloving and spread Your light in the darkness. Fill me so I can overflow to all those who need Your love.

I love You, Jesus.

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