Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

I Am A Vat of Love on Fire for You

God's Blue Book II Cover

February 21, 1994
At Priests' Residence Chapel After Mass

Jesus: I am a vat of love on fire for you. You do not comprehend, even the tiniest amount of My love.

The more you get in touch with your heart, the more you will know Me. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am present here. Listen and be taught about My love. It is endless, it is so immense! Your hearts cannot ever comprehend My love.

Grow in the ways of your heart. Do not worry for the body and this world. Tend to the things of the soul. I am He Who loves you and I am here to share this love with you.

Busy yourself about our love affair. I am God, little one. Do you not know I have all the power? What could be more important than your being best lovers with God? You go to him who has false power. I have the real power!

Busy yourself with your relationship with Me. I am Who am and I am present here, waiting for you. I will give you all you need. Come and be with Me. You neither fret nor fume for I am in control.

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