Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

His True Love

God's Blue Book II Cover

March 12, 1994

Jesus: I am Jesus Christ and I alone sustain you. I am testing you, child, for what you will suffer. You will be taught constantly. You will know truly. Others move in and out. I am your lover. I wait by your side. I never leave you. I do not change--one day I am here, one day I am not. This is how people are! They are self-centered. Love is giving of oneself for the love of the other. I held not back one speck of Myself. I died for love of you. I do not make you wait. I am there at every second in the tabernacle and I wait for you. I do not get angry. I love you only as God can. No man can ever come close to My love for you. I love you unconditionally.

You will learn the lessons I so sweetly teach you. You need this testing to grow in your assuredness of Me. I am truly by your side. I talk to you all day. You know this. Never doubt Me for I am always with you. I am Jesus, the Son of God. Look what they did to Me. They persecuted Me. They led Me away as a robber. They scourged Me. What had I done? When they persecute you, remember what they did to Me. They did not listen to Me and I was God. Man is filled with ego and self. He goes to the world to check the story of God. He misses all that I am giving Him here. The world does not know what I tell you here. Only I know these things. Do not go to the world to check out the things of God. How silly to check out divinity by humanity. Man is so foolish in his ways. I sit here, the Son of God, and who pays heed? I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I write to you. The wise will listen. The foolish will remain ignorant.

Whatever I give you is not enough. I, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, write to you and you want more proof. My love I pour out to you at this very moment. Relish the gifts you are given and the gifts I give to you at this very moment. The gift I give to you in the Eucharist is Myself! I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the same Jesus that was born and died for you, and I come now and dwell in your breast. Oh, little ones, to behold God, with all His love, in your heart! God, Son of God, comes to you and is within your body. I am the source of all love. I loved you ardently to My death. How can I shake you?

I am Jesus, the Son of God. I am speaking here in your heart after Communion. Do others hear or do they do their own will? I cannot make this any clearer. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. You, child, are missing God because you go to the world for your answers. The world knows no answers about Me. Come to Me and I will teach you the ways of God. Go to mere mortals and you receive answers from mere mortals. I can tell you in one instant what the world will never know. This takes faith.

My children are so lucky and yet they do not relish such a gift. I want to give My love letters to My people. I am asking you to do this for Me. You go to people who have no knowledge and they create doubt in you. You cannot doubt! If you do not believe, who will deliver these messages?

I am talking to you, My children. I am giving you these messages. Who will do this work? You want proof? Look at Me, dying on the cross in total surrender. I held not back one speck of Myself. Judge for yourself by My selflessness. Become selfless and unattached to all persons, places and things that take you from My intimate love. No man can give you what God wants to give you in His abundance.

Search you this barren desert and find a dry land. I have a land brimming with milk and honey. I give you all you need. You look, you search, you find mere mortals with opinions. I speak directly to you and you do not listen. Only God could have accomplished what you have done here. It is love that you received from Me in Communion and in front of the tabernacle, and these letters that have given you strength, and you doubt the source of all that has fed you?

What more can I do? Go ye to mere mortals and get mere mortals' answers, when I, God, have chosen you and am talking to you? You are missing the source of your strength. My ways I am making clear to you in My way. You want Me to come and give you a hand-delivered message. I talk in the inner promptings of your heart. You want someone to make you sure. Faith is faith!!

If you operate for love of Me alone and know that I ardently loved you to My death and would die for love of you this day, why do you offend Me by going to mortals and asking questions when I am talking just to you here?

Your trials I allow to strengthen you. My hand is in everything you experience. I allow you to go through trials to draw you to Me in the tabernacle. Your answers are found from Me. Satan is working so hard to stop these letters and people talking about Me. He will work hard on anyone he can to stop this. You know how you have been fed and grown in your love of Me.

I am the Son of God. I have all the answers. I am talking to you and your problem is coming from your doubt. You hold the key to spread the ardent love of Jesus to the world, to bring men to Me and share My love with them, to sit in front of My tabernacle, and you go to those who scarcely speak about the love of Jesus and listen to what they say?

I want a love affair with My people. This will feed the sick world. This will light the lights that shine in the darkness. Satan wants this stopped. He hates Me and he wants no one drawn to My Sacred Heart. I am calling on you. Pick on details and all are suffering for the loss of the love of God. I am present and am crying, bleeding, suffering from the indifference to Me in Communion and the lack of love for Me.

This society is godless. Time is so short. My seeds need to be planted. Surrender your life to Me. I am asking you to give Me yourself and let Me operate from you. You give Me bits and pieces--this is not what I ask.

Look at Me, dying on the cross for love of you. I spread My arms, I gave My all. I had not even a place to lay My head. It hung in midair. Can you not surrender yourself to Me? This is My urgent plea.

I loved you to My death. Come and let go. You cannot love Me and hold on to anything. You cannot let go and hold on at the same time. I want your all.

I love you. Jesus.

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