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Could I Die On A Cross?

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March 14, 1994 Before Mass

R. Could I see myself giving willingly as Christ did, allowing people to do to me what they did to Him, and be silent? To be led away, when He had all the power? To see myself put on a cross and let people nail me there when I could have stopped it? Could I see myself giving my body over like that?

He does not ask this of us. He is asking for our surrender and to do His will. To think of giving my body over and having someone nail me to a cross, with little clothing, then hanging in midair! And He did it willingly, for love of us and in obedience to His Father!

What does He ask me to do that I hold back? What does He ask me to surrender? What is He calling me to?

After Mass:

R. The world is numb to God's existence. He is totally here with us this very day. The things of God are all that matters. It is so sad to see the people walk around, so blind to God's existence, as if they are here and this life is the end in itself.

Jesus: It hurts My aching heart to watch men go about their busy lives and pay no heed to Me. They see this world as an end in itself. They have become self-centered and mean. I am love. I come to ask you to die to yourself. It is as though the world and God are on opposite ends of a pole: Selfishness/World--Selflessness/God. There is no middle. To go to the world is to be sick. It is with such sadness that I disclose this to you. I am so upset at the ways of many men. I have been totally left out of their lives and those who go to church do not even comprehend love of God. They have a motionless religion. Love is action. It is on fire. It is from the heart. It has energy! I call you to love of God and love of one another. My death is the way I taught you how to love and be selfless. Look to Me. Meditate on My Passion.

I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am with you, My sweet one. My hand is in everything you experience. Let go and surrender to My love. I am by your side. You are being strengthened for what will come. Let go of your anger and focus only on My love. My hand is in all you experience. Little one, little one, I love you so. Hold tight to My love and do not fear. I am your strength. Surrender to all and know you do not have to do anything. I will act for you.

The devil is taunting you, but I love you immensely. Oh, My little sweet one, surrender to My love. You operate only for love of Me. Satan knows your weaknesses. He aims to trip you up and watch you abandon Me. You will never abandon Me, nor I you. Just surrender and let go. My love is in your heart. I am your strength. You go not alone and you do nothing on your own. I hold you up. I kiss your wounds and you go about My work. Let go of yourself and put yourself in My care. Surrender. Surrender from selfishness. Live only in My love every instant.

I am ever with you, oh, little one. Surrender to My love.

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