A Recipe Book for Union with Jesus

Jesus: "I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am He Whose bootstraps you are unworthy to fasten. But I come to you just the same, little one, out of great love to give you many gifts for your soul. Are you ready to receive all I come to bring to you or are you closed? Open the door to your heart and let Me enter into you. Be open and experience My filling you.
My relationship with you is no little thing. It is a deep, deep union I want with you. Open your heart. Pray for this union. My Blue Book is a recipe book for this union. I give you here all the ingredients necessary for intimate union with Me -- your submissiveness, your willingness to let Me possess your soul, your time spent in silence in front of the tabernacle, daily mass and Holy Communion, periods of spiritual communion throughout the day, allowing yourself to die to you and to be open to My possessing you and permeating your very being.
Do not try to understand the mystery. Feel My mighty love for you and quit looking for answers. You are missing the best part. Oh, how I love you! I give to you from your bounty and you, My child, are made whole. Read my words here. They are a prescription for life, My life deep within your heart. Then the world will truly know Me through you and the light you cast on the darkness."

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