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Rosary Meditations
From Junior Shepherds of Christ Associate Meetings

JANUARY 11, 1996

The Agony in the Garden

  1. In this rosary, let us open our hearts and pray to be close to Jesus. Let us meditate on His presence, deep within our hearts.
  2. Jesus knew that the time would come when He would suffer and die. He knelt in the garden and He saw before Him all of the sufferings that He would undergo.
  3. Jesus suffered for all the sins of all men, all the men that lived before Him and all the men that lived after Him.
  4. Jesus came to this earth that all men would be with Him someday in heaven. He died because He loves us so much.
  5. Jesus comes with a kind and generous Heart. His Heart is a heart of deep love.
  6. Many hearts in today's world are very cold. We go into the world, we go to school, and we see how hard some men's hearts are. Jesus' way is the way of love.
  7. He remains with us this day truly present in the Holy Eucharist. This is how much He loves us.
  8. He is a Person. He wants to be so close to us. He wants us to realize that He is with us every single second, every single minute, and He wants us to talk to Him all through the day.
  9. As we walk with Him in His Passion, we see Jesus as He suffered. We too will have sufferings in our lives, but as we suffer, we will grow more and more in our love relationship with Jesus.
  10. The world tells us that we should not have any problems. But Jesus comes and shows us the way. He suffered and He died. We, too, will have sufferings in our lives. His way is the way of the cross.

Jesus Is Scourged at the Pillar

  1. Jesus is with us at every second. He wants us to put our trust in Him whenever we are afraid or worried, to talk to Him, and not to be afraid.
  2. They seized Jesus. They tied Him to the pillar and they began to beat His body.
  3. It is in thinking about how Jesus suffered that we realize how much He loves us.
  4. He wants us to think about His Passion. He would suffer for us this day. He loves us so much.
  5. Jesus wants us to tell Him how much we love Him. As we meditate on these mysteries of His life, we see His love for us. We should tell Him how we love Him.
  6. Jesus is God. He loves us more than any human person can love us.
  7. The Father created us to long for God and to need the love of God. Nothing will fill the longing in our hearts for God.  We must go to Him.
  8. The greatest act we can do on this earth is the act of loving God. God created us to know, love, and serve Him.
  9. It is very confusing to live in this world today. Many times we hear the name of Jesus used in vain. His light will shine to the rest of the world through us.
  10. If we ask Jesus, He will give us grace to be closer to Him. We can ask for grace to love Him more. It is an honor to be a member of the Junior Shepherds of Christ Associates for we give our hearts to Jesus and Mary.

The Crowning with Thorns

  1. It is very difficult to be with others when they are being unloving.
  2. Jesus calls us to model our lives after Him, to act as He would act. We should always pray to the Holy Spirit to transform us more and more to be like Jesus.
  3. Jesus shows us that love is giving. Love is not selfish. Love is giving to the other.
  4. It is hard many times to be like Jesus. This is especially hard when others are being so cruel to us.
  5. Jesus never leaves us. He knows our every thought. He knows all the feelings in our hearts. He knows when others persecute us and say nasty things to us. He wants us to know that He is always with us and guarding us.
  6. The world seems heartless many times. Jesus comes as the Sacred Heart and He points to His most Sacred Heart. His Heart is filled with burning love for us.
  7. We look at Jesus and see His head crowned with thorns and His face covered with blood. We know that He loves us so much. He allowed them to pound the thorns into His precious head.
  8. They spit on Him. They ridiculed Him. He took it all. He loved those who did this to Him.
  9. Jesus wants us to love each other. He came to show us how to love. His way was always giving to others.
  10. To His death on the cross, He gave Himself as a sacrifice for love of us.

Jesus Carries His Cross

  1. Jesus' Heart is of burning love. Jesus is all good and all perfect. They stood around Him and they shouted, "...'Crucify him!'" (Mk. 15:13)
  2. They gave a heavy cross to Him. They put it on His back. He could hardly move ahead with the weight of the cross bearing down on Him.
  3. They poked at Him to make Him move faster. The weight of the cross was so heavy that He fell to the ground.
  4. Jesus is always with us. Sometimes our lives are difficult. He is there. He wants us to take the time to tell Him how much we love Him.
  5. When we complain and grumble about our lives, He wants us to tell Him how much we love Him. He is waiting for us to tell Him of our love.
  6. He walked with the cross on His back. His eyes met the eyes of His loving Mother. In that look, there was so much love between Jesus and His Mother.
  7. Mary saw His face covered with blood. She saw Him fall to the ground. When we are suffering, Mary is watching us and loving us as she loved her Son.
  8. In all of our trials and in all of our joys, our Mother Mary walks by our sides as she walked by the side of Jesus while He carried His cross.
  9. Mary loves each one of us with a most personal love. She loves each of us as her little child.
  10. Jesus fell to the ground two more times. His loving Mother was by His side. She could not even lift her arm to help Him. She walks by us as we struggle. Even though we do not feel her by us, she is helping us and guiding us. She wants us to turn to her.

Jesus Is Crucified and Dies on the Cross

  1. Jesus is the Almighty God. At any moment, He could have stopped all the abuse that was given to Him.
  2. They took big gigantic nails and pounded them into the hands of Jesus. They went all the way through His hand to the wooden cross.
  3. They pounded a nail through His feet, all the way through His entire foot. Think of the pain all over His body. His hands and feet were nailed to the cross.
  4. He died on the cross that we would share in His life.
  5. He gave Himself for love of us.
  6. He gives Himself to us today in the Eucharist. He is as present as the day He walked the earth. He is neglected by so many that He loves.
  7. He loves us and He wants us to love Him.
  8. At Communion, Jesus wants us to tell Him how much we love Him.
  9. His Heart is offended by our sins and the sins of men. He wants us to tell Him that we are sorry for our sins and sorry for all the sins of the world. Communion is a good time to help make reparation to God for our sins and the sins of all the world.
  10. He gave Himself that we would have life. He asks us to love Him with our whole heart, with our whole soul, and our whole being.

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