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Rosary Meditations
From Junior Shepherds of Christ Associate Meetings

MARCH 14, 1996

The Agony in the Garden

  1. Do we know that Jesus suffered so much in the garden for love of us?
  2. Jesus saw before Him all the sufferings that He was about to undergo.
  3. Jesus was in so much agony, He sweat blood.
  4. He saw all the sins of all men from all time.
  5. He knew that He would be rejected by those He loved so much.
  6. How tenderly Jesus loves each one of us.
  7. He loved us so much that He came to this earth and took on a human body.
  8. God loved us so much that He took on human flesh.
  9. Jesus is alive this day and He wants us to love Him.
  10. God created us to know, love, and serve Him.

Jesus Is Scourged at the Pillar

  1. Jesus allowed His flesh to be beaten for love of us.
  2. The most important thing in our lives is how we are in our hearts.
  3. Jesus allowed His body to be beaten raw.
  4. We must get in touch with our hearts and our souls.
  5. Jesus' body was covered with wounds and blood, but His Heart was vibrantly filled with burning love.
  6. They whipped and whipped Jesus and He withstood all the treatment.
  7. His way is always love.
  8. His greatest agonies were not the agonies that He suffered to His body, but to His Heart for all those that would reject and hate Him.
  9. Jesus, I want to comfort You with my love. I want to make reparation for my sins and the sins of men.
  10. Let us give Him all our love to help ease some of the pain from those who hate Him.

Jesus Is Crowned with Thorns

  1. Jesus could have stopped the treatment they gave to Him. He is all-powerful and almighty.
  2. Jesus endured the suffering because He knew the Father wanted Him to endure it.
  3. It is in all of the suffering that Jesus rose to new life.
  4. Jesus allows us to suffer today and it brings us closer to Him.
  5. Jesus loved us so much that He was beaten, crowned with thorns, and crucified on a cross for love of us.
  6. Think of how it is when someone does something just for you. Jesus allowed Himself to be beaten, crowned with thorns, and crucified for us.
  7. He comes and He shows us His wounded head and His face covered with blood. He asks us to give Him our love.
  8. When we see all that He suffered for us, can we say "no" to Him and refuse to give Him our love?
  9. Jesus is a Person Who loves us with greater love than any human person can love us.
  10. We cannot fully understand the immensity of God's love.

Jesus Carries His Cross

  1. The mob stood around Jesus and cried out "...'Crucify him!'" (Mk. 15:13)
  2. They gave Him a heavy cross that they placed on His back.
  3. His Heart was filled with such pain to be treated this way by those He loved. What sorrow to see all the men who would treat Him with such hatred when He loved them so much!
  4. In His great pain, He looked into the eyes of His Mother and He was comforted by her deep love for Him.
  5. We comforted Jesus during His Passion with our great love that we give to Him today.
  6. His Mother Mary walked beside Him all through His Passion. She suffered during His Passion. When He fell to the ground, she felt the pain and watched Him.
  7. When they poked at Him, when He bled, she felt the pain.
  8. Mary could not lift a hand to help her Son. Her heart was filled with such agony.
  9. Jesus was covered with wounds and blood. Mary suffered deeply within her heart.
  10. There is such love between the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Let us be focused on the love of Their two Hearts.

Jesus Is Crucified and Dies on the Cross

  1. Imagine what it would be like to have nails pounded into your hands against the wood cross.
  2. Jesus spread His arms for love of us.
  3. Jesus held nothing back. He gave His all, His blood, His flesh, His life.
  4. He gives Himself today in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We receive the Body and Blood of Jesus.
  5. Graces are released at every Mass.
  6. There is so much grace given through the Eucharist.
  7. Jesus wants us to give Him our hearts.
  8. Jesus loves us with such love that He gave Himself as a sacrifice on the cross.
  9. Jesus wants to take care of us. We must give ourselves to Him.
  10. Let us ask Him to fill our hearts with His love.

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