Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

January 15, 2005

January 16th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 2 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries
for January 16th are Joyful.


January 15, 2005

Messenger:         Sing:  Save Us Oh Lord

                            Dear God —
                                I give you myself
                                God forgive us our sins,
                                Have mercy on us,
                                Father of love hear us.


Hebrews 4: 12-16

    The word of God is something alive and active: it cuts more incisively than any two–edged sword: it can seek out the place where soul is divided from spirit, or joints from marrow; it can pass judgement on secret emotions and thoughts. No created thing is hidden from him; everything is uncovered and stretched fully open to the eyes of the one to whom we must give account of ourselves.

Since in Jesus, the Son of God, we have the supreme high priest who has gone through to the highest heaven, we must hold firm to our profession of faith. For the high priest we have is not incapable of feeling our weaknesses with us, but has been put to the test in exactly the same way as ourselves, apart from sin. Let us, then, have no fear in approaching the throne of grace to receive mercy and to find grace when we are in need of help.


Psalm 19: 8-10, 14

The precepts of Yahweh are honest, 
    joy for the heart; 
the commandment of Yahweh is pure, 
    light for the eyes. 

The fear of Yahweh is pure, 
    lasting for ever; 
the judgements of Yahweh are true, 
    upright, every one, 

more desirable than gold, 
    even than the finest gold; 
his words are sweeter than honey, 
    that drips from the comb.

May the words of my mouth always find favour, 
    and the whispering of my heart, 
in your presence, Yahweh, 
    my rock, my redeemer.


                            Sing:  Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord

                            Sing:  The Spirit of God

Messenger:        He enveloped my soul and my thoughts
                                were only of Him and I incessantly
                                cried to Him—Oh my God I love You so
                                very much—
                                Oh my God I love You—
                            For it is love He calls us to—
                            He loves us so very much—
                            It is my believing in this mission that
                                 is important to Him—
                            It is holiness He wants—
                            It is forgiveness and prayers for healing
                                for ourselves and
                                prayers to help us grow deeper in
                                this vision—
                                of knowing God so intimately
                                - of living as His spouse
                                - of wanting Him
                                - of realizing our complete dependence
                                    on Him
                                - My life is lived to be with Him
                                    for all eternity in the courts
                                    of the Lord

                            Time travels by, but the moments of Mass
                                never seem, to me, to go slow enough—
                            I want oneness with Him—
                            living in such depth in His Heart—
                            spreading the consecration—

                            realizing that as it says in the scriptures


Psalm 95: 7-8

If only you would listen to him today! 
Do not harden your hearts as at Meribah, 
as at the time of Massah in the desert,



January 15, 2005 message continues

Jesus speaks:    Oh My Heart is an endless vat of love
                                for you, if I tell you 10 times will
                                you hear if you yourself believe
                                you are unlovable—
                                Open your ears and your hearts—
                                You are the creation of the Father—
                                so dearly loved—
                                listen when I speak to you in the
                                Blue Books in My letters of love—
                                so few really listen to Me as I speak to
                                them of My love and when you see Me
                                hanging on the cross—you do not
                                realize how much I love you and I
                                gave My all for love of you—



January 15, 2005 message continues

Jesus speaks:    I LOVE YOU





January 15, 2005 message continues

Jesus speaks:      Oh look at My face and know My love
                                Carry this image of My suffering face
                                in your hearts—
                            Beg for forgiveness—
                            Open your hearts—
                            Let go to Me and let go of bitterness
                                and thoughts of people who
                                wounded you—
                            I am the Divine God and I tell you how
                                very much I love you this day.

                            Let this permeate your thoughts—
                                do My work—
                                Spread My Kingdom
                                Think of how I, Jesus, the Divine
                                    God loved you, so much, I gave
                                    My life for you.
                                Pray for grace to forgive and let go of
                                    the baggage you carry on your
                                    back and in your heart.

                                I loved you so much I carried your
                                    sins on the cross, your sins of
                                    envy, jealousy, selfishness and

                                I am not telling you to ever sacrifice
                                    the truth—
                                    I am telling you to let the Scriptures
                                        and the Commandments rule
                                        your lives—

                                Let the Word of God live in  your hearts—
                                    Let My Light shine on your face—
                                    Let the joy that the Divine God
                                        loves you so much—fill you—

                                    Oh joy—
                                        joy is in realization that I am
                                        the Savior and I died for your

                                    Ponder My love—
                                        - discipline your thoughts
                                        - come to the tabernacle and daily
                                          Mass and I will outpour My
                                          grace to you

Messenger:        Oh Sunny Day—
                            Day the Lord Rose from the Dead



January 15, 2005 message continues

Jesus speaks:      Count your blessings—
                            Be positive—
                            Be rooted in My love—
                            Pray to be healed of negative thinking—

                            Forgive your mother, or father, husband,
                                children, friends—people who
                                have offended you and pray for

                            Don't carry bags of anger on your
                                back for years—

                            Clear away the debris like a shovel
                                cleaning away the snow for
                                the much desired path for
                                the snowed in car.

                            "Cabin fever" you say—
                            What about clogged pipes—
                                people who complain and complain
                                and fail to thank Me for My gifts
                                to them.

                            Feel the freedom of flying—



January 15, 2005 message continues

Jesus speaks:      Let My people go—
                                Many are held captive by the
                                snare of satan—
                                they give into him—
                                they carry a ball and chain around
                                    their ankle—
                                one of their own making—

                            The sun comes up over the ocean—



January 15, 2005 message continues 

Jesus speaks:      At night the sun goes down



January 15, 2005 message continues

Jesus speaks:      A man owned a candy store and
                                every day a little girl—
                                with little sweet eyes and
                                a round little face came in
                                hair bobbing—little curls—light in color
                                and she carried "as she said"
                                    a big penny
                                she wanted bubble gum—because
                                    she could blow bubbles all
                            The bubble gum was more than
                                a penny, but the man looked
                                at her little face and her joy and she did not
                                understand money yet and he gave
                                her a piece of bubble gum when
                                ever she came in—
                            He said later to his wife—
                                How could I refuse her joy?
                                How could I refuse her smile?
                                How could I refuse her purity?

                            And she came and spoke like a
                                little child
                                    "Mister, she said, can I
                                        have some 'bubble gum'
                                        I brought a big penny."

                            Her face sparkled and she moved
                                her head that caused her
                                little curls to wiggle as
                                she spoke.

                            I felt repaid by her beauty and I
                                loved it as soon as she approached.

                            Your Heavenly Father wants your little
                                bright faces to shine with joy
                                for the gifts He has given you.

                            Myra was an older woman, 30,
                                she had married young, but married
                                well. Her dad owned an oil
                                company and she never wanted for
                                When the time came, she thought
                                she would have children, a beautiful
                                husband and live in lots of love
                                for the rest of her life.

                            Her husband, but rich, but he drank
                                and loved the favors of other women
                                especially when drinking.

                            He traveled all over the world and
                                she rarely saw him after the
                                first couple of years—but
                                she wanted children and was given
                                two sweet girls almost immediately.

                            Later after years of marriage she did
                                receive a son. She wanted a son
                                and she was determined to
                                try to have one.

                            The nights were long, the children
                                became spoiled—
                                Myra complained a lot to her
                                maids and everyone—

                            She had so many riches, but her
                                life was not anything like
                                she had envisioned.

                            When Myra "prayed" she was mad
                                at God—she complained and
                                never came with any hope or
                                love in her heart.

                                She did not see the gift of the
                                children and her wealth, she
                                wanted a man to make a "fuss'
                                over her and her husband did
                                not even come home much.

                            What do you do when you come to
                                the altar to pray—
                                Do you come with anger in
                                    your heart?

                                Do you come with dependency
                                    and love—wanting to be a
                                    light or do you come
                                    with blinded eyes
                                    never satisfied.

                            I am the bridegroom of your soul
                                come to Me My precious
                                beautiful bride with
                                the glimmer of light—
                                the heart of love and
                                the sparkle of forgiveness—
                                Wanting to love and serve Me
                                    as the handmaid of the Lord.

                            I love you so much
                                I died for you—
                                be grateful—

                            I want you to tell Me how much
                                you love Me as the doting bride—

                            I want you to serve Me
                                and promote My Kingdom

                            Be docile
                            Have Faith
                            and Trust in Me

                            Say Sacred Heart
                                I trust in Thee








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