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January 16, 2008

January 17th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 9 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for January 17th are Joyful.


Sidney Rosary


   Mary Appeared




January 15, 2008 Rosary

Sorrowful Mysteries

  Song:  You Are Mine

Jesus: I will come to you in the morning and in the evening and in the afternoon but you must be waiting for Me to come. If you get all caught up in negative thinking and other things you will miss My silent little whispers and miss the fact of how very close I am to you in all of your work. It is in seeking greater intimacy with Me, knowing the mystical marriage, knowing that I am the Bridegroom of your soul that you will have great peace and love and be a light to shine in the darkness. Satan will come when I want to give you a special grace and he will press down and you can say "Come on in guy" or you can say "I'm not giving in to your stupid tactics again. I've got Jesus with me. He is loving me in the deepest way."


The Agony in the Garden

1. Jesus: Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no. How would you like it if tomorrow morning when you wanted to get up if instead of the day you had another night, and then another night, and then another night, and then another night. But then I said to you "Well, I don't have to bring up the night and the day. I can be unpredictable."

    No, my child. I have given to you the gifts to know Me and you know that night follows day, and night follows day, and sun comes up and stars in the sky and trees blossom in the spring — and in the north go barren in the winter and your grass grows brown and the corn comes up all at the proper time. Yes indeed. You know that I am God and I am unchanging

2. Jesus: And so then why would you think that Mary would appear at Fatima and give you this message that she gave to you - and today it's like dead wood. Sorry. The message the Queen of Peace delivered to the earth is the same message today. It is just that in your willfulness you want things your way — more convenient, less holy, doing your own will, more evil, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, marriages that are not right, abortion of babies — legalized? Child, sin is sin. I sweat blood in the garden for the sins of the men, the sins that you do not even know how wretched they were. I am Jesus Savior of the world.

3. Jesus: And some of the martyrs suffered so, and while they suffered others enjoyed the lust that they thought would bring them true happiness when in fact they were sinning on the same earth, on the same surface of the earth. In one place there can be deep sin and on the other deep holiness. But I have told you the message of Our Lady of Fatima that the more that you spread the consecration through the newsletter, through the prayer chapters, through all of the instruments that I have given to you, the more there will be peace on the world. It is you whose faith is very weak. Look at Peter, he denied Me three times — Peter, My beloved Peter. How could he do that? But he was afraid of what they might do, what they thought, My beloved Peter — and the cock crowed.

4. Jesus: I was hung on a tree, I was tied to the Pillar, My head pitiably crowned with thorns, pounded into My precious skull. The blood that I shed was for your sins, and you say "Oh anger, I got none." Do you know how much dysfunction continues because of denial, failure to take responsibility for sins that are committed because of blindness and ill will towards others. And I cry to you to pray to the Holy Spirit that you will not be stuck in your cloud that keeps you truly stuck, and blindness when you could be ever closer to Me — you are locked in a cage.

5. Jesus: A cage of your own making.

6. Jesus: And the angel appeared to Me to comfort Me. Today My beloved ones, I tell you of My love so deep for you that I give Myself to you here — that I give to you My Eucharistic presence. Oh precious child, how truly I love you.

7. Jesus: And I sweat My blood for My beloved ones that would reject Me and many would be lost forever. Oh My dear ones spread the love of My Sacred Heart and My Mother' heart to the ends of the earth. Let them know of the embrace that I am revealing to you now — the little heaven on earth — being embraced and dwelling in the love of the Two Hearts.

8. R. And He was in the garden in the darkness and the Apostles slept and He suffered bitterly seeing before Him, His suffering and the souls that would be lost despite the gift of Himself given and He cried out to the Father. And He said "Yes — yes God, yes", yes to the Father's will.

9. Hail Mary

10. Hail Mary


Song: Little Baby Hands and Feet


Jesus is Scourged at the Pillar

1. Jesus: And My thoughts were of you, when they beat Me and the whips came down and it tore My flesh. I saw before Me all of your sins of ingratitude, your sins in which you did not tell the truth and deception. And I cried deep within My Heart when the whip hit My body and tore My flesh. For you, My precious one, I said "Yes" and today you hide these things rather than growing — for it is for your sanctity that I gave Myself that you would grow to be ever closer to Me that you would be more holy. And you hold on to so many things, like little trophies because of pride and anger. And yet I have called you to spread this devotion to My Heart and the heart of My Mother, that you would pray for that holiness, that you would not deceive yourself but allow the Holy Spirit to work within you, that you'll see with the light of seven suns how pure you can really be, how one you can be with Me — as you go to the Mass and you pray to the Father for the priests, the Church and the world. But you give into satan and I stood at the pillar and the whip hit My flesh for the times that you lied.

2. Jesus: This day will soon be gone, January 15, 2008 and it will not return, so the moments of your life and how you lived it today will be done when you go to bed. And you are one day closer to your death. How did you live your earth? How did you spend your days, your hours in serving Me and doing the Father's plan? Every moment of every day I have called you to be in the Shepherds of Christ and to be serving Me in love and with this you will know peace and joy. To those who fail to commit when they are called, and yet remain, their life is a hell — for he will test you, the evil one, over and over and over again. I stood at the pillar and they whipped Me and they tore My flesh for your sins. And you hang on the fence whipping back and forth from one side to the other, one day yes, next day no — waning in the wind.

3. Jesus: And you are neither hot nor cold and I spit you from My mouth. For I have called you and blessed you and loved you, embraced you, kissed your cheeks and you took a road that led to your own hell.

4. Jesus: Anger is not a nice thing. For it is like a bomb inside that is hidden in the brush and you do not know what the time of the setting is. And so a man walks by and it is set for 5:00 and if he walks by at 5:00 it explodes — if he walks by at 6:00 it has already gone off — if it is set for 4:00 there is no evidence even of its presence as it hides from beneath the bush. It is like that for one who keeps themselves locked in a fury. And the longer it goes on the greater the fury.

5. Jesus: How sweet is your heart of love. Have you opened it, like a little necklace wherein lies a picture that is sweet and inviting. Or have you taken your heart, your little locket, wrapped it and bound it in gauze and tape and when others come and say "Well what is that ball of stuff around your neck?"

    You say "Off with you. You will not know the secret therein."

    "Well why are you wearing that around your neck? It is in such view for me to see. Do you not wear it that I would ask you about it?"

    "I do not know why I wear it. But the fact that you ask, angers me."

    "Oh - sor - ry." And you walk down the street to another with a locket, gold and glistening and you say "Oh that man up there had a big ball of gauze, wraps - where you have that precious locket. May I look in it?"

    "Sure" he says "Open it up and inside" he says "Well here's the people I love on this side and Jesus and Mary on this side. I like to carry it so I can think about how close I am to the Hearts of Love and how close I am to the people I love here below. You may want to wear a locket that people can look and see how you like to love. It's really easy. You just focus on the heart and somebody you love and go to the store and put them in there and then you know they are right there. And then I can go do all these things for others because I'm always remembering how much Jesus and Mary love me and how much my family loves me and I am thinking about others."  "Oh"

    My child, why do you think in all My images of My Sacred Heart I am pointing to My Heart in a world that is turned so cold. What do you think of the fire that I showed to My messenger, the fire that was open and so white and intense and so burning? What did you think of the crown of thorns that surrounded My Heart as they tore My flesh at the pillar and I thought of you and how much I loved you that I would suffer for your sins? What did you think of My Mother's heart with the little flowers around it — the flowers that you can do every moment and every second of your day so that when you do die and you meet your heavenly Father, you can say "Hey Father, here's a basket of flowers for You — from all the days and minutes and hours that I lived on the earth and I admitted a sweet fragrance for all those around me that they would know how precious Your love was."

    What would you like around your neck? Would you like a pretty locket that people could open and they could know about love? Or would you like a ball and chain wrapped tight with gauze and adhesive. And when people come up and say "What's that around your neck" you grumble and say, "Ain't gettin' in." You do not understand, if this is your choice, what the whole mission of the Shepherds of Christ is all about.

6. Jesus: And I stood at the pillar and they tore My flesh and I did it for your sins. And the blood flew into the air and I said I loved them so, I want them with Me for all eternity. For you My precious one, I allowed them to tear My flesh and My Blood to fly in the air.

7. Hail Mary

8. Hail Mary

9. Hail Mary

10. Hail Mary


Jesus: I came into this world a little baby that you would know that I did not come a high and mighty, but a little vulnerable baby, a baby of love, a baby, the Divine Almighty God came a baby. Why are you so high and mighty in your ways of pride and you harbor inside the bitterness of so much anger over the years when you are really cheating yourself of the life that you long to have. It is as simple as letting go of the negative tapes and of looking at the flowers that surround the beautiful heart of My Mother, a heart of pure and tender love.


The Crowning with Thorns

1. Jesus: Did you ever think why on the rose there are thorns? Did you ever think of a rose as death and resurrection? That you can look at the beauty of the rose but you can't really touch it's stem the way you want to, you have to be careful or you will get pricked with a thorn. My precious one, I am the Divine God, the Almighty One, the All Powerful One — the rose and a crown of thorns surrounded My precious Head. But I allowed them to hammer into My head the thorns and the blood went into My eyes and into My ears and down My skull and it burned because it was cut from the lacerations with which they hit My head. But it was far worse when they hit My head with the crown of thorns. I suffered these thorns for your pride and your lies. I suffered to My head for the things that you did with yours.

2. Jesus: And I keep telling you of My Mother's way of purity. Mary the sinless one, to model your lives as handmaids and servants as Mary did, to model your lives as apostles in greater holiness and not the rebellion of Adam and Eve. And all suffered from the sin of Adam and Eve and today alone you suffered tremendously. Sin is like a poison. It's not an isolated event. It is not something that you do in a locked box. Whatever you do affects others, and more than that, sin offends Me your God. I love you so much. I was crowned with thorns for the sins done by men's head, the pride, the anger, the argumentation. I paid the price with a crown of thorns.

3. R. A little baby, a man with a crown of thorns.

4. Jesus: Did you ever have an infection in your eye? Was it hard it see? Did your eyes itch? Was there secretion? They came at Me with their whips and they hit Me all over My body and My head — they did not care that they hit My head. Today it is illegal to abuse others. It is illegal to push and shove, to harass — but I suffered for the abuse that was given, for the abuse that has not been reckoned with by the men themselves. They crowned Me with a crown of thorns and they hit Me. And My eyes filled with such fluid that was far worse than any eye infection for they did not care that they pounded My head or smacked Me with a crown of thorns on My head. They did not care that My eyes were swollen shut. Do you care that My eyes were swollen shut for the wounds that I received because of this pride? Do you care of the blood that sealed My eyes shut while My hands were tied? While in the swelling My eyes burned, burned from the raw wound, the sealed eyes, the crowned head and they bound My hands, bound Me. How many have you bound with your abusive ways? It is wrong.

5. Jesus: And you can look at your picture here but it is not a true picture, for the picture of My body is one that was torn, every part of My flesh covered with blood and wounds. My eyes sealed shut, My nose bleeding, My teeth lose from the way they socked My mouth. What comes forth from your mouth or what do you hold back from your mouth when I beg you to help Me?

6. Jesus: And I tasted the blood from My teeth within My mouth.

7. Hail Mary

8. Hail Mary

9. Hail Mary

10. Hail Mary


Jesus: Many dare not even call it sin anymore today. Who do they fool when I suffered the wounds, the battering, the hatred of the men that I loved as I love you so much. And they put Me to death.


The Carrying of the Cross

1. Jesus: You do not even comprehend a small amount what it was like to have the cross put on My back and how heavy it was from the weight of the sins of the world. For you have not meditated on how heavy were your sins — the sins that you deny, but say yes to — the cruelty that you do to one another when I am asking you to be wrapped in Our Hearts to spread My light of love.

2. Jesus: Now I want to talk plainly to you. There are so many people in the world that are in so much sin and they will not even look at the sin. And I say to you, here I will give you the road map, I will give you My Heart, I will open My locket wide for you, I have bled for love of you. Will you not take this gift given, know of how dearly you are loved by Me and spread the burning love of My Heart to this world that is aching and crying, many who will lose their souls. Is your selfish focus so important, you cannot see? Are your eyes more closed than Mine that were sealed shut by blood and wounds and swelling? When you pompously say "I want My way." And I say "Please help Me, I love you so.

    I want you to come to Me before the Blessed Sacrament. I want you to read My messages of love. I want you to spread the consecration for I have called you to this vocation. I want you to know the embrace of My Heart and My Mother's heart. I want you to think about how important the Mass is and how much grace can be released on the world and satan comes and he can tempt you with the dumbest things. And right in the middle of the Mass at the consecration, there you are thinking about yourself and your own glory, and those moments are so short and so precious in which I outpour My grace on the world. Pray to be holy. Pray to be where the Father wants you to be, not to have an agenda that you do not even understand why you are so self-focused. Pray to be holy soldiers in My war in this world. I have called you by name. You are Mine.

3. Jesus: And I fell under the weight of the cross — I fell and I fell.

4. Jesus: And they poked at Me when I was down. They stuck their instruments into My wounds and the pain was so ferocious. For you, My child, I endured the pain of this suffering, for you that you would have a high place with Me in heaven. Do not settle for the dark road. Listen to Me, before it is too late. For tomorrow will be January 16th, and then January 17th, and January 18th — every day a little closer to the end of your life here below.

5. Song: Come unto Me all Who are Weary

6. R. And when He could hardly get up they poked at Him in the wounds and they forced Him to carry the heavy cross till He could hardly move from exhaustion and blood loss.

Jesus: For you My precious one, I went to the hill of Calvary. I mounted My cross and I died for your sins.

7. Mary: I stood beneath the cross of my Son and my heart was in such anguish for the little ones that would be lost forever. Oh my little children of light, listen to your Mother Mary. For there are so many today that are dropping into hell like rain. And when I appeared at Clearwater I was ignored. Your life is so short here, like a thief in the night he comes and there you are standing before the Father, when you least expected it. And He said "What did you do on January 13th to promote My Kingdom? What did you do to spread love on January 14th? How were you focused on loving God and loving others on January 16th? Why were you so selfish when I asked you for such a little thing?

8. Hail Mary

9. Hail Mary

10. Hail Mary


Mary: I stood beneath the cross of my Son.


The Crucifixion

1. Mary: And my heart was in such anguish for the little ones that would be lost forever, my children, forever, not for 80 years or 60, or even a 100, but forever to the fires of hell because they give in to the world and give up the love of my Son.

2. Mary: How do I make you understand for you will not listen to me, I stood beneath the cross of my Son and I cried for the little ones that would be lost forever to the fires of hell. Your world is filled with so much evil and I have asked you as your Mother Mary to spread the consecration to the far ends of the earth, not to spread it with a heart of stone, but with a heart of love and conviction, that they will look at you and they will see that the joy of the Lord is within your heart. You can say no with a locket that's tied with gauze and adhesive but when you go to the Father what will He say of that day January 15th. Is it a day to focus on yourself — today, tomorrow, the next day, the next day and the next day? Help me my children! Have I not cried to you long enough, you to whom I talk and you will not listen. I appear, I appear, I appear and I am ignored.

3. Mary: I appeared in Clearwater without any eyes, for you are to be the eyes that look out to the world that see with the love of my Son for there is the crying in the darkness. You say "Oh Jesus help them. Help me to do more to spread the consecration, to tell them how tremendous it is to have the Catholic Church and the priests." Satan will come with his focus on yourselves. I ask you to be in one mind and one heart with the mission of the Father given through myself and the Son. I am Mary, Mother of the Heart of Jesus, Mother of the Two Hearts.

4. Mary: Spread the consecration that they will know what love is all about. They are hungry, they are crying, many will be lost. You have been given so many abundant graces from your heavenly Father. Do not waste the opportunity that He has given to you in feeble talk and wasting God's time any longer. The retreats that are given are retreats to draw the pilgrims to the places that they will receive the messages my Son has given to you. Spread the consecration and that people will know the gift of the Catholic Church. Pray for your priests, the Church and the world and watch your lives be blessed then.

5. Mary: I appear, I appear, I appear and I am ignored. Help me. I am Mary your Mother, Mother of the Universe, Mother of the Children of the World, Mother of the Church.

6. R. Are you there Mary? For we want to see you and we want to know how close you really are. And she says

Mary: Yes, my child. In the darkness my light is ever brighter than it ever was. As I give to you my special Motherly love.

7. Mary: Not for a day and a night but for the rest of your lives here, know that I, Mary your Mother and my child, Jesus are with you always.

8. R. And the lightening flashed across the sky. Do you see, it was dark? Do you see a blood ridden man hanging with a Heart consumed with so much love that He gave His all and how truly selfish we are when He died for you and me.

9. Mary: Oh children, how truly short is your lives.

10. Hail Mary


Mary: Now I talk to you plainly, I am Our Lady of Fatima in the Americas and I appeared in Clearwater that they would heed the words that I had already delivered many years before. In spreading the School Rosary Program and the consecration to the children and the family praying the rosary and in spreading the newsletter, the instrument my Son gave to you in the Shepherds of Christ Movement, in spreading the consecration to billions of souls on the earth. And when my Son called and my Son chose you, satan came with his tricks to press down. And the message has been given to you for 14 years of the importance of the daily adoration, especially for the priests, and you must pray for that. You must not lose heart, read the Blue Books, study the messages my Son has given to you, read the daily messages. Come to pray on the 5ths and the 13ths and I will make myself known to you in a way you have never know me and the love of my Son Jesus. For I am Mary your Mother and I am wrapping you in my embrace of my Immaculate Heart now.

    The Holy Spirit will fill you if you are open, that you will be cleansed more and more of the impurities that lead you from intimacy with God and following the mission that God has called you in this vocation. But you cannot hold on to your old ways, you must have an open heart and be fervent in answering the call as Jesus has called you, not my messenger, but Jesus. It is the call of Jesus you answer. It is the call of My Immaculate Heart that will help my children of the whole entire world. Do not minimize the importance of this mission for one moment.

    Pray as I have asked you and I will make known to you the great favors as your Mother Mary for yourselves and your families. I will wrap them in a protective blanket of my unending love and hold them close to my heart as I held my child Jesus. But you must believe and live to be holy, obedient and loving. I am Mary your Mother, I have spoken to you as never before and you will know the gifts given, soon, if you study and heed my words, but to those who continue to ignore me, they will not reap the benefits of this vocation called to them by my Son Jesus. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit will work in you, in the work that They have begun will be most fruitful — believe, have faith, commit yourself to this mission, I am Mary your Mother, listen to me.

Hail Holy Queen

Jesus: I am outpouring to you My richest graces if you come to My Sacred Heart, I will bathe you in a vat of My love. And as you pray more and more and more and do the mission, the mission I have given to you, in calling you to this vocation in the Shepherds of Christ, millions of souls, all over the earth, will know the fire of the love of My Heart. This is no little mission. The Father has sent Me to you with this request.



January 16, 2008

    Jesus used meals for joy, blessing —
the Eucharist is a meal of love —
From the time a child is born they learn
about love — give and take — eating in
peace, sharing love and food together.

    One who ate alone learned isolation —
one whose father was angry and threw
the peas, criticized, used the meal
for control for himself.

    A person who wants control can use
abuse, anger, force to move others
so they will do their dance of dysfunction —
so they will rule — they use anger, force —

    The highest human creature is Mary,
a woman, Mother of God — at Fatima
Mary said Jesus wants His Heart venerated
next to His Heart. St. Catherine of Siena had
a big part in the Church. Women are inventors.
God the Father picked Mary.

    A person that wants to rule uses
force, anger violence to be in power —
power is their game. The devil wants
power — like Eve in the garden — she
disobeyed God — she wanted to be like
God — the devil tempted her, she because
of pride gave in.

    Abusers want control — they want
to rule — they want others in fear under
them. An abuser only need to stand in
position and he gives the same message
as abusing if he has abused before.
Abusers come from families usually
where they were abused and taught to
abuse for power. The abuser does not
admit his abuse — he blames others
for their own abuse to others. They are
in denial. A man who abuses his
wife, a boss at work who gets away
with abusing women says "She made
me do it, I have no anger."

    Time and time again like a loaded
gun they spray their anger on others —
how long they have had it and how
severe in abuse from generations past
down determines how big is their can
of anger.

    An angry abuser that uses words that
are abusive "To get them going" is
forcing others through harassment and
it is illegal when one does such matters —
bumping anyone, especially, any physical
form is a sign of advanced raging
where one cannot control themselves
so much they use physical force, while
ignore their own anger — telling themselves
that others are at fault as they lose
control time and time again.

    The anger, the means of force was
learned by them — Others do not deserve
abuse because they fixed a meal
not to someone's liking.

    The more one engages in this anger —
the more volatile is the habit of
exploding over spilled milk and the
person throwing anything in anger could cause
another to be hit by the fallen object —
fall and hit a cabinet running away and
gash their head or have some other
problem due to the raging violence
of one who has inflected rage on
others and physical abuse as
well causing people to run or
avoid their behavior.

    An abuser wants a captive audience
for their control — meal time — when
people want food and joy.

Riding in a car — an abuser can
corner others to get maximum attention
and control — others fear for their life.
Abusers learned this behavior from
dad or others and they carry it on like
one who learns to love and settle conflicts
in love — they learned violence.

    Passive-aggressive, provoking
measures can be used by others
instead of rage, to punish others
for their anger inside and need to control.
A person stalling, avoiding giving any
information, withholding funds, information,
is like the abuser seeking control
and trying to get another to act out
their hatred and anger.

    These people who play games for
control or rage have deep seated
physiological problems usually —
anger deep seated from youth.

    When someone laughs at the misfortune
of others it indicated a deep spiritual

    Where one should be compassionate —
they enjoy punishing others and
watching others with misfortune
in joy or laughter.

    Both people can be like alcoholics
who use jobs, money, family needs
to punish, abuse and use
passive-aggressive behavior to
manipulate and control.

    It is hardness at its heights — this is
not the light of Christ, it is engaging
in darkness for satan.

    A person engaging in vindictive games of slothfulness,
withholding valuable information is
trying to control others for some
selfish, punitive action to block
normal living and play their rules of
dysfunction, isolation and in a
normal loving center. They can be the
card that watches 52 fall behind them
as they keep the place in constant
confusion and disharmony doing the work
of satan. Causing permanent damage
to a company while playing games to
manipulate for control and punitive hatred —
need to control and watch others suffer.

    People in advanced stages as these
may need serious physiological counseling
for where others, who were normal and loving,
tried to withstand this dark, controlling,
behaviors — the constant anger —
rageful and suppressed (using passive-
aggressive games) can be like their
families when young — when others
were learning, they were learning
manipulation, isolation, control — not
the give and take in loving relationships — necessary
to settle conflict, have compromise and
show love, joy, laughter — They were surviving
a war and learned survival tactics not needed
today, but they will not get rid of them.

    Their self was controlled — the spontaneous
self-pressed back and they can feel robbed
of needed love, respect, learning appreciation and
knowing how to be social with others in
relationships — setting, needed boundaries.

    Jesus even prepared fish after
the resurrection. What if an abusive
man there started combat. Jesus did
this in love — showing importance of
eating together  and sharing time, joy,

    People from abusive or dysfunctional
homes may have seen dad throw the
vegetables — this is so awful, but to
them they see themselves now as the "dad"
who demands respect — demands
recognition — using even a simple
meal of love as an instrument of vain
glory for themselves. Selfishness — rather
then enjoying friends and family — it
has become a time for dominance for themselves.
They want dominance at the table —
They want dominance when others are around —
they play the game they learned —

    "I am the king, you are subject
        to me"
    "I am above you"
    "I am better than you"
    "I make the rules by forced
        anger, coercing others
        to stoop beneath their

Obedience to a superior, a parent, a boss, is not like
    this —
    Jesus obeyed His Father's will
    There is always structure —

Structure means one willfully agrees
    to obey and serve the family,
    the Church, the order —
    because it is God's will and
    they love their vocation —
    they chose it —

A person who lives their vocation
    has joy — a fruit of the Holy Spirit

A person, caught up in anger, rage,
    punishing, passive-aggressive
    manipulation is probably
    caught in a stone, hardened
    heart and the Spirit of God will
    not move in such anger, hatred and
    hardness, selfishness

    A person fighting to control others
in fear with force is not like

    A vocation is a commitment of
love — I give myself to this
vocation — I obey the superior —
I love my wife — I love my bishop
and obey him — I obey my parents out
of love and respect.

    The person is focused on
love of God



    A person using rage or
passive-aggressive manipulation
are using unjust methods to
force their dysfunction —

    Many will stop at nothing
to take over —

    Adam and Eve wanted to be equal
to God

    Cain killed his brother
    Joseph's brothers threw him
        in a cistern

    Aaron wanted to be equal to Moses —



Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son and
    his descendants became as numerous
    as the stars of the sky —

    God flooded the earth because
of the corruption —

    And gave us the sign of the
rainbow and His covenant with
man —

    Our Lady of Clearwater —
    shows us that —
    consecrating to the New Adam
    and New Eve is

Obeying God's commands —
Not seeking dominance for dominance
    sake —
not pride, but obedience

not rebelliousness

God wants the Shepherds of Christ to help renew
    the Church and the world
    obedience to God's will
    God's commandments

Being like Mary and Jesus
    obeying structure





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Translations are welcome but they must be reviewed for moral and 
theological accuracy by a source approved by Shepherds of Christ Ministries 
before any distribution takes place. Please contact us for more information.