Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

January 22, 2000

A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb, the Bridegroom of the Soul

Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.

Messenger: Include Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center in 6:20 prayers.

Messenger: Our Lord asks all that can to come to The Virgin Mary Building in Clearwater, Florida, on February 5th, to please be present for the opening of the Rosary Factory.

January 22, 2000 - Second Message

Jesus speaks: In intimate relationships, you have made mistakes and offended Me and one another. Try to do Godís will, deal with your own imperfections. I ask you to be one, you come together not for selfish gain, but because you honestly want to love and serve your God. If it is My will you work together, you put aside your own selfish interests of getting your unmet needs of the past met by your partner and see that I am the One who heals your wounds from childhood and past love relationships.

The devil can help to blow things up through emotional attacks, and unmet needs of the past. In writing out your feelings to another person or to Me you may see how childish and self-centered you are to demand what you are demanding of someone you love.

Loving is living according to Godís will and "using" love relationships to further Godís plan. If what you do with another person is sinful or hurts Godís plan of furthering the Kingdom, you know that your motive is for selfish gain. I ask this, quit trying to get your unmet needs from childhood or past love relationships filled by another person.

Leaders in the Shepherds of Christ, apostles, must pray The Prayer for Leaders and Apostles daily.

You must get in touch with your feelings and work through them. This can be done by writing a feeling letter to Me or to pertinent others.

Some letters you may not wish to deliver, for you will see the selfishness in your own desires.

The bottom line is this: When you act you do so to promote the good of the Kingdom and to serve your God.

You do not wish to "use" another for your own selfish emotional needs that need healing by Me.

You honestly want to be set free from destructive patterns of relating in intimate relationships that want to possess another for selfish gain.

All must work as one, loving God and wanting to serve Him.

Your highest goal is to be possessed by God for all eternity.

Your greatest desire here is to love and please Him.

You are not enamored by things of the flesh that drive you to self-satisfaction against Godís will.

This can be sex, food, drink, passionate embraces, whatever is a compulsion that is driven by pain within and unmet needs.

You honestly look at yourselves.

You go inward and deal with your own imperfections.

You quit judging others to make them wrong and yourself right.

This is not to say that you do not recognize error in the teaching and the ways of the world. This is not to say that you do not recognize sinful ways in the behavior of others around you that affect your lives and that of your children.

This is to say that you recognize wrongful ways in your own lives where you judge others and make everyone wrong and yourself right to promote a feeling of being "more holy" than the other.

If you are holy, it is because of the grace I give you.

Intimacy with others will be achieved in a fuller sense only when your primary love relationship is with God. You grow more and more in being perfected in your ways of loving.

The devil can work through the imperfections in intimate relationships to divide you, to cause you to sin through unloving ways. This hurts the body to which I have called you.

That is a primary place where the devil gets in, in intimate relationships.

In a superficial relationship you can act on the surface and you do not let yourself be seen interiorly. You can cover up your real self and wear masks.

In an intimate relationship, you unveil the real person within, with all the faults and imperfections, you allow the other to see the real you. Here there is this discerning process by the partners, "If I show you the real me, will you still accept me, or reject me?"

I accept you with all your imperfections.

Some people try to engage in intimate relationships wearing masks. They hide the truth from themselves and are even unable to see it. It takes grace to see the real self and grace to deal with the imperfections that are unveiled.

It takes understanding and exchange of feelings, honestly exchanging feelings, to engage in deep loving relationships.

The devil can create such havoc in a relationship that hardly anything productive is accomplished. The whole time is spent in doing a devilís dance of dealing with the unmet needs of both partners.

The bottom line is I heal the wounded souls, you act like Me to one another, understanding, helping, and loving each other.

You cannot expect your partner to be flawless.

You all have imperfections, you all have a job directed by Me.

Every thread in a tapestry has a part to play. When woven beautifully together, the picture can be one of enormous beauty.

The author of the tapestry entitled, "Book of LIFE" is your God. All souls living according to the rule of the King can weave a tapestry of magnificent beauty, a garment to cover the earth, souls one in God.

Messenger: (as directed by God)

When the "chips are down" on the battle front, in the garden of God given to produce fruit, abundant life, you ask these questions:

1. Why do I act?

2. Is it for pride to make me on top?

3. Is it to make me feel connected and loved because I am feeling

4. Is it for a selfish reason?

5. Are my actions stopping the progress of Godís plan?

6. Do I want my personal satisfaction?

7. Do I want my own starved soul to be filled by another?

8. To what extent will I go to sacrifice Godís plan for my own desires?

9. Is the love of one man or one woman more important to me than

10. Am I able to see the world and my part in it and how my selfish
interaction in a destructive relationship affects so many?

Jesus speaks: My children, the bottom line is this.

The more you identify with Me and meditate on the Mysteries of the Rosary, the more My life is lived in your lives, the more you live in Me.

You will feel enormous pain inside because of the sin and blindness in the world.

You must accept that pain as a gift I give in identifying with Me in the Passion.

Do not try to eat pie, or have sex, or whatever, to numb the pain. Embrace it. You share in My Passion when you see all the sin in the world, and live surrounded by such untruth, and suffer with Me. You want a world as the Father desires.

The more you become one in Me through consecration and the Eucharist, the more you see the truth, and you may suffer tremendously.

The alcoholic drinks because of pain inside.

The sexaholic engages in such activities to numb the pain.

The person that constantly fills his life with noise and excitement does not want to deal with the real self, which might be filled with pain.

Embrace the real you, inside of you.

Embrace the pain.

Pray the rosary. Identify with Me in My Passion. Identify with Me in the Glorious Mysteries.

Mary told you that you must pray the rosary. She is your Mother. She tells you as a mother how to advance in the spiritual life. She appears dressed in white as a perfect spouse of the Lamb, a bride, with her Immaculate Heart. She appears the Lady of Fatima to tell you how to be the spouse of the Lamb.

A Lady stands beneath the cross.

Jesus speaks: A Lady dressed in white stands beneath the cross.

Jesus speaks: Mary is giving you these directions for you to advance in the spiritual life.

1. You must pray the rosary.

2. Consecrate your hearts to Our two Hearts.

3. Observe the First Saturday Devotion.

4. Make reparation to Our Hearts.

You must want Godís will over your own will.

I told you this message from the cross.

John 19:25-27

Jesus and his mother

Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother and his motherís sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary of Magdala. Seeing his mother and the disciple whom he loved standing near her, Jesus said to his mother, ĎWoman, this is your son.í Then to the disciple he said, ĎThis is your mother.í And from that hour the disciple took her into his home.

Jesus speaks: I call you to the mission.

1. Do you do it for yourself or for Me?

2. Can you see the big picture and fight off attacks of the devil to cripple your emotions and make you feel your selfish needs must be satisfied?

I give you the Blue Books to live by. You are to live by these messages to be able to fight off Satan and help the Fatherís plan unfold.

I am Jesus. I come to you today. I come to set the captives free.

January 22, 2000 - Third Message

Jesus speaks: I ask you to love, to be grateful for what you have, for the gifts I have given. Satan works on the emotions so you think you have been left out or not getting what you need from others.

You should be other-focused in giving love outwardly to others.

Satan works on the self to keep you self-focused. He wants you to think other people and other things will satisfy you and make you happy.

Happiness is from inside of you. It is found primarily in your connection to God. True happiness is to be possessed by God.

Quit it I tell you, holy people becoming so self-focused and wanting people to serve them.

Some times the only way to get your attention is through great suffering.

I have given great gifts here to lead you to My Heart. Your enduring in your suffering and trying to love more and more, to be more like Jesus according to the way I have shown you, will help save souls as you help to bring down great grace.

Did I show you the way to greater life? It is in carrying the cross and following Me.

I want you to suffer willingly and offer it up for the sake of the Movement. Carry your crosses, dying more and more to selfish ways, and you will have a greater life in Me. You will find joy in suffering and have a deep connection to Me.

Some people spend their lives trying to fix others instead of dealing with themselves.


A message for the Earth from Jesus
January 22, 1998

Jesus speaks: I am the Good Shepherd, these are My prayers, the prayers I give to help renew the Church and the world, all prayer chapters are asked to include these prayers (found in the Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual). As My Apostles and Shepherds I ask you to encourage all existing Chapters to try to encourage all existing prayer groups to pray the Shepherds of Christ prayers. Encourage all Churches to pray these prayers. It is most urgent that the people of this earth concur with the Father's wishes to begin Prayer Chapters. This is an urgent request from the Good Shepherd. The flock will become one when they have given their hearts to Jesus and Mary. Encourage all priests to pray the Shepherds of Christ prayers. Your world will be lighted with great light as the people of this earth pray these prayers.

My promise is this to you My beloved earth: When you give your heart to Me and spread the devotion to My Sacred Heart, I will write your name In My Heart. I promise to give the greatest graces when you pray these prayers for renewal of the Church and the world and take all who pray them deeply into My Heart. The prayers I give will bring about the reign of My Sacred Heart and the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart. I am Jesus Christ, this is My message of January 22, 1998, Please circulate this message to your world. I am the Good Shepherd, I know Mine and Mine know Me and they follow Me. Grace My Shepherds, I will give you the greatest graces for spreading these words to this earth and to your Church. I love you, I am Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, it is the Plan of the Father that Prayer Chapters are begun immediately and the Priestly Newsletter is given to all priests. The Voice of the Good Shepherd speaks through it.

Witness Letter - Melanie Mary N.

What has the Shepherds of Christ done for my life?

How do you put into words God's Grace? How do you express His Almighty Love and Goodness? How do you write about things that are not tangible?

Through the Shepherds of Christ Ministries I have learned to KNOW, LOVE and SERVE Him, my God.

I remember as a child in grade school learning the catechism. The dear sisters would say, "You must know, love and serve God to be happy with Him in Heaven." I loved learning about Him!

The Blue Books and writing to Jesus daily is such a gift. I have learned personally about my Jesus, my spiritual Spouse. To really know Him is certainly to love Him and all mankind. Because I know and love Him so, I want to serve Him every minute of the day. In doing so, I pray, offer up daily duty, love and serve others, strive to be a good wife and mother and an apostle.

I want to identify with His Passion, and He allows me to experience His sufferings and His Mother's sufferings. To identify is to know.
I want to help in the salvation of souls. Not just one, but millions. I desire souls to love Him as I do and more, because He deserves to be loved so.

I have continued my catechism classes, when I thought 12th grade was the end. There is a knowledge that I know that I am not worthy of or deserving of. He has touched me and I have responded to His call. I pray I will only do His Will.

Thank You God, for choosing this little, tiny soul for Your very special service in the Shepherds of Christ Ministries.

Lord, I am not worthy, but only say the word and my soul will want to say, "Yes".

He has graced me throughout my life, but now more than ever. As a Married Couple and Leader Apostles, He has taken our life and expanded it so greatly that I cannot express all of this in words. It is certainly a privilege to be working side by side with the Almighty.

He has blessed us a hundred fold, my family and myself. We are more loving and forgiving of one another's imperfections. God has given us one another to serve Him together. I can never give back to Him what He has given to us, but we can try to give as much as we can.

Thank You Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for allowing me to be with You in the Shepherds of Christ Ministries.

I love You, Mary, and the Shepherds of Christ Movement very much.

Question for married couples and others in intimate relationships:

Q: What can I do to help us be more united?

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