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January 25, 2006

January 26th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 8 Period I.
The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for January 26th are Glorious.


Retreat in China  

February 10 - 13


Day of prayer February 14

Sidney Rosary at 6:20p.m.

A Healing Rosary

Valentine's Day February 14



January 25, 2006



God's Blue Book 6


January 18, 1995

Model Yourself after Mary

Jesus:  My child,

    Make your hearts pure. My Mother is a heart that is so pure. Model yourself after her My dear child. You do not know of the sufferings that will befall this earth.

    Ready your hearts for My time is at hand. My child, let go into My arms, let go of anger, hatred, pride, past sins, purify your hearts, go to confession. Your heart should be free for union with Me.

    As I live and dwell in your heart, I will be closer to a pure heart. Your hearts must be free of anger from years past. Any anger toward any man blocks your union with Me.

    Be of a clean heart, wash away all the debris in your heart.

    As you breathe and live, live only as the Father wills you to live. Come to Me and be in union with Me, pray constantly to the Spirit to open your hearts and your minds to the wisdom of God. Oh child, I hate to tell you of the sufferings to befall this earth. You sleep to avoid My notes. Child, child, the time is near. Pray, pray, pray. Pray for the priests, pray to be heard. Your brothers have plugged up their ears and want only their ways. Nothing will shake the blind ones. I am the Almighty God, My power I will use to shake some senseless ones. Oh child, pray and be forewarned. It is your prayers that will help your brothers turn from their ways.

    I am Jesus.

    Pray, pray, pray, the time is near and you will know the Might of God.

    I love you. Jesus


January 18, 1995
After Communion 5:45

Radiate My Love to This World

Jesus speaks: I am Jesus, your Savior. Open your hearts to My divine love. If you are filled with My love, you will radiate My love to this world. My power radiates from your being. The more you become one in Me, the more I will operate from you in this world. I am the Almighty Lord. As I live and dwell in you I will operate from you to this hurting world. Put on Christ. Be Christ to one another. Come and be friends with Me.

    Spend time with Me. I came to show you the way. The more you study My ways and that of My Mother, the more you will become like Us. I want to be your best friend. My Mother is your most loving Mother. You become more and more like those you spend time with. I am Jesus. I came to show you the way. Let Me permeate your being and penetrate your soul. Through My Mother’s Immaculate Heart you will be led to great intimacy with Me.

    Let the Spirit fill you with the fire of His love. You will be transformed more and more into MY image. I am love. Be transformed more and more into the person the Father created you to be. You are MY precious chosen ones. Come to Me and be filled with MY divine love. As you are in your heart, so you will be to this world. Be a child of My love, My beloved ones. I am Jesus, I love you.


January 19, 1995

Jesus:  Our Hearts forever beating as one. My child, My child, I live and dwell inside of you at every moment. As you breath I am with you. 

Messenger:  God is with me all the time. He is one in me, I am one in Him.

Such intensity to realize I am united to God.

I never want to go alone, if I remain in the state of grace, He dwells in me in a very special way.

Song:  Now We Remain

Messenger:  I know God dwells in me, Father, Son and Holy Spirit in a special way when I am in the state of grace. Mary takes me to the Heart of Jesus.

Song:  I Love You Jesus

Messenger:  Prayer is the lifting up of our minds and our hearts to God.

    Lift our spirits to know more your Divine Love, the Love of the Most High. Forever let us know your Divine Love. Give us vision to know your Divine Will, Holy Spirit help us to see as you lead us to know God's will for us. Oh Spirit of God, enkindle in me the FIRE, FIRE of your love.

    Holy Spirit, mold me, fashion me, into the daughter the Father created me to be. Molding me more and more into the image of Jesus. Holy Spirit transform me in Mary's heart to be more like Jesus. Help me to become more closely united to the Divine Master, Our Lord, Our God, oh burning Heart, on fire for love of us.

    Blind men are we, God please pour out your grace in abundance.

    ALLELUIA -- Shout songs of jubilation and praise -- Jesus is LORD, He is God, He has died and He has risen and He will come again. Alleluia to the one Triune God, shouts of praise and adoration, for He came to me and my heart was filled with His love and I scarce could speak for I knew His presence with me. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!! I am one in Him, He is one in me, I who am so unworthy are given such gifts from the Almighty God. Alleluia, Alleluia.



January 20, 1995 - After Communion Holy Spirit Chapel

Messenger:  Dear Jesus,

    I love Friday because it is the day you died. It is your day. It is the day you gave your life for us on the cross. You shed your blood so we could get the reward of eternal salvation if we loved and serve the Lord and did God's will.

This is the day which Yahweh has made, a day for us to rejoice and be glad.  Psalm 118: 24

    Unto you oh Lord I lift up my soul. Nothing can ever keep me from you. My soul lives in you.

    As I live every moment, you live in me. My whole self is permeated by Your presence within me. As I live, I live in you, I love in you, I am in you, my beloved Savior.

    I want deeper and deeper oneness in you -- to know you a little is to want you more, until I am joined forever with you in the courts of heaven in union, forever and ever without end in the deepest union.

    To you oh Lord, I cry out. I want to be closer to you, closer and closer, forever to know and love you more and more, so that my soul will constantly sing such praise to Your holy name.

    I am, only as I am in you. You are my all, you are my life. My life exists in you.

    Union, oneness, this union which spills out in such love for all my brothers who are one in You. In the sacrament of the Eucharist we are more deeply one with each other. 

    Help me to know and love you in others. Help me to see in every person the creation of the Father, to see the God that lives in my brothers.

    Help me to love you more deeply by loving them.

    How can I not love my brother when you are in them.

    Help me to see with the eyes of your love, let my heart swell with love. Fill my soul. The souls were created by the Father. God lives in us. We are temples of the Holy Ghost.

    Help us to know the Trinity more and more Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    Jesus shed His blood for each and every soul. Help me to see as you want me to see with the eyes of love, to love with a heart filled with your Divine love within me. Draw me ever closer in union with You so I may say on this my last day, I have Lord, lived my life for you, with you and in you, my precious adorable LORD.

    I felt such oneness with Him in Mass. I am no longer alone and afraid, as I think minute by minute I am one with Him.

    God lives in me -- 

    I am no longer alone, at every second His presence permeates My being, as I breathe I am aware of His presence within me, as my heart beats He is here.

    Second by second I know He lives in me.

What a gift. God lives in me. I am transformed into such honor, for He, the Almighty One, dwells within my unworthy soul.

    I am raised to such heights for He is worthy of all honor and praise. The Divine God is all Powerful. The Divine God dwells in me.

    To you, Lord, I lift up my soul. 

Galatians 2: 19-20

I have been crucified with Christ and yet I am alive; yet it is no longer I, but Christ living in me. The life that I am now living, subject to the limitation of human nature, I am living in faith, faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me.

God is in me, such a gift. I am honored. I give praise to our God who has raised us to such heights with His presence. Alleluia!



February 16, 1995
Blue Book Meeting

Before the Exposed Eucharist


Sorrowful Mysteries  

The Agony in the Garden

1.  Be with Jesus in the Garden and hear the sounds of the night. See Jesus as He kneels there!

2.  Jesus' Heart in such anguish for all the souls that He loves so dearly! He sees before Him all the souls that would be condemned to eternal damnation despite all of His suffering and His death!

3.  Jesus sees before Him all the sins of all men from all time.

4.  Jesus' Heart was overwhelmed with love for each and every soul. He sees the  souls who would go through their whole life and not even think about Him, treat Him with indifference and ignore Him!

5.  Jesus was comforted by the acts of love that we give to Him this day.

6.  Jesus saw the endless hours that He would remain in the Tabernacle and the souls that He loved so dearly who would not come and be with Him.

7.  We do not understand the Heart of Jesus! How He, Who is love, loves us so much! Therefore we cannot understand His anguish to love each and every soul so dearly and to know these souls would neglect Him and be so sinful throughout their lives.

8.  Jesus cries out to His Father: If it be  possible to take this cup from Me, but not My will but Thine be done!

9.  Jesus' anguish was so great that His sweat became as great drops of blood upon the ground!

10.  Jesus' apostles slept! He says to us this day: I give you twenty-four hours in the day. Can you not watch with Me one hour?

Song between decades:  A Song from Jesus


Jesus is Scourged at the Pillar

1.  Cruelly, Jesus was led away! They hit Him! They pulled His hair! They tied Him to a pillar!

2.  Men came at Jesus with their angry faces and their angry hearts and beat Him. They laughed! They tore His flesh!

3.  Put yourself there in the dim light and see as they mercilessly beat Jesus to their own exhaustion.

4.  Be silent and listen as they hit Jesus' back! Hear the sounds! This is our beloved Jesus Who loves with a Heart that is burning with love for us. He stood at the pillar and did not cry out. He took all the blows that they gave to Him because He loves us with the greatest love.

5.  Could we love someone so much that we would allow them to beat our body to tear our flesh! Could we stand silently?

6.  Jesus' greatest agonies were not the agonies that He experienced to His body but the agonies that He experienced to His Heart. To love us this much and to be treated coldly day after day after day by the world as it is! The world that does not even think of Jesus!

7.  Jesus is with us this day. He loves us so much - He lives in us when we are baptized and remain in the state of grace. Jesus remains with us this day in His Divinity and humanity in the Eucharist. The same Jesus who stood at the pillar when they tore His flesh, remains with us this day in this room out of greatest love for us. He calls out to us to take this seriously. He loves us so much. He is in our midst this very day waiting for us to come and share our love with Him.

8.  Time! Time, we say! We do not have time! The Son of God waits for us! He longs for us! He thirsts for us! He wants us to come and to spend time with Him so He can outpour His gifts to us. How many times do we say we do not have time for You! And You are God!

9.  Jesus waits! He longs! He thirsts! He cries out to a world that has plugged up their ears, that has covered their eyes, that looks the other way, that does not see God in their brother. He calls out to us for close union with Him so that He can give His love through us to love this world that is hurting. He calls out to us to come and be close to Him, to share His love so that we may give His love this day to the beloved souls that He loves in this dark world.

10.  Does God's plea fall on deaf ears? Do we close our eyes and look the other way when we truly know that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is here present in this room with us and is calling out to each one of us? He loves us tenderly and longs for closer and closer union with us. He calls out to Let Go. Let Go! Surrender! Let ourselves be totally absorbed in His Most Loving Heart!

Song:  Little Child

Song between decades:  A Song from Jesus


Jesus is Crowned with a Crown of Thorns

1.  Jesus:  I call out to you to come to My Heart! I knock at the door of your heart and you do not hear. Day after day I wait for closer union with you and you are so busy. Open up your heart. Let me be ever closer to you, My beloved ones. How I love you! How I long for you! How I want to be joined in such oneness with you! Let go! Let go and spend time with Me! Take time every day to be alone with Me! That golden time when you sit ever so silently and let Me talk in the inner promptings of  your heart. For I am with you and I am waiting. As your heart beats, as you breathe, I am forever waiting to be closer and to share My love with you, My dear beloved ones.

2.  See Jesus as He sits, covered with a dirty robe and a crown of thorns that was pounded into His Most Precious Head! See the blood on His face as it runs into His eyes and see the blood run from His mouth from the blows they gave to His head! See Jesus! Open your eyes and see clearly. This is God! Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary out of greatest love for us and He waits for you this day! Waits! God waits for man to be ever closer to Him. He calls out with a burning Heart, waiting and waiting to be joined ever closer to us, His precious ones.

3.  Song:  A Song from Jesus

4.  Think of how it is to have a splinter in your finger. Think of  how Jesus was crowned with a sharp crown of piercing thorns for love of us!

5.  What a friend we have in Jesus! He loves us so much that He gave His flesh and blood for us!

6.  They spit on Jesus! They mocked Him! They treated Him so cruelly! He sat in silence! Always in compliance with the Father's Will! Always knowing the Father's love! He sat in silence. He was persecuted! He calls out to us today that when they persecute us, remember what they did to Him!

7.  Jesus came to show us the way! He comes to us this day and cries out asking us to be the Apostles of His Most Sacred Heart - to go out to this world and spread the greatest news we could spread - His love to this world! Spread the Good News that Jesus has died, He is Risen and He will come again!

8.  In death there is resurrection if you stayed rooted in God. Jesus died on the cross that He could bring us new life, that we could have life to the full! It is in our sufferings that we grow in this life with Him. He asks us to pick up our cross, accept our sufferings and be drawn ever closer to Him. Closer and closer! Become one in Him so that He can operate through us to the world that is sick and hurting. The more we surrender, the more we let go, the more we spend time to grow in this union with Him, the more He works through us to His most precious souls that He loves dearly. He came and gave His life for these souls. We must surrender, we must let go and let Him be so close to us.

9.  Jesus:  My dear beloved ones, how I love you with a Heart that is burning, burning with endless love. You go after such foolish things when I am by your side. I never leave you. You look, you wander, you roam and I stand so close to you with such love. But you are never filled. You go to other things to fill your desire for love while I am waiting so patiently. I am watching you. I am by your side with a Heart that is full of Divine Love!

10.  Song:  I Love You Jesus

Song between decades:  A Song from Jesus


Jesus Carries His Cross up Calvary

1.  The Father so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son into the world that we might be saved.

2.  They gave to Jesus a heavy cross that they put on His shoulder. He carried the heavy cross. He carried it willingly, always looking up to the Father; always aware, in such union with the Father, knowing the Father's love. The Father loves us so much that He sent His only begotten Son into the world! God carried His cross!

3.  Jesus carried His cross and He asks us this day to carry the little crosses that He gives to us, the sufferings that He gives to us that draw us ever closer to the burning love of His Most Sacred Heart. He asks us to comply to the Father's Will, to live "in" the Father's Will!

4.  We are all brothers in Christ. The Father is our father. He loved us so much that He sent His only Son into this world! How can we not love our brothers, our brothers for whom Jesus stood at the pillar and allowed Himself to be scourged and beaten. Our brothers! Jesus shed His blood for our brothers. Jesus loves our brothers so that He suffered and bled for them. He asks us today to pray for our brothers, to let His love that is inside of us, radiate to our brothers so that He can love through us. He calls us to greater union with Him, to time spent alone with Him, to make this the top priority of our life. Jesus, who is truly God, is waiting for us!

5.  His eyes peer into the eyes of His beloved Mother. She saw her Son teeming with blood. She saw her Son with a heavy cross on His back, His body badly wounded. This was the beloved child that she held in her arms, that she cared for, that she knew ever since the prophecy of Simeon would suffer. And their eyes met and in that peering look was the intimacy between these two Hearts! Two Hearts that are overflowing with love for us! They suffered so much for us! The two Hearts that love us ardently. It is through Mary's most tender and pure heart that we are led closer to the love of Jesus' Heart!

6.  Mary, from the first moment of conception, knew Jesus. She watched Him from a small child. She watched Him all through His life and now she watches her Son. A mother standing helplessly by! A Mother! The desire to help her Son! But Mary had to stand by! She could not lift a hand. She saw Him covered with blood and carrying the cross. She cries out to us to see through her eyes the love that her Son has for us. That He suffered and gave His flesh and His blood for love of us. See through Mary's eyes! Love Jesus through Mary's heart! Mary, who knows the Heart of Jesus, will lead us closer and closer to the Burning Heart of her Beloved Son.

7.  Song:  See the Eyes that Look at Mary

8.  Walk with Mary as she walks beside Jesus as He carries His cross. Hear the thumping of the cross and the jeers of the crowd! This is her beloved Son! The Son of God! He is Love! This is how they treated Him!

9.  We are blind! This is Jesus, the Son of God! How could they do this to God? If He walked today, would we be so blind? But He is here this day, the same as the day He walked and carried His cross, no less present in the Eucharist! No less present than He is in this room in His Divinity and humanity! If you were there, if you walked with Mary, would you be united to Jesus who walked with His cross on His back? But Jesus is here! We see through our eyes the Consecrated Host! But it is only through His great grace that we see more about God, insight into the mysteries, that we know the Divine Lord that is truly present in the Host! He Who waits and longs for us, present the same as the day He walked on Calvary. When the priest holds up the Consecrated Host at the Mass, think of Jesus as He hung on the cross! He is there at every Mass for us to look at! He is there present in the Tabernacle! Please impart to us, Dear God, the grace to realize Your true presence in the Consecrated Host, to realize the great gift You give to us: that You remain with us in Your Divinity and Humanity with greatest love in the Eucharist! Take the blinders off our eyes! Take the plugs out of our ears! Open up our hearts and let us hear You knocking on our heart! Knocking and knocking to please let You in! 

10.  How many of us keep Jesus at such a distance! Some of us do not want Jesus too close! We do not want to let go and realize His burning love for us, to realize that He is Love! The love that we feel with one another is only a small amount compared to this great and burning, longing love that Jesus has for us! He is with us this day calling out to come for this love for it is the medicine that will heal the sick world. When we come for His love, this love is a mighty force that radiates within us. Too mighty to be contained, it flows to our brothers! If we want this world to be healed, it starts with us! The more we draw closer to Jesus, the more we will heal the sick world!

Song between decades: A Song from Jesus


Jesus is Crucified and Dies on the Cross

1.  Surrender! Surrender! Surrender! Look at Jesus' position on the cross! His arms are outstretched! He gave His all! He gave His Blood! He gave His flesh! His body was wounded! His hands were pierced with nails! They tied Him to a pillar! He sat while they crowned Him with a piercing crown of thorns! He did not call out! He accepted all that was given to Him because it was the Father's Will, because He loved us. Surrender! He came to show us the way! He shows us the way! See Him as He hangs on the cross! It is in surrendering and dying to self that we become one in Him. He is calling out to us today to let go! Let go! Let go! Let go! Let Him operate us because He is God! His Power and His Might are endless. We are human. The more we become one with Him the more He operates us. He calls out to us to surrender. To let go. To be one with Him! The power comes in the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus! He is truly present in His Divinity and Humanity in the Eucharist! The Son of God is truly present today in the consecrated host, no less present than when He walked the earth. He gives Himself to us in the Eucharist! How lightly we take this as we run from the Church! He gives us Himself! He says: "I give you Myself! I give you Myself!" "I am no less present than the day I carried My cross on My back! If I were walking across the Church with My cross on My back, would you run out?"

2.  Mary watched as they nailed His hands and feet to the cross. The same hands and feet that were once so small - the Child Jesus. Now she sees as they nail His hands and feet to the cross. She is calling us. The Lady is calling us to spread His love. He died on the cross, gave His flesh and His blood for us! Mary is calling us to spread this love to the souls that are hurting.

3.  They persecuted Him and He loved them! The people that are not nice today are suffering. They need our love! He calls out to love! Always love! His way is love! To be close to Jesus, we must love!

4.  He asks us to go into the world and tell every soul, every precious soul that He loves them so much. He died for each soul. Every soul is the Father's creation, His beautiful creation that He loves dearly.

5.  Song: Lord, let me Walk 

6.  He died to bring us new life! His life He wants to give us, be filled with His grace, His Divine Love. He is waiting for us.

7.  Song: I Love You Jesus

8.  Song:  At the cross, her station keeping. Stood the mournful Mother weeping. Close to Jesus to the last.

9.  How good God the Father is to us! He gave us His Son, Jesus!

10. Song:  Lord, let me Walk

Song between decades:  A Song from Jesus


This rosary was prayed at the beginning of the Blue Book Meeting. Rita,
Cathy, Fr. Carter and Ellen were some of the people present.

The Sacred Heart appeared during the entire rosary.



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