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January 27, 2008

January 28th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 2 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for January 28th are Glorious.


Sidney Rosary from Florida

Tomorrow January 29, 2008 6:20pm

There will be great healing grace!


Retreat in Florida

February 2nd - 5th

Please come or tune in!


China Retreat

February 10th - 13th




January 26, 2008

Sorrowful Mysteries


Sing: Ave Maria

Mary: Place yourself in my heart and the Heart of my Son.


The Agony of Our Lord in the Garden

1. R. And He sweat blood, do you know what that is? We think that we have so much suffering, so many different times in this trial and that trial and the other. I see on a small scale my little life and what I must put up with during this time and God saw before Him all the sins of all people, all the sins of all of the people. He saw clearly before Him and He knew of those that would be lost despite His suffering and His Heart was in such agony that He sweat blood for His precious souls, the one He loved so much He gave His life for. He came to this earth and He cries out to us today to quit focusing on ourselves to the point where satan comes in and he wants us to be selfish.

    Do you realize that today you may be the only person that can do the work to touch a soul? Because God has given to us this information in this building and our centers where the Eucharist is exposed, that can make a difference to a soul for all eternity, giving them His letters of love, giving him the Shepherds of Christ prayers, giving him the consecration for his home and his family, and the rosary meditations. And so you sit there and you say to yourself, "What do I want today? How do I feel today? Let me focus on myself today." Then we should not be here. For why is it when God has blessed us so abundantly, that we take our vocation and the gifts that He has given so lightly. I cry to you from the Mother of God who appears before me, to listen to the words of Our Lady of Fatima.

    And I went to the end of the limb and it felt as if, at the end of the limb that it would break off and yet I stayed there, I stayed there night after night and day after day and I said yes, yes, yes, yes. And today you are here because of the yeses, but the nos are the very things that we cannot take back, the days that we wasted, the days that we fought, the days that we did not do God's will. There were 7 1/2 years when the Virgin Mary's image appeared on this building.

    Jesus sweat blood in the garden for His precious souls that would be lost, that is the cry that I have given to you from the Mother of God as she appeared to me all through these 14 years telling me of the souls that would be lost, that I cry in anguish and try to say "Listen, help me." This is not a game, no it's not a game of wills, who can be over who. It's a game of being open to the messages that God has given in this building here, for this is a place as none other in the history of the world and you have been chosen by God to work here for Him.

2. R. And I cried to you, oh Mother of God, as I did in 1995 hanging over the pew at Holy Cross-Immaculata. Oh Mary, Mother of God for all the times that you have appeared to me and delivered to me the message of your heart. Help me do this work for I love you and I love the souls so deeply. And yet there are those that do not see with the vision that I know and I cry for the souls that will be lost and I come to you with my heart open and I say

    "Oh Mary conceived without sin, hear me and help me. Help me with the Tiny Tots and the rosary for the grade schools and the elderly and give me the strength, give me the health for I want to do this mission for you Mary. I want to help to bring to completion the mission that you began at Fatima and I believe with my whole heart and my whole soul that what we do in the Shepherds of Christ the mission of your Son will make such a difference to the world. I believe in that Era of Peace. I believe that the Sacred Heart of Jesus will Reign, I believe that your Immaculate Heart will triumph. I believe that the priests and hierarchy are changing from the newsletters. I believe!"

    I cannot even think any differently for it is inside of my cell, engrained there in 16 years, sharing the vision with Fr. Carter that Jesus gave to both of us, engraved within our hearts and souls, and leaving me here to carry out this mission. Oh Mary Mother of God, conceived without sin, it is for this reason that I dream night long of the frustration of being able to do what you have asked in a hungry world that is suffering, that knows not the peace of your Immaculate Heart, nor the peace that the Father wants the world to have.

    Oh Mary I love you and I am so grateful for this Movement, and for this building, and for China and for the people that you have called, but I pray for the grace for greater wisdom to recognize the vocation to which we have all been called, to work in one accord, to not give into the evil one, to chose a life of perfection and not imperfection. Because the devil presses down and says it's alright that you got away with your jealousy, and your anger and your pride and your selfishness. I see Adam and Eve in the garden and I see that they did what the Father did not want them to do and we all suffered.

3. R. "Oh Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee." I cry to you day long and I beg. I ask You, Father in the name of Your Son, Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, give us all that we need to do more and more and more and more, and with that too the grace to be more pure and holy and to recognize the giftedness to which You have given to us. Oh love is the answer is it not, to know more the love as Jesus speaks of in the Blue Books and Mary tells us in her rosaries and in her messages — love, love, love, love.

4. R. Oh night richly blessed, oh morning when the sweetness of the dew has kissed the grass, and the sun comes up over the hills, and to some they go out and their eyes do not even see. Open the eyes of the blind that they will know more and more the importance of the consecration to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart. Help us to spread the message to the hierarchy and the priests to never to give up, to never give in to the evil one to block any of these prayer services in which so much tremendous grace is released for our mission, for our own healing in growing in greater perfection.

    For you have promised from long ago when you appeared every month, every day that you would give tremendous healing graces whenever these rosaries were given, in this place this night where you are here, outpour your grace and your love to us. Oh sweet Mary, Mother of mine, and Mother of Jesus, Mother of the Church, please be attentive to my call and help us to be a strong unit, able to carry out this mission for you and your Son.

5. R. That they could see as I see, that they could know as I know, that they would reach as you have taught me to reach, to deliver the message that you want the world to know. Oh Mother Mary, Mother of God, forsake me not but help me.

6. R. How many nights do I cry out - in kisses, hugging — hugging you my beloved Mary, so deep in my heart, knowing how you love your precious souls. And yet I cannot make them understand, after all of your visits — why was it that they did not do the School Rosary Program, or that more do not help us with this building this day. Oh Mary, open their eyes that they will see that the hearts of those who are being called to help will help.

    I am a messenger of God and I deliver this message — His Blood fell to the ground. Mary, I know, I know you know so the suffering of your Son and you know how He suffered for your precious children. Give me and others the grace to live this vocation for the sake of souls, to be firmly rooted, to live with joy, meditating on the mysteries and knowing the love of Jesus ever more, that we do not give into the weakness of not trusting as we should in Jesus, the Sacred Heart.

7. Hail Mary

8. Hail Mary

9. R. Oh Mother Mary beg God that the people of this earth will see with a greater light for the sake of the little ones and for the sake of their own souls.

10. Hail Mary

R. Why when we are so richly blessed do we not thank Our Beloved God but precede many times with greed in our hearts, wanting more and more, when we have been so richly blessed? Forgive all of us God for our offenses, for our selfishness and greed, our pride, our disobedience. Help us God in the Church that they will recognize these visions, once and for all, to help us do the work that Jesus has called us to.



The Scourging at the Pillar

1. Mary: If you saw for one moment the love of my Son as He carried the cross on the way to the hill of Calvary, if you saw His blood-stained body and if you knew as I knew His love for you, you would not, for a moment, seek for such little love that gives you so little satisfaction.

2. Mary: I appear on the cloud, my children, that you will remember that your Heavenly Father watches everything — everything you do, that my Son Jesus is with you at every moment and that the Holy Spirit wants to fill your lives with wisdom and light.

3. R. And so she appears and she is just beautiful, so beautiful indeed — so precious to see Our Lady here in this special place chosen by Our Heavenly Father. Oh Lady of Fatima, would it be too much to ask you, to intercede so deeply for us, to be able to do this for the sake of souls. For everything is in the hands of our God and this is why we pray, over and over and over again, to please our God and to do all that you have asked us to do and Jesus has asked us to do, please Mary, help us.

    Dear Holy Spirit, I know of your spousal union with Mary my Mother, help us please. Please impart to the people that can help us, wisdom and courage to answer the call. For it seems many times, when I turn around, that the person that should be there by my side is not and I long to do this for the sake of souls, not for selfishness and pride but because I love so much the souls that Jesus died for, because I believe so deeply in the mission of Fatima because of my love for the Church and its greatness and the priests.

    Oh God enlighten, please, the hearts of those people out there that can make this possible, that you have called to be shepherds in the Shepherds of Christ, quiet their jealousies and their pride, cast the devil far from them, spread them, God, with Your Blood. I love so much the souls, God. I love the souls that Jesus died for, that one soul would be lost brings such tears to my eyes. I cannot hardly stand it. I believe God with all my heart and all my soul, help me please, please God, that the world will be one, that there will be love, that there will be greater perfection in the hearts, in living more deeply in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, that there will be holiness and not selfish pursuits.

    Oh sweet Lady of Fatima, how gorgeous you are indeed, that the world could see you and your perfection and know the perfection of your Son Jesus and His love, who gave Himself entirely for His precious ones. Take us into your Hearts, wrap us in Your love, let the whole world be set afire with the embrace of the love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. I believe, I believe, I believe and I surrender to you and only you will have the power to use us as your instruments, to help change the face of the earth through our prayer and faith in you, oh God.

4. Mary: A little boy went out one day and he did not know how to whistle and he tried — blo-ooo - splttt!!  — it did not even sound like a whistle. Frustrated, he walked down the street and he said to a man by the corner, "Sir, do you know how to whistle?" and the man said, "Go away kid, I'm busy! Go learn some where else." The little boy was eager and wanted to learn how to whistle, but because of the grouchiness of the old man, he then became afraid and he walked away without the fervor and the zealousness that he once had.

    But in dealing with how he felt he soon came to the same idea, "I just want to know how to whistle." He walked a little further, and a little old lady sat on a bench. He went up to her and he said, "Ma'am, do you know how to whistle?" And she said, "Little boy who are you talking to me. I am not going to take your lip, be gone." Once again the little boy walked away and he was not trying to be mean and his zealousness for learning how to whistle, once again was dampened by the little old lady that thought that he was making fun.

R. Today I come to you as a messenger for God, that the Mother of God appeared to me for 14 years, not telling us how to whistle, but how to love, how to obey God, how to be pure and perfect. And for that I had the similar response of the man that said, "Be gone" and the little old lady that said "Hah, your cra - zy!" Today I pray for the grace, dear God, that the people that know of the miracles in this building and the Shepherds of Christ, the gift that has been given over and over again, will receive a grace, not a grace that will lead them in any other direction but in the right direction of doing God's will.

5. R. And when I was tested and tried in the beginning and I went through all that testing from 1991 on, trying to tell people God is talking to me, tried and tried, and then so the newsletter could go around as it did, for that year and a half. The messages were given, not like a message but as a writing, but still from God, and I did not speak of the gifts because of trying to spread the newsletter. It does not mean that they ever stopped. That does not mean that God did not direct the Movement, that does not mean that we should ignore the 14 years of gifts that God has given. It means that we should be grateful for the past and grateful for the now.

6. R. And so Mary has appeared over and over and over again and gave to us the beautiful rosaries of the Red Rosary Book and the Parents and Children's Rosary Book and the Tiny Tot Book and all of the Newsletters of Fr. Carter and the other priests and they are all part of the body of materials that God will use in this renewal. For they were not written for a day or a week or a year but they were written for the future, for the renewal of the Church and the world. Help us to see that the materials of the past are not dead materials, but materials that need to circulate now. But with the plentiful material that God has given that we have all the more reason to boast of what God is telling us to tell the people. "Tell my people", he said to Fr. Carter, tell my people — 14 years ago Fr. Carter wrote His book, Tell My People - the forerunner — tell my people every message.

7. Mary: And when I was called to flee on the donkey with the Child Jesus, the suffering was there but no where is it really written of how keen it really was. You think you have little trials today, my children — you never saw the suffering of my Son, the suffering in the night. The baby born in the stable — you never saw the God-made-Man among the beast of the earth. His love for you is so great.

8. Mary: You have suffered because of the garden and you fail to recognize how pure that God wants you. It is in spreading the devotion to my heart and to the Heart of my Son that the world will be lighted with the greatest light.

9. Mary: So you think you are frustrated — see my Son at the pillar, beaten for your sins.

10. Hail Mary



The Crowning with Thorns

Mary: My Son is your King.

1. Mary: Are you zealous for your vocation? For God has called you and called this mission to such a greatness. How He is offended by some who fail to recognize the gifts given.

2. Mary: And they pounded into His head a sharp crown of thorns.

3. Mary: How many thorns have you pounded into His head for pride, anger, stubbornness, disobedience, seeking dominance for dominance sake? How many thorns pierced His precious head for your sins?

4. Mary: Let your yes mean "yes" and your no mean "no".

5. Mary: I pray with you and I ask you to plead for the grace for the mission.

6. Mary: It is this building that God the Father chose from all time and from all places, and you too were chosen, special by Him, so few of you, so chosen by God.

7. Mary: Blood comes from a place deep within. Do you see it? Do you know the blood that Jesus shed for your sins? Do not offend Him. Pray for the grace to lead others from their sin. See with the eyes of Jesus, not with the eyes that satan wants you to see through. Do not focus on your selfish interest.

8. Mary: How it offends my Son when you block His message given through my messenger for selfishness, for disharmony, for disorder. Do not give into satan any longer, do all that you can with the greatest unity, for you will learn more and more how to be united and preparing yourself for your heavenly reward.

9. Mary: Heaven — heaven is glorious!

10. Mary: Pray for those who have been called and so gifted and have closed the door to the Lord.



Mary: I am Our Lady of Clearwater.


The Carrying of the Cross

1. Mary: I am Our Lady of Fatima in the Americas.

2. Hail Mary

3. Hail Mary

4. Hail Mary

5. Hail Mary

6. Hail Mary

7. Hail Mary

8. Jesus: I carried My cross to the hill of Calvary. There I mounted it and I gave My life for you. Today I give Myself to you in the Eucharist. I am truly present in My Divinity and humanity and I love My precious souls so much I died for them. When you come to Me in the Mass do not think of the negative things and your worries, think of how I am awaiting you to come and to be with Me. For I want you to love Me and I love you so deeply. In this cold world so few come and spend time with Me after reception of the Eucharist. Most of My priests do not do the hour of adoration and all you have done has moved the world at a snail's pace.

    I will harken to your call and I will help you as you meditate on the fifth mystery of this rosary on the blood that I shed, on the life that I gave, how I hung to My death on the cross. Meditate of how many times I am calling you in My Blue Book writings to a deeper love union with Me and yet you too run after your molten calves. I love you so much. When you go to the Eucharist, think only of Me, think of Me at night as you lay in bed.

    Think of the mystery of the rosary, the mystery of My love, the mystery of loving one another, the mystery of knowing My Father's plan. Do not be afraid. I will stay with you, but you must pray to Me, and not give into anger and fear, negative thoughts and all of the other things that cause you so many problems. I am Jesus your beloved Savior. Do not be afraid, be empowered, do My work. Do not fight Me with your combattal attitude. Pray to be meek and tender in heart. Pray to let go of discord for unity. Pray and do as I have asked. Be obedient to My wishes.

9. Hail Mary

10. Hail Mary



Mary: This is the building of the Two Hearts given to you by your Father, given that there will be peace in the world, that the world will know the devotion of Our Two Hearts and go to the Catholic Church and love the Eucharist. Praying for your priests that they will do their adoration daily. Do not give in. Do not give up. Do not pay attention to satan.


The Crucifixion

1. Jesus: And they hammered My hands and feet to the cross.

2. Hail Mary

3. Hail Mary

4. Mary: I stood beneath the cross of my Son and my heart was in such anguish for my little ones that would lose their souls. I am Mary your Mother and I ask you today, this day, January 26, 2008 — so many years have I appeared — "Will you not help me for the sake of my children?"

5. Mary: Do you want to say "no" to me, when I have said "yes" to you for so many years. And my Son Jesus has called you. Will you say "no" to Jesus when He gave His life for you? Will you say "no" to Jesus when He gives Himself to you in the Eucharist? Will you say "no" to Jesus when He asks you for simple things? I am Mary your Mother, for the sake of my children, help me with this mission. Help me now. Do not give into the temptation to block any of the wishes He has asked for. Help! Have a heart of love. Pray to my spouse the Holy Spirit, and He will give you the courage and help you to heal from so many of the things that lead you astray. Pray during these prayer services for my Son gives to you so much grace. I am Mary your Mother. I love you so very much.

6. Mary: One by one my children were converted from the strength given to them by the hierarchy, they knew more about holiness as the consecration spread in the homes and the churches and the schools and the individual hearts. There was greater peace on the earth as the images were placed with such care and as they were honored and loved.

    Oh children, I am Our Lady of Fatima and I appear to you and speak to you this day that you will have the faith, that you will not be afraid, that you will pray for courage, that you will pray more and more to the Holy Spirit. For I stood beneath the cross of my Son and my heart was in such anguish for my little ones that would be lost for ever. I cry to you for my children. Hear me, my precious ones, hear me. I show to you my beautiful face, let your face be beautiful in the world of darkness.

7. Mary: One little candle in the darkness, how much light indeed! Look at my Son as He hung on the cross. Look at Him, with His blood-stained eyes and know that the end came and He said "yes" "yes!" He paid for your sins.

8. R. Oh Mary, my Mother, help me please. Pray to the Father, for without the gifts given, we cannot do what He has asked us to do, what Jesus your Son, has asked for. God, please help us. Oh Mary, thank you for appearing to us, here, today. We love you so very, very, very much.

9. Mary: Oh sweet and precious ones, my Son is counting on you that you will do what He has asked you to do. It will help to change the face of the earth. Believe and you will watch miracles occur.

10. Hail Mary


Glory Be

R. And she smiled to us for she knew that you would answer the call, of Mary and of Jesus, that you would live more deeply your vocation. For I am a messenger, but this is our work together in unity and oneness, in trying to do it with all of our hearts, in joy and fighting the negative tapes and saying no when satan comes and tries to get us to do something selfish that blocks a prayer service, or what God is calling us to do. Help me! Say thanks for the daily writings, for the over 9 years of writings are gifts that the world can use to be transformed into greater holiness.

Mary: You have been chosen by my Son and in your service and love, it pleases Him so. I am looking at you. I am loving you deeply my Shepherds. Do not be afraid. Be supportive of my message, of this building, of the message of my Son. You are so precious to God. I am Mary your Mother. Study my messages to you.

Hail Holy Queen

The Memorare

R. This rosary was blessed by Fr. Carter and this statue by Fr. Pasquini. Dear Mary, help us with Fr. Pasquini, help us to do what you have called us to do. Amen.

R. Our Lady of Clearwater, pray for us.






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