Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

October 11, 1998

Jesus speaks: My dear people,

I ask the message I gave on October 10 appear on the Internet.

This is My daily message given to you today.

Message of October 10, 1998

Jesus speaks: My beloved ones,

I give you this message. My beloved priests, I give you the authority to speak in My name. All authority comes from God. You have been anointed as My holy priests. If you only knew the power that is in your hands and how the flock is fed when the priest reads the Word of God and speaks about the love of My Sacred Heart and the love of your God.

Oh My beloved priests, I want to pick you up and hold you tenderly to My Sacred Heart. I want to caress you, I want to be the Bridegroom of your soul. Until the priests realize that they are to be wed to the Lamb, that they are to have a special spousal relationship with Me, they will not teach the people to be the spouse of the Lamb.

Oh My beloved priests, would that you were adorned in the heights of beauty, with pure and holy souls offering the Holy Sacrifice in the pure and holy Heart of the Lady Clothed with the Sun. Then grace, My priests, would flow copiously on this barren thirsty earth, and men would know their God most intimately.

Oh My priests, I love you so much, I have chosen you and given you this authority to act in My name, to be one in Me in offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and in administering the Sacraments. Oh My holy priests, it is love I want, your God wants your love, not busy schedules and tainted hearts. Oh My priest, your God wants holiness and purity, love and honor, adoration and devotion. My holy priests, your God wants time alone with you. My priests, I want your time before the tabernacle with Me.

My holy priests, I want you to come to Me in the pure and sinless Heart of My Mother so that you will offer a most holy and pure sacrifice.

My holy priests, I want you to come in the Immaculate Heart of Mary and give your heart to Me.

My holy priests, in giving your heart to the Immaculate Heart of My Mother and to My pure and holy Sacred Heart, you will offer a most holy sacrifice, not an immensely tainted sacrifice but one of a most pure nature.

Oh My holy priests, I bid you to consecrate your hearts and your churches to Mary's Immaculate Heart and to My Sacred Heart. Oh My holy priests, I will dwell there in a special way and I will be the King of your church. My holy priests, I want to be the King and Center of your hearts and your churches. My Mother will be the Queen of your hearts and the Queen in your churches.

You give us lip service, I wish to be acclaimed King in the Church and My Mother hailed as the Queen.

I wish to be the King of your hearts and My Mother loved as Queen of your hearts.

It is in this consecration lies the treasures you seek for your parishes and dioceses.

I wish all churches and dioceses to be consecrated to Our Hearts.

Oh My holy priests, tell your people to consecrate their hearts to Our Hearts and to consecrate their families and homes to Our Hearts.

Oh My holy priests, consecrate your schools and school children to Our Hearts and please pray the rosary in the churches and in the schools.

Oh My holy priests, you must pray the rosary as Our Lady said at Fatima and teach the people to pray.

Oh My holy priests, please tell the people of the First Saturday devotion and encourage all to observe this practice. Five First Saturdays when practiced as Our Lady has told you will help keep souls from the everlasting fires of hell.

I further ask you that people attend Mass on First Friday and honor My Sacred Heart.

Oh My holy priests, please celebrate the Mass of My Sacred Heart whenever possible. I will give great grace to all attending and take them deeply into My Heart.

Oh My holy priests, honor your Mother on Saturday, by celebrating the Mass of the Blessed Virgin when possible.

Do you want peace My world? You must honor My Mother's wishes at Fatima.

I wish My Heart to be venerated next to the Heart of My Mother. Praying the litanies greatly honors Our Hearts and pleases your Father. (The Litany of the Sacred Heart and the Litany of the Blessed Virgin)

Communal reparation must be made to Our Hearts for the offenses against Them.

My holy priests, I love you. You do not know of the great grace released when a holy priest celebrates the Mass. It is in consecration to Our Hearts you will grow more and more deeply in your holiness.

My holy priests, within your hands and your hearts, you hold the key to unlock great graces from heaven. Will you give your hearts to Me? Will you celebrate the Mass and beg God for grace and mercy and unite in the deepest love affair with your God as the spouses of the Lamb?

Oh My holy priests, I love you so. It is in those moments before the tabernacle and after the reception of the Eucharist that I implant intimate knowledge of Myself on your souls. You come, you are open and I shower you with My grace. It is not in words I speak to you, I speak in the whispers in your heart as we unite in the deepest union and I become so one with your being.

Oh My holy priests, it is love I desire from you. It is love I want from My people. It is love I wish to give you and the people when I give Myself as a gift to them and to you.

Oh My holy priests, as We unite in the deepest union your hearts swell within you and you know Me most intimately.

When you read My Word you speak with great authority as I act in such oneness with you.

I wish you to identify with Me, My holy priests, in your every action and to rely on My might.

My holy priests, authority comes from God, not from the people or yourselves. You must come to the tabernacle and spend intimate time with Me so that you will know Me and My love for you.

Oh My holy priests, I write to you the desire of My Heart. I speak from My Sacred Heart to you. It is plain, it is simple. I am God, I speak as a lover, speaking to those I love. I speak as a lover for I have found such favor with your souls. My holy priests, I want you for Myself as My beloved spouses.

I am God, you are My chosen anointed ones, My holy priests.

It is in consecration and in this great intimacy you will hear the voice of the Good Shepherd as He speaks within your hearts and souls.

It is in this intimate union you will be so identified with Me and My Word will burn in your hearts and souls.

My holy priests, I feed them with the Bread of Life, it is My Word and the Eucharist.

My holy priests, your people are starving and as if in a desert land, hungry for the word spoken from a heart on fire with the love of God. My holy priests, I want this on-fire-love affair with you.

My holy priests, will you lead the people to the burning embers of My Heart, it is a furnace of love on fire for them.

My holy priests help Me. You act in My name. I will reveal Myself to you more and more because of your great love for Me.

The Word will be planted in your hearts. In knowing Me more and more, My holy priests, you will know My Word so alive in your hearts.

I long for your love My holy priests, I long for a spousal relationship with you.

When you celebrate the Mass with consecrated hearts, I will open the floodgates of heaven and pour grace on My thirsty souls.

My holy priests, will you give Me your hearts and give your hearts to your Mother?

My holy priests, will you spend intimate time with Me before the Blessed Sacrament and after Communion?

My holy priests, I love you so much.

I am Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom of your souls.

You have authority given from God. You can affect the whole world more and more by how much you grow in your holiness, through consecration and celebrating the Mass.

I am the Chief Shepherd of the flock, I ask you My holy priests to act in My name and shepherd the flock. I ask you to lead the sheep into one fold.

I ask you My holy priests as the Good Shepherd to pray My prayers in the Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual with your people and to read the priestly newsletter. I ask you to consecrate your hearts to Our Hearts. I ask you to center your lives in Me, growing more and more in your intimate love and knowledge with me.

Oh my holy priests, I love you so, I wait for you in the tabernacle, please come and be with Me.

I am Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the Flock.

Jesus speaks: I love you on this October 11, 1998. Pray earnestly for the day October 13, 1998.

On this day you must feel that your celebration and prayer for peace and unity will greatly please your Father.

Pray for special grace to be granted on that day.

This day is important to heaven. On October 13, 1917, Mary appeared for the final visit at Fatima. You were given a great sign. Your Father wishes you to do as Mary requested at Fatima.

I am Jesus, please, the time is urgent. Do you want peace? You must obey Our Lady of Fatima.

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