Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages
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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

October 13, 2005

October 14th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 3 Period II.
The Novena Rosary Mysteries for October 14th are Glorious.


Pray for Jim who had heart surgery.


October retreat will be
a special Fatima retreat -

October 16th is the
feast of St. Margaret Mary

The retreat will begin
October 13th until October 17th

and the retreat will be an extra day,
October 17th
due to the Fatima nature.



Pray for urgent intention and all involved.


October 13, 2005


2 Important 13ths

                                                                                                                       Listen to the audio:

1.) August 13, 2005 Retreat      talk (high-speed)   talk (dial-up) 

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Messenger:  I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you in love. 

    Today is the day that we end the retreat. We've been down here praying for 4 days, this is the 4th day. And we really did pray all day. My mom wasn't doing good but Doris stayed up there and I think she gave her lots of fluid maybe that helped her come out of the woods. So I mean she was bad when I came down here - Tuesday night she was in the hospital. I thought, oh God, she's going to die. But I knew Jesus was telling me to pray so I came down here and Doris went to the nursing home. They released her and she was in there and fed her lots of water. She's 95. And it's my step-mom but you still don't want her to go. You know how that is?

    I just kept trusting more and more in God and she's doing real good. Right Doris? John went up there with me Tuesday night and he held one of her hands and she couldn't talk. I guess she was dehydrated but they said she also had pneumonia and a bladder inflection. But she acted different after she just got fluid in her. So John held one of her hands and she couldn't talk or nothing but she indicated to him that she wanted both of his hands. So he held both of her hands all night and he said it was like the Blessed Mother. And I think that made the difference. John and I just kept praying and praying and I felt when I left, they left her go back to the nursing home about midnight and then I felt that if she didn't get the fluid the next day she would just be dead. Then Doris went down and fed her lots of fluid. She's been by her side all week so I could stay down here. 

    And I can successfully say that this is one of the best retreats. We were really close like in a bubble in here praising God and loving God and praying for the whole world and for our priests. And I felt a deep, deep, deep presence of God with us. So today to end this special days of prayer I want to invite you to think about your vocation in the Shepherds of Christ. I never know what's going to happen to myself. 

    Last month I got up here, and I was only going to come up here and tell you about the video. I got up here to tell you about the Mass, the next thing I knew Our Lord just took over. And I could feel myself, when I gave that talk last month, when I was up here in the corner - He was talking through me and I mean, at times inside myself I'm saying "wow", but the words are just coming like this and even the hand movements. You know if you were a sane person you wouldn't be doing what I was doing up here when I was giving that talk last month. 

    But God really directed that talk and Doris transcribed that for us. And when you look at the talk of last month, which I hope you will have a copy by the time you leave. We sent some people disc, we tried to send every body that was here a disc of that. I mean if that didn't happen for you, we can make you a copy if we have it with us or if somebody has a copy. We can make like ten of them in 5 minutes or something. But we also had a DVD of it but Emily had to take the voice off of the tape - she assured me that my hand motions were in sync with my voice cause it wouldn't make any sense if I was going like this when I was saying something else. But she told me they were in sync and I looked at it myself and it looked like it just could have been a hair off but I wasn't sure. But I thought that you should have the whole effect of what went on here last month. 

    What went on here last month was what I call a ball of fire message. That message was so powerfully delivered and it had a lot of meat to it that you could outline it and see just what He was saying. I just went up here to tell you about the video and the next thing I knew -- but there was really a lot to that message and if you were here you know what I'm talking about. That was just a very important message. It's experiences like that and messages that I get from Our Lord that make me almost cry after communion because I feel sorrow because of the old priests. There's mostly old priests and then there's so few young priests. And yet there's joy in the talk that I am giving right now in the fact that God has chosen me and you to be Shepherds of Christ. And what does that mean? 

    Well, there's two things that He said are most important in the Shepherds of Christ, And we don't always see with the vision of God but I know what He has imparted to me. The number one function of the Shepherds of Christ is the Priestly Newsletter. Now to us it may look like one newsletter is going out and a second newsletter and it's not too important, but to God it's the Don Bosco vision. 

    He made these points in that talk that I gave last month. That the priest shortage could be alleviated first if every priest would say the Mass every day like they should and not skip Mass. That was one thing that's real important, that all the Masses that can be said are out there, that they're not taking a vacation for a week and not saying Mass. There's so much grace that comes out of one Mass and that's why another message that I got said why evil is running rampant because there's fewer and fewer Masses. When I was a kid there was like 3 Masses up at my parish every day. There's a tremendous amount of grace that is released from the Mass being celebrated and we as members of the body of Christ are united to all those Masses going on. 

    That's why it's important that being called to the Shepherds of Christ, we are called as intercessors to lead our lives as an offering praying for the priests, the Church and the world. Yesterday I just had such a realization how God has called us to be these intercessors. And in order to be deep intercessors, whether we're praying or offering our lives as a sacrifice, in order to be these deep intercessors, He has taught us how to do that. 

    From the 13ths that I did in this church in 1997 when I would be up here and Jesus would give us messages during the rosary that would tell us how to be united to the Mass, how to give our hearts to Jesus and Mary. All of that was His teaching over this course of how many years since we've had the 13ths. The teaching from Jesus to be ever more holy, which makes us a better intercessor and to be able to live this vocation He has given to us as Shepherds of Christ, which is the giving of our lives in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, that sacrifice or offering for the priests, the Church and the world. 

    You know somebody else doesn't understand how you think. You think like this. You read the Blue Books, you read the Apostles Manual, you been to the 13ths -- you're aware of that Mass going on around the world all day. And some priest has said, "Well you people pray too much." This is our vocation. Our vocation is at every moment that we live an offering of ourselves as Shepherds of Christ. If I'm at work or wherever I am, doing God's will in love is the offering, that's not that we are down on our knees all day praying. And so Betty stays here and prays and Sophie prays at Morrow - that's their vocation. Our vocation is to live the way that God has intended us to. 

    I ate cake on my birthday, I knew that was God's will, I loved it. And my grandkids made it, so I ate most of the cake. I don't know if that was God's will. I know it was God's will to eat some. But anyway, isn't that great? That I can bring down grace for the world eating cake on my birthday. I did it in love. I was doing God's will in love, so I should have got a lot of grace for the Shepherds of Christ. 

    But that's what we are to be doing - we are to be doing whatever it is that God has asked us to do, growing in greater holiness in love of Him and love of one another. So today we're going to have about maybe 10 Blue Books -- Blue Book IV -- but it's been on the internet. And we've been working on this Blue Book for like 3 months because when we put out a publication everything has to be perfect. On the Blue Book IV, it's really important. The Blue Book I  has messages from Jesus, Blue Book II - messages from Jesus, Blue Book III  has messages from Jesus, Blue Book IV was when Mary started appearing to me. 

    While I did Blue Book IV, Fr. Carter wrote the first newsletter. Fr. Carter compiled the prayers for the prayer manual, Fr. Carter wrote the Spirituality Handbook, Fr. Carter did the Tell My People book all in that summer and Mary appeared to me every day. Now do you think that that's a time of history when God was giving to us great grace to follow this mission, to be able to take this mission and to put it into practice. 

    When he died it was all in place, right? We basically have not changed. We have gotten the Jesus' water. That's what somebody reminded me once when I said that, Mary's head got knocked off. But when he died every thing else was like put in place. So the gifts that God has given to us is in our vocation, in our realization of what it is to be more deeply united and to live this life as an intercessor in the Shepherds of Christ. 

    So the number one function is the newsletter and it's up to all of us to pray for that newsletter. Now why? Okay. In the talk last month it was very defined.  1) Was that the priest should say the Mass every day.  2) Was that they need to spend an hour before the Blessed Sacrament.  3) Was to have these prayer chapters that we have in the prayer manual centered in the consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the  4) Was their union with Mary. 

    The newsletter is what Jesus said in one of the messages - it's like the Don Bosco vision. You've probably all seen the Don Bosco vision. So there's the arc, and then there's the pope, there's the Eucharist, there's Mary. 

    What did God the Father and Jesus say is going to make the difference to help alleviate the shortage of priests? It's the hour before the tabernacle. It's the Eucharist. It's Mary. It's consecration. It's the Mass. So in sending the newsletter on Mary and the Eucharist to the 72,000 priests, consistently through the talk, Jesus as He delivered that message to me kept telling the people that were in the church how this is a summit newsletter. 

    In the words of the late Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, he delivers a succinct message in his writings about Mary and the Eucharist and the rosary and the selections that Fr. Bonacci chose. And we sent it out to 72,000 priests and some bishop the other day just sent us a piece of paper with 3 columns of priests names that he wants to get the newsletter. What I'm noticing from what we're getting back from the bishops and the cardinals is that they're asking, more than ever before, for additional copies. We had 85,000 printed, we sent out 75,000. We have 10,000 left. We've given some of them like on the 13ths, some down in Florida. 

    But the thing of it is, is that is really wonderful that these bishops are saying, you know, we like this so much send us all these copies. You know I was praying and I just want to cry after communion because I feel sorrow. I want to do something for the babies that aren't even born and are not going to have the availability of the priests. And the thing of it is, is we don't have to look too far, I mean even my brother, they gave him another church down town. 

    And you know, I know I went to West Virginia, they closed two and they got 3 churches and 1 priest and they're all mad, cause they had a priest. Get down on your knees and beg God to help us. Getting mad at the priest ain't going to do any good, you lucky you got one in 3 parishes. So I remember I went to that West Virginia parish and he was just like sweating. The people were like mean and you know, I thought, oh man, you know. 

    But the thing of it is, is what we have to pray for are for all the needs of the priests, the priests that are elderly and maybe are getting stuck with 3 parishes, not being stuck. I don't mean to say it like it's a bad thing, but it can be a cross. But this is what I do, I come to this conclusion, first of all, I realized because Our Lord said how important the newsletter is. I realized that my own answers are there if I just listen to God, the next newsletter cause we keep praying for Fr. Bonacci, so you got to pray. I mean all day what do you do? Well, I'm not telling you all day to sit and pray. But a lot of us pray every hour or if I can't pray every hour then I'm doing my work, but then if I'm in the car or Emily or Joe or I are going down to Florida we're going to pray every half hour if we can while we are doing some work. And it works. I mean we don't have money and then we start our prayers, oh boy what are we going to do, we really got to pray, that's what we do. 

    This Movement is being run by God. God gives to us when we need it, but He demands our prayers. He has called us to be Shepherds of Christ. He's called us to be united as this members in the body of Christ praying in a special way for the priests, the Church and the world. It's our vocation. Somebody else may not have been given the grace that we've been given but you also have to see a plan of Jesus and Mary to lead the world into this deeper life of consecration and deeper bridal union with Christ through the training that we've been given. You've gotten trained if you read the daily message, if you live by the Blue Books, if you come on the 13ths, if you just follow this plan. Kids go to school to be brain surgeons, they have to learn a lot of stuff. 

    I just thought of this song, I probably shouldn't do it in here. That's where temptation gets me, I hear something funny and then I have to restrain myself. About the kids that go to school and learn a lot junk and then they flunked. But that's what happens with the kids that go. My daughter's a doctor and she went to school a lot of years. 

    Jesus has had us in school for a lot of years, do you know that. Why did He have us in school for a lot of years? To be intercessors. Because what is the purpose of the Shepherds of Christ Movement if it isn't the Priestly Newsletter - A Number 1 and A Number 2 prayer for the priests, the Church and the world. And the prayer is not only the prayer manuals. The prayer is the way of life, the connection to the Mass all through the day, realizing that our lives given in the Morning Offering, united to the Mass can help to bring down great grace. We are really intercessors. 

    We are Shepherds of Christ praying for our priests shepherds and it's a great calling that God has given to us and in giving it to us -- the saints weren't the same as some of the people. They knew God very intimately and a lot of those saints just lived their lives for souls because they knew the reality of how important their individual life lived in a special way united to God can help bring down grace so that the world will be the way that God wants it to be so that the souls can be helped in going in the right direction to heaven. So to each one of you that here today I want to congratulate you because God has called each and every one of us to a very special vocation. And the vocation that He has called us to has led us to His own special training to be deep intercessors and to live in great intimacy with Him. 

    What are the Blue Books all about? As we worked on the Blue Books every day and night and day and night, Blue Book IV, more and more -- Fr. Bonacci's always talking about a teabag that seeps in hot water -- more and more, I became rooted in the letters of God about His love and the God that the world does not know is making Himself known in those letters. God is love. God is this personal with each and every one of us. God can feed the hungry soul. 

    This is the message that we have to deliver. When you know a person is ready for the Blue Book, and Jesus said now to give it to the priest, when you know a person is ready for a Blue Book, you are giving them the letter of God's love. This is what is missing out there. The realization of how true it is that God is on fire for love of us, like He speaks of in the 4th Blue Book. I mean I'm trying with all my heart to get it out there and it's on the daily writings. It's so beautiful. I mean I just get up and we keep checking it and checking it, Fr. Carter discerned most of it and we keep checking it and reading it and I can see my own life changing. I mean I'm really absorbed in it. 

    But I've decided instead of when I'm frustrated talking about people that I could express that emotion by going like this and at least I haven't said nothing nasty, of course everybody will think I'm nuts. So you are sitting there and you're thinking about who did this, -- oi oi oi -- and where you might have said something to somebody before, "you know what they did", then just lately I've just been deciding, well I'll just express it in my eyes because then I don't make any kind of noise that way, so you just sit there and go like this. Of course they will probably crate me away, especially my husband. What did you tell me - to take my spelt in a bottle. I can't remember how that came up. 

    I mean I got a lot to learn. The more we interact with each other which is what God wants. God. I can't do this work unless we are all working together. I mean I don't have the liberty to say well you know, "Well I'm going to do it myself" and then go sit over in the corner. If I decide to do that then all the writings and the experiences and those things are not going to get out there but the devil knows exactly the right button to push and I see it more and more. You know, you can be doing something and you're all ready to do and then somebody comes over and they say something and then you get mad and you think that's the end of that. Is that fair to do that to Jesus? 

    And then you realize really how you are being manipulated by the devil, all he has to do is come up and get you flustered, boy and you're out of there. And when you're out there you say, "But I really wanted to do that", then why did you go, you know. I mean he can just manipulate us and we can give in. 

    That's why the Divine Mercy that's on that tape is so important. We did it in church about two days ago. It has all those things that we need to pray for on it. Do you like the picture of all of us that did it? That's why I said, "Jesus told me to put all of our heads up there" I guess you get a laugh before you look at it. She did it the way I saw it. Well then somebody said "Look at Jesus' face, looking at us." He's having mercy on us I hope because we need lots of mercy. Did everybody get a Divine Mercy? Oh Sr. Rita didn't get a Divine Mercy. -- Oh they are still working on it. Well when you see it, you'll know what I'm talking about. But you know at the centers, everyday we are going to play the Divine Mercy because it has the very things we have to pray for. 

    I am filled to the brim with the realization that this is God's Movement and the only way it's going to work is if we all keep praying. It depends on your prayers, it depends on us being united, it depends on us having faith. It depends on us living like the people God is talking about in the 4th Blue Book. And how is God talking about living in the 4th Blue Book? One is a realization how deeply God loves us because He says it over and over and over again in the 4th Blue Book, "I love you, I love you, I love you."

    And you get out of bed in the morning and you think, oh boy, I got gray hairs and I'm fat. When I am doing this Blue Book, more and more I get up and I think of those messages that God has given. And I think of how many times He said in them, "I love you, I love you" -- this is how God is. This is what the world needs. This is what the world is hungering for, and then you get up and from doing those messages, I start to get a burning in my heart to realize that the Divine God is real and He is love and this is how He is. 

    In all the pictures that are out there that are talking about love or the evil in the world is not what it's all about. It's about Jesus hanging on the cross, the Son of God, who gave Himself, so that we would have life eternal. And we who He has called as Shepherds of Christ can identify with Him more every minute because of the gifts that He has given to us to realize how much we love souls. I can say I love souls. I can cry in a second. 

    I remember reading a book a long time ago when I was young. And it was a paragraph out of Sr. Faustina and she just loved the souls and I thought "Oh boy" and I have read very, very, very little, but I can honestly say from the gifts that God has given to me in this Movement, that I love the souls. I can identify more deeply with Him and that giving of my life for the sake of souls.

    I remember in 1995 getting a message that said, "I will give you gifts greater than I have given to the greatest saints." It's there, just read the 4th Blue Book. Are we not recognizing the fact that God continuously tells us how much He loves us? 

    You know sometimes we just create our own problems. We give into our feelings. We start to feel irritated, that's another thing, the devil can just come and he can press on your feelings or give you an old memory. I mean it's like an old memory comes up and I'm sick of that too. Cause you get an old memory and you can be mad at somebody for two weeks. It's that stupid? And then I think, "Well you really wanted to go out with him and laugh." So then you just got to say, "Well there's some days I don't feel good and then they didn't feel good today and then they just didn't even think when they were saying that, but anyway I want to have fun." 

    I don't want to live by satan's old traps and that's just what they are. Did you ever see a bear go through the woods and somebody's got a trap there? I never saw one, but I hope that this makes sense. But anyway so the bear walks right into the trap and he can't get out or any trapped animal if there's not traps big enough for bears. I don't have any idea because I'm not a hunter. But the imagery in there of the trap and an animal that's going dee da dee da dee da dee da dee and then all of a sudden -- plut! -- and then they're just stuck. 

    It's like us. Have you been there? Have you been in church and you are so close to God and you are feeling real good and you can stay there and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary and pray with all of your soul for grace to be released, and you're really enjoying those favors of God and then all of a sudden you're going dee da dee da dee da dee and then the trap - plut!  And then the rest of the Mass you're mad. How can you be mad or whatever? I'm sure I'm not the only person that is doing this. 

    I'm sick of it. I'm sick of it - because the devil is real and the devil talks in our heads like a little radio. But God has given us the grace to discipline our wills. And when you get out of bed in the morning use the Blue Books, use the Blue Books before you go to bed, listen to how God is speaking, that He loves us so much and let's quit giving into the devil. We have to get along to do this work. 

    If I have to get along with everybody to get the Blue Books out there, and you don't know what I have to get along with, I'm only kidding. I have such support that its -- God has blessed us all in the people that He's brought in the Movement. But if we have to get along with each other to help the souls -- what are we living for? And that's how the devil works, the devil comes in and you really got an agenda, you got an agenda that you know God has given you to do and then all of a sudden, one little thing goes wrong and the devil loves to make the people feel like they got to flee, I mean leave, by exerting pressure. 

    When Jesus gave me all the messages in the Blue Book and He talked about the devil and the pressure of the devil, I didn't have any idea what that was about. I remember Sr. Rita told me that once, she said that the devil works in secret. I didn't know that. I didn't know what I know today. Priests and people in the world don't know the things that God has told us in the messages to unveil the working of satan. And yet it's like when I got the first Blue Book and all the turmoil in my life, suffering - before I got the first Blue Book, before I got the first messages in 91. 

    And then it was like so simple when He comes up and He says I have all the power and nobody can have power over you and don't be afraid, and all the things that He for six months told me how fearful I was. I never even knew I was fearful. But when you look at your parents or other people that are around you, if they think that way, you can pick those things up. We've got Jesus holding our hand today that's saying to us, "I am here, I am truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. I have given to you My letters of love and they are real." If the Church or the people in the church do not want to read the Blue Book messages, they are missing the gift that God has given. 

    But to you as a main person in the Shepherds of Christ He has called us to be likened to saints, to be deeper in our holiness, to be greater intercessors, to live a greater life of purity and to live a life of joy. Because to know Jesus is joy. And what's going to happen more and more as the Masses decrease, there's going to be less and less grace that is released and Jesus said the evil will run rampant. But He has given us the answer. 

    He said the priests all need to say their Mass every day, they need to do their hour before the Blessed Sacrament. Where we may have held back before giving the priest the Blue Book, give him the Blue Book II, tell him about the Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, do all that you can to encourage priests to spend time before the Blessed Sacrament -- fight for that time. We don't want our churches locked. Isn't that awful? On Sunday all the churches are locked. What are they - afraid that somebody's going to go in there and steal a candlestick? I mean God is in there! Let's lock Him up because you might lose a $200 candlestick. 

    We need to have the vision that God has given to us in this Movement. We need to grow in greater holiness. We need to learn what the Our Father says - the whole Our Father -- "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name" - love His name for all the people that use it so dishonorable and they do it ignorantly. That's where the thing is at, we don't have to worry about what their sins are -- all we have to do is try to love God the way He deserves, to love the Our Father more -- "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come" our lives are lived to help build the kingdom of God, "thy will be done" what a prayer, God -- "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread" -- what a gift -- "forgive us our trespasses" this is the hard part "as we forgive those who trespass against us" 

    Now how can we say five rosaries a day and then while you're sitting there saying your rosary -- oi oi oi -- and somebody comes out and says something and makes you mad and then you decide the rest of the day you aren't going to do what you suppose to do. Do we want to do that to Jesus? 

    The devil plays us like a little violin and all day if we play this negative tapes in our mind, "you're fat, you're ugly" - my fat ones are mine, those are the ones that I hear. If we play the negative tapes all day, it's like having the meanest friend on your shoulder hollering mean stuff at your head all day. Well you'd take him and knock him off, wouldn't you? 

    But we let him say stuff to us and then at the end of the day we put our head on the pillow and where we could have shared love if we would have disciplined our will and begged for the grace to grow in greater holiness, we missed those moments of interaction with people that we love because of habits. Because of ways of acting that are really just not going to bring us happiness. And so there is not one of us in this church that can not realize that we're just plain old all imperfect. I don't know if I said that right, but the bottom line is, I'll say it straight on -- We're just all imperfect -- everyone of us is just imperfect. 

    And we have to think about the words that Jesus gave to us in the Our Father -- "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us" -- we have to control our wills. I'm telling you from messages from God that the devil is going to run more and more rampant and you can't sit around all day angry every time somebody does something or we're just playing into him. 

    God has called you to be a Shepherd of Christ, to be strong, to lead the strayed ones home to His Heart and to be with Him for all eternity, to help in this special mission -- in dealing with the priest shortage and the renewal of the Church and the world. You know I just watched the priests get more and more discredited by stuff, that's what satan just attacks authority. The Church is a special bulwark - a defender - a strong pillar -- 

    The Church is the bride of Jesus Christ and He loves her and how can we not love her when we have been given such a gift in the Holy Eucharist and the Sacraments of Baptism, Confession and the other Sacraments. How can we not love the Church when God has given to us the priest who can bring this to us. Now just let's all stop and think a minute -- so this is like a game of risk, except it's real. And God wants the souls to go to eternal life and the devil is the other side and he wants them to go to hell for all eternity. 

    Now if you were the devil where would you start? Wouldn't you start on those priests? They're bringing you the Divine God truly present in which this major source of grace flows because He's truly present in His Divinity and Humanity. So every bit of work that you do, you know you're at warfare. And that's O.K. because the gift of that is that very thing that's leading us to greater holiness, that's leading us to see where we never would have seen before because I'm just going to stand out there and be by myself and if you tick me off then I'm just going to go do it by myself. 

    But I'm not going to do it by myself, I learned that when I did the Red Rosary Book and He's been teaching me that every day. Now if you like the things that Jesus has given to you, you know that it came through a learning process, in my own life to work together, times when I may have felt like spending time in front of the tabernacle. If He's calling me to do this, I may only have 5 years left, I have all these Blue Books there. What should I do? I should find Christ in My brother and that is what He says in the Blue Book, look into his face and grow together the way God intends us to. We will be as God wants the Church to be - this body united. 

    The world, if they got a problem, gets a divorce. I don't know what the priest said yesterday. I thought he said like 3/4 of the people get divorced. People don't grow in that deep intimacy with one another and work on their differences. It's just too easy. If some people stay married, he goes his way, she goes their way. But together a husband and wife is a special gift, that they can pray deeply, especially if you're both in the Shepherds of Christ. I mean we need that. The devil is a devil - I have that to say. 

    And in the messages that God has given, not the messages yesterday and the day before, but the daily messages all the way back and then Blue Books all the way back, He is unveiling the workings of satan in our lives so that we can grow to be more one cause the answer is that the Catholic Church is one, holy, catholic, apostolic -- one -- the family must be one. So why wouldn't the devil do that? 

    I mean just look at some war. So if you want this for your side then what are you going to do? Well the devil is just going to go right in there and try to take the priest out. And then if he can get the families divided, so you got divorced people, and people aren't with their kids on holidays and pain and sorrow and all that stuff. Kids not living with their parent and I mean that's the new thing - the other thing is the children. Before they're three years old they're going over the airport and they are seeing the whole wall full of nudes. I mean even in the grocery store. 

    Somebody was telling me yesterday about going to church. I know what goes on in church, some old guy like an old lady, like I am, but some old guy goes in there and then some seductive type looking woman just goes sits right in front of him. I mean isn't that awful? But they're ignorant. I don't think that it's animosity why they are doing it, they are just not aware. 

    But do you know in one second God can give such a grace as it says in the Bible that they can see with the light of seven suns. I'm telling you what we're doing is God's Movement, it's reaching the nursing home with the morning offering, all those people that are in there all day! All they got to do is say "I offer up everything I do in union with the Mass for the priest, the Church and the world." and a ton of grace can - and then tell them - your live is so important like it says on the Say Daily card. 

    The children - we got to reach the children in the school with the rosary. The rosary is a great gift but Our Lady appeared as Our Lady of Clearwater for 7  years. We need to still circulate that image. Children like the story of Fatima. They do. My granddaughter when she was like 3 was loving that. They said every time she went to the grotto she'd get down on her knees. And I wasn't talking to her, my sister-in-law was taking care of her while my daughter was at work when she had to go.

    The suffering is in knowing what we know and knowing that we are entirely dependent upon God, that's suffering. The suffering is in sharing in Christ's passion as He hung on the cross, knowing the souls that would be lost forever, despite the blood He shed and His death.

    The rosary is such a gift and God has made us all very aware of those mysteries of the rosary. Where would you be without the mysteries of the rosary and the Mass in your mind? Wouldn't life almost seem to be lifeless? God has given us so many gifts. 

    Today we want to pray the Divine Mercy. Hopefully the way we did it on this disc we are going to give you. You'll see all of our heads and think we're nuts, but the prayers are good. So with all of our hearts let us join together, and please say yes, say yes to Jesus, yes to loving Him more, yes to loving yourself more because that's all He's telling us in those Blue Books. It's a love that no human person can give to us. It comes from the Divine God, a Divine Person on fire for love of you and me to the point where He gave Himself on the cross and remains with us truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. Get the messages from Blue Book IV off the internet until we get it out. Read them and feel the love of Jesus penetrate your heart. 

    Beg for the grace to be enlightened about our own imperfections and to grow in greater holiness and in so doing that we will be helping all the souls of this earth and helping ourselves have a higher place in heaven for all eternity. God is love and He is teaching us about that in this Movement. You have been trained to love the Church, love the priest, love the souls, love Him, Mary, the angels and saints, and one another. For what is there to life if we follow the road of satan which is to lead to hatred forever. 

    We are the Shepherds of Christ on the front line of battle, fighting with all of our hearts filled with love, our arms are our hearts filled with love. That's not just love for God, that's saying you're sorry, that's building His Kingdom, that's working with each other, that's asking the Holy Spirit to come and enlighten us to see where we must grow, that's being in love with souls to the point that we want to change ourselves in greater purity, to pray more deeply and give our lives as an offering and looking at Christ on the cross and saying to Him "Jesus I give You myself totally and completely and I want to serve and love You, help me, show me Your way." Amen.

    There's two songs I want to do before the Divine Mercy. The one is - This is the Feast of Victory. Every time you come here Jesus is speaking to you and when we live a more pure life, when we grow in greater love of Him and others, it is a feast of Victory. And one day when we're all in heaven, we'll all be up there with our little red prayer manuals and we still won't know the prayers by heart. Oh this book don't have cords, I can't play out of that one. 

    We're going to try this again. This is the Feast of Victory. And when we pray the Divine Mercy I ask you to keep this with you, if you want more, we can give you another one or put it on a tape and just really keep the intentions in it in your heart. We also would like to give you a copy of that talk that I did last time. I have a hard copy and if you did not get a disc or you want a tape or a disc, we can mail it to you if we can't get it to you today. But it only takes a few minutes if we have one.

Song:  This is the Feast of Victory

Messenger:  And we want to do Change Our Hearts and we sing this song, we sing this song for the whole world, naturally for ourselves. Number 394 in the Gather.

Song:  Change Our Hearts

Messenger:  Does this sound like us?

Sing:  ... one foot in paradise, one in the waste

Song:  Change Our Hearts     Sing!

Messenger:  Sing for the whole world!

Sing:  Change Our Hearts -  refrain

Messenger:  We have to look at Fr. Carter and the fact that Fr. Carter planted all these seeds and we see that the fields are getting dryer and dryer and goldener and goldener and we're all getting a little older or grayer or toothless. That's bad. That's when I should have did my eyes.

    This is a song that Jesus wants us to sing and to think about our role in the Shepherds of Christ. For some day I will be gone and I hope that you, if you are still here, will carry out this mission for Jesus, not for me. That you will tell the world of His letters of love, that you will help the world to know what Jesus has told His priests in the newsletter, and help spread the prayer chapters and the rosary.

Song:  Come With Me Into the Fields

Messenger:  And Jesus cries to us to come into the fields and to plant the seeds. And He promises to us that He will provide the sunlight and the rain. But if we do not go into the field and plant the seed - how can it grow? 

    And we said this this morning, but in our lives we do want to watch where our things come from, our thoughts and things -- there's an evil spirit, a good spirit and some things come from our own minds. And praying to the Holy Spirit avidly and thinking about the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will be more alive inside of us for He gives to us great grace. And we want the Holy Spirit giving us His ideas, His inspirations and not the evil spirit. So let's make a special pack that we are going to go from here and sing Come Holy Ghost and do the Holy Spirit prayers and really ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten us and help us to always be doing God's will in love. 

Song:  Lord Send Out Your Spirit   -   Sing!

Messenger:  Again!

Song:  Lord Send Out Your Spirit - refrain - instrumental

Messenger:  And now we sang to the Holy Spirit. And we love you God the Father and we love the name of God and we worship You, and we honor You, and we give You every bit of ourselves God and we sing Father Number 1.

Song:  Abba Father

Messenger:  Jerry will you fix that up there. This is a song that we sang long ago. And we sang to the Holy Spirit, we sang to the Father, we sang to Mary at Mass, and this is a song that involves the Spirit and also Jesus. And its a song that we use to sing a lot sometimes.

Song:  Spirit Song   -   Sing!

Messenger:  That's pretty hard, you know, that's easy to sing this. This is a good one.

Sing:  Lift your hands in sweet surrender to His Name

Messenger:  Yesterday we just had a little talk about how a lot of times we just kind of like have our own agenda and the example that He gave is this. If there is a guy that thinks that he has to eat a plum at 10:00 every day and he doesn't get to eat his plum, he can be nasty for an hour before anticipating whether somebody is going to interfere with his plum time and having gone through a trial and not being able to eat the plum at precisely 10:00 he may become snarly for a week but it interferes with the anticipation of the plum the next day but somehow he works it out. I don't know how he does it. 

    But that could be classified as having your own agenda. If we have an agenda, unless we have diabetes or something where we just have to have our plum at a certain time and if somebody interferes with it we get really nasty. We may be inordinately attached to the plum time and it may take a little bit of looking at ourselves to see that that's an inordinate attachment. An inordinate attachment is one in which we are attached in ways that are just not according to God's will.

Song:  Spirit Song

Messenger:  Should we sing that again.

Sing:  Lift your hands in sweet surrender to His Name

Song:  Spirit Song   -   Sing!

Jesus speaks:  To you I have given great instruction -- instruction to come ever closer to My Heart and to love Me ever deeper. Remember from this talk this day to pray the Our Father with all your heart, to mean every word. I am your beloved Jesus and I love you with undying love.

Sing:  Jesus, Oh Jesus Come and Fill Your Lambs, 
          Jesus, Oh Jesus Come and Fill Your Lambs

Messenger:  And we pray for all the needs of the Shepherds of Christ and Fr. Bonacci with the newsletter and all the priests that come to China here to help us. And Don and Donna and Tom and Melanie and all of you who have special health needs, we pray for all of you. And we hope that the Jesus water works a miracle in your lives. And there is a man that's getting operated on on Monday, I told him we would pray for him and another lady got operated on Thursday. We pray for all of our families and ask that the blood of Jesus will be spread on the whole Movement, the whole Church and the world, and anybody that touches the Movement and all the priests, consecrate all of our hearts, and all the people we've just prayed for, ourselves and our families, cast the devil far away and beg with all of our hearts for the coming of the Holy Spirit. 

    Dear God today we will do as You asked us to do which is to do the Divine Mercy and to give to the people the materials that you have asked them to take and to study, the songs which is the mission of the Shepherds of Christ - In My Heart that is song by Joe Lee. And the purpose of this is this is where the Church needs to go - to realize more and more the burning love in the Heart of Jesus, to dwell in His Heart, to live in His Heart, to be one with Him. As you listen to this song - it was one that we found on a tape in the basement that my daughter just sang like over in the corner. As you listen to it pray, it's so beautiful but pray in your heart as you listen - that the world will know the love of the Sacred Heart like that. And Jesus wanted Joe's picture on the front and the red to remind us all of what it is to go to His red, on fire Heart because He loves us so much. 

    There's a songs and message tape that Joe and I did that's really nice that has some messages from the 4th Blue Book, then 1995 a message from Mary, then 1996 the message - "I stood beneath the cross", but it's real beautiful with the Lady of Clearwater song on it - so that's the other tape. Then there's the Divine Mercy tape and then there's Joe just singing the Lady of Clearwater song if you want to listen to that sometimes. 

    And so today we are going to do the Divine Mercy and the reason Our Lord wants us to do this is to really pray deeply united. But you know we always need funds so we are praying real hard for the funds. We would like to have like an apostle trailer or something here so that some people could come down here and stay and pray. We need your help with the adoration. If you're around any time, I don't mean if you have to come far, but if you are in this vicinity and you can help us with the adoration we do need that. The prayer power is what does it. You know if you are further and you can't come here for adoration, you're an Apostle of the Eucharistic Heart, please really, really do that, cause we rely on your prayers, I mean we really do need you praying for us in front of the Blessed Sacrament. 

    And when you go to Mass giving your hearts to Jesus and Mary and just trying to be in that Mass as deep as you can. This Movement is only running on the prayer power and God answers us by our prayers, I'm telling you. So please just help us that way, whenever you're praying just try to pray real deep, tell satan to go get the heck out of here and just pray really, really hard. And pray for us. 

    And the benefits of praying those Shepherds of Christ prayers which do not take long every day are enormous. The promises are on the internet but we have copies of those if you want us to mail them to you. Glaci tells all the people on the phone, she answers the phone pretty much and she's great that way cause they call in and she says "Shepherds of Christ" and she kind of giggles, he-he-he -- and she starts telling them about all the ministries - so that's her function is to really tell people about that. Each and every one of you are vital to this mission and we need you. Please help us. You are a Shepherd of Christ when you get up in the morning, when you sleep you are still a shepherd of Christ. Amen.



                                                                                                 Listen to the audio:

         2.) September 13, 2005 Talk      talk (high-speed)   talk (dial-up) 

after Mass

Transcribed from a live talk
exactly as it was delivered


Messenger:  In the name of Your Son Jesus, in the Holy Spirit with all the angels and all the saints and the souls in purgatory, through the powerful intercession of Our Lady of Clearwater, Fr. Carter, Pope John Paul II and Margaret and all of our friends and relatives that we know that are in heaven, we pray for great grace to be outpoured on this world, that mercy and grace will be granted for the priests, the Church and the world. We give ourselves to you completely, dear God and we want to go from this place today to be, as you said this morning, more united to You and one with You, empowered as You work in our hearts to help us to be more the spouse of Jesus. As we recognize more, You, as the bridegroom of our souls, as we love You more deeply, and in all of our struggles in dealing with each other, in our learning to love and forgive and to build the Kingdom as You desire us to, spread the Blood of Jesus on all of us, consecrate our hearts, cast the devil far away and we beg for the Holy Spirit for all of us here, for everybody hearing my voice, for every person that touches the Shepherds of Christ, for Fr. Lou and for all of our members, for the whole Church and the whole world, we consecrate the whole Church and the whole world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and we pray for the funds and all of our needs to be able to do the work with the Newsletter and the Prayer Chapters and the School Rosary Program and all of our ministries. We give ourselves completely to You and in this time of prayer God, please grant grace to the world and mercy. Please God, and help the world to be the way that You want the world to be. Amen. We pray for this great era of peace.

Song:  The Wedding Song

Messenger:  Dear God help us to be so deeply united to You and to treasure the gift of the Eucharist, for You truly are the bridegroom of our souls.

Song:  The Wedding Song

Messenger:  You hear the words of Jesus as He speaks to us over and over and over again in this Movement, in the Blue Book writings, for this in reality and this is the purpose of this prayer today. That we will go from here empowered and in deep oneness with our God, that we will know His mercy and His love, that we will be strengthened in this love to be able to fight off the tactics that the devil may use to disempower us or take us from His work, that we will learn to forgive and love. Because God has called us to love and to work with each other in this Mission and we don't want to not do this work. We love Him so much and because we know how important it is to forgive and work with each other, we pray for the grace to always keep going in love, to be productive, to try to understand each other and to work to help promote His Kingdom. This is the answer. This is the message of the fourth Blue Book, the book that Jesus told us to have available this day. It's taken 11 years and we sing.

Sing:  There is love

Messenger:  The Divine God is truly present in His Divinity and Humanity and He calls us to praise and worship and honor Him and to love Him — to kneel before Him when we come up to do our commitment and to look at the host and to see the beauty that God has given to us in remaining with us always. Dear God we love You so deeply and thank You for this gift of the Eucharist. We beg for forgiveness for our sins and the sins of the world and we ask You to look at our love for You. And today as we pray together deeply as intercessors for the priests and the Church and the world, to look at our love for You and for each other and our suffering and our struggle to try to be united deeply despite ourselves in our weaknesses. 

    God You are all pure and holy and we love You so much. We are the poor banished children of Eve, but our hearts are consumed with love for Thee. Please hear our heart-felt prayer and help the world to be the way that You desire it to be. Hear our prayer God, King of Kings, Master of the Universe, Lord and Master of all, take us to Your Heart consumed with love for souls and help us to feast of the treasures there, to be wrapped in Your Heart and to know the intensity of that love that we are strengthened and go forth and helping to build Your Kingdom here below and helping souls through our prayers and our efforts to be with You for all eternity. 

    God, shower us with Your grace and like the snow plow that goes through the heart, help us to heal from any old bitterness and hatred, anger whatever it is. Mary we give our heart to you that we can be in your Immaculate Heart and more pure. Help heal us God, that we can be holy and forever with You in the deepest love for all eternity. And so we sing in honor and love to You Our beloved God truly present and with us here before us, exposed in the Blessed Sacrament.

Song:  Jesus, My Lord, My God My All

Messenger:  Sing sweetly to God.

Song:  Jesus, My Lord, My God My All

Sing:  There is love, There is love

Messenger:  And God is love, and if we are to be one with Him we must be loving. And so if we hold on to bitterness and hate and we don't want to forgive and we don't want to let go, then we can see why we feel divided, because His Heart is all pure. And in order to unite to the Divine God very deeply in a deep union we have to learn to let go. 

    And so God on this Tuesday which is healing day, we pray for healing in our hearts, that we can have the grace to let go — that even in difficulties that we can work lovingly and let go because we have a very important work to do. And so few days here on this earth, winter turns to spring, and spring to summer and then to fall and so how it goes with the days of our lives. And we read so often that quote from Bernadine and he is talking about fall and he has cancer and he says "I know I will not be here in the spring." And he wasn't.

    Today we are preparing for our life hereafter and how we learn to love we prepare for the life hereafter. And how we learn to forgive we prepare for the life hereafter. We take all those things in our heart in love and holiness with us. The body goes to the ground. And when we hang on to hatred and hate, when we sin against God, when we are isolated in bitterness, all those things we can't touch too. What are we doing with that heart that was meant for God? In the bitterness and the sin, that is mortal sin, that many live in this day — we pray dear God for the grace that their hearts will be changed, that they will cooperate with that grace. We pray for those children that Mary cried out, "I stood beneath the cross of my Son and I cried for the little ones that would be lost forever." We pray for grace, for grace and light that the world will see with the light of seven suns. 

    That we will see, that we will be able to live the Our Father so when it says, "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us" we will learn what it said in this great rosary that we are going to pass out to you. It was from August the 2nd, it was so good. If you really do that rosary out loud with somebody, you'll love it, it's wonderful. It's teaching us all how to let go, teaching us as God unveils some of our thinking when satan comes and he attacks. We are not going to do that here today, but you should take it with you and do it out loud with somebody. 

    And when you hear Jesus talk to you, He saying to you, "Little one, little one, little one - I'm talking to you" and then He watches us run down the road with our fingers in our ears and saying "I don't hear You Jesus, I want to be mad." And He says "Little one, little one - you're going down the wrong road." You can discipline your will right now and you can give in and just try to do God's will and forgive or you can hold on to that thing for 3 weeks. I mean satan is right behind our heads saying, "OK we are not going to forgive. I'm going to hold on to this thing for 3 weeks" and God is knocking on the door of our hearts saying, "Hey, I got all this work for you to do, what are you doing in there?" And you're saying, "I'm sitting in a corner and I'm mad" and then you put the fingers in the ears and you say "I ain't going to listen to You God." 

    And then we may even go to church and then we sit in church and we say, "I just don't even feel good in church." But there's this thing that we got in our hearts that's like some kind of a big anchor and we just are not going to take it out. And we may even go up to communion, and God is saying, "I'm the Divine God and I'm giving Myself to you in this intimate union and you come up here with this big anchor in your heart" because somebody dribbled some juice on your skirt — if you're a girl. And you say, "Oh well they were trying to make me look ugly that's why I'm holding on to it" — that judging that gets in there. They did it vindictively. Satan likes that. He likes to make you think the person had this motive for doing something that was dishonorable to get the fire going while you are going to be angry. 

    And the Divine God truly present outpours His love and He's with us. When we're in the state of grace, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit dwell so deeply within us. And that's not saying that we can say, "I'm never going to have a problem" because we have problems, because we have wounds, because we react this way or that way or whatever the case is. But the Our Father gives us the answer, "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." Let go. 

    And you think about the little children. So they can end up having a problem with their sister or their neighbor, or whatever it is and they might not share. He/she won't share. But then after a little while they figure, well gee, "I ain't going to go on with this for 3 weeks." They're back and they are having a tea party with each other. I mean they just get right over it. Here we go. Suzie wouldn't share but then we worked it out. The next thing you know, they aren't even thinking about it anymore. 

    What's wrong with us that we just can't let go? But the devil knows that. It's not even sometimes the thing that ended up happening but it is the judgment that goes into it that they did this vindictively or they're always doing that. Satan presses on us. He presses on us to hold on to something that we really have to just let go of because we're all imperfect. I'm imperfect, you're imperfect, we're imperfect - but we have to do God's work. And the bottom line is - is that there is love.

    Why did God have us do that at every Hail Mary, and then do the Litany to the Blood of Jesus? To impress upon our minds as we looked at the Eucharist and we said the Hail Mary, the all Mother Mary who is pure to say - there is love - and that is the answer. When we're feeling divided like that we have to remember there is love. That helps us let go. That helps us remember how much we do love that person and we want to let go. There is love. God is love. If I am going to be one with God I have to let that snowplow, right now, go down in our hearts and just dig out some of that stuff that we may not even realize that we hold bitterness towards whoever, our mom, our dad, whoever. There is love Jesus says. There is love for My Father. There is love for the way that they did those things. There is love. And if we're going to move on we've got to forgive. We got to recognize that they were imperfect and they may have hurt us. But there is love! How can I move into a loving relationship with God and with others if I am not going to love somebody as important in my life as my father that contributed to giving me life.

    The bad thing is it doesn't do anything but hurt us to hold on to bitterness or whatever else. So lets pray to God right now for the grace to hear those words that each one of us got up here in front of Jesus and we sang and to hear the words that says "There is love, there is love." If we are going to be like Jesus we got to say what? "There is love." So we get divided, so we'll work it out and get over it. There is love. Do we want to be close with the Divine God who we were created to be close to and we're never going to be happy if we are not close to the Divine God. We just are not going to be happy. I can't go buy a resort, buy a yacht, go all over the world. None of those things are really going to give me the happiness that I really was created for. The only thing that's going to give me the happiness that I was created for is to have this intimacy with God. And how am I going to get that? Well if we all want to take our hearts and hang it like He said a couple of days ago, like cob-webs in there, and then say, "OK God, come in and be in my heart." He says "Well your heart got all this junk in it." 

    We got to let go. It's not that we have problems with one another but it's that we handle those problems in love. It's that we want God's work so much that we see what God has called us to. The Blessed Mother never appeared like she did on the building in Clearwater for 7 1/2 years in the history of the world and that has been given to us. If that's not a big enough sign that God has called us to a particular mission then we're missing something there. That should help us. As terrible as the devastation is in New Orleans, it's a sign to me that God wants us to pray harder, that God wants us to be deeper intercessors. How can you and me be a deeper intercessor? "There is love." That's the answer. "There is love." There is love. There is love. There is love.

    We don't have a right to go around for 3 weeks and make ourselves be mad. We got to work out what's in our hearts, if we want peace. I want to be at peace. I want to be loving. I want to laugh. I want to be one with Jesus. I want to laugh with my grandkids. I want to be pure in heart like the Virgin Mary. 

    And yet we're down here in this valley of tears, we're all imperfect, we're all going to have problems. But the bottom line is that with God's grace every minute of our lives is in preparation for our heavenly reward. And how did we live that minute, in the suffering and the struggle to be more holy. It can be a fruitful moment if we operate according to God's will. If we remember that there is love, if we remember how deeply our whole motive force within our souls is love of God, to be so deeply united with Him for all eternity, that that is the propelling force within us. And that is why in working with each other in the imperfections, if we have problems it's O.K. 

    But it's how we handle it, how much bitterness is in it, how much hatred is in it, how many wounds from the past get in this. So then we just don't do God's will today. Well, you are just like a sitting duck, lalalallala. You pressed my button. Plut! You're gone. Who's running your body and your spirit? We can't be like that. We are always striving to do God's will and we might hit a bump in the road and if we got a car what do we do? We just drive over the bump and keep going. How would that be if on the road every time somebody sees a bump they just stop? 

    We do that. You're going along — do da do da doo da — and then satan presses, plut! That's the end. I'm just going to sit here. So you go out on the road and there's all these people that just hit a bump so they just sat there. How far would we get? Well how far are we getting in the spiritual life when we treat our spiritual life this way? We just go along — de da de da de da. It's all nice if its loving and everything is going our way but the second that there's a problem — God calls us to settle problems in love. God calls us to pray in difficulty. God calls us to live as a spouse of Jesus and the spouse of Jesus is always living to please Him, always knowing His might, always having His peace in their hearts. And always relishing the gift that God has given to us. Jesus Christ the man came to this earth and He died on the cross but He left with us a gift of the Eucharist, His Body and Blood, His Presence, truly present in His Divinity and Humanity. Weep no more babies, the Son of God is truly present and in this church. 

    But we just don't always see with that clear vision and light because there is the evil one that comes in — do da do da do da do — and he would just like to knock your socks off. But if he does or he throws a wet wash cloth in your face, plut! — that's what I see. If I've been praying for 2 or 3 hours and you walk out of the church and its like here comes the wet wash cloth - plusttt - and then how do you deal with it? 

    We are all in school. We're in school learning how to deal with these things so that we can be likened to the Saints, so that we can be more like Mary and Jesus, so that we can look at the heart of Mary and see how it's all pure. The singular vessel, the one that God has given to us that we can unite deeply to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

    But I'll tell you the two deadly things in our hearts are hate and bitterness or anger whatever, all those yuck-os, wherever they're at. So when Jesus has these healing services every Tuesday and we have the prayers, just the regular prayers but He gives a lot of grace for healing, the 6:20 prayers — we should be praying to Him for healing to help us because He will give us special grace those days — doing the Holy Spirit Novena, the Red Book and the Rosary. Tuesday is the healing night. Tuesday today we pray for this grace of healing.

    You'll love this rosary. This is just a wonderful rosary. It was a Tuesday night when I did it. But you have to hear the tone of voice — Jesus calling "little one, little one, I'm calling you" and then you can see the person just run down the road as fast as they can go with their fingers in their ears. "That's too hard Jesus, you expect me to give in?" 

    When you're angry you don't want to give in. But it's like puncturing a big balloon or something, all of a sudden everything's o.k. cause you decided to give in, make up and then it's all just hunky-dory. You can do your work but the devil just presses, and he really does press. That's a good word that Jesus uses in the blue book. And He said the first message in the first blue book, "His grip is paralyzing and crippling." Guess what He said in that first message in Blue Book I? "I want to be one in you and you one in Me." And the next thing He comes up - "but satan is going to come and his grip is paralyzing and crippling." And that's what he wants. He doesn't want us to be one with God.

    In order to be one with God we have to let go of this debris that's in our heart, willingly. You know I can't touch my will. I guess I could touch my heart if I could get in there. But I can't touch my will. These are all these untouchable things that are elevated more when we are baptized. We can love more deeply because our loving capacity is elevated at baptism and our knowing capacity is elevated at baptism. All these things that we take on with us forever. 

    So we step out of this life and we go to the next life but all these things are going with us. We're in preparation today. When I dealt with this situation I was in preparation for heaven. I am preparing my heart how I am in my loving ways for being more deeply united to God here today and for all eternity. 

    I mean my body is getting old, all I have to do is look in a mirror and see how old my body has been getting. In these fifty-nine years it just keeps getting older. But my capacity to love God and others hopefully has grown enormously that I can be more deeply united to Him as the spouse of Jesus, the bridegroom of my soul.

Song:  Jesus, My Lord, My God My All

Messenger:  You can hear the song that Jesus wants us to hear, the song that He sings to us as the Bridegroom of our souls.

Song:  The Wedding Song

Messenger:  And this is real. The problems that we have are o.k., we're not perfect. What is real is the love that God gives to us today and each other in the Shepherds of Christ, and His presence here in the Eucharist. This is real. What I speak of is real and it's so foolish that the word is not out there. Help us. To a world that is hungry and hurting the answers are here that God gives to us to help unveil the workings of satan in our lives.

Song:  The Wedding Song

Messenger:  Those were some of my sins.

Song:  The Wedding Song

Messenger:  What our Lord would like us to do is to come up and to make our commitment at the altar, and this time, this month we get to read 3 sentences out of the Blue Book IV — commit, read our 3 sentences out of the Blue Book IV, and then sing - There is love.

    And anybody can come up and commit. I'm committing as an apostle, some commit as a servant and a handmaid, some commit as an Apostle of the Eucharistic Heart, some people commit as an associate. Whatever you are you can come up and if you want to. But Jesus likes it when we come up, just to do it if you want to.



Messenger:    Jesus wants us to read this message


October 4, 2005 click



Excerpt from October 13, 2001 message

Messenger:          Father Carter's dream that some day soon
                                the Sacred Heart of Jesus would be
                                the King and Center of all hearts.

                            Fr Carter prayed for the Reign of the Sacred Heart
                                that summer of 1994 and the
                                triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart.

                            We are intercessors.
                            We were trained by Our Lord and Our Lady of
                                Fatima in the Americas to pray
                                so deeply united to the Mass with
                                consecrated hearts.

                            Do you believe there will be peace?
                            Do you believe all men will love God
                                with their whole heart, their whole
                                soul and their whole being?

end of excerpt from October 13, 2001 message



October the 13th, 1996

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October 13 - October 17


Retreat is dedicated to the Rosary

                    October 14, 2005    Joyful

                    October 15, 2005    Light

                    October 16, 2005    Sorrowful

                    October 17, 2005    Glorious


Mass  - October 13    - 12:00 noon China time

            October 14    - 1:00 China time

            October 15    - 12:00 noon China time

            October 17    - 9:30 a.m. China time


Special day of prayer

        October 17 also

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