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October 18, 2008

October 19th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 3 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for October 19th are Luminous.


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October 18, 2008

               Jesus: My way is love —

                My way is truth —

                My way is joy —

                My way is obedience —

                My way in the Shepherds of Christ is to
                    help renew the Church and the
                    world —

                My gifts have been abundantly given —

                My love I tell you in My

                I am peace

                I came —

                I took flesh for love of you

                You are to walk in My footprints —
                    to walk in love —

                You are to give of yourselves
                    in your vocation in love
                    of Me and others

                A bitter man
                lives a bitter life — he spreads

                Why — because he will not deal with
                    his bitter heart —

                A man - open - giving
                    gives in love —
                    love fills Him as I dwell in Him

                I am love —

                A man controlling is never free —
                    He can control and that can become
                    a god to him — if he does not
                    control he cannot schedule

                he cannot seek his dominance over
                    every one — a fault from the

                A just man seeks God's will

                His heart is for loving

                He is soft and supple

                He is focused on God and others —

                He lives to do God's will —

                The more you control for your agenda
                    the more rigid you become

                A beautiful woman was locked in a
                    high tower by a mean ogre of
                    a man —

                When asked by a towns group why
                    she was held hostage the man
                    simply answered —
                    I am in charge — ask me not —

                The woman in the tower spent days
                    still being loving in her confinement —
                    she was love

                    The man became more bitter, hard,
                angry, mean and dark

                    Locking up your heart of love
                to live your life of agenda and
                control is like this



                The person was made in My image and
                likeness — made for loving —
                And yet because they listen to satan
                because of old wounds they can be
                like the angry man locking his
                heart in the tower

                    He becomes darker and darker

                    A person steeped in serving
                God, in love, is not controlling, their
                agenda is the will of God —

               R. How far does darkness go — ?

                    When Jesus appeared on the cross
                in China January 21, I saw the black
                behind Him get darker and darker and
                darker —


                    Where there was the most brilliant
                light of His body coming forth
                from the cross —

                    The darkness to the left of the
                cross was so black and became

               Jesus: Man is here on earth to know, love and
                    serve Me —

                My Movement exists to help renew
                    the Church and the world —

                I have given directions how to live —               

Luke 11: 47-54

'Alas for you because you build tombs for the prophets, the people your ancestors killed! In this way you both witness to what your ancestors did and approve it; they did the killing, you do the building.' And that is why the Wisdom of God said, "I will send them prophets and apostles; some they will slaughter and persecute, so that this generation will have to answer for every prophet's blood that has been shed since the foundation of the world, from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah, who perished between the altar and the Temple." Yes, I tell you, this generation will have to answer for it all.' Alas for you lawyers who have taken away the key of knowledge! You have not gone in yourselves and have prevented others from going in who wanted to.' When he left there, the scribes and the Pharisees began a furious attack on him and tried to force answers from him on innumerable questions, lying in wait to catch him out in something he might say.


               Jesus: You can try to kill the prophet's
                    body, but killing the message
                    will get you where you are —

                People say they follow Me and they are
                    not obeying My commandments —
                    where you hold a hand full of
                    sand — soon your hand is
                    empty —

                Controlling for yourself is like
                    holding a hand of sand

                The emptiness comes and then the
                    darkness follows —
                    be not shriveled like the man
                    without life —

                Like the shriveled fig tree

                Life is in Me


January 16, 2008 Rosary

  Glorious Mysteries


Jesus: It is just a short time, it is just a short time that you are here and your life passes in petty pace, from day to day to day.

Our Father

Jesus: Death - Resurrection — Death - Resurrection — the barren land, the barren trees that in spring turn to trees that are green and filled with fruit. Death - Resurrection. Night - Day. How many days have you seen that were not preceded by night? And what is the lesson for you, but that I have placed you, the wounded children of Adam and Eve on this earth that you would learn the lesson that the Father wishes to teach you.

R. For Faith, Hope and Charity


The Resurrection

1. Jesus: For My Might is the Might of God. And you see in such little details and yet you are put here on this earth to grow in greater perfection. Death - Resurrection.

2. R. And we look at Jesus and He hung on the cross to His death. The seed - the New Adam, and Mary stood beneath the cross. But the time was the time that He endured according to the Father's plan, the hours of His agony till He breathed His last breath. He gave the last beat of His Heart and the last drop of His blood. Isn't death like that for all of us? For we are placed here on this earth and we do not know, in dying a natural death, when exactly it will happen — waiting, waiting all through our life. How do we deal with the realization of knowing that some day that death will occur and that we will go to some place?

3. R. Are we not always really aware of the fact that the plant withers and dies, that the trees go into dormancy in the winter and come forth in green foliage in the spring, that after the night follows the day. Is it not for us to realize that this is the plan of the Creator, that we are born into this world, that we have a wounded human nature, that we are taught by imperfect people how to live from generations past and we see at the time of Noah how He flooded the earth because so many had become so contaminated and it was not the loving thing to allow this contamination to continue. Is is not always about this in salvation history that God calls man to obedience and man can choose to obey or to do his own will. Is it not that Adam and Eve wanted to be equal to God. Death - Resurrection.

    Christ came and He took our sins upon His back, all of the dysfunction in which man committed the most evil acts of hurting others and lying about it, the denial of the alcoholic whose whole family suffers day in and day out, while he refuses to recognize because of the Merry-Go-Round of denial, his own problem, blaming others for his own condition, while they all are subject to learned survival tactics in the terrible dysfunctional home and in abuse. In alcoholism where the one controls forcing all to do the dance — force, force, force — that they will rule with dysfunctional ways while others in fear are forced as little children. While Mary Jo and James learned to give and take and to love, learned about the family meal and how they all shared — John and Karen watched a battleground of dominance at every meal for it was a time of vulnerability when one wished to enjoy with others and the food was thrown around. What does God give to us at His Eucharistic table — a meal of His love, giving to us His Body and Blood to nourish us that there will be peace in this world. Even after the Resurrection, He gave to them a meal to enjoy.

4. R. But there is darkness and light, there is tension and accord, there is anger and peace, there is hatred and love, there is selfishness and selflessness. There is focusing on the Father's vision always as God has asked us to do in the Shepherds of Christ to help to bring about the Reign of the Sacred Heart and the triumph of Mary's heart in which there will be this tremendous era of love. And it is that the devil will come to force to try to push, to cause disharmony, hatred, anger, force — force is such a thing that they have all kinds of rules for sexual harassment. Today in offices and for homes that people will be protected against the forces of others, and if violation occurs they deal with the law or someone going to a job wanting to just help with the books may end up being sexually harassed in the process of filing orders.

5. R. And so I speak to you of the family that I see of the mother and the father rooted in love, respect for one another, bringing forth children as olive plants around the table, taking them to church together that they can share in the Eucharist and the First Holy Communion recognizing that God has created them — male and female. And Mary is the highest human creature conceived without sin. St. Catherine of Siena in her vital role in the Church in dealing with the pope, the gifts of the women that God called, as Mary to teach of the love and tenderness of her heart.

    It was Mary that Jesus left with the 12 Apostles and He ascended into heaven. It was Mary that was with the Apostles when the Holy Spirit came upon them and they were transformed from fear to fearlessness. It was Mary that God chose as the means to come into this world. It is Mary that is the Spiritual Mother of all of the children of this entire world. It is Mary that appeared in rainbow color on the building in Clearwater because God the Father allowed her to be there. It is Mary, that is Mother of the Church, so that the Church will bring forth the children. It is because of women that children have come forth from their wombs to propagate the earth. God picked Mary so that the children of this earth would have a sinless Spiritual Mother.

6. R. How tenderly Father Carter saw himself as a man so much like Jesus, held in the arms of Mary that in all of his holy cards, there were numerous holy cards of Mary, holding the Child Jesus, Mary so big, Jesus a baby. That's how Fr. Carter told me he saw himself, a little baby in the arms of Mary. To him that displayed his manlihood the most, his relationship with the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. And at his death in his chair crumbled up in his hand, he held a holy card as he did so often of Mary holding the Child Jesus, for as he left this earth, he saw himself, not as a big macho man, but as a baby in the arms of Mary.

7. R. And He gave to the priests this great gift of being able to celebrate the Mass — Jesus the chief priest and victim and His precious priests. He gave this gift and from the cross He gave to us Mary our Spiritual Mother.

8. R. Jesus, our Savior, our Redeemer — the Holy Spirit, our Friend, our Counselor, our Lover working in that spousal relationship with Mary bringing us forth more and more in the image of Jesus, children of light, the Holy Spirit so united to Mary.

9. R. And the life of Christ as we meditate on the Mysteries of the Rosary and we start with the Annunciation — we start with Mary and the angel and Jesus and we go to the Visitation and we see Mary and Elizabeth and know that John the Baptist comes from this barren woman. Elizabeth carries the baby, John the Baptist, the one called to prepare the way of the Lord. And the Birth of Jesus, Mary brings forth the Christ Child. It is from the womb of Mary that Jesus comes forth. It is from her body that the Sacred Heart of Jesus is formed. It is from the body of Mary that Christ received the blood in His veins. Mary through her body gives the physical life to her Son as He lives within her body. God gives to us the woman Mary.

10. R. It was Mary that was conceived sinless. It was Mary that was full of grace, Mary the woman that God chose.


R. Mary Mother, Mary Virgin, Mary conceived without sin, Mary Mother of the Divine God, Mary Singular Vessel of Devotion, Mary Mediatrix of all grace. It is when women lose their respect that we are not recognizing the tremendous role that God has given to Mary as Mother of the Savior. Mary, who within her womb, the body of Jesus was formed.


The Ascension

1. R. And I never shriek from seeing how God shows to us His Power and His Might in His transforming gifts as in the Transfiguration. Seeing the gift that God gave in John the Baptist baptizing Jesus and the heavens opened above and said "This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, listen to Him." And those words were so similar at the Transfiguration and yet the Apostles slept in the garden.

   While Jesus was sweating His blood, they were over there sleeping and He said to them, "Can you not watch and stay awake with me?" And they just kept on sleeping and He asked them three times to watch, but they did not listen to Him. Many times they did not listen to Christ and He walked by their side, and He talked in their face and He taught them but they did not listen. Men of their ways when He told Peter to wash His feet, Peter says "Wash me all over." When Peter told Him "You could get killed" He said "Get behind me satan." When Peter was walking on the water, he doubted and he began to fall in, the pride of men.

    The pride of Adam and Eve we see in the garden. The jealousy of Cain we see as he spilled the blood of his brother. Even after he was warned that satan is lurking at your door but you can be his master, he just didn't listen, did he? God speaks and we don't listen. Judas, the betrayer, the one that should have been listening to what Jesus was saying, had his own agenda, so much to the point, where he would betray Him for 30 pieces of silver, and hang himself in the end. But he did not listen when he could have listened, when he could have loved, when he walked right next to Christ. When Jesus called him, satan tempted him like Eve in the garden, "You can do you own plan." Sneaky - sneaky — that sneaky stuff, the devil.

    Jesus is light. Can you image what it would be like, just think of this, to have your head all beat up like Jesus did. The head is so important to a man. And God allowed them to crown Him with thorns, and to beat His head and allow His eyes to bleed and swell shut. Our face is so important to us. But He withstood that for our sins. What do we do to save our face? What negative tape do we listen to in our head that says "And you should do this to save your face because you are what's important."

    And yet, we are all going to stand there and we are going to give an account of all these days - today and yesterday and the day before. We can't go back and take those days and change them. They've already been recorded in our book of life. When God said "Make me a garden and let the fruit flow" — did we go out and bury our minutes and our hours on the thistles and rocks and what came forth was nothing. As for others - some buried their fruit, and others brought forth fruit for the Kingdom. Every minute of every day we will have an accounting for, and although we have been violated by others, how we wound others is our responsibility.

2. Hail Mary

3. R. And they went out near the town of Bethany and they watched their beloved Jesus as He ascended into the sky and a cloud took Him out of sight. Why in our little feeble ways, in which we have really so little power, do we not recognize the glory of these Glorious Mysteries that God in His omnipotence is showing us His Might and His Power, that they locked Him in a tomb and that He was dead in there, for three days, and He came forth with His glorified body. That to me shows the Power of God, Mary appearing in Clearwater shows me the Power of God. When I was doing the dance around the Holy Spirit Center and getting kicked out 3 times in a row and thinking of the survival that was going on there — God was saying to me, "Fear not, I'm near you, keep doing what I am saying."

    And the people of combat wear themselves out, whereas the meek hearts are the hearts of peace that go on and on. They may suffer, they may bob up and down on the wavy ocean or water, but they don't wear themselves out like the one that goes through the constant turmoil of fighting within — fight, fight, fight. It is peace to be doing God's will even in suffering. It is peace to have a meek heart like Christ. And we wear ourselves out with the anger that beats at us, like the angry sea that I saw just tear the coast away — just kept beating at it and beating at it and beating at it until finally there was hardly anything left. But it is the angry sea, the combating person that wears themselves down, whereas the person that is enduring the combat, like Christ, goes on and on and comes forth from the tomb, glorious. Sacred Heart of Jesus meek and tender of Heart, make our hearts likened to Thine.

    What ends up happening is the more that we let that anger grow, which grows because of the time involved and the generations of how fierce it was, it comes in different size cans — the more the anger grows, the more it grows. Because anger like that, that is destroying ourselves and others is working havoc on our heart and our soul. It is a pressure inside on the organs, on the vessels.

    And it is not with a stone heart that the Holy Spirit can move in there, the angry heart, the hateful heart. The Holy Spirit is God, God is love. You cannot hate and love at the same time.

4. Jesus: I am light. I am light. The Holy Spirit is come in the hearts of those that are open to transform them more and more into My instruments of love that the fire of God's love will be seen as a light throughout the whole world. And the devil comes to take the angry ones by deception to lead them more and more into an explosive force, of controlling others, controlling the weak ones, for their own vain glory.

5. R. And He ascended into heaven and a cloud took Him out of sight. And the Apostles were afraid and they hid themselves in the upper room and there they remained praying with the Virgin Mary, praying - for the Holy Spirit would soon come upon them and transform them from fear to fearlessness. God is with us always, the Might of God is always there. Every day we see that light follows the dark night. Every day we see that the green comes out in spring after the barren trees. Many of the birds go somewhere and come back in the spring — flowers come back that you thought were dead. God shows us His Might. Jesus came forth from the tomb - that shows the Might of God, the transforming action, the power of His grace that good will rule over evil.

6. Hail Mary

7. Hail Mary

8. Hail Mary

9. R. Now look at the houses, wherein one house the husband and wife were loving and teaching the children of settling conflict, of sharing, of having confidence of expressing themselves — in the other house it was dominated by anger and control and violence — in another house where the home was that of love and the family was raised in great holiness, another house they was split up, the child lived with the mother. The husband may have left for another woman, but there was agony in the heart to deal with such a loss.

    And then we are all thrown into the same pot, but God knows all of our wounds. It is what we do with our life that we will be held responsible for, not what was done to us but what we are doing today. And whatever was done to you or me or whoever else, we have all had our battles in some way, shape or form. But the free will is there and the evil influence is greater in some than others because of the sin and the generations past and the habits, likewise, the holiness, the practice of going to daily Mass and praying the rosary. We may have been victims long ago but what we do today to make others our victims, in all truth, will be revealed.

10. Hail Mary


The Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and the Virgin Mary

1. R. And I saw in that video on the Feast of the Epiphany what looked almost like a tongue of fire that was there and then it turned into like a red filter over the whole place, which I had never seen before because it was always variegated colors. And to me since Our Lord and Our Lady were appearing and the monstrance turned the next day — I thought Jesus was telling me how powerfully He was working in our work here to help to bring about the reign of His Sacred Heart, that the veil of His burning love as shown as a red light could cover the earth in a moment and set the world on fire with the fire of His love. But as long as we persist in not living in purity and holiness, we cease to do the mission of the Shepherds of Christ which is to call an order of servants and handmaids to help renew the religious orders and to live in great peace in unity and community for the purpose of prayer, love and peace.

2. R. The rule of the order is obedience and chastity.

3. R. And in the beginning God called these rosaries and said whenever the rosaries were done, there would be tremendous healing. And so I received the rosaries in the Red Rosary Book at the same moment that Mary appeared in rainbow color in Clearwater.

4. R. Corruption and healing, truth and lies, obedience and disobedience, holiness and rebelliousness. Eve wanted to be equal to God. The New Eve was the handmaid of the Lord.

5. R. Come Holy Spirit Come, and fill our hearts with the fire of God's love. Dear Holy Spirit as You came upon the Apostles at Pentecost, let us know more and more Your powerful love and Your grace working within us, to be purified to do this mission, to carry the light of God into the darkness. Always the vision of the Father is here, where others wanted it this way or that way or said this is how it should be, and that is how it should be — we would have had 2 people in China for that seemed like their way, or 4 in Florida. But it was not God's way, for the community existed for the community to grow and to prosper, to live in love and peace and joy, to eat, to giggle, to have happiness, to have the joy of this tremendous vocation that God has given to us and the blessings of spreading this renewal to the whole Church and the world and spreading the consecration which is the love of these Two precious Hearts.

    There is no force here, for a vocation is one willingly giving themselves to the service of God to promote peace, love and joy. It is a willingness that a child is not disobedient but obedient to their parents, for they know they should be, that a school child obeys the principal, that a priest obeys his bishop. It is not through force, coercion, anger — it is through the desire of the heart to live one's vocation that they know God wishes for them and has called them to serve Him in love and obedience as a handmaid of the Lord.

6. R. And in seeing our founder Fr. Carter, it was with the utmost seriousness that he obeyed the superiors over him, whether it was his provincial or his rector, and he never, ever, ever in all that he suffered, that may have been different than what he decided, ever said one discouraging word again any of his superiors. Never.

7. Jesus: It is to you I have called for My renewal in the religious orders and it is in your obedience and your willingness to give yourself from your heart, that you will experience the richest blessings of living in peace in your vocation.

8. Hail Mary

9. Hail Mary

10. Hail Mary


The Assumption

R. Jesus ascended into heaven. Mary, body and soul was taken into heaven. Mary is a woman, Mother of God, our Spiritual Mother.

1. R. Clouds are puffy, do you see them? Some clouds are dark, really, really, really dark — and some clouds are white, tinged with golden light that reflects on them. Some clouds are dark, dark, dark and some clouds are white tinged with golden light.

2. R. And He made the sun and He made the moon and He put the stars in the sky. And He gave us the rain to water the earth that there would be vegetation. And He gave us the animals and He made those tiny, tiny, tiny little creatures way down in the ocean, that most of us don't even know about, with such symmetry and beauty, that if we saw the tiniest little one under a microscope we would be in awe. And we think we know it all and really know so little in our limited human mind and God gives to us this tremendous sharing in His knowing and loving capacity through Baptism so that we can understand insight into the Divine Mysteries, understanding more and more into the Trinity and yet our eyes are still veiled and as we go to Him we can be as children that are opening up their eyes because we're focusing on the love or we can spend our whole life being in a combat zone, fighting and fighting, and never really resting in Him at all — not really resting in that revelation in love that He wants to outpour.

    That is what satan wants, satan wants us to stay stuck. And we had these people of light, like Abraham, who was so willing that he took his son, Isaac, to the altar because it was God's will. And because he obeyed his descendents were as numerous as the stars in the sky. And Joseph, who was such a light, his brothers who were so jealous just threw him right down into a cistern to die, because they were jealous. Why not? And Aaron was jealous of Moses. And Cain so jealous of Abel that he slew him.

    God has given to us His Holy Word in the Scriptures. And we know that the world was so corrupt at the time of Noah that He allowed the earth to be flooded and spared Noah and his family. Clear Water — she appeared in Clearwater. And the building is set on rock. For there was a sinkhole right under the image, a sinkhole under the rainbow image. Hum?

3. R. Do you really think that anything is an accident in God's plan?

4. R. Wouldn't it be far better to quit the playing the negative — "you can't do it" — angry tapes that satan wants put out on satan's records. Wouldn't it be far better to quit playing those tapes that have been passed on from generations past and put in the good one, the one that says "Mary is appearing to us, Mary has given to us so many gifts over the years. Jesus is with us here." What about this deep knowledge of the Trinity. Can I think more about the embrace of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart? Can I think about how I can pray more deeply during these Retreats on the 13ths and the 5ths so that great grace will be released for the souls, for the priests and the Church and the world and all the work that we've been doing for 14 years. Or should I just put in those old satan tapes, satan's LP's.

5. R. Anger is a force and when one is angry they expect results.

6. R. I saw the hurricanes that ravaged Florida after the image head was knocked off. Boy, the signs were just torn apart to shreds and it took forever to put those signs back there - roofs were ripped off, houses destroyed, but very few people were killed. What happens when an angry storm goes raging through a little town?

7. R. Well I know this, they had a lot of repair to do from that. And it took a long time and I still saw blue roofs forever.

8. R. Signs all over were destroyed and for some reason it took them forever to put those signs back. It seems like the buildings could be restored quicker than all those signs, It just looked awful. Signs were destroyed.

9. Hail Mary

10. Hail Mary


R. It is not that you were the victim. It is that you have made others your victim and failed to take responsibility, while you were here for such a few years on this earth. It is that you have been called to proceed in light. And the Might of the Almighty God can transform the hardest hearts. For what is it that you were promised in the promises made to Margaret Mary?


The Queenship of Mary

1. R. I almost feel like there is nothing to say for this is what we have lived our life for. To help Jesus to be the King and Center of the hearts and Mary the Queen of her children's hearts on heaven and earth.

2. Mary: And I come to you as Mary your Mother, and I appear to you over and over and over again and you do not listen, as you have not listened to my Son Jesus. And your lives have become more and more miserable as you try to force your imperfections and hateful ways. And my Son cries to you, "Oh child how short indeed is your life, the dropping of a pin and it has ended." And the days were all put on record, one after one after one. My Son has called these retreats in this center to pray for the priests and the Church and the world and this is your focus. But satan will come in the weakest link to block the prayer that He has asked for over and over again. But where it was one day, it has turned into four, and a month and the next month. Do you not even see the increase of the anger that works against His plan? Where do you think you will end up in the end? For this mission is for renewal, not for anger.

3. Mary: This mission is for harmony and love. I am the Queen of Peace and I have asked you to spread the love of Our Two Hearts to the entire world — not in jealousy, not in envy, or for self-promotion but for selfless love for the sake of souls.

4. Mary: Death-Resurrection. God is all Powerful. Night follows day and day follows night. Barren trees soon bring forth the buds of spring. God is all powerful. God has given to you a calling to spread the light to the darkened world. Satan does not wish you to do this. Satan does not want the prayer services for prayer for focus of loving God and helping to make reparation to Our Two Hearts. When will you ever learn and where does the journey end?

5. Mary: I am Mary your Mother and I have called you to my Immaculate Heart that the Holy Spirit can help you to heal, but in pride, hatred and anger you will not be able to stay.

6. Mary: Did you ever see a candle, my children, one with a beautiful light? And you were there absorbed in the light, the happiness, the glow of it all. And in walks a man with a snuffer and he snuffs out the light on the candle and there you sit in darkness. How many times when the light has burned within your heart and the Holy Spirit has said to you, "Open up that I can fill you with the fire of God's love" you said, "Oh no, come on in man with the snuffer, put me out."

7. Mary: In control and darkness, manipulation and untruths there is no happiness. In hatred and anger and envy and jealousy there is no happiness. And no matter how you try it will not be turned into a happy day until you let go of the deep-seated psychologically damaging anger from long ago.

8. Mary: And my Son set the Shepherds of Christ out on the seas and the winds came and it rocked and it rocked. And no matter what came against it, it kept rocking, but it stayed right there — strong, supple, loving, a light in the darkness. When you come against this vessel you will know that for 14 years it withstood the rocking but He moved it into Clear Water.

9. Mary: And the devil came and he rocked and he rocked and he rocked and it did him no good, soon he was removed from the bow.

10. Hail Mary


Mary: Many are called, but few are chosen and to you this great gift has been given. Many are called and few are chosen and to you this great gift has been given as a gift from God. Not to be abused or used or for your own self-glory but to be an instrument to help bring to completion the mission I began at Fatima. This is serious. It is for this reason that I have appeared and that Jesus has appeared to stand behind the messages given while the devil rocks at the bow.

Hail Holy Queen

The Memorare

R. Mary and Jesus sent me here to deliver this message.



Given January 22, 2008

                    God is the ultimate mystery

                    Other and transcendent

                    unless He chooses to reveal Himself to us.

                The mystery of God is the gift of knowing
                    Him more intimately in our soul —
                    It is the need to let go and let God as
                        He reveals to me His truths —
                        knowledge of Himself

                    I am not sterile, dry, and inactive —
                        I am acted on by God —

                    I am a vessel waiting His favor —
                        I am not controlling Him —
                        It is God who leads the dance
                        It is God who is the initiator
                        It is God who is the bridegroom
                            of my soul
                        Oh God You are the initiator
                        I am the soul waiting your
                            favors —

                        I am the empty vessel

                        I have focused on perfection
                            not given into imperfections
                            as jealousy, pride, anger,
                            envy, seeking dominance for
                            dominance sake

                Where satan presses on in discord —
                    I am embraced in the pure and
                    holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary

                Why with dark shadows
                    around me — do I choose

                because it is light and love that
                makes me happy —
                It is for love I was created
                It is in heaven we love
                In heaven — we are full of grace

                A snow came over night and the roads
                    were blocked — so thick was
                    the white snow - that the
                    road was impassible

                Mary Lou looked out and she saw so
                    early — she could not move on
                    the road

                At 7:00 a snow plow came and
                    cleared the street —

                No matter how Mary Lou may have
                    attempted to leave — the snow
                    was impassible and she couldn't
                    go on the road.

                Mary Lou had to wait on the snow

                The Holy Spirit can come and
                    move the debris if we let Him —
                    If we are full of bad, hidden habits —
                    anger, bitterness, envy, lust,
                    jealousy, pride, seeking
                    dominance for dominance
                    sake and

                We try to think our way out of it —

                It may very well be like the cogged
                    street — impassible —
                    God gives us grace to love Him —
                    God gives us grace to forgive
                    God gives us grace to run on
                        the slipperiest slope and
                        not break a leg —
                        Controlling and trying to
                        force others to change around
                        us - when we are the ones who need to
                        change and be healed by God's grace
                        may be the only way to work
                        with others if we are the problem


                Invention — after World War II man
                    began more and more to see himself
                    as his own Master — secularism —
                    I can control anything — the mind
                    is my god — some very strongly

                Where men early in the century lived
                    focused on the Sacred Heart of Jesus —
                    displaying pictures of the Two Hearts —
                    more and more the pictures were
                    removed from many walls —
                    out of reach —
                    out of mind —

                Had God become more distant —
                God does not change

                Man had — many men focused on
                    themselves as god — called
                    secularism —

                I believe this is a chastisement since
                    we did not follow more
                    Mary's request of Fatima —

                The bridegroom comes —
                    the guests are focused on sports and

                The bridegroom is focused on the Plan
                    of the Father —
                    The Marriage at Cana

                    The gift of the Eucharist —
                    The bridegroom focuses on - love —
                    Love of God
                    Love of each other —

                This is the greatest commandment —
                God tells us to love with our whole
                    heart —
                    our whole soul —
                    our whole being and
                    love our neighbor as ourselves

                It is unacceptable in some circles to
                    talk about God —

                How could sinful man leave out God —
                    Without God in their minds — they
                        can do it their way —
                        they may reason
                        "Who is God anyway telling
                            me what to do — my parents
                            tried to do that — I fought
                            them until I moved out"

                        "Nobody tells me what to do —
                            even God"

                When others were living life in one
                    accord with God's rule — those with
                    an attitude as above (the quote above)
                    were being counseled by the
                    devil to disobey God's rule and
                    be very rebellious —

                I learned through 16 years of messages
                    how Powerful God is and when he
                    leads the dance — I can dance
                    the night away —

                A cookie jar, can be like the fruit
                    tree in the garden — if mom says —
                    Joie stay out of the cookie
                    jar —

                How many stories about Adam and
                    Eve do we need — if we realize
                    the justice of God and how the
                    whole human race suffered
                    for the sin of Adam and Eve —

                    I suffer today — I have a tainted
                human nature

                Never will I be happy giving into
                    anger and envy and pride — discord —

                Some say "Don't tell me nothing
                    God — I am autonomous — I don't
                    need directions from God — I am
                    an adult —"

                Leave me alone God —
                I don't need your way"

                    When Jesus appeared to me in the mural
                over the altar in China — light was on
                Him — like a bolt of lightening coming


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                First I saw this light as if it came
                    upon Him, His whole body shown
                    lighted — so brightly, but it was
                    as if a light came as a beam from
                    the direction shown — from

                LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT

                Jesus spoke through me then —

                Then the blackest, black around
                    the left arch particularly the
                    left side

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                In the moments of seeing the intensity
                    of the vision —
                    the message written on my soul
                        at that point

                "This is my beloved Son, in whom
                    I am well pleased, listen
                    to Him"

                When Jesus appeared December 5, 1996 on
                    the cross — the message
                    "I have been ignored"
                    "No one is listening"

                Jesus' mouth was moving at the point of death —

                God puts people in our lives today —
                    this time, this minute, this hour —
                    to help —

                He died for them
                He gave His life
                He shed His Blood —

                Now its our turn to be His instruments
                    January 22, 2008 and
                    we say
                    "Yes, Lord, I come to do your will"


                "No Lord I am angry —
                I have been wronged
                I want to be in that black part —
                I will be the block to the troubled

                When you taught me — I didn't
                    listen — I focused on myself —
                    I pressed on others for the devil
                    to see how I could block
                    their light

                I had my own agenda in the Church
                    you gave for this message — to press
                    down and hurt the ones praying —

                    God I am angry
                    I am selfish and
                    I am dark"

                And Jesus says —
                    How dark is hell?
                    How black?

                    Perpetual anger — you never
                        knew perpetual disharmony,
                        perpetual darkness —
                        fighting —
                        hatred —
                        never love

                Absence of any love
                Absence of goodness
                Absence of mercy
                FIRE of hell

                Jesus: Oh I am a just God —
                    I call for obedience
                    I command love
                    I give these retreats to empower
                        others to carry out My
                        work —

                    You fight Me

                R. So I know now the embrace of the
                Two Hearts — the fire of Jesus' love —
                the great love of the Sacred Heart and
                Immaculate Heart united

                    Love to set the whole world

                    Love to bring peace
                    Not the fallacious reasoning
                        satan uses

                The truth in our hearts from
                    the Holy Spirit impelling us to love.

                The sweetness of love —
                The kindness of love —
                Obeying the commandment to love —
                Being where God wants us
                    NOW — being instruments
                    of love — not darkness —
                    instruments for God

                LOVE — LOVE — LOVE

                My Movement exists to spread LOVE
                    I AM LOVE
                    think of the early plagues —
                    They wanted power for themselves
                        The desert can bring forth fruit —
                            You must believe





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