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October 20, 2009

October 21st Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 3 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for October 21st are Sorrowful.


Please pray for an
urgent intention.



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October 20, 2009


                Today's Readings


Romans 5: 12, 15b, 17-19, 20b-21

Well then; it was through one man that sin came into the world, and through sin death, and thus death has spread through the whole human race because everyone has sinned.

    ...If death came to many through the offence of one man, how much greater an effect the grace of God has had, coming to so many and so plentifully as a free gift through the one man Jesus Christ!

It was by one man’s offence that death came to reign over all, but how much greater the reign in life of those who receive the fullness of grace and the gift of saving justice, through the one man, Jesus Christ. One man’s offence brought condemnation on all humanity; and one man’s good act has brought justification and life to all humanity. Just as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by one man’s obedience are many to be made upright.

But however much sin increased, grace was always greater; so that as sin’s reign brought death, so grace was to rule through saving justice that leads to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Psalm 40: 7-8, 9-10, 17

    then I said, ‘Here I am, I am coming.’ 

In the scroll of the book it is written of me, 
    my delight is to do your will; 
your law, my God, 
    is deep in my heart. 

I proclaimed the saving justice of Yahweh 
    in the great assembly. 
See, I will not hold my tongue, 
    as you well know. 

I have not kept your saving justice locked in the depths of my heart,
    but have spoken of your constancy and saving help. 
I have made no secret of your faithful and steadfast love, 
    in the great assembly.

Poor and needy as I am, 
    the Lord has me in mind. 
You, my helper, my Saviour, 
    my God, do not delay.


Luke 12: 35-38

    ‘See that you have your belts done up and your lamps lit. Be like people waiting for their master to return from the wedding feast, ready to open the door as soon as he comes and knocks. Blessed those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes. In truth I tell you, he will do up his belt, sit them down at table and wait on them. It may be in the second watch that he comes, or in the third, but blessed are those servants if he finds them ready.







Messages received by

Rita Ring




17 Years Ago





Blue Book I

Blue Book II

Blue Book III

Blue Book IV

Blue Book V

Blue Book VI





                      April 2, 1992

                      R. Dear Jesus,

                            I am so happy to have you in my
                       heart. Thank you for this day and the sunshine,
                       thank you for helping me give my life to you and bringing
                       me to this point in my life. Thank you for
                       the trials that has brought me closer to
                       You and teaching me how to love more. Jesus,
                       I give you my will and my life,  I give you
                       what I am and I ask you to run my
                       life, please what ever happens
                       I surrender to you running my life.

                            Please Jesus help me to know the
                       way of life you call me to. Help me surrender to what
                       ever you want me to do. I will let you
                       run the show. I am going to do what you want,
                       I know today I was to go to All Saints
                       and spend this time with you.

                            Thank you for your relationship,
                       Thank you for the Holy Spirit and my
                       heavenly mother, thank you for real
                       joy which I now feel in my heart.
                       Thank you for the image of the
                       wall of rocks and the door for me
                       to walk through.

                            That was my image from you, at that point
                        seeing the gray rocks oh so close like a
                        wall and a door, you were taking me to a
                        new beginning in my life — a life of
                        surrendering and realizing that you are
                        running my life. What is for today? I do your will.
                        That is what is to be. I am
                        filled with Your love and Your joy as I
                        walk through this door into surrender
                        with you — on the other side there are
                        still rocks, but they are not closing in
                        they are opening up and the light, as the
                        warm sun is now seen atop the
                        rocks and my body is warm and secure in
                        Your love. You oh my Lord are in
                        the driver's seat. I walk through that door.
                        My relationship with you is alive and new,
                        and I surrender and walk through the door.
                        I have a deep relationship with
                        my children and my close friends — they
                        are there, all around me — I Lord Jesus
                        walk through the door — the rocks
                        open up and I am not closed in anymore,
                        but I can always look up and see the
                        opening and the sky. You are in the
                        driver's seat, you are rowing my
                        boat and driving my car, though I
                        tread in raging waters, I do not
                        need to be afraid, you are there with
                        your rod  and your staff and you comfort
                        me, I am not afraid, your warmth
                        and your love is always there, I am
                        secure, I am your child, I am
                        protected and held and you will stand
                        for me, you will say, she is indeed my
                        child, I love her, she is mine.
                        She is my child.

                        Jesus:  I will never forget you,
                        I will not leave you orphaned, I
                        will hold your hand and lead you.
                        You dwell in My Heart at this moment.
                        Die to the old ways not likened to
                        Me — to live a deeper life of
                        resurrection in Me.  I am here and I am
                        still in your heart. My love for you is
                        real, I will not abandon you. I
                        will nurture you and prune you and
                        watch you grow in my light, I
                        will be your light, you will
                        not flicker or fade, but be constantly aglow
                        with the light of my love, I am ever
                        present in your heart. Reach out and
                        touch my heart, it is warm and alive
                        and beating for you, know you are loved
                        child. No earthly person can give this
                        love to you. Look up and see the heaven and
                        count the stars if you can, your
                        life will be even brighter, brighter
                        than all the stars.  Bathe yourself
                        in my love and know it is constant and
                        there for you, I am your God — you
                        shall have no Gods before me, nothing
                        can compare to this love, I give to you.
                        Do not turn to the world, I will provide
                        you with nurturing and love, with
                        peace and joy, do my work and be attentive
                        to the voice within you, it is there and
                        you must constantly listen, you will
                        know when I am talking to you —
                        listen my child, I do not slumber or
                        sleep, I am attentive to your needs
                        and I love you, I will strengthen and
                        protect you always. Jesus died
                        upon the Cross, Christ arose from
                        the dead and you too will live a deeper
                        life of resurrection in Me. You are through the
                        door, surrender to Me. Listen to
                        my directions and carry them out, I am in
                        your life, I am in your heart, I am He
                        who comforts you, do not, my child,
                        be afraid, walk in the confidence
                        of knowing I your God walk
                        before and with you every step
                        of the way. I am he who comforts and walks
                        with you. I love you, I love you, Jesus


                            April 16, 1992 - Holy Thursday

                            R. We cannot close the door on the past, we are a product
                                    of the past, it is shutting the door on ourselves,
                                    We can only grow if we accept the past and
                                    learn from it.

                                As in a business, the boss looks back and sees
                                    how he did it before and tries to improve it.
                                    He would never close the door on past
                                    interactions and start everything new.
                                    He can only build on the past so
                                    the company can grow.

                                So too with our lives, we must look to our
                                    past and embrace it to know it well,
                                    it is the key to our happiness and growth.

                                We need both sides of our brain to live
                                    a balanced life one side is the
                                    thinking side and the other side is the
                                    feeling side and expressive side (expression of self),
                                    we need both sides in balance.

                            Jesus: I am the way, the truth and the life
                            no one comes to the Father except through Me.


The Our Father

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.


                            R. The truth shall set you free. I
                            am speaking the truth, lies are deception
                            and cause confusion and hurt. The truth is
                            that which we need to embrace and spread
                            to have happiness. Covering up of the truth
                            usually is not to our advantage. Covering up the action
                            to protect another person can be enabling them to
                            continue their lewd behavior. In
                            the light of truth — that which really
                            is, is brought to light and dealt with —
                            hiding the truth is what allows it to
                            go on. Say for example: in an alcoholic or
                            dysfunctional family you are not protecting the
                            person but enabling them to continue their problem.

                            Jesus: Be of a clean heart and you will not
                            have to cover things up — love one another and
                            try honestly to give each their just due and there
                            will be nothing to hide. All evils shall be brought
                            to light and all goods shall be revealed
                            in the day of reckoning. Fight a good fight
                            live a good life, love, be kind and be ever
                            attentive to the needs of those around you
                            and you will be blessed with ever lasting happiness.

                                For I say unto you, many are called
                            but few are chosen, it is up to you to follow
                            the path of right. You can do My will or reject
                            My will. My will is the WAY, the TRUTH and the
                            life. The way to a long lived happy life and to
                            experience life is through the truth. The truth
                            in all things. Do unto others as you would want
                            them to do unto you. Love one another and cherish
                            your precious moments you have together.

                                The gift of children are the great
                            gifts of all, in them is life and
                            love and innocence. Cherish these
                            years when they are young and teach them
                            honesty and truth at all cost, for you are
                            molding them to bear fruit. They are My
                            precious gifts to you to have and hold and teach.
                            Your example is the way you teach. Each
                            moment is precious to behold because when
                            it is over it is gone forever. More precious
                            than jewels are the moments of your lives
                            because you will only live the moment
                            now and it is gone forever.

                                Make each moment precious, by
                            loving one another. God is first always —
                            Before anything else — any other order is
                            OUT of ORDER and does not work —
                            any other ORDER is not God's order.
                            His life is simple — it is not confused,
                            it is simple LOVE AND TRUTH —
                            these are the jewels of each moment.
                            Do the will of God.

                                I am your God, you shall have
                            no other gods before me — not WEALTH,
                            FOOD, SEX, DRINK, I am your God
                            and I am first when I am first, I give you
                            everything necessary to live. You are working
                            for Me, I will work in you, I will make
                            your life work, you let go and know I
                            am your captain. I love you and I know
                            what you need to make you happy. I
                            have your best interest at heart. Trust
                            in Me and come to Me and make your
                            ways, My ways. I love you more than
                            any other human person could love you.
                            I love you with My Divine Love. I am your
                            God and you are My precious creation, I
                            made you to love Me and love My other
                            children, do this and I will bless you with
                            peace. I am your God and I love you, forever,
                            every moment in every trial and in every tear.
                            I cried, I cried when Lazarus died. I wept
                            bitterly, I cried when I carried My cross
                            and felt betrayed and hurt, I created your
                            tears as a cleanser for you. A way to release
                            that which builds up in you.

                                I am your God, I hold your hand, I want
                            you to put your head in My lap and weep
                            and come to Me and tell Me of your joy,
                            I want you to be you, created by God, I am
                            there to listen and support and love you.
                            I am your best friend, and I love you more
                            than you can love yourself — trust Me with
                            your will and your life and I will make it
                            beautiful for you. Be happy and spread
                            your love to each other — the devil comes
                            with his lies. The devil says "You are not enough, you didn't
                            do enough, you can't do it." — I am your God, listen to Me
                            not the devil.  Believe in your life living
                            according to your vocation for My honor
                            and glory. Don't be jealous, angry, envious, mean
                            seeking dominance for dominance sake —
                            Don't be willful. Do God's will with love.
                            You were created by Me, I LOVE you
                            My precious child. 


 Good Friday 1992, April 17

                            R. Dear Jesus,

                                I am sorry for my sins. I am sorry you had to suffer for my sins. Thank you for coming to earth and taking on a little
                            baby body to save me and my family.

                            Thank you for your pain and your sorrow and your tears, Jesus. Thank you my God.

                                    Oh Jesus, my Savior —
                                    Thank you for giving me the gift of faith —
                                    I am your child, God!
                                    I give my will and my life to You.
                                    I want You to talk to me.
                                    I want to know how You want
                                        me to act.

                            Dear Father, thank You for creating me.

                            Dear Jesus, give me Your gentleness and Your love, Your compassion and help me to give myself for others.

                            I love You Jesus, I love You with my whole heart and my whole soul.

                            God is guiding me on the right path today.



May 2, 1992 - Saturday

R. My Dearest Jesus

Please help me to do your will — fill me with your love and goodness so I can give to others what you want me to give them.


Jesus:  You are My precious child, I love you every minute of the day. I am in you and I love you, I am in your heart — teach your children to love Me — teach them about the Eucharist — I am blessing you each in a special way. I love you and I will take care of you — I am there for you. I am your God. Ever present in your life, guarding you, watching out for you. I neither slumber or sleep. I am your God. I constantly watch out for you. I love you. We are to have harmony.




                            May 9, 1992


                                Though you walk in raging
                            waters  — you will not drown,
                            you are precious to Me,

                                Live your life in the joy of
                            Christ  — My light is within you
                            lighting your path,

                                feel My presence and My warmth
                            within you, I am here My daughter
                            My arms embrace you and
                            My touch is there for you,
                            I hold you.

                            R.  Dear Jesus

                            I am Your servant Lord, I give
                            You my will and my life  —
                            I surrender and ask Your forgiveness
                            for all my errors and ask You to
                            wipe away any hate and anger and
                            anxiety with Your spiritual
                            healing rays, I am here and I
                            feel Your rays in my heart
                            cleaning out my debris  —
                            please let me live in the now
                            in happiness and joy  —

                                Jesus, my Savior, Father, my Creator,
                            Holy Spirit my Sanctifier give to me
                            Your gifts of wisdom, knowledge,



                            May 23, 1992

                            R.  Jesus, Jesus hear my prayer, though I
                            walk in the valley of darkness You
                            are there with Your rod and Your staff
                            to comfort and love me  —

                            Jesus:  I will make the light shine
                            on you.

                                I am your God and you are My child,
                            My light is deep within you, know
                            it and experience this in your

                                I am your God, I will not leave
                                    you  —



                            Saturday 1992

                            R.  In 1992 I went to the Beach near Clearwater
                            with my children  — I drove up 19 from
                            Lido beach and went to a shopping center in
                            Realizing that I had lost my travelers checks
                            or they were back at the hotel, I left the two
                            oldest children (almost out of college) at the
                            movies and took the younger ones back to the hotel
                            on Lido Key.

                                That morning I had gone to Mass and
                            it was raining so we traveled North to
                            the Shopping Center when I missed my travelers

                                Well hurricane Andrew had hit and I thought I
                            wouldn't get off the key when I returned to the hotel  —
                            for they were closing the Key  —

                                When I finally got the older children
                            at the movies there were no cell phones  —
                            it was a gift from God The children were
                            only minutes away from where Mary's image
                            appeared 4 years later at 19 and Drew  —
                            the water in the parking lot at the movies was
                            up to and past my thighs and I had to walk
                            in this to rescue the older children (college age)

                                We then drove out literally with all
                            the other cars and the whole area was
                            water  — up to the bottom of my van
                            like driving in the ocean.

                                Earlier that week I had written this
                            message on the beach.



                            Saturday 1992

                            R.  I thought I smelled roses two times
                            last night and this morning, what it did
                            was make me feel honored and
                            important, I am honored.

                                I am not perfect, but I try to be good,
                            I am so lucky to be here and feel
                            the breeze and listen to the ocean.

                                I have You my sweet Jesus  —
                            I give You my life  — I have the
                            wonderfulness of these children
                            you allowed me to bring into the
                            world and share my life with them,
                            I am indeed blessed in so many ways,
                            You are my rock and My
                            strength, I am Your putty, I hope
                            when I am home, I can close my eyes
                            and come to this place in my
                            heart, the flowers, knowing Your life in me,
                            the mercy of God and yes oh yes all my
                            gifts  — this moment of love with my
                            children seeing each child's specialness
                            and loving the moments of being here
                            with them, Please God I pray to You to
                            send your special grace and love into
                            each soul and with Your precious blood
                            paint each soul with Your blood  —
                            solid and thick to know that we are free
                            from outside forces.  I denounce satan
                            in Your name Lord Jesus. You are my best
                            friend, Jesus, I love You so much  —
                            Jesus, Jesus help us all to be
                            holy  — Cast the devil far away
                            from my family and every
                            thing in this world  — God help
                            us to be holy  — Outpour Your
                            grace on my husband and
                            children and forgive us all for
                            anything we ever have done
                            to have unity and love and to be
                            a strong persons loving in our
                            Church and the world  —

                            Jesus, Jesus, I consecrate our
                            hearts as a family to You and to
                            Mary our Immaculate Mother.
                            Protect us from the evil one  —
                            help us to be joined hand and hand
                            in the hearts of Jesus and Mary  —
                            Let my family be so united to the
                            precious Hearts of Jesus and Mary to
                            ward off any evil attempts
                            against us and help us grow in
                            greater holiness.

                                Our strength and our courage is
                            from You dear Jesus and Mary and
                            through Your most loving hearts  —
                            Our love will endure in the hearts
                            of Jesus and Mary  — You, Lord, are
                            our strength  —

                                We ask for healing for any dysfunction  —
                            generational healing  — that love will
                            abound in the Hearts of Jesus and
                            Mary  — I ask for this healing so we
                            will be one in the Hearts of Jesus
                            and Mary  —

                                Our family dwelling in the
                            Hearts of Jesus and Mary  —

                                Help us all to go to heaven  —

                                Dear Father, I love You, My Divine
                            God hear my prayer  — help us to
                            be heirs of the kingdom  —

                                Oh most blessed Holy Spirit  —

                            I beg for the gifts of wisdom, understanding,
                            counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety,
                            and Fear of the Lord  — I beg to have
                            love in our family  — Holy Spirit  —
                            the fire of God's love.

                            Holy Spirit shower on my family Your
                            gifts  —

                            I want the fire of Your love over
                            all our heads  —
                            impart to us the fire of the tongues
                            of love  —

                            You gave Your gifts to the apostles  —
                            please Holy Spirit give them to my
                            family  — to the world.

                            Protect us from the fears of the world
                            hurting us with their errors.

                            Your love is Divine Love.

                            Your love is unending  —

                            Your love is everlasting  —

                            You my God

                            You my Savior

                            You Oh Holy Spirit

                            I know You never slumber or sleep  —
                            I know the very hairs of my head are
                            numbered, every freckle and white
                            spot counted and You care for me
                            with precious love  — You know
                            everything about me  —

                                You know the love of my heart  —
                            on fire for You and the love for each
                            child and the world  — a furnace that
                            is hot and a blaze with the fire of
                            Your love  —

                                Oh Holy Spirit  — I love  — I know
                            more Your understanding and Your wisdom,
                            Your counsel  — I want my heart to
                            be consumed with love  —

                                God help me to spread Your love
                            to the world  —

                                Fill me with Your grace  —

                                I am Your child, God

                                You love me with Divine Love  —

                                You are my strength

                                You have all the power,

                            I give You Lord Jesus, my will
                                and my life  —
                                I surrender to the fires of Your
                                    love  —

                            I give in  — Help me Jesus to let go
                                and let You run the show,
                                help me to let go to You, Jesus  —

                                I am Your putty.

                                You are my God.

                                heal me

                                put me in Your hands  —

                                let me feel Your presence with me.

                            Jesus says:

                                "Listen to my direction. I talk to
                            you. Write these letters every day
                            as you get up from bed.
                            A new letter every morning  —
                            my direction will be with you  —
                            new life  — I come to give you
                            new life.

                            You will have peace  —

                            Your children are guarded.

                            Your life will be directed by Me.

                            It will be easy for you to turn
                                your life over to Me.

                            I love you, I will not leave
                                you orphaned  — nor
                                your children  —

                            celebrate and know My gift
                                is at hand.
                                I am your God  —

                                                Jesus the Lord



                R. Everything that Jesus has taught me in 17 years
                and all of us is about prayer,
                is about life in Him,
                is about being a branch attached to the vine

                God wants us to help in the work of redemption,
                baptized Catholics are to live more deeply
                as members of the body of Christ

                I am the vine you are the branches


                May 17, 1992

                R. In my journal May 17, 1992 I wrote

                Dear Jesus,

                     Yesterday I had the image of the
                keys and Carol gave me a key with
                Jesus, Mary, and Joseph on it,
                the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

                    Today I had the image in the chapel
                of the brown door opened ever so
                slightly, dark inside with a
                chair in front of it.

                    Jesus: Remove the
                chair from the closed door My
                child, Let your light shine —
                Open the door — let yourself out
                to express your joy — take the chair away —
                the negative tapes

                R. I had a vision of a brown door
                yesterday a vision of keys


                You my child are strong and alive, you
                have tried harder to do more —
                look at yourself, open the door —
                go through the door — you
                are waiting to bloom as a bud
                ready to burst open with life.

                Your life — your potential is like a
                    seed that is ready to burst
                    its pod — it cannot be contained
                    any longer.

                    Open the door — let yourself out
                    use the key — the key is you — you
                    are strong — you are not dependent

                I am the way, the truth and the life,
                I am the light of life. I dwell in
                your heart. I live in you,
                I work in you, yes you have
                accomplished so much, I have been
                by your side, I am by your
                children's side, reach out and touch me, feel
                My presence in your soul, I am
                He who comforts you, do not be afraid and
                I say to you wait, listen, and you
                will be told what and how to do it.

I am talking to you now.  Readying you
for your journey, a journey into life —
you will know life as you never known it before and He brought a miracle
down on them and they were set free

                I am He who comforts you. I come
                to you in all your trials, I am with
                you, I am your God and I love you.
                Do not be afraid, I will be there for
                you, My most precious child.

                    R. I Lord want to do Thy will, please
                live in my heart, see with my eyes,
                touch with my hands and walk with
                my feet, I want to do Thy will. Love with
                your heart and listen with your ears.

                Jesus: I am he who comforts you —
                Be not afraid.


                Wednesday, May 18, 1992

                R. Dear Jesus,

                    Please help me this day to do thy
                holy will. This is a day you have
                created for me, it is unfolding
                I ask for you to mold me and my day
                I have a free will, I surrender to You God.
                I am your child please
                guide me and help me to do thy holy will
                I admit my powerlessness over this
                situation and I give you my will  and
                my life. The door stands open and
                I have moved the chair. I want
                to serve You. Here are my hands
                my heart, my eyes, my feet,
                my mouth, my life, hear me I
                am here to do thy holy will,
                please guide me and lead me and
                help me in every moment of this

                Jesus: You My child are a gift I give
                to this world, your smile, your
                warmth, your love, your compassion
                I give you as a bud ready to burst
                and be full and let all see your radiance
                and your beauty. Everyone smells
                the flower and looks at its beauty
                and is glad it is there, never to abuse
                or mistreat. You My child are
                special as a flower, never to be used
                or mistreated but to be enjoyed and
                respected. See yourself as a beautiful
                flower. Many are called, but few are
                chosen. You My daughter are
                one of My chosen ones. Remember
                yourself as a flower and a gift,
                people look at a gift and treat
                it with respect and you are My
                gift to these children and to the
                world, you are My gift to My
                other children, you are of
                value, of worth, of respect,
                they are given this gift
                I give them through you. You
                are a flower — ready to open
                and omit a fragrance, the fragrance
                comes from Me, I am the power
                where by you open and omit My
                love which is the fragrance —

                let Me use you — you are beautiful
                as the flower, great to behold and
                to have in their presence. You
                are special and they are favored by Me to have
                received such gifts. You have so
                much to give.

                I love you, you are My precious
                child and My precious flower — you
                are a door waiting to open and be
                your new life — a pod ready to
                explode — you are My child and
                wherever you go, whenever you go, I go
                with you with My rod and My staff —
                helping and protecting you, I am your
                strong guard, your rear and fore guard
                I am your protection, your light
                and your life — cling to Me and know
                My presence. I go with you
                in all that you do. You are My
                flower. I love you,





May 18, 1992 Thursday

R. Please help me Jesus — today
    I am in such pain —
    help me Jesus
    Pour Your Blood on me
    I cast the devils into hell —
    away from me —
    my family.

My precious Savior I love You

Answer this prayer and
    drive the devils into the fires of hell

Drip your Blood on us Jesus —

My Jesus talk to me please —


Jesus: My child listen to my voice,
        I am He who comforts you,
        be not afraid —
        I will not leave you orphaned —
        though you walk in raging
            water you will not
            drown —
            you are My chosen one,
            beloved of My father
            I am with you in your
                suffering —
            I suffered for you on the
                cross —
            I will pave the way and show
                you My way to walk to
                do My will


    R. Dear Jesus
            Help me to do your will
            clean out my rubbish and
            hate and anger
            go deep into my heart —

    Help me see the good in every person
    Especially those in my family
    Help me to celebrate the life
            I have been given —
            this wonderful and glorious day.

    I can never live the moments
        of this life again.
    I ask you Mary my sweet Mother
        to help me to be as you
        want — a good mother to my
        2 children  (the other 2 children
        were in college) as Jesus desires me
        to be.


The Our Father

    Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.


R. Dear Jesus — 

Serenity Prayer

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change...
Courage to change the things I can
and Wisdom to know the difference.


May 19, 1992

                    R. I must treasure each moment I have right now because I can never have it back again.

                        I love You Jesus
                        I love You Holy Spirit
                        I love You God the Father



May 27, 1992

Jesus:  My ways are simple My child — You must realize this. My child I know how afraid you are I am with you now!!




                            May 27. 1992


                                My dear child, I love you, pray to
                            Me, surrender.

                            R.  I surrender my God
                            with all my heart.


                            May 30, 1992


                                My dear child, hold to Me, though you
                            go through raging waters you will not
                            drown. I am there with My rod and
                            and My staff and I go before you and I
                            comfort you and I prepare the way
                            for you. You do not need to be afraid,
                            I will help you with your children I
                            love them more than you, look
                            into their eyes and see their innocence
                            I love them  — look at them and see Me, see
                            Jesus in them and pray for them  —
                            I give your heart love, weed out
                            the hate open the door to
                            the raging fire of My love, Love is
                            healing  — love, love, love  —
                            love one another,
                            be kind and loving  — don't
                            take in the hate  — be as a ball jar
                            let it bounce off of you. You are
                            so special to Me, I am holding your
                            hand and I am there with you, you are
                            not alone and I love you. The devil
                            is a liar. You must try to do all you can.
                            Know that I love you so much  —
                            you are special to Me. I love you.
                            Love yourself  — you deserve love.
                            I am your God and I love you and live
                            in you.

                               You must keep busy and do My work.
                            I will work through you every day
                            guiding you and making your day
                            worth while. Turn to Me and I
                            will make your day a day of the
                            Lord.  I will use you to do My
                            work. I love you and I am with
                            you. Smile your smiles and be
                            gentle to those around you.

                            Matthew 5: 13

‘You are salt for the earth. But if salt loses its taste, what can make it salty again? It is good for nothing, and can only be thrown out to be trampled under people’s feet. 

                            Shine your light
                            so all can see and praise your
                            heavenly Father in heaven. In
                            My house there are many mansions.
                            Many are called but few are
                            chosen. You are a chosen one,
                            do My will, shine My light and
                            I will dwell in you.
                            Come to Me now. You go not alone
                            you go with Me doing My work
                            among your brethren. You
                            need not worry I will guide you and
                            lead your troubled heart into
                            the beauty of  leading men. You
                            are chosen by My Father, I love
                            you, I want to work in you  —
                            make yourself putty in My
                            hands and let Me mold you into
                            My image. I love you.

                                I will shine My light in the darkness
                            and make ready a place for you. I am the way,
                            the truth and the light and I am in your humble heart,
                            I want to work and love through you, you
                            are My precious child, oh you beloved
                            of My Father, loved by Me that I would
                            lay My life down for you. I came to earth
                            that you might have life and have it
                            more abundantly. I am your rock, your
                            fortress, your way. I am hope for the
                            weary  they know love  — My way is direct and is
                            simple. Give unto others as you would
                            have them give to you. Some disobey
                            My laws, they disobey the commandments,
                            their lives do not make sense, you cannot
                            make sense out of something that makes
                            no sense. My life makes sense, it is direct,
                            you live loving and forgiving. You live in
                            truth. You are honest. I am He who comforts
                            you, you are the beloved of My Father. You
                            are My rose  — never to be trodded
                            on by those who are doing evil, you
                            are to be respected. You I comfort and love.
                            Beloved of My heart, I love you  —
                            Come to Me, know your specialness.
                            I am He who comforts you, be not afraid,
                            though you walk in raging waters
                            you will not drown. I will be there
                            with My rod and My staff and I will
                            set your feet on oh so solid ground,
                            the days of the awakening are coming,
                            follow your heart, love and cherish
                            the moments with your children  —
                            you are My beloved, you are My daughter.
                            God is your Father. Mary is your mother.
                            You are always watched over by your God
                            and loved by Mary, lest your foot stumble
                            and fall  — let GO AND LET GOD DO it  —
                            get out of the driver's seat move over,
                            let Me have the wheel, I will take you
                            where and when you need to go  — enjoy
                            the precious moments of your life.

                            I am your God and I never slumber
                            or sleep. I am with you always.

                                                Love you,




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"I will use the newsletter and the chapters of Shepherds of Christ Associates as a powerful instrument for spreading devotion to My Heart and My Mother's Heart.

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- Message from Jesus to Father Edward J. Carter, S.J., Founder, as given on July 31, 1994,
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