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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

October 26, 1998

Messenger: I am trying to look inward to solve the problems I have with others. I have tried immensely to see my fault in the situation and ask God to help me to die to my imperfections. Today Jesus told me this.

Jesus speaks: In a mutual relationship there are problems. In dysfunctional relationships, many times, problems are not handled. I state clearly, you do not come to Me because you are perfect, you come for My help, many times. Problems create feelings of division with others, solution to problems create calmness when both parties are somewhat satisfied. In an intimate, healthy relationship parties must openly express their concerns and listen to each other. They must address problems with seriousness, seek a solution and act lovingly with a desire to do God's will. This is why I recommend writing letters and sharing feelings. In a letter one expresses many feelings from the heart. The very act of writing usually helps most people to reach loving solutions. If the whole desire is to love and do God's will, many problems when shared with true feelings from the heart can be solved lovingly.

In a mutual relationship one person cannot take full responsibility for all problems. Both parties must see they share the problem, even if one acts more dysfunctionally than the other. The end is both wish to resolve the problem because they want the relationship and want to live in love according to God's will.

To deny the existence of problems in a relationship and to allow problems to mount up is a sure road to greater problems. This causes so many deep harmful wounds in the hearts. Life is full of problems, in learning to love, one must learn to interact and solve problems.

In solving problems in families and communities, there are those in authority, but those in authority always act in God's name with love in order to carry out the will of God.

There are boundaries to be considered in families and communities. During the night I like to be deeply united to the soul. I wish this intimacy with the soul at all times. During nightly visits to the heart I can be extremely united to the soul in love. It is important for all souls to have private time with Me. I love the quiet moments with a soul.

The devil tries to create division and lack of privacy. He wants people to think they must remain open to noises from the outside all the time. This stops intimacy with Me. The quiet soul loves to engage in special moments of intimacy with Me.

It is however most important that on a daily basis men interact some of the day in meaningful exchange of ideas and love with others. No man is an island. All must realize that they are part of a larger plan, the heavenly Father's family.

There is a special love relationship between husband and wife, especially those consecrated to Our Hearts. They are joined in the deepest union in My Heart and My Mother's Heart. Our Hearts are united as one. The husband and wife, if truly united in deep love in the bonds of Holy Matrimony, have an immense oneness in which they always are united in Our Hearts whether together or separate. Each has private time and community time, but remain united in a strong bond in Our Hearts. This is a most powerful love union, and in their daily prayers, as they are united in the Morning Offering, consecration and Mass, they help to bring down great grace on the earth when they are united to Our Hearts in the state of grace.

Family members enjoy a special love union. There is a particular love union and great intimacy within the family. There is an intimacy that is shared as a family through consecration to Our Hearts. Intimate matters, for the most part, should remain in the family, problems should be worked out in the family, great love should abound in the family. If the family is too other focused, many times they sacrifice basic intimacies. The greatest intimacy for the family is found in union with God. Many times others from the outside infringe on boundaries in the family and interfere with the upbringing of the children. The parents are given the authority by God to raise the children. The Fourth Commandment demands obedience to parents, but parents must realize they are acting in God's name, doing God's will, in love. Also the parents have a moral responsibility to see to the rearing of the children and to teach them about God. Parents will be held accountable for not teaching their children about God. I give them sufficient grace to be saved and to teach their children about love of God, love of one another, the Commandments and My Word.

Many times well meaning friends and relatives meddle in family rearing. They too will be held accountable when they divide a child from their parents. It is not, on the whole, the friends or relatives responsibility to care for the children, especially if the parents are capable and trying to raise them according to God's will.

The devil has weakened the lines of authority of many parents through improper teaching in the world, on the television and in the movies and other forms of communication. The family unit and its intimacy has been threatened by the incorrect values of the world.

The Church must reinforce the Fourth Commandment by teaching parents to follow this Commandment as God wills. This Commandment is most important in teaching children to obey so they will learn to obey always the Father's will.

The devil wishes children and adults to be willful and disobey the Commandments. The television reinforces the teaching to the children that they are to be more in charge than I wish them to be. Children are to be children, docile, humble and subject to their parents.

I give you this teaching today. I wish oneness among all God's children. Being united in holy prayer and love in a family according to God's will strengthens the bonds with the Father's holy family. All in the family should know they are in a special way a family in God's holy Church and members of the Father's holy family.

Children should be taught from the earliest age to obey the heavenly Father and heavenly Mother and see themselves united to all souls as members of the Father's family. Children should see themselves as brothers and sisters of all souls on the earth.

In an attempt to protect children from evil in the world, man has failed in many cases to teach the children how all are brothers in Christ. This hurts My Sacred heart, for I wish them to be united as one. All must realize that when one person suffers, the whole family suffers. Children must be taught about evil, about loving all men and hating the sin. Children must still be taught to be cautious and careful for protection's sake against evil men, but they must be taught to pray for all men.

I ask you again to sing "Let There Be Peace on Earth".

I love you, I am your Brother, I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I am your Divine God, your Lover, I love you with such love, I gave My life for you. Will you love one another?

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