Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

October 29, 2004

October 30th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 5 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries
for October 30th are Sorrowful.


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October 18, 2004



April 5, 2004


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October 29, 2004


Mary's Message
from the Rosary of August 27, 1996

Mary speaks:  I stood beneath the cross of my Son, and my Heart was in such pain for I saw Him before my eyes. I saw Him covered with blood. I saw Him die. My Heart, my children, my Heart to watch my Son, but my Heart, my Heart, how I suffered for my little children of the world that give in to this world and give up the love of my Son. O my little children of light, I give you this message. Carry this light into the darkness for your Mother Mary, for I stood beneath the cross and I cried. I cried for the little ones. I cried for the young ones, the ones that do not care and will lose their souls. How do I make you see for you will not listen to me? What can I do? I come. I appear. I beg. I plead. I give you these gifts from my Son, and you reject me. I do not deliver messages very often anymore for I have been ignored. The message is the same. You do not read the messages I have given to you. Please help me. Help the little children. I appear. I appear. I appear, and I am ignored. I stood beneath the cross, and I cried. I cried, and my Heart was in such anguish for my little children, for I am searching for them this day as I searched for the Child Jesus. Please, please help me. I cannot hold back the hand of my Son any longer. I am Mary, your Mother. I ask you to help my children. You are my children of light.

end of Mary's Message, August 27, 1996


October 29, 2004 message continues

Messenger:        Jesus loves so deeply —
                                We know how we can love so
                                    deeply, Jesus loves more
                                    perfectly —

                                Jesus loved us so much — He gave Himself
                                    on the cross —




September 4, 2004


October 29, 2004 message continues

Messenger:            Oh God help us —

                                I do not want any souls to not go to heaven.
                                I want all to be in heaven.
                                I want so deeply to be in heaven for all
                                    eternity with Jesus.
                                I want all I love to be there.
                                I am sorry, dear God, for my sins and the
                                    sins of this earth.
                                I am sorry for the horrendous sins of
                                    some men.



October 29, 2004 message continues

Messenger:            God loves us so very much.

                                Oh God I love you so much and I want
                                    to go to heaven.



October 29, 2004 message continues

Messenger:                  I understand a little how Jesus sweat
                                    Blood in the garden — He knew the souls
                                    that would be lost forever, despite
                                    his suffering, He knew us as
                                    He hung on the cross

                                    He knew us by name.


                An old prayer I wrote from my bible

                            Dear God I love you, dear God I need you,
                            Dear God I thank you, you are my Savior and my God,
                            You are my strength in due season, you are
                                with me always.
                            Though I walk in the valley of darkness,
                            I shall not fear, for you are with me with
                            Your rod and Your staff and I shall dwell
                            in the house of the Lord for years upon years.
                            Amen. I love You Jesus


Romans 12: 3-8

And through the grace that I have been given, I say this to every one of you: never pride yourself on being better than you really are, but think of yourself dispassionately, recognising that God has given to each one his measure of faith. Just as each of us has various parts in one body, and the parts do not all have the same function: in the same way, all of us, though there are so many of us, make up one body in Christ, and as different parts we are all joined to one another. Then since the gifts that we have differ according to the grace that was given to each of us: if it is a gift of prophecy, we should prophesy as much as our faith tells us; if it is a gift of practical service, let us devote ourselves to serving; if it is teaching, to teaching; if it is encouraging, to encouraging. When you give, you should give generously from the heart; if you are put in charge, you must be conscientious; if you do works of mercy, let it be because you enjoy doing them.


Romans 8: 31-32

After saying this, what can we add? If God is for us, who can be against us? Since he did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for the sake of all of us, then can we not expect that with him he will freely give us all his gifts?


Romans 8: 38-39

For I am certain of this: neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nothing already in existence and nothing still to come, nor any power, nor the heights nor the depths, nor any created thing whatever, will be able to come between us and the love of God, known to us in Christ Jesus our Lord.


                            Vocation of Saul

Acts 9: 1-9

Meanwhile Saul was still breathing threats to slaughter the Lord’s disciples. He went to the high priest and asked for letters addressed to the synagogues in Damascus, that would authorise him to arrest and take to Jerusalem any followers of the Way, men or women, that he might find. 

    It happened that while he was travelling to Damascus and approaching the city, suddenly a light from heaven shone all round him. He fell to the ground, and then he heard a voice saying, ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?’ ‘Who are you, Lord?’ he asked, and the answer came, ‘I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. Get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you are to do.’ The men travelling with Saul stood there speechless, for though they heard the voice they could see no one. Saul got up from the ground, but when he opened his eyes he could see nothing at all, and they had to lead him into Damascus by the hand. For three days he was without his sight and took neither food nor drink.


                            Sing:  Here I Am Lord

                            Sing:  Lord Let Me Walk


                            God tells us to love  

John 15: 6

Anyone who does not remain in me 
is thrown away like a branch
—and withers; 
these branches are collected 
    and thrown on the fire 
and are burnt.


John 15: 9-13

I have loved you 
just as the Father has loved me. 
Remain in my love. 
If you keep my commandments 
you will remain in my love, 
just as I have kept 
    my Father’s commandments 
and remain in his love. 
I have told you this 
so that my own joy may be in you 
and your joy be complete. 
This is my commandment: 
love one another, 
as I have loved you. 
No one can have greater love 
than to lay down his life for his friends.


John 15: 16

You did not choose me, 
no, I chose you; 
and I commissioned you 
to go out and to bear fruit, 
fruit that will last; 
so that the Father will give you 
anything you ask him in my name.


John 14: 6

Jesus said: 

I am the Way; I am Truth and Life. 
No one can come to the Father 
    except through me.


John 14: 3

and after I have gone 
    and prepared you a place, 
I shall return to take you to myself, 
so that you may be with me 
where I am.


John 13: 36

    Simon Peter said, ‘Lord, where are you going?’ Jesus replied, ‘Now you cannot follow me where I am going, but later you shall follow me.’


John 12: 50

and I know that his commands 
    mean eternal life. 
And therefore what the Father 
    has told me 
is what I speak.


John 13: 14

If I, then, the Lord and Master, have washed your feet, you must wash each other’s feet.


John 12: 35-36

Jesus then said: 

    The light will be with you 
        only a little longer now. 
    Go on your way while you have the light, 
    or darkness will overtake you, 
    and nobody who walks in the dark 
        knows where he is going. 
    While you still have the light, 
    believe in the light 
    so that you may become children of light. 

    Having said this, Jesus left them and was hidden from their sight.


John 10: 1-5

‘In all truth I tell you, anyone who does not enter the sheepfold through the gate, but climbs in some other way, is a thief and a bandit. He who enters through the gate is the shepherd of the flock; the gatekeeper lets him in, the sheep hear his voice, one by one he calls his own sheep and leads them out. When he has brought out all those that are his, he goes ahead of them, and the sheep follow because they know his voice. They will never follow a stranger, but will run away from him because they do not recognise the voice of strangers.’


John 9: 3-5

‘Neither he nor his parents sinned,’ Jesus answered, ‘he was born blind so that the works of God might be revealed in him. 

    ‘As long as day lasts 
    we must carry out the work of the one 
        who sent me; 
    the night will soon be here 
        when no one can work. 
    As long as I am in the world 
    I am the light of the world.’


                            Sing:  Night Is Over


                            The Sin of Pride

Sirach 10: 6

Do not resent your neighbour’s every offence, 
    and never act in a fit of passion.


Sirach 10: 9-14

What has dust and ashes to pride itself on? 
    Even in life its entrails are repellent. 
A long illness makes a fool of the doctor; 
    a king today is a corpse tomorrow. 
For in death the portion of all alike will be 
    insects, wild animals and worms. 

The first stage of pride is to desert the Lord 
    and to turn one’s heart away from one’s Maker. 
Since the first stage of pride is sin, 
    whoever clings to it will pour forth filth. 
This is why the Lord inflicts unexpected punishments 
    on such people, utterly destroying them. 
The Lord has turned mighty princes off their thrones 
    and seated the humble there instead.


Psalm 49: 18-21

Though he pampered himself while he lived
—and people praise you for looking after yourself—
he will go to join the ranks of his ancestors, 
who will never again see the light. 

In prosperity people lose their good sense, 
they become no better than dumb animals.


Psalm 49: 6-9

They trust in their wealth, 
and boast of the profusion of their riches. 

But no one can ever redeem himself 
or pay his own ransom to God, 
the price for himself is too high; 
it can never be that he will live on for ever 
and avoid the sight of the abyss.


Psalm 37: 1-11

Do not get heated about the wicked 
or envy those who do wrong. 
Quick as the grass they wither, 
fading like the green of the fields.

Put your trust in Yahweh and do right, 
make your home in the land and live secure. 
Make Yahweh your joy 
and he will give you your heart’s desires.

Commit your destiny to Yahweh, 
be confident in him, and he will act, 
making your uprightness clear as daylight, 
and the justice of your cause as the noon.

Stay quiet before Yahweh, wait longingly for him, 
do not get heated over someone who is making a fortune,
succeeding by devious means.

Refrain from anger, leave rage aside, 
do not get heated—it can do no good; 
for evil–doers will be annihilated, 
while those who hope in Yahweh shall have the land for their own.

A little while and the wicked will be no more, 
however well you search for the place, the wicked will not be there;
but the poor will have the land for their own, 
to enjoy untroubled peace.


Psalm 37: 30-34

Wisdom comes from the lips of the upright, 
and his tongue speaks what is right; 
the law of his God is in his heart, 
his foot will never slip.

The wicked keeps a close eye on the upright, 
looking out for a chance to kill him; 
Yahweh will never abandon him to the clutches of the wicked, 
nor let him be condemned if he is tried.

Put your hope in Yahweh, keep to his path, 
he will raise you up to make the land your own; 
you will look on while the wicked are annihilated.


Psalm 37: 37-38

Observe the innocent, consider the honest, 
for the lover of peace will not lack children. 
But the wicked will all be destroyed together, 
and their children annihilated.


Psalm 24: 1-6

To Yahweh belong the earth and all it contains, 
the world and all who live there; 
it is he who laid its foundations on the seas, 
on the flowing waters fixed it firm. 

Who shall go up to the mountain of Yahweh? 
Who shall take a stand in his holy place? 

The clean of hands and pure of heart, 
whose heart is not set on vanities, 
who does not swear an oath in order to deceive. 

Such a one will receive blessing from Yahweh, 
saving justice from the God of his salvation. 
Such is the people that seeks him, 
that seeks your presence, God of Jacob.                Pause


                            Sing:  Psalm 23

                            Sing:  To You My God I Lift My Soul


Psalm 13: 1-4

How long, Yahweh, will you forget me? For ever? 
How long will you turn away your face from me? 
How long must I nurse rebellion in my soul, 
sorrow in my heart day and night? 
How long is the enemy to domineer over me? 
Look down, answer me, Yahweh my God! 
Give light to my eyes or I shall fall into the sleep of death. 

Or my foe will boast, ‘I have overpowered him,’ 
and my enemy have the joy of seeing me stumble.


Psalm 14: 1

The fool has said in his heart, 
‘There is no God.’ 
Their deeds are corrupt and vile, 
    not one of them does right


                            True Happiness  

Psalm 1: 1-3

How blessed is anyone who rejects the advice of the wicked 
and does not take a stand in the path that sinners tread, 
nor a seat in company with cynics, 
but who delights in the law of Yahweh 
and murmurs his law day and night. 

Such a one is like a tree planted near streams; 
it bears fruit in season 
and its leaves never wither, 
and every project succeeds.


Psalm 33: 2-3

Give thanks to Yahweh on the lyre, 
play for him on the ten–stringed lyre. 
Sing to him a new song, 
make sweet music for your cry of victory.


                            Human Wickedness

Psalm 36: 2-3

He sees himself with too flattering an eye 
    to detect and detest his guilt; 
all he says is malicious and deceitful, 
    he has turned his back on wisdom. 

To get his way  


Psalm 100

Acclaim Yahweh, all the earth, 
serve Yahweh with gladness, 
come into his presence with songs of joy! 

Be sure that Yahweh is God, 
he made us, we belong to him, 
his people, the flock of his sheepfold. 

Come within his gates giving thanks, 
to his courts singing praise, 
give thanks to him and bless his name! 

For Yahweh is good, 
his faithful love is everlasting, 
his constancy from age to age.


                            Sing:  Glory and Praise to Our God

                            Sing:  Let All The Earth

Jesus speaks:  Sing, Sing, Sing









October 1, 2004

My dear friends,

    I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you
in love. In these troubled times of the election and war
and wonders of peace — we have suffered many hurricanes
since Mary's image head was knocked off.

    Florida appeared to be squeezed like a wet wash cloth
August 13, 2004 a hurricane, September 5, 2004 another hurricane,
September 13, 2004 another hurricane. Jesus sent me to Florida last
Thursday to take the path across Florida, 60 and 70 to bless
the state before the hurricane. It was terrible — I was on
the west side all through it. On September 5th I was in the building
in Clearwater and on August 13, 2004 the hurricane was averted as
we prayed in China.

   Mary's message of peace must be sent to the priests.
A Jesuit with the blessing of his provincial and his rector has
completed the Priestly Newsletter — he studied in Rome and can
teach in the Pontifical Colleges — The Newsletter is literally a
work of art dedicated to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary based on
the Word and the writings of the Church. It will be a special
issue and surprise to you. It is ready to go to 75,000 priests.
We need at least $7,000 for the postage in the United States and
then the foreign mailing. It can really help the world in
these decisive times before the election.

   October 13, 2004 is the 87th anniversary of Mary's last apparition
at Fatima. We need to make reparation to God for how Mary's
image was destroyed. We are about to put protection over Jesus'
face which is costly. Please we desperately need your help to do this.
MARY IS THE QUEEN OF PEACE — spreading the consecration
to the 2 Hearts to 75,000 priests can help the peace of this world.

LOVE in Their Hearts, Rita


 October 1, 2004

     We have had many trials in Florida.


     Mary appeared 7 years every day before her image head was knocked off.



     We pray from Clearwater and all our centers for the priests the Church and the world united on the internet and with many others.


     Fr. Carter our founder circulated the Priestly Newsletter for over 8 years.


     A Jesuit of over 40 years and who can teach in the Gregorian colleges in Rome and all pontifical colleges has written the new Priestly Newsletter to continue the work Jesus gave to Fr. Carter 10 years ago. Fr. Carter died.


The day he accepted was Pentecost Eve - here is the picture taken.


     At 6:20 our prayer time. He accepted with the blessing of his provincial and rector.

     Here is a message from Jesus to Fr. Carter when Fr. Carter began the Newsletter that finally went to 85,000 priests.


July 31, 1994

Words of Jesus to Members of Shepherds of Christ Associates:

"My beloved priest-companion, I intend to use the priestly newsletter, Shepherds of Christ, and the movement, Shepherds of Christ Associates, in a powerful way for the renewal of My Church and the world.

"I will use the newsletter and the chapters of Shepherds of Christ Associates as a powerful instrument for spreading devotion to My Heart and My Mother's Heart.

"I am calling many to become members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. To all of them I will give great blessings. I will use them as instruments to help bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. I will give great graces to the members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. I will call them to be deeply united to My Heart and to Mary's Heart as I lead them ever closer to My Father in the Holy Spirit."

- Message from Jesus to Father Edward J. Carter, S.J., Founder, as given on July 31, 1994,
feast of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits)


August 1, 1994

Pray For The Success Of The Priestly Newsletter - Shepherds of Christ

Messenger: The following is the first official message I received before the statue of Mary at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center. It is a personal message for Father Carter.

Mary speaks: (in front of the glowing statue of Our Lady of Sorrows) I am the Immaculate Heart. My Heart is glowing for love of all my beloved children. I am your most loving Mother. I am with you this day. Pray for the success of the priestly newsletter Shepherds of Christ. I am guarding your way. You will receive such graces to accomplish this task! Grace from God is so abundantly bestowed on you and will lead to the success of this endeavor! Pray for this cause at the Center. The priests will lead the people to the love of My beloved Son. This is no little task. It will take many prayers and graces. Pray hard, little one. Your prayers will change many hearts.

I am Mary, your Immaculate Mother. I bring this message to My beloved priest-son.

end of August 1, 1994 message



     The New Priestly Newsletter will be ready to mail in about one week. It is so very awesome. The new Jesuit edited it and quotes from scripture and the writings of the Church.


     For the 87th anniversary of the last Apparition at Fatima October 13, 2004 we ask if you can help with the postage.



April 5, 2004


     Also we must spend thousands and thousands of dollars to protect Jesus’ face with the proper structure. We are presently repairing the sink hole under Mary's image and Jesus’ face and then we will put up the bullet proof glass for protection from vandals and hurricanes.


Here are some of our ministries -


            1) Supply priestly Newsletter to 75,000 priests centered
                        in Consecration to the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart.


            2) Send about 50,000 homemade rosaries to
                        the schools twice a year with
                        consecration cards to the 2 Hearts and meditations.


            3) Prayer Chapters to pray for the priests, the
            Church and the world - all over the
            world in 6 languages.


            4) Monthly retreats before the exposed Eucharist
            in our Church from the diocese for
            for 4 days, with Masses from priests
            who support the ministry daily -
            praying for the priests, the Church and the world.


            5) People praying in China , Indiana before the
            tabernacle for the priests, the Church and
            the world - 24 hours a day,   live on TV web camera.


            6) Live radio - 24 hours praying for the
            priests, the Church and the world.


            7) Prayer daily at all centers at 6:20 daily


            8) Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus - all over
            the world praying before Blessed Sacrament.


            9) Nursing Home Ministry


            10) Prison Ministry


            11) 10 years of service in all of our ministries-

                        including supplying 75,000 priests regularly
            6 times a year with the priestly Newsletter.


     Come to Florida October 5, 2004 for a special prayer service praying and singing for special grace to be outpoured on the priests, the Church and the world.



Excerpt from October 1, 2004 message


God the Father speaks:

                            I sent Mary as a messenger to
                                you --
                            You ignored her
                            You defaced the rainbow image
                                Remember Noah's arch --

                        Remember the sign of the rainbow


Genesis 9: 12-15

    And this’, God said, ‘is the sign of the covenant which I now make between myself and you and every living creature with you for all ages to come:  I now set my bow in the clouds and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. When I gather the clouds over the earth and the bow appears in the clouds, I shall recall the covenant between myself and you and every living creature, in a word all living things, and never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all living things.


God the Father speaks:
                            I sent the rainbow 1996.
Florida has had to deal
                                with many hurricanes
                                and floods.

                            I am God the Father -- you refuse to
                                listen to Mary. …

                           This is My sign sent to you --
                                the sign of the rainbow 

                            You will not listen --

                           peace is found in
                               listening to Mary




Mary's Peace Plan

1.   Consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary –– 
until a sufficient number of people make and live the 
consecration, we will not have peace in the world.

2.   Praying the rosary.

3.   Observing the First Saturday Devotion.

4.   Making reparation to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.



God the Father speaks:

                        I want the Newsletter
                            sent out.

                        Please help Me.

                         This, Shepherds of Christ, is My Son's 

                         I am God the Father.

end of excerpt from October 1, 2004  message











We have DVDs available of the
Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries
of the Rosary with short mediations
especially for schools.

These DVDs can be shown on
a projector for classrooms.

It is really wonderful!


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