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October 31, 2006

November 1st Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 7 Period  II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for November 1st are Glorious.




October 31, 2006 

Messenger:        The wind blows and we do not see it.

                            We live and were trained to act certain ways.

                            Some of these ways were imperfect.

                            As much as I may want to see the wind I cannot
                                see it.

                            Why did God give us the hidden wind?

                            Why does God call us to faith?

                            God wants us to love Him and others and He tests us
                                and helps us to grow out of these imperfections
                                or like the hidden wind when God gives us
                                a little insight into our weaknesses we
                                can say

                                "Oh I don't see me doing that God."

                            Love may be seen by our actions, but we do not touch it

                            Constant tension in a person may be seen how there
                                is always, conflict, confrontation when they
                                are there, but we do not touch tension, hatred,
                                disharmony as such.

                            A person blind to their disobedience to authority may
                                automatically try to get away without doing
                                what they need to do, just because one over
                                them told them to do it.

                            It is an act of the will, when children and adults obey
                                those over them, even though it may become
                                somewhat habit forming.

                            God gave to us such beauty to see, blue skies,
                                puffy clouds, autumn days, wavy oceans,
                                but in all the beauty of this earth, it can
                                go unnoticed by some and they can be ungrateful
                                if they live in constant tension thinking
                                thoughts that aren't true.
                            Does the beautiful blue skies seem to go with
                                happy days and
                                the cloudy, cold dark night with sad ones.

                            You know what it may seem it should be
                                that way, but I have had sad sunny days and
                                good cold dark nights.

                            So it tells us our happiness is not in the elements,
                                the houses we are in, the sunny days
                                nor our sorrow in the dark cold nights

                            We have a free will and darkness is in our
                                thoughts, light in our heart love in
                                our soul and hatred in our clenched
                                fist motivated by an angry heart.

                                Sometimes we just can't even see our angry,
                            tense, bleeding hearts, months, years of abuse
                            disappointments, unmet needs from childhood
                            may lead way to constant angry, hatred thoughts,
                            but we can change and control even these
                            things we do not see.

                            We have a free will

                            God shows us in the death - there is the resurrection

                            I have walked behind Jesus and said "yes"                           

                            Do we say "yes" to do God's will when men
                                spit in our faces?

                                Slander us.

                                Hate us.

                                Argue with us for the sake of argument.

                            I learn one thing

                                Surrender to Him
                                Surrender to His will
                                Surrender, surrender, surrender in this we are set free.

                            NOT MY WILL 

                            But Thine BE DONE

                            Quit trying to force what 
                                God has made clear to us
                                is probably not His will.
                                Embrace the green lights 
                                Let Him have His way.





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