Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

November 16, 2001

November 17th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 7 Period I.
The Novena Rosary Mystery
for November 17th is Joyful.


The Nursing Home #3 video is now on the internet.

It is so beautiful and the sound is excellent!



Excerpt from Newsletter 2001 - Issue 1

I Lay Down My Life for My Sheep

    I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. The hired man, since he is not the shepherd and the sheep do not belong to him, abandons the sheep as soon as he sees a wolf coming, and runs away, and then the wolf attacks and scatters the sheep; he runs away because he is only a hired man and has no concern for the sheep. I am the good shepherd; I know my own and my own know me, just as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I lay down my life for my sheep. (Jn 10:11-15)1

Yes, the Good Shepherd laid down His life for us. And it is in this that we must lay down our lives daily in the Morning Offering, offering all we do as a sacrifice united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and great grace will be released for souls. We can identify with Him in this that we offer everything we do in trying to please Him and serve Him as a sacrifice united to the Mass. The more we tell others to pray the Morning Offering, the more people will lay down their lives for souls and the more grace will be released for the troubled hearts.

Jesus’ Heart is pure and holy, our hearts are tainted.

Mary’s Heart is pure and sinless. The more we unite our offering with Their pure and holy Hearts, the more pure our offering and the greatest grace will be released for the troubled souls.

Souls, it is souls He came to save. Do we want to identify with our beloved Savior? Then we must not miss an opportunity to lay down our lives as a sacrifice for His precious souls.

Oh, how His Heart burned with love for the souls when He mounted the cross, covered with Blood and gave Himself as a sacrifice for souls.

Yes, the Good Shepherd laid down His life for His flock and we as His faithful shepherds must lay down our lives for His flock today.

There are millions of elderly that cry out daily, "Oh, God why am I here today?" In giving them a small card as simple as the ones that follow, they can offer their lives for souls which can help bring down great grace for the souls of this earth.




Offering Our Lives to God

Written May 29, 2000:

When we come to Mass we make an offering of ourselves, all our sorrows, wounds, joys, our complete selves. We see our lives and we put ourselves in Mary’s Heart, ask to make the offering in greatest purity. In His Heart we offer the sacrifice IN HIM and WITH HIM.

We become one with Him as deeply as possible. We dwell in His most perfect Heart offering sacrifice to God for our sins and the sins of men. Our whole being is very active in the Mass as we realize more the power of this Sacrifice most worthily offered. We want to give ourselves as completely as possible, our past, all of ourselves, now become so one in the moment of sacrifice as we become one in Him pleading and begging to our God for purification, for help, for love of Him and all others. We give thanksgiving, worship and honor to Him, our whole being given as a sacrifice on the altar IN His pure and holy Heart. Being in the Immaculate Heart of our Mother, we offer sacrifice for the Church and the world.

We offer every precious moment of our lives, united to the Masses around the world, being one in Jesus. Every moment is a moment of sacrifice united to God. This is what we do in the Morning Offering.

The pages of the book of our lives are being written. These moments of our lives are so dear to God, for we offer our lives as a sacrifice for souls.

Are we spending the precious moments of our lives offering sacrifice to God for His honor and glory and giving our lives as a sacrifice for souls?

Write a short page every day or the following day, similar to an examination of conscience, seeing the good (so much good we accomplish we overlook, so many precious moments of joy we forget) and the times we were troubled.

The devil tries to keep us focused on the problems.

We are His shepherds, helping to shepherd His flock, there is so much good we can accomplish every day.

We should write a short page every day, date it, read over it when we are troubled, keep it in a book, see how many joyful moments we have every day.

Give them to God as a bouquet of flowers placed at His feet on that last day, the pages of the life of our book.

We will want all pages to be done in love, all for the honor and glory of God.

Through Him, With Him
and In Him

We should pray the prayer from Jesus before His bitter passion.

I pray not only for these but also for those who through their teaching will come to believe in me. May they all be one, just as, Father, you are in me and I am in you, so that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe it was you who sent me. I have given them the glory you gave to me, that they may be one as we are one. With me in them and you in me, may they be so perfected in unity that the world will recognise that it was you who sent me and that you have loved them as you have loved me.

Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, so that they may always see my glory which you have given me because you loved me before the foundation of the world. Father, Upright One, the world has not known you, but I have known you, and these have known that you have sent me. I have made your name known to them and will continue to make it known, so that the love with which you loved me may be in them, and so that I may be in them. (Jn 17: 20-26)

Jesus’ Heart is on fire for love of us.

God the Father loves us so much, give Him the moments of our lives as a sacrifice.

Peace, Love, Oneness – One Body In Him.

Our prayers are answered. We must pray from the depth of our hearts. Giving ourselves in consecration to Jesus, consecrating our hearts to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Offer sacrifice.

Put the flowers as gifts beneath the throne of God.

Plead and beg for souls.

Offer sacrifice. Be united as a body.

And the bell tolls.

Do you hear the bells toll?

The moments of our lives we cannot live again.

We are here to love and honor God and to serve Him, to prepare ourselves for the life hereafter and to help others get there.

He is the Son of God.

He showed us how to be children of the Father.

He laid down His life for His flock.

He is the Good Shepherd.

We lay down our lives in our Morning Offering.

We lay down our lives and unite to the perfect Sacrifice of the Savior.

The moments go by with such swiftness and now here is the day, the kids are grown, the grandchildren have come, and we still say, "TOMORROW I will be about my union with God."

There are so many precious moments that could have been united as a sacrifice for special grace for ourselves and others.

When He was here on earth, He merited grace by His life and death.

We need to tap into this grace our Divine Savior came to earth to gain for us.

We must tap into this sacrifice.

The moments of our lives tick away. There are millions of souls in nursing homes that could be offering up their lives for souls. We have to unite ourselves and reach them, all the souls that will hear us and unite to this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. He is the Head, we are the members of His body, the Church. We must be united in the Mass, praying every moment together, being one in Him in this Holy Sacrifice so that great grace will be released.

All our most difficult trials, when we endure them with love, can help to bring down great grace.

The moment is now.

The bell is tolling.

I can only live in this moment.

I must unite it to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, praying for souls.

Every moment, whether of joy or suffering, can be a moment of grace being released for our needs, for the salvation of souls, to make reparation to God, to honor and love Him and obey Him.

OUR LIVES ARE INDEED PRECIOUS, every moment, a moment that our Father gave us as a child of God for His honor and glory.

Alleluia – God, help us unite as a body.

Alleluia – God, help us to see ourselves all one as the family of the Father with Mary our loving Mother.

How will the page of our book look for the Father? Whether we write or not, we lived it as He willed or we lived it against His will.

Were our moments, moments to give Him honor and glory, to help promote the kingdom, to help save souls and lead others to God? Did the moments help us have a higher place in heaven? Did we mature more in our love relationship with God?

Here are the flowers over the bed where Father Carter died. Before he died he requested these news-letters be continued with his writings. Father Carter wrote 17 books and 33 newsletters in the 33 years he wrote during his life. Father Carter very carefully helped prepare this writing in those last days so his writings will continue. THE MISSION given to him by God to reach the priests was twofold.

His mission was to reach the priests with these newsletters centered in consecration and to begin prayer chapters centered in consecration to pray for the priests and the renewal of the Church and the world.

His desire being that his writings be published in future newsletters and along with other articles, that prayer chapters be begun praying these prayers.

Tapes are available with this newsletter and Father Carter, himself, prays these short prayers he gave to us in the prayer manual for this purpose. A prayer manual is enclosed. Also on the tapes, another priest reads the powerful writing of Father Carter on Grace.

In the last three months of his life, he firmly directed how he desired the newsletter to be continued.

Our precious moments are to be petals of flowers we give to our Father for that last day.

The moments of our lives are being written. He has them all recorded in our book of life.

August 8, 1946.

Today is the day I was born into the world.

What a glorious day it was, for I came and had the opportunity to gain heaven and help others do likewise.

The bell tolls.

The long night will soon be over.

A new spring day buds forth.

In the fall, the leaves give way to winter and soon we see the days are gone and past. How did we love and serve the Lord?

The trees are barren, the trees are in full bloom – the years go by, the seasons change, a small sore, a big blockage in the heart, soon the long hard nights come to a close and the glory of the long days waited, arrives. God gives His people what is their due.

How did we love and serve our God? How did we promote the kingdom on earth?

How did we live?

How did we follow in the Good Shepherd’s footsteps and lay down our lives for our friends?

I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. The hired man, since he is not the shepherd and the sheep do not belong to him, abandons the sheep as soon as he sees a wolf coming, and runs away, and then the wolf attacks and scatters the sheep; he runs away because he is only a hired man and has no concern for the sheep. I am the good shepherd; I know my own and my own know me, just as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I lay down my life for my sheep. (Jn 10: 11-15)

On September 22, 2000, Father Carter went into surgery. They opened him up and found out he had cancer. His disease was very advanced. He spent the last days preparing this writing to continue his mission – to write the priestly newsletter for priests and others interested in the spiritual life. He is the founder of the Shepherds of Christ Movement. Father Carter, S.J., authored some 17 books revealing deep insights into the divine mysteries. His writing is not complete in the 33 newsletters he was permitted to edit. His writing is seen in the whole body of material he authored in the 33 years he wrote. He wrote the following prayers for prayer chapters to pray for the priests, the Church, and the world. For the past six years the newsletter has been distributed around the world with circulation increasing to approximately 75,000 priests in English and Spanish. Now the newsletter is translated into French and we are currently translating the first twenty page newsletter into Portuguese.

The first book Father wrote in 1967, Response in Christ was soon published and became the book of the month. It was then translated into Polish, Italian, and Portuguese. This began Father’s writing career. Thirty-three years later, God has called him home after touching so many souls with his writing and his work to help bring about the Reign of the Sacred Heart through all he did for sisters, priests, and laity. He founded the Shepherds of Christ Ministries to pray for priests and to help bring about the renewal of the Church and the world.

In addition to circulating the newsletter to approximately 75,000 priests, bishops and cardinals, he began prayer chapters praying prayers for the priests, the Church and the world, honoring the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

For the past six years, a strong body of people have given their lives supporting this effort to get the newsletter into the hands of the priests and to pray for them and for the renewal of the Church and the world.

We try to get as many people as possible, in nursing homes, prisons, schools, and families to say the morning offering and offer their lives as a sacrifice united to the Mass for the priests, the Church and the world.

We try to tell people all over about the prayers in the red prayer manual Father Carter wrote so we can pray them for the priests, the Church and the world.

People all over the world gather every evening at 6:30 and pray these prayers for the priests, the Church, and the world.

Father Carter’s vision was that the Sacred Heart of Jesus would be the King and Center of all men’s hearts and that the Sacred Heart of Jesus would be honored and loved by men.

Father Carter’s love of Our Lady is shown in his writings. He always saw himself as a little baby in her arms. In his room that last day was a holy card of Mary holding the Child Jesus, which was the only holy card we saw in his room. It looked as if he had held it. It looked used. In going through his personal holy cards, he had so many holy cards of Mary holding the Child Jesus.

He worked hard to publish the twenty page newsletter. It was a review of the spiritual life. He said he had to do it. He went into surgery September 22, 2000. His funeral was December 22, 2000, exactly three months later.

In these months he struggled with chemotherapy. He wanted the newsletter to continue and directed how it should be done with his writings. This newsletter was reviewed by him in those sick days and finished on October 16, 2000. Here is the holy card from his funeral Mass.

This picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was his favorite one. He said how it helped him to become closer to Jesus. It was on his ordination card and now on his obituary card.


    Besides writing those thirty-three years, Father Carter taught over 30 years at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He even taught class in the Autumn semester 2000, until he became so sick he couldn’t go.

What will follow is a song dedicated to Father and all priests. The Shepherds of Christ members are committed to praying for the priests. The prayers Father gave us follow, the prayers used in the prayer chapters. Also follows is a very powerful excerpt from his book Response in Christ on Grace, entitled "The Christian Life of Grace". In this section Father considers:

1) What is Grace?

2) The Graced Christian

a) Relationship with the Father
b) Relationship with Christ
c) Relationship with the Holy Spirit
d) Relationship with Mary
e) Relationship with Members of the Church
f) Relationship with Man and His World

Prayer manuals for churches wishing to use the short prayers given by Father Carter can be obtained free of charge by calling (toll free) 1-888-211-3041 or (513) 932-4451.

These prayer manuals are available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Also the little morning offering cards are available in various languages.


My dear priests and sisters and all men, help all to offer their days in the Morning Offering. Special cards are available for children, youth, and adults. The more we circulate the little card to the elderly and young and to all, the more people with consecrated hearts unite to the Mass all day as they try to live according to God’s will, the more great graces will be released on the world for all souls, for our priests and the Church.

We offer every precious moment of our lives united to the Masses around the world, being one in Jesus. Every moment is a moment of sacrifice united to God. This is what we do in the Morning Offering. The pages of our lives are being written. These moments of our lives are so dear to God, for we offer our lives as a sacrifice for souls.

There is so much grace that can be released as we unite as a body and pray for the priests, the Church and the world. We are all gathered as a ministry praying at 6:30 p.m. We unite to the Mass and pray the prayers in the red prayer manual every day praying as a body for the priests, the Church and the world, followed by the rosary.

Please help lead souls to Jesus – fruit for the Kingdom! These are your children, the ones you lead to Jesus in churches, schools and nursing homes. You have so many children, lead them to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Send them to the fires of His Heart. He gave His life for their souls – they are your children, they are crying and being led astray! The print, radio, television and movie media often depict lifestyles opposed to God’s ways and the Ten Commandments.

Please help us to reach God’s people that they will consecrate their hearts to Jesus and Mary and pray as a body, united to the Mass for the priests, the Church and the world.

What will change the world? What will change hearts? God’s grace. The Mass goes on all day and we as members of the body of Christ need to unite and pray together as a body so that great grace is released for our priests, the Church and the world.

A primary mission of the Shepherds of Christ Movement is the priestly newsletter, the second most important mission is to pray for priests and the renewal of the Church and the world. Besides English, our materials are becoming available in Spanish, French, and Portuguese with the help of priest and lay translators and their bishops.

The priestly newsletter is not just for priests, but also for brothers, sisters, and laity who are interested in the spiritual life. It is centered in consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. It features writings regarding our union with Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit and Mary. The newsletter also stresses the Eucharist, the Church, prayer, and one’s responsibility regarding the social order. The newsletter stresses sound doctrine as found in Scripture, the writing of Popes, and other Church documents. It also presents selected writings from the saints and competent priest-theologians and others. If you would like it sent to you, please call and we will add your name to our mailing list free of charge.

I come to you today also to ask for your help. Will you please help to spread the priestly newsletter and tapes of Father Carter delivering the priestly newsletter to all priests possible? Could you help us to form prayer chapters to pray for the priests and the Church and souls? We need your help!

Here are the prayers that so many pray every day at 6:30, especially for the priests. Prayer chapters have helped many priests in parishes and people in these parishes to grow in greater holiness.

Will you form a prayer chapter in your parish and pray with us at 6:30?

One priest praying the prayers can tremendously boost the prayer power.

These are the prayers Father Carter gave us to pray in the Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual. The prayer manual is the little red book included. 

Once again we remind you that this newsletter is audiotaped. Father Carter very reverently recites these prayers on tape. Fr. Mike Paraniuk reads the powerful writing of Fr. Carter on grace. Tapes are available on request from the address below.

end of excerpt from Newsletter 2001 - Issue 1



Excerpt from February 24, 2000 Daily Message 

Jesus speaks: In the end there will be those days when you will cry to the hills to fall on you.

You do not know what it is to be tormented by demons. They will press on your mind and emotions and you will want to cry and scream and all that will help you withstand the attacks will be your faith.

Mary speaks: My children, I tell you, you will not withstand the torture without your rosary. You must turn to God and listen to Us speak so that you learn how to pray from the heart so that your life is lived only for Him. For people will not be able to withstand the torture done to the mind, the restlessness and agony. You will feel as if you cannot walk from one place to another, for the demonic attacks will be tremendous on the mind and the body.

My children, I have warned you, pray for your children.

Some men's hearts will turn to hatred, some will see their own sins and despair. The changing heart will cry out a "gut bellied cry of grief". My children, I have warned you and you disobey your God. Attacks by the evil one will be profuse and those who give in to the world will have no where to turn. They will not be able to withstand the attacks. I CRY BLOODY TEARS FOR YOU, MY CHILDREN! YOU WILL NOT LISTEN TO ME.




Mary speaks: On December 17, 1996, I appeared on the building in Clearwater, Florida.



Mary speaks: My children, here is the message from me and my Son 2 days later.

December 19, 1996   (excerpt #1)
Received in a few minutes after Communion
St. Gertrude Church

Mary speaks: Oh, my children, my little children of light, the time is nigh and many will be lost forever. I appeared and warned and told all to mind their ways and come to the Heart of my Son and they said "No, my Lady, not for you or any mother. We are children of darkness and that we remain, for we seek our pleasure by day and feast on sin all night and when you called, mother, we laughed at your Son and ignored Him and His ways." And He called and His call fell on deaf ears.

Please, my children of light, come to my heart now for although you walked next to the children of darkness. I smite the dragon that whirled around you and protected you in my heart and you will now feast on the glories of His Kingdom, my little children of light.

December 19, 1996  (excerpt #2)
Received in a few minutes after Communion
St. Gertrude Church

Jesus speaks: My Beloved Ones,

You will know a great time of trial and darkness. I have written to you of the great sufferings to come. The sinfulness of this world greatly displeases Me. I beg you to pray for forgiveness and turn your hearts to love.

And darkness covered the earth and the light was cast in little corners of the earth. Those who were willful remained in intense darkness, those who were rooted in God, and giving themselves to consecration, were the children of the light.

And the light shown in the darkness and the darkness grasped it not, but to as many as responded, they became the children of the light and from them His life flowed into the hearts that were cold and dark and slowly, very slowly, the light began to steal across the darkened sky and the moon was covered with blood. The blood was the blood of the Lamb. The blood represented the blood He shed to give us life. But the blind just saw ordinary blood and were scared to death. They responded with the greatest fright and lacked peace, but those rooted in God, those whose hearts were consecrated to Mary and Jesus, knew the sign was from God--that the time of reckoning was at hand. Many were punished and suffered a great chastisement. Many were left to death, but the children of light prayed the rosary and trusted in God.

And the night was no more for the light of day came stealing across the sky and myriads of angels filled the sky and the heavens. Sing Alleluia, Praise the Lord, you saints and angels, show yourselves to the survivors for they walked in darkness and could not see, but the light was alive in their hearts and they dwelt within the furnace of His Heart.

Have no fear now, My people, for you are the children of the light and My hand is forever upon you. You may suffer now a little, but it is nothing compared to the splendor to come.

December 19, 1996
Message from Mary

Mary: My dear children, I give to you, my Son, Jesus, born in a stable in Bethlehem on Christmas morn. He is the Almighty God, the Light of the World.

I appear to you, my children, on a (former) bank in Florida. You have made money your god! Do you know how cold are your hearts? You turn away from my Son, Jesus, for your money. Your money is your god.

I am Mary, your Mother. I do not appear as I once appeared to you. I am asking you today to circulate my message given on a tape on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12, 1996. Please circulate this tape now. Give it to as many people as you can. I am Mary, your Mother. Please circulate my Rosary Book.

December 22, 1996:

Jesus speaks: Brace yourselves in the Shepherds of Christ. You want to be Christ-like. Is this the true desire in your heart or is it just words like the other words you give to Me?

Brace yourselves. I will lead the way with My rod and My staff, but you must be strong to follow for the way is rocky and the rocks are sharp. They cut through to the soul. They cut through to your heart.

You will be brought to your knees, you will beg for Me, you will be molded and helped with in the abundant grace flowing from My Heart. My little shepherd, so willful and so stupid in your ways, but I love you just the same to My death, child. I love you and you do not see that all I give to you is for your good.

I am not angry with you, My messenger. You must suffer now to write My messages for the world. How could you write had you not experienced My pain in your soul? You are My hand, that I am using to write the messages of My Heart for the world. My Heart was crowned with thorns. So, too, will your heart be pierced and wanting to bleed. Bleed, little heart, My Heart bled for you.

And the moon will be covered with blood. It was the blood of the Lamb and it poured forth on a sinful world to cleanse them of their sin, and I give you My Body and Blood in the Mass and I am ignored.

He slapped their hands and He smite their cheeks and they laughed in their pain and continued their willful ways. But the day of reckoning is at hand and I will separate the sheep from the goats and the sheep I will take home with Me. The goats will know a day as they never knew before for My justice will prevail.

When I warned they would not turn from their evil ways and I could not reach them. They walked as blind men down the path of destruction and who would have thought that the end of the road was so near. And at the end of the road they continued to walk for in the darkness they could not see and they fell into an everlasting pit of doom and suffering.

Justice will prevail. I am a good God. Justice and truth will kiss. When I gave to them My warning they said, "Oh no, Lord," and continued their sinful ways.

The time is at hand. My efforts and yours were in vain. I will wipe their sick smiles from their evil mouths and they will suffer forever the death of the soul.

I will not have mercy on these hard-necked cowards who thought, in their pride, they could smite Me. I will throw the book at them and they will suffer for their sinful ways.

Woe to them who led My children astray. Woe to them. They will burn the eternal death of intense suffering for the murder of My young. And who will help them then? They will know a death beyond all deaths and suffering beyond all suffering. For a few moments of pleasure, they lost their souls forever.

I am a just and merciful God. I give water to quench your thirst, I bathe you in My divine love, but to the evil doers, I will curse their name and wipe them from the face of the earth. I have spoken. Justice will prevail. My hand is struck with power. The senseless ones will know My might.

Who will you call? You said 'no' to God and He struck you for your sinful ways.

All honor and glory be to God for He has visited His people and they cast Him aside. I will light the earth with My love and the dark hearts will curse the night for they will be no more.

And justice will flourish in His time and fullness of peace forever.

I have spoken. The deaf will not hear. My hand is the hand of God and it is struck with power.

I say to the grass to grow and it grows, to the sun to shine and it shines and to you I say, "Be ready for you know not the day nor the hour. I come as a thief in the night to take your soul home to Me. Will you be ready or will you be caught unprepared?"

Prepare ye a way to the Lord. Make ready His steps, My shepherds. I guard you but you will suffer. You must be strong and not caught off guard.

Purify your souls for I am coming and the earth will know My light this Christmas for I will shine in the hearts of the just. I will shine on My shepherds this Christmas. My light will shine in the hearts of those consecrated to My Heart and the heart of My Mother.

Alleluia, a King is born this day. Put aside your silly ways, your bows and tinsel, and praise God. He is in your midst. He reigns this day. You are ignoring the King of Glory. Oh, sinful world, you are in for a weird awakening.

And the light stole across the sky and the light of day shown brighter than seven suns, not to the eye but in the hearts of His faithful ones, the hearts consecrated to God.

LUKE 23:26-32
The way to Calvary

As they were leading him away they seized on a man, Simon from Cyrene, who was coming in from the country, and made him shoulder the cross and carry it behind Jesus. Large numbers of people followed him, and women too, who mourned and lamented for him. But Jesus turned to them and said, 'Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep rather for yourselves and for your children. For look, the days are surely coming when people will say, "Blessed are those who are barren, the wombs that have never borne children, the breasts that have never suckled!" Then they will begin to say to the mountains, "Fall on us!"; to the hills, "Cover us!" For if this is what is done to green wood, what will be done when the wood is dry?' Now they were also leading out two others, criminals, to be executed with him.

Messenger: I kept hearing things about the 3 days of darkness.

After communion I opened the Blue Book II, and I read January 11, 1994, message entitled "Jesus Will Handle This One".

Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Jesus Will Handle This One (excerpt)

God's Blue Book II Cover

January 11, 1994 5:00 a.m.

Jesus speaks: Dear child, I am here. You are ready for this message. Times are short and the end times are near. You must busy yourself with only My work. I am calling you to constant prayer alone and with your children.

You must not lose sight of this work for an instant. I need you to do this work and to busy yourself with only this work. I am by your side and I never leave you. Don't ever be afraid. Whatever comes, I am protecting you. Get your focus back to your children. Have them go to Mass and Communion and pray the rosary. You must not think that anything but My work is important.

Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Only Jesus Can Warm You

God's Blue Book II Cover

February 1, 1994 4:10 a.m.

Jesus speaks: Accept all that will befall you now as I send these trials out of great love. It is in your trials that you are taught My mighty lessons. I am giving you strength in this trial. Know I love you with the most ardent heart on fire for love of you and you alone. Feel Me as your personal lover. I can be this way with each child. I am God. I am all powerful. I am mighty and I have chosen you, My little one. The fires will not engulf you because My love will be your shield.

Alleluia. I am God. I have all the power.

Mary speaks: My children, the Blue Book messages from my Son will be an enormous help in these times of trial, get the books and the rosary books from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary out, people will cry for them.

My children, on this day February 24, 2000, I warn you as your heavenly Mother. My apostles, do not give up, the time is nigh for the sinful race. I appear to tell you that you do not know the torments of the devil yet. He wants the children of light. Fight him. GO TO MY IMMACULATE HEART. PRAY the rosary. Get the image rosary in the hands of all. I am Mary the Protector of my children.

Jesus speaks: You must discipline yourselves by eating correctly. Fad diets can hurt you. Choosing life is eating things good for you. Choosing death is abusing your body with things that could hurt you. You need this discipline for the days ahead.

Discipline, read the Blue Books, pray the rosary.

I love you, Jesus.


Witness Letter of an apostle who moved to Clearwater, Florida

Febraury 24, 2000 

Witness Letter - Mary G.

How has being a member of Shepherds of Christ has changed my life?

When I was a baby, we lived next door to a convent and I had 12 years of Catholic education. I married and lived Cincinnati eventually. After my civil divorce, my three younger children and I moved back to Price Hill in Cincinnati where I grew up. This time brought me the Catholic Charismatic experience.

Dad died in '86, and I moved away to a small town. Though I tried, I thought no Catholic church or prayer group met my needs so I attended Protestant prayer meetings and services. I found ministers and prayer groups that deeply love the Lord Jesus, and I would still be in these circles except that I went back to Cincinnati to visit. I hadn't told my old friends that I was no longer a practicing Catholic so I joined them when they attended charismatic functions. At one of these I was given Blue Book I.

Actually, someone tried to give it to me and I wouldn't take it saying, I had too much to read , so it was given to the friend I was staying with. When we got home and she was out of the room, I opened the book so I could congratulate myself for not accepting it.

That's Jesus! Jesus is speaking in this book! I read almost the whole book that night, then I ate humble pie and phoned the lady who had pressed me to accept it. I received it in a few days.

Back home I read and reread it. Jesus was speaking loud and clear and I went to the nearest church and made a confession and resumed my long neglected practice of daily Mass. I also began to go to the Shepherds of Christ chapter meetings in Morrow, Ohio, where I heard the call for volunteers to come to the Virgin Mary Site in Clearwater, Florida.

How well I understand God's words, "Your thoughts are not My thoughts!".

Changing my thoughts and my ways comes more slowly than changing my address, which is now Clearwater, Florida.

Though retirement isn't at all what I thought it would be, I wouldn't trade places with anyone at all.

End of February 24, 2000 message



Messenger:     Written on the white pages of the Rosary Meditations for 
                        Parents and Children Book because I didn't have any paper.

Excerpt from April 3, 2000 Daily Message
Given March 28, 2000 after 6:20 prayers.

Messenger: What our souls crave is Him.

We can look and search everywhere, even in doing work for Him, ultimately it is His presence we desire, it is Him, not a job, a girlfriend, TV, golf, food, money, a car, cruises and trips. What we seek is Him.

Jesus speaks: On Tuesdays tremendous graces are giving for spiritual healing - tell all apostles not to miss Tuesdays for healing.

Grace is outpoured to you when you go to the tabernacle.

You cannot do this work without a daily dose of extra grace.

I give apostles the way of life so that tremendous grace will be released so they can endure the struggles with Satan.

Messenger: I just want Him so much. I just long to be with Him before the tabernacle.

Jesus speaks: In the three days of darkness you will be connected to all your comrades in your hearts through consecration, through dwelling in Our Hearts.

You will pray, all day, while others will panic and fear and be at a point at which they cannot take it.

Mental torments are anguishing. Get the rosary in the hands of all. It is a comfort.

Get beeswax candles. Be prepared, for the Bridegroom comes in the night to take the bride in, home with Him.

The Home being the interchamber of the Heart of the Divine Bridegroom.

Mary speaks: I am the spouse of the Lamb,

I am Mary your Mother.

Ours is a union of oneness.

You are to dwell in Our Hearts.

Come to me, my children, I will take you home to the Heart of My Son, Jesus.

I am Mary Immaculate, your Mother, Mary. I appear to you as the Lady Clothed with the Sun.

End of March 28, 2000 message 




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