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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

November 17, 1998

Messenger: In Luke it refers to Isaiah when speaking of John the Baptist.

Luke 3:4-6

…as it is written in the book of sayings of Isaiah the prophet:
A voice of one that cries in the desert:
Prepare a way for the Lord,
make his paths straight!
Let every valley be filled in,
every mountain and hill be levelled,
winding ways be straightened
and rough roads made smooth,
and all humanity
will see the salvation of God.

From the message of Ascension Thursday May 21, 1998

Jesus speaks: Your earth is enclosed in a wall of their own making. They have put walls to enclose themselves. They have traveled around in their little boxes and spit at the freedom that I wished to give them.

Freedom is in living according to God's will. Freedom is in Me.

Talk of chains, for you have some. You have bars and are enclosed in your stone or brick houses. A mighty fortress is your dwelling, you think. A mighty fortress is in the walls of My Heart. I am the gateway that leads to freedom. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Holy One of the Virgin Israel, I am the gateway to heaven. I am God.

Come out of your tombs. Come out I call you!

Messenger: I was in the cage, it was a prison held on all sides by bars, I cried, I screamed, I felt no way to escape and low and behold I turned and where I had thought I was totally enclosed, a whole wall was not even there and I gaily walked into the free night and the sun followed me as I walked.

I saw a vision of an open door, the light within it resembled the light of the vision of March 26, 1996, that can be found in the Apostles Manual (p. 34-36)

The open door was glistening with this reflective golden color mirror-like light. I cannot describe, as I could not describe concerning the 3 main visions, the first being March 26, 1996.

…there was a little white sheep at the bottom of the open, glistening door and the little sheep hobbled over a small threshold and went in.

Jesus speaks: Freedom is in living according to God's will. Freedom is in Me.

Jesus speaks: My little lost lambs,
Not a stone will be left on a stone. You and your walls. You are so blind, you do not see. It is oneness that I speak of. You want to be the head of your little domain. You create a paradise and a wall to surround you. You build buildings and have children and you say "They are mine."

I want all to be one. The Persons of the Trinity are united in perfect oneness.

The valleys will be raised, the mountains made low, men will unite in perfect oneness. You have erected walls, invisible and visible to surround you. A mighty fortress you think, "oh you are so secure", but you live in little boxes, peering out of a little hole to see if it is safe to come and go and if you feel it is unsafe you mortar up the door to your box and you become reinforced in an even thicker dwelling.

Boundaries, oh you know them. In community life in which men and women were to share most intimately in burning love of their Savior and be one, they have mighty fortresses around their bodies. They have learned to almost ignore the presence of another body in the same room. One way of erecting an invisible wall is to not look at others or recognize their presence in a room. Some may talk to some in the room, but they completely ignore one person. Many in religious communities live a life of singular privacy. In these communities there should be found brotherhood and love, understanding and compassion. Instead there is coldness. I do not wish communities of singles. The very word community implies living union and oneness.

I give you Myself, hanging on the cross. My arms are outstretched, My Body beaten and bleeding. I give you My love.

I came into the world in a stable laid on wood and I left this world on a hill, surrounded by no walls.

My children, you have worshipped your buildings and forgot God in the tabernacle. My children the ark was in a tent. My children, it is not the walls, the buildings, the stones and the constructions you build, it is the living God alive in your hearts. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I bring you life.

Come out from your tombs, your walls, your paraphernalia you create around you whether invisible or visible.

A person can create a wall so thick around themselves in a car by offending remarks and attacks on another.

You are all bruised reeds. You treat one another so unlovingly. You create walls that are 50,000 feet thick around your hearts and wonder why you are not sensitive to My presence when I speak to you in the Blue Books.

My children, your walls must come down. Take off your big masks you wear, creating a false person of your own making to look good to your fellow men. The person the Father created with all his talents and gifts is buried under a thick shell of falsities.

Do you want to feel, do you want to experience the intimacies found within My Sacred Heart? Then take off your armored shells and come out. Many of you have hidden your true selves from birth. You hide your feelings and have become hard and calloused. I am not telling you to lay yourselves bare to the world, I am telling you to be true to yourself. Why are you so closed up? Why do you hold your arms closed across your chest, tight as a drum? I am love. I spread My arms and opened Myself wide. The wounds gaped open and they bled. When you are wounded, you close up, lie to yourselves and put on another coat of armor. How many coats of armor do you wear over the true self: The one who wants to come alive under all your masks? How many have you blamed for your own lack of ability to look truly into your heart and deal with the wounds you have experienced in loving? How thick are your walls? I was born in a stable and died on bare wood. I was stripped of My clothing and laid bare.

If you want to experience with the senses, you must be sensitive. You must be open to the smell of the fresh morning and the sunrise and sunset you see with the eyes. You must experience the mourning sorrow of one who has lost a child or loved one. America, you have become the coldest of all the hearts and I have blessed you a plenty. I want love America, I want a country beating with a heart of pure country love, the tables filled with turkey and trimmings, the joy of music of joining in one voice praising God and thanking Him for His gifts.

Oh my children, you are not of the heart. So many are so timed like a little machine, running on a clock waiting for the next gong to sound so that they can change direction. You are cold and controlled. You have built walls around yourselves so thick you do not feel. Oh America show Me the thankfulness that is My due. "In God we trust." Do you trust in God or in the All-American dollar that has brought so much corruption to your earth?

Do you bear fruit for God's Kingdom? Do you raise hearts of love? Do you share your sweet thoughts and feelings?

Oh no My children, you share ways of making your bodies look better and of making your castles be bigger and your cars more elaborate with all their paraphernalia and entertainment systems, even within the cars.

Oh men, I cry to you. It is love for which you were created. It is for love that you walk this barren earth. I wish you to mature in your ways of loving that you will experience the depth of My love for all eternity. The dark man has come and sucked the life from so many souls and filled them with sensuous pleasures. Instead of being sensitive in their hearts to God and His life alive within them, they seek life in a molten calf.

I speak once more of walls from Luke 2:34-35.

Luke 2:34-35

Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother, 'Look, he is destined for the fall and for the rise of many in Israel, destined to be a sign that is opposed -- and a sword will pierce your soul too -- so that the secret thoughts of many may be laid bare.'

Jesus speaks: Freedom is found in doing the Father's will. If all were living according to the Father's will there would be peace and love and joy.

Parents must protect their children because of the evil in the world. It is because of the unloving acts of people that children learn to close up. They do not wish to suffer more wounds. My children, your wounds need to be healed. You must openly look at yourselves. All must realize that they are to lay bare the wounds and imperfections that caused them to close up and be as closed vaults.

You are on a journey to learn the more perfected ways of loving. You will love deeply in your hearts. You must work hard, praying for God's grace that you will learn to love more and more deeply in your hearts

I quote Revelation 3:1-6.

Revelation 3:1-6

'Write to the angel of the church in Sardis and say, "Here is the message of the one who holds the seven spirits of God and the seven stars: I know about your behaviour: how you are reputed to be alive and yet are dead. Wake up; put some resolve into what little vigour you have left: it is dying fast. So far I have failed to notice anything in your behaviour that my God could possibly call perfect; remember how you first heard the message. Hold on to that. Repent! If you do not wake up, I shall come to you like a thief, and you will have no idea at what hour I shall come upon you. There are a few in Sardis, it is true, who have kept their robes unstained, and they are fit to come with me, dressed in white. Anyone who proves victorious will be dressed, like these, in white robes; I shall not blot that name out of the book of life, but acknowledge it in the presence of my Father and his angels. Let anyone who can hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches."

Jesus speaks: I speak to you, the mountains will be made low and the valleys will be filled in.

The walls will come down. The temples will be destroyed. You will cry out in anguish and then you will see that the glory was not found in your molten calves and your polluted rags, it was found in the Savior, it was found in the things of God, it was found in the love in your hearts, it was found in the 10 Commandments and the Word of God. It was found in learning to rid yourselves of the walls and learning to love.

Oh My married singles, My parents that never share heartfelt love with their children, the families that abandon their grandparents to nursing homes while they engage in their polo and frivolous sports! The communities that ignore their brothers in a religious house! You were created for love. The huffy will be sorted out and the plains will be filled in. Were you taught to size up your brothers when you were young, have you partitioned the earth into those that you accept and those you reject? Do you look with My eyes at your brothers or do you look with suspicion and hate?

My children, I give you the Blue Book messages. Include April 25, 1994 "See Each Person As a Gift From God" and May 15, 1994 "Love your Children".

Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

See Each Person As a Gift from God

God's Blue Book III Cover

April 25, 1994 5:00a.m.

Jesus speaks: My child, do not fret or fume. Take this message for My beloved ones. When I died on the cross, I held not back. I, God, gave My all for you that you might be saved. I loved you so much. No one knows the things I tell you. I tell you with My emotion and tenderness. You must preach My intense love. No one will know how I am telling you. I let you experience some of My sadness and My suffering. I love you intently. All can have this intimacy with Me and know Me as a Person. They must spend time with Me in front of the tabernacle.

Do not be attached to any person, place or thing. You are here to promote My love and My love alone. Do not ever worry or fret. Turn every moment over to Me. Realize that each moment is only as it brings you closer to Me. Your job is very important to Me. You must live only for love of Me. Forget little details. Live only to promote My love. If your brother comes to you, help him, pray for My help and answer as I do in you. Nothing is a coincidence.

Pray the Prayer for Union with Me all day. Your greatest satisfaction should come from loving Me and your brothers. Spend time talking to your children about Me today. See each person as a gift given from God and love them. When you have any interaction with them, love them as I would. This is your calling from Me: to love your brothers. They are so dear to Me, each precious child. Tell them how I love them, how indeed precious they alone are to Me.

Pray to see with the eyes of God. I see not their bodies. I see not their money. I see them as the beautiful persons they are and I love them. If they are acting nastily, love them anyway. See them with the eyes of God. They were created with such specialness by My Father. No other person can take their place in My Heart. Lead your brothers back to Me with your love.

Love everyone. Do not love some and ignore some. They are all My precious ones! So you look, you see their hair, their clothes, their money. Don't do this, My beloved ones. See the creation of the God Who lives within them. See them as My precious ones for whom I died on the cross. I gave My blood that they might live. I want them to be drawn to My Sacred Heart. I died for them, too. How can you size up people and then cast them off? See with the eyes of God. Pray to love all your brothers. You cannot do this alone. I do not call you to a select membership into your club of friends. I call you to be brothers in Christ. You are all brothers. No one is to be excluded because of their skin color or their bank account. I call you, My beloved ones, to love of your brothers. If you love Me, you will love all your brothers.

You pray for the gift to love all with the eyes of God. Tend to your brothers. They are hurting. I call you, little ones, to love. I call you to act as I would act. Gentleness, kindness, love-no exclusion of any person! Be kind and loving to My beloved ones for Me. I shed My last drop of blood for them. Will you do this? Hard, you say. Love, I say. I see with the eyes of God. I do not see the gold. I do not see the self that glories in itself. I see the beautiful creature, created uniquely by the hand of My Father. I see that person as loved by Him and loved by Me and the Holy Spirit. I see the child that is mothered by My very own mother. I see your brother and I ask you to love your brother. If you love Me, you will love your brothers. How can you love Me, Whom you do not see, if you cannot love your brothers, whom you see?

Pray to love with My Heart. You cannot do it alone.

Messenger: I say, "But Lord, I have to protect myself and my children," and He says, "You have to love. I will protect you. Your loving your brother may be the very thing that saves his soul. It is no little thing I call you to. It is essential. If you love Me, you will love your brothers. You will not love some. You will love all. Pray to see with My eyes. You are so blind! You see the exterior of your brothers. See the soul that needs to get to heaven! Preach My gospel by your love. Are you preaching the gospel that I do not like some of your brothers and cast others off, that I do not give them passes into My club of friends. I love them, each precious child created by My Father."

Jesus speaks: "You will know they are Christians by their love." Do you love all your brothers? "But," you say, "Jesus, I just don't want to" and I say, "How can you say you love Me when I am calling you to this and you refuse Me and go about your stiff-necked ways?" You turn your head to some and turn your head from others. Oh, little ones, pray for My grace to love. Pray for My grace to see your brothers as your brothers in Christ. You spend half your life sizing up your friends and admitting them into your little club. I want all to read this message. You are all members of My club. You are My precious ones. Remember, you waste half your life letting some people into your circle and pushing others out of your circle. You do not even know how to love. You do this automatically. You don't want to love all your brothers. You want to love only the ones you let in. I call you to love your brothers. I gave the last drop of My blood for them, remember this! You spend much time in useless tasks, keeping track of how you have been offended, keeping track of who is accepted and who isn't. Then you call yourself Christ-like!

You must look to Me for your lessons on being Christ-like. I love every single person. I love every soul today. I would die for each precious one today. I exclude no man. You waste so much time doing senseless tasks that are so unloving. Pray to have Me open up your hearts. You do not even know how you offend Me. Pray to be Christ-like. Pray to love as I call you to love. Love is the key. You will learn to love from Me and Me alone. Come to Me and let Me open your hearts to the love of God. There is no club. You are all My chosen ones. I would die for each of you. I shed My blood for your brothers. Love them, all of them!

Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Love Your Children

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 15, 1994

Jesus speaks: Dear child, do not worry for I am ever beside you. I walk with you wherever you go. This life is but a passing moment, here today, gone tomorrow. Let go and surrender into My hands. I have work for you to do. Do it and let Me run the show.

What love you gave is all that lives. It lives in the hearts of all you touch. It is your kindness that is not forgotten.

It is your love that ripples to your children and brothers. Such needless tasks you perform, and deem so very important, and your children are left tended to by a sick television. You are responsible for your children.

I have given you them to be loved and directed. All your foolish endeavors, and the children are ignored. You are going nowhere fast. Do you want to race down a road that leads to a dead end? What a frustrating experience, to hurry, hurry, and then a dead end! How many of your jobs are really a race to a dead end?

How many of your jobs are willful jobs that you want accomplished but really serve no purpose? Did you set the goal and decide that you would do it and now you are going to carry it out to prove to yourself you need to do as you intended? Is it a useless task? What about your children? What about your role as a mother or father or spouse? How many goals do you plan that are totally useless, but you carry out as a law that should not be broken, while your family is ignored?

How you love God and love one another is all that matters. Useless tasks are soon washed up from the sea and laid lifeless on the beach. The life in your actions is how you treat each other. Love is life and it doesn't die. It is given and is acted out in the actions of others. Is it so hard to love or are you just performing needless tasks and are not in the habit of giving love?

Love lives forever. Love is never forgotten. Love given to your children is still given years later.Love is planted in the hearts as life! Love your children always. Love planted in children is a treasure. They are young and it remains so much longer. They will meet so many more people. America, love your children! They are thirsty for your love. They are given a cold world. They are given things and games and television and dreams and education and money. What happened to time in prayer? What happened, America, to love in their hearts?

Give the children the gift of God's love within you. Your answer, America, is in praying and playing with your children, not competitive sports to make you better, then not so good, but games to promote good, healthy feelings of friendship and love. Walk with your children. Tell them about God. Show them kindness. Show them peace. Give them time. How will you teach your children to have peace when you have none yourself?

You don't have time for them? What a seed to plant in their little hearts. Take time! Giving time develops their self esteem. Not having time robs them of their importance. Children need you. They need your love. They need your time. They need you to pray with them. If God gave you a child, it is His Will that you are a parent. Being a parent is a job.

I ask you, My beautiful parents, to take your job seriously. This is the most important job you have, being a parent! It is not second to what you think is important. You are giving life to a child. This life lasts forever. To teach them they are not worth your time is a sick lesson. I want you to love and spend time with My beloved little ones. Forget your crafts and picture shows, your games, all the little jobs you assign yourselves that must get done. You will be held accountable to God for how you raised your children. You are responsible for teaching your children about God.

My time is given to you to do My work. It is not your time at all. You have a free will. God will hold you accountable for how you spent your time. Time is a valuable asset. To squander it for yourself is wrong. God created you to know, love and serve Him. Are you using your life to do His Will?

Jesus speaks: I love you so much. I do not speak here that you will not protect your children in this evil world. I speak that you will let down the walls around your hearts and love your brothers as you should.

Some will never engage in an intimate relationship with God or others because they have walled up their hearts.

In today's world you must be leery of one who opposes you, but realize one opposing you is still your brother. You love and pray for him, for you see him as a brother even though he may hate you. You still love him. You do not have to run after those that reject you, you would be wise to keep your distance from some that wish to harm you, but you pray and love them deeply within your hearts and wish them to be united to God in their dealings. You wish them to be acting as God wills.

I do not speak here to tell parents to neglect the watchful duty regarding children in an evil age or the duty of protecting oneself. I speak that you will open up your heart as God wills and love all your brothers. It is not prudent for one to engage with others who wish you harm. It is truly wrong to put yourself in an occasion of sin.

I speak here of freedom as it will be very soon. Men will all live as the Father intended from the beginning, loving God and one another, loving themselves as a child of God and living in the Father's will.

Come out of your tombs and live. I am God. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

From the litany "Heart of Jesus, Sacred temple of God."

It is within My Heart you will find refuge. My child I tell you to come to My Heart and trust in Me.

I love you,

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