Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

November 22, 2004

November 23rd Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 2 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries
for November 23rd are Sorrowful.


Healing Rosary in China
November 23, 2004
with Rita Ring

tune in!





November 22, 2004 - Before Mass

Jesus speaks:      Rise up Jerusalem your light has come—
                            As darkness covers the earth—
                            in the distance could be seen a brilliant
                            light shining—
                            one of unmistakable beauty and brilliance
                                and casting off brilliant warm
                                light in wonderful contrast to the darkness

                            Oh happy is the man who serves the Lord
                                and walks in His ways

Messenger:         As the night watchman with a lantern—
                            I walk now in the path of my Savior—
                            I carry a beacon light to light my path—
                            my feet do not stumble for their is
                            ample light to light my way

                            At day break, I extinguish my light and
                                I can see from the ascending sun
                                in the sky and I write as I hear the
                                words of the Savior speak to me.

Jesus speaks:     Rise up Jerusalem your light has come
                                but your eyes are covered and you do not
                                see it—
                                tear the rags from your eyes—
                                hear the words of the angels on that Christmas morn
                                "Today is born to you a Savior Jesus

                            Oh pitiable is the state you have put
                            yourself in when I stooped so low
                            to raise you up and in your contrariness,
                            you remained down so many of you as
                            if glued to the ground.



November 22, 2004 message continues

Jesus speaks:      Now feast your eyes on My most beauteous
                                scenes—see the sky and the mud

                            Mud can be used to help bring forth the

                                fruitful flowers—



November 22, 2004 message continues

Jesus speaks:      but the flowers are that which takes
                                shape and bends to the sun—

                            Oh let you learn a lesson from the flowers—
                                once they were seeds in the black
                                earth and then they grew and they
                                were shaped so brilliantly and their
                                beauty was awesome for you to behold and
                                they grew to the light—they were
                                pointed upward—they did not grow
                                into the ground—

                                Light is needed for the plants—
                                they go to the light—
                                they raise high—pointing that way—

                                A man had a little dog and he treated him
                            with such care and love—he held him,
                            he fed him and he watched him grow.
                            He loved the little dog so much and he
                                named him snapper because he
                                joyously snapped at his trousers and
                                socks with gentle love when ever
                                the man approached.

                            Learn a lesson from this little beast—
                                he loved his master, he returned
                                his affection—he knew his master
                                was his master—

                            Some dogs try to bite and be over their
                                masters—oh so foolish you say—
                                I say - they are beasts - beasts act
                                differently - some are pets - some
                                are lions—

                                You have a soul and a heart and
                            God is your Master and I gave you
                            life, special life in Me in baptism—
                            some of you snap and not affectionately
                            some bite and try to destroy the Master.

                                At night fall a man came to a
                            darkened town that had lost light
                            and power. He knew about transformers.
                            The people needed his assistance to
                            fix the problem.
                            When he arrived they attacked him,
                                hung him on a tree and
                                shouted abusive talk at him.

                            They remained in the darkness.

                             I am the Light of the World.

                            I have sent My Mother as a messenger—


Our Lady of Clearwater Florida
during the 5th of the month prayer services with Rita Ring

July 5, 2000

September 5, 2000

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We chose to put more than just one of each of these 5ths because of they're importance.

October 5, 2003

November 5, 2003
Jesus instructed the prayer service
be done inside

November 5, 2003
Jesus instructed the prayer service
be done inside

December 5, 2003
Jesus instructed the prayer service
be done inside

December 5, 2003
Jesus instructed the prayer service
be done inside

December 5, 2003
Jesus instructed the prayer service
be done inside

December 5, 2003

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November 22, 2004 message continues

Jesus speaks:      Now I appear Myself


October 4, 2004


October 4, 2004


October 4, 2004


October 4, 2004


October 5, 2004


October 5, 2004 


October 5, 2004


October 5, 2004


October 5, 2004


October 5, 2004


November 22, 2004 message continues

Jesus speaks:      I call you to come to Clearwater, Florida
                                on December 17, 2004 6:20 to
                                help make reparation to your God for
                                the deed done and to pray and sing in
                                reparation and to give praise.


Psalm 24: 1-6

To Yahweh belong the earth and all it contains,
the world and all who live there; 
it is he who laid its foundations on the seas, 
on the flowing waters fixed it firm. 

Who shall go up to the mountain of Yahweh? 
Who shall take a stand in his holy place? 

The clean of hands and pure of heart, 
whose heart is not set on vanities, 
who does not swear an oath in order to deceive. 

Such a one will receive blessing from Yahweh, 
saving justice from the God of his salvation. 
Such is the people that seeks him, 
that seeks your presence, God of Jacob.


November 22, 2004 message continues

Jesus speaks:      Eat and drink and
                            shout "oh what should we do"
                            I sent your Mother and you ignored
                                her and Me


February 5, 2004


November 22, 2004 message continues

Mary speaks:         Oh I am your Mother Mary—
                            Mother of the Church.

                                As the wind blows and you do
                            not see it—you may not see
                            how God is now working in this

                                Don't lose hope, have
                            faith and do what you are doing
                            with deeper fervor.

Jesus speaks:      I am Jesus, read and study
                                My messages—your
                                answers are found in
                                My messages and the Word (the Scriptures)

                            May the cancer be uprooted
                                and cast into the sea.




November 22, 2004 message continues

Jesus speaks:      A man had 5 very close friends, they
                                helped him do his work, if he
                                spent time with one the others
                                became jealous and tore down all
                                the good work he had accomplished.
                                It became a vicious circle and he
                                could not get things accomplished
                                because they gave into their jealousy
                                and pride.

                            A mom and dad had four children when one
                                was with the children on an afternoon
                                outing while the other was at work
                                making a living—the one at work
                                became so angry they would create conflict
                                and hurt the family.
                                While one built up feelings of warmth, the
                                other through selfish jealousy tore it
                                down—the children were the losers.

Mary speaks:     I watch my children give into the
                                weakness of human persons of
                                jealousy, pride, lustfulness,

                            I watch one build up and another because
                                of selfishness tear down.

                            How do you think this world would be
                                if religious and people wanting
                                to help build up the Kingdom of
                                God - did the meditations of the
                                Spiritual Exercises given to St. Ignatius.

                            Do you think that you do not get tempted
                                to be jealous, prideful etc... —
                                some act out their jealousies
                                on unrelated others -- if one is
                                jealous because of divorce or because
                                the children have grown and now
                                married and have a family of their

                                one can tear down—
                                what another in love and pain can
                                    try to build up.

                            Satan wants you to be selfish—
                            If you really love you want the
                                earth to be fruitful—
                            You do not want to give into jealousy
                                that in so many homes wounds the

                            Jesus is your love.
                            God loves you so much.
                            Your strength is in Him.
                            If you genuinely love someone you
                                will want God's will for them.
                            Selfish Possessiveness is not love.

                            God has given to you this Movement Shepherds of Christ
                                to help renew the Church and the world
                                and the religious orders.

                                Through prayer, as Jesus has directed,
                            you have helped contribute to the
                            renewal of the Church and the world—
                            promoted devotion to His Sacred Heart and
                                My Immaculate Heart and

                            helped further devotion to the Eucharist—
                            helped further the morning offering prayer.

                                This is a serious mission.

Jesus speaks:      I want oneness—
                            I want you to help strengthen the
                                oneness in the Church by praying
                                before the Blessed Sacrament for
                                the priests, the Church and the world.

Mary speaks:          A family that gives into jealousy is
                            divided—all should love each other
                            and help each other to be as God wants
                            them to be.

                                All should be glad that someone is
                            joyful when they are doing God's will
                            rather then giving into selfish jealousy
                            and pride.

                                A night watchman - watches the night
                            with a light in his hand—

                                I watch you operate in the darkness,
                            giving into satan—hurting your families
                            as you hurt one another for control and
                            selfish jealousy.

                                Everyone should try to have every
                            relationship as God so desires.

                                Religious should be so in love with
                            Jesus they would not cross the line of
                            being in a relationship with another
                            that is not God's will.

                                When someone wants another's favors
                            which is against God's will—they must
                            stop and focus on their vocation and
                            realize they want God's will so much—
                            they don't want to offend God in any way.

                            I am the Virgin Mary—
                            I am all pure—
                            I am sinless

                            You are to model your lives after
                                me and Jesus.

                            I have given you the rosary—
                                praying the rosary will help you
                                have peace—

                            praying 9 Hail Marys in difficult
                                immediate, trials will help you—
                                I will intercede for you at the
                                throne of God if you ask me.



November 22, 2004 message continues

Mary speaks:      Pray to St. Joseph, foster-father of
                                Jesus, patron of the worker—
                                so much is because people
                                get jealous about work, too—

                            What if everyone was using their
                                talents as God intends and
                                if they weren't jealous.

                            Jesus is using the Shepherds of Christ Movement
                                to have intercessors praying
                                for the priests, the Church
                                and the world.



November 22, 2004 message continues

Mary speaks:      On December 5, 2004 Rita will be
                                in Clearwater, for a special
                                prayer service, to beg for
                                God's mercy and help make
                                reparation to God for offenses
                                against Him.


April 5, 2004


November 22, 2004 message continues

Mary speaks:      The usual 4 day retreat will be in
                                China, centering around the
                                13th—It will begin the night
                                of December 9 and end December 13th
                                December 12 is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

                            The prayer service will be in Clearwater
                                on December 17, 2004 for the 8 year
                                anniversary. On December 18 special
                                prayers will also be prayed at
                                6:20 for the 4 year anniversary
                                of the death of Fr. Carter.


February 5, 2004






November 22, 2004 message continues

Mary speaks:      Come to China and sing to Jesus and
                                honor me as your Mother

                                pray to St. Joseph, St. Ignatius,
                                St. Xavier,        St. Margaret Mary





























November 22, 2004 message continues

Mary speaks:      I am Mary your Mother
                            Please help me



April 5, 2004


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