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We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

November 29, 1998

(Written as directed by Mary as a response to last night's question.)

The reality of the life beyond

At five years of age, my mother died of cancer. At this early age, I was made drastically aware of the reality of the life beyond. When other children had to deal with the loss of their favorite dolls, I had to deal with the cold, hard reality: one day mother was alive here on this earth, the next day I would never see her again. Now this may seem hard, but never until this moment did I realize the great gift in it. It made the invisible world in which God existed a vivid reality to me. It brought me a special awareness of that mysterious place beyond, heaven, where I knew my mother was. Now to a child of five her mother is the most important person in her life, or so it was for me. So to lose her forced me to deal with the reality of heaven and God and the life beyond. This was most important to me. Heaven became, to me, a place that was very real, for my mother was there. She wasn't here anymore, so I had to try to understand what those around me had told me. But I remember how I felt. I remember a place within where I knew of heaven, a place I knew that was invisible, but really immensely visible in my heart and soul because my mother was there. I knew that she was alive even though her body was put under the ground.

Until this night, I never saw the profound lesson God had taught me in that experience about the soul living some where else or the reality of the invisible world, in which an Almighty God existed. It all fit, though, because I could see the Creator, GOD, that I really couldn't see visibly. I knew this invisible place beyond. It was quite real to me. They really didn't let me mourn her passing. They were strongly fixed to life elsewhere.

When I made my First Communion, I knew this God and the reality of His existence quite well. I knew He loved me. They had told me that she gave me birth. They told me God took her because she was so special to Him. They said she went home to Him. Now I knew the invisible God, truly present in the Eucharist. I knew the reality of His existence so vividly because of dealing with her death. I felt she was with Him in heaven and He was here also truly present in the Eucharist. He gave Himself to me and came inside of me. I loved and wanted Him. I was so starved for love. I wanted Him, He was so much more. I experienced the presence of God in that first reception of the Eucharist. He filled that place inside, the aching hole I knew from the loss of my mother.

I write to you tonight after 3:00 a.m. in the morning, for Our Lady has awakened me and asked me to write to you. Many years later a friend of mine said, "Oh you have to grieve the loss of your mother, you never did it." And so I tried to do that and realized that I could cry from the pain and loss of losing her and it made me feel better I thought. It was a deep wound within and I needed to look into it, for I always wanted her love.

But now this day I see the immense folly in it all as if the Lord laughs once again at me and says, "Silly child, I told you last night in the couples rosary I give you exactly as you need to grow in greater life in Me."

There is a section in Father Carter's newsletter; (issue no. 5, 1998) so beautifully written, that says suffering when encountered according to God's will always leads to greater life. (Please include here, the section "Our Union with the Resurrected Christ" from Father Carter's newsletter.)

(Excerpt from Shepherds of Christ Priestly Newsletter: ISSUE 5 - 1998)

Our Union with the Resurrected Christ

The Church invites us to share deeply in the passion of Christ, in the cross of Christ. She does so that we might share deeply in His life of resurrection-here and hereafter. The more we die with Christ, the more we share in His life of resurrection-here and hereafter. Our ultimate goal here below is not the cross, but resurrection-the newness of life the cross leads to - here below as well as in eternity.

We are meant to share in all the mysteries of Christ here below-we are meant to relive them in our own lives. And all of these mysteries are directed to the crowning mystery of Jesus, His resurrection: "As the Church is ever re-enacting, during all the ages, the life story of her Divine Spouse-undergoing in the Mystical Body what He suffered in His Natural Body, so it must be too, in some measure, for every individual Christian that lives in real unity with Christ. It was thus that the saints understood the life of the Divine Master. They not merely contemplated it, they lived it. This was the source of the immense sympathy they were capable of experiencing for Him in His different states. They felt in a certain measure what He felt, and what is true of Our Lord's life considered as a whole must be true in no imperfect or limited manner of that which was the supreme and crowing mystery in that life-namely, the Resurrection. This must be, not merely a fact in Christian history, but a phase of Christian experience "...We do not readily perceive that, in God's plan, not only the Cross, but the Risen Life that followed it, is meant to be part of our terrestrial existence. Christ did not pass from the Cross straight to heaven. The Christian is not meant to do so either. In the case of Jesus the Cross preceded, prepared and prefaced a risen life on earth. In the case of the Christian the Cross is meant to play a somewhat similar role-that is, to be the prelude to a risen life, even here below.

The Cross cannot be completely understood except it is viewed in the full light of the Resurrection. It is the latter, not the former, that is the ultimate mystery for us...The Cross is a means, not an end; it finds its explanation only in the empty tomb; it is an entrance into life, not a mode of death. Any death that enters into God's plan must necessarily issue forth in life. If He lays upon us the necessity of dying it is in order that we may live...In order that we may live as we ought, our rebellious nature must be crucified. Crucifixion always remains the only mode of salvation.

"God sends trials and crosses simply to deaden in us the activity of the forces that make for the decay of the spiritual life, in order that that spiritual life may develop and expand unimpeded. According as the life of perverse nature ebbs away from us on our cross united with Christ's, the Divine Life that God has placed in all whom He has called begins to make itself more manifest and to display increased vigour and vitality...It is to that Resurrection, that life in death, that God directs all the circumstances of our life-it is the object He aims at in His dealing with us." 9

In his above words, Fr. Edward Leen, C.S.Sp., speaks about a special episode of our participation in the resurrection of Jesus. He speaks of our Christ-life, our life of grace, in the highly developed state. We should all strive for this state. We must realize, however, that all those who live in the state of grace are, in an essential way, living the life of resurrection. They are alive in Christ Jesus. St. Paul tells us: "You have been taught that when we were baptized in Christ Jesus we were baptized in His death; in other words, when we were baptized we went into the tomb with Him and joined Him in death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead by the Father's glory, we too might have a new life." (Rom 6:3-4).

9Edward Leen, In the Likeness of Christ, Sheep and Word, pp. 290-300.

Messenger: As we meditate on the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary, we see the suffering of the Lord, the horrible torture and suffering of a God-made-Man consumed with love for men. We hear Him say in the garden Matthew 26:39

Matthew 26:39

And going on a little further he fell on his face and prayed. 'My Father,' he said, 'if it is possible, let this cup pass me by. Nevertheless, let it be as you, not I, would have it.'

Messenger: Is this not the story of our lives, learning that suffering leads to greater life? God the Father willed the suffering of His only Son. He gave His Son Who gave Himself as a sacrifice so that we would share in His life.

It is that realization of the life beyond, though not visibly seen, the reality of God's world, that leads us to march out with greater determination toward the goal we seek, which is to be possessed by an invisible God.

Our Lady woke me that I would write to you of my own loss concerning the death of my precious mother, but until this night I did not realize the gift He gave me. Because of her death at an early age, I had to deal with life and death. I learned about the invisible God.

The Eucharist at age seven filled my heart and soul with the love my heart craved. I knew from her death about His life. I knew about His life in me. I knew I was not alone, even though she died. He was alive in me and now I knew Him and experienced His Presence in the Eucharist. Other children had their mothers and fathers at their First Communion, but my dad was sick, my step-mother who I loved was there, but my whole consuming desire was to focus on Jesus. He filled that hole in my soul with His divine love.

Many people try to analyze other people and help them come to grips with problems dealing with loving, but never will any person be able to give a person the gift that the resurrected Lord gives to a soul when He gives Himself completely to the soul in the reception of the Eucharist. He outpours His grace to them. They share most abundantly in His life.

After suffering for several days, I got out of my bed one morning and said "What is life?" My answer came loud and clear "The Eucharist." "Jesus is life.", and I went as fast as I could to the tabernacle to sit before Him. I wanted to receive His grace, given in such abundance through the Eucharist.

So Our Lady woke me to write this to you. In a rosary March 17, 1998, Our Lady spoke and I do not remember exactly how she said it, but she said something to the effect Jesus will give you whatever you need to help you to be more like Him. And in all the sufferings and struggles we are being led to a place in which we know Him and His ways more and more. And the struggles were immense, but slowly and surely He has allowed us all in the core group of the Shepherds of Christ to share more and more in the dying and rising in Him. Our primary goal and focus of our lives is Jesus, Jesus, and Jesus again. The desire of our heart and soul is to be possessed by God, to be showered with His grace, to know Him more and more and to help save souls. He is our end. His desires have become our desires, His wants are our wants because of great intimacies with Him through consecration and the Eucharist.

We do not always understand the workings of the Lord in our lives, but the Father wills us to suffer to bring us to greater life in Him. We should always trust Him in our lives and give ourselves to Him so He can work in us.

Last night in the rosary He touched on the reality of the invisible world. In my heart and soul, His world is more real than the world I see. I know Him truly present in the Holy Eucharist.

He has penetrated my heart and soul in such a way that I have been existent in such a profound way in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit in such ecstasies after Communion. To me this is reality. To me God is my goal, God is whom I seek, God is what my soul craves. Knowing this existence in Him, being possessed most intimately by the Almighty God, is what leaves me in a constant state of partial hell when He does not grant these special experiences. It is like living in a desert land, wanting what I know. From these experiences I know His intimate action on my soul. This is what I desire, to be possessed by God.

I write to you as a messenger from God and from Our Lady. On this special day, Sunday November 29, 1998, I give you this reflection of mine as Our Lady has requested. Great graces are given from God on Sunday. He truly loves Sunday, it is His special day. Jesus has requested our core prayer service be on Sundays. He gives us a great teaching and we pray 3-4 hours every Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Jesus has requested the Junior Shepherds of Christ to meet at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday all over the world. He wishes us to honor Him through special prayer services on Sundays. He wishes the youth to come and pray. Jesus wants the youth to know Sunday is His day. We should set aside special time for God on Sunday to honor Him in a special way on His day.

Our Lord and Our Lady have asked this information be given to all parents in the world.

Mary speaks: Swiftly go the years, my children, and soon you are old and gone. It never seems it will end this way, for no one knows the plan of God. My children, you think with human minds, you look for concrete realities, you see with your eyes. You miss the glory of the mystery beyond.

This is my child and I have mothered her from birth. When your mothers were off on their own or doing whatever they did that led you to wrong places in your lives, I was the Mother always by your side, protecting you and loving you. I walked next to my Son, Jesus, and I have walked next to you. I know you feel afraid many times, afraid of the life beyond and death and the unknown. You must seek Him, you must obey God and love Him. Little children, the angel told me not to fear. God speaks to you today.

The Father speaks: My beloved children, I give you My Son, Jesus, in the Eucharist. I give you your Mother Mary. I give you My love through Jesus in the Holy Spirit. What more do you want, My little tiny children? You want to be in control, you do not want to come as a child.

If a person knew when the thief would come, the person would prepare for it.

Like a thief in the night I will come to you and snatch this earthly existence away from you, and what will remain will be the life beyond.

My children, you determine your own fate. Sufficient grace is given to you to be saved.

You know not the day nor the hour.

It has offended Me the way My Son, Jesus, is treated in the Eucharist. I wished not to speak so harshly My little ones, nor scare you. But My wrath will blaze above your towering buildings and you will know how your God expresses displeasure. But I do not write that you would fear, but that you would listen and know My immense love for you as your Creator and Father.

Oh children, the invisible world is indeed real. The more you come to the Eucharist, the more you know the divine presence of God and the more I shower you with this life in Jesus. I am the Father, you are My beloved children. You are children of God, forever. Many of you have abandoned Me. You have left your home for arid lands. The prodigal son left his father's home and went his way. It is My desire that all My wayward children return carrying their shields to help build Me a Kingdom on this earth where men will love God and one another as they should in the Father's family.

Jesus speaks: I am Jesus, I am truly present in the Eucharist, I reveal Myself most intimately to the chosen soul. I implant knowledge of Myself and insight into the divine mysteries on your soul.

I love you so much.

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