Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages
rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

November 6, 2005

November 7th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 9 Period II.
The Novena Rosary Mysteries for November 7th are Joyful.


Please pray for Rita's Mom really hard.


Pray for Jim who had heart surgery.


Pray for Andrew who has cancer.


Pray for urgent intention and all involved.





September 10, 1994

Prayers Will Transform Your Land

Messenger: Light comes every day. There was total darkness throughout the land and as quietly as could be the morning light shone over this same land. Do we question that there existed total darkness and then the light appeared in such grandeur?

Jesus speaks: There will be darkness throughout the earth; men's hearts will turn cold and dark and the light of the love of God will, as quietly, steal across these same hearts and transform them into hearts on fire and alive. What, My child, will do this? The power of the Almighty God can change men's hearts that are dead in sin to hearts that are alive and vibrant, radiating the love of God. Pray, My little one, more than anything you do, your prayers will be that which transforms your land from darkness to light. Only the might of the Almighty God can do this. This is a miracle. A heart, dead in sin, can be touched by the hand of God.

Live My love in your hearts. You are My hands to this dark world. You radiate the love of God from your very being. The most important thing you can do for this earth is to develop your love affair with God. Everything follows from that. If your hearts are set on the Lord, your might will be great. You will shine in the darkest night. The darker the night, the brighter your light. My light is so bright that nothing can compare to or equal this light. Its intensity shines brighter than ever against the dark night.

Oh, My children, if you only believed as you should. You worry for needless tasks. You see the world and you think you control it. You, children, control nothing. I never slumber, I never sleep, I never go away. My light is a vibrant force that shines from the hearts centered in My love.

Keep your hearts pure. Be about your love affair with Me. Come to My altar and receive the one, true God, totally present and in your midst this very day. Sit with Me and soak in My might. Come to the tabernacle. I am the Almighty God. I cast a light from the tabernacle that penetrates your soul. You are filled with My power. I am the Almighty God, truly present there. No less present than the day I walked this earth.

You, My little ones, need to spread this good news. Jesus Christ is Lord. He has died, He is risen, He is in your midst this very day! Come to Me, My little babies, and sit with Me. I await with such gifts for you to come. My Heart is burning for love of you. I penetrate your soul with My might. Come and be transformed by the light of Christ. Sit before Me in the tabernacle. You will receive such power as My might transforms your soul. You needn't fret and worry. Pray children, offer your days up to the Father, through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Offer your lives for all your brothers, living and dead. You have a mighty weapon. Pray. Do not spend time in idle talk discussing the hardened hearts of this world. Offer your days in prayer. Pray constantly. I am the Almighty God. I go before you, I will light the way.

Keep your hearts ever set on the mysteries of Christ. It is through Me you will reach such heights. I am the Almighty God. I go before you. I gave My life that you would live. I loved you to My death, My sweet children. Come to Me and I will give you rest.







September 10, 1994

Glorious Mysteries




Messenger: The connection between Mary and Jesus is so strong. To understand Jesus' life, I can see it much clearer through Mary. She raised Him from a Baby and showed Him her gentle ways. She guided Him in all the ways a mother guides her child.

Mary and Jesus are so closely united. She held Him as a Baby, she saw Him all through His Life and suffered so when she received His lifeless body under the cross. She knew that He was dead. What an experience to feel the Life gone from His body! They locked Him in the tomb and she stayed close by, not wanting to leave Him.

Now, Mary with all her memories, all her love, in her most tender heart that lived all the moments of Jesus' life, beholds Him alive after the Resurrection! Such joy for her to see her most beloved Son in such splendor and life!

Jesus is Life. Once again, Mary through her tender heart, the heart that lived His Life with Him, the heart overjoyed while she felt Him grow in her body, the heart that held Him as a Child, that peered into the Baby eyes of the Son of God, the heart that was torn in her chest by the seven sorrows of her life, now beholds Jesus, truly alive and full of such brilliance!

Oh, Mary, let us experience Jesus through your heart. His joys, His sufferings. Let us know your Son more. Help us to love Him through your heart, to see Him through your eyes. From the first moment of conception until He ascended into heaven, let us experience Jesus through your heart. As the Child Jesus was formed in your womb, as you guided His little Life through your gentleness and love, guide us to be more and more like your Son.

Mary speaks: Oh, my beloved children, if you could see what I saw. If you could see my Son's Life. You can experience His Life in your heart. Pray to be led by the Spirit to know and love God more. I am your loving Mother. Through my heart I lead you to the Heart of my dearest Son. The Spirit will give you His gifts to lead you closer and closer to the love of God. It is through Jesus you are led to the Father. I am your Mother and I forever take you to the gentle Heart of my Son.

My Son loves you so much. I saw my Son born. I saw Him die and I saw Him rise for your life eternal. Do not throw away this great gift, the gift of Himself. He gave that you might live.

It is in your commitment to my Son, it is in your love and service to Him that you will inherit the Kingdom prepared for you. I saw Him as a Baby, I watched Him as a Child and I saw Him suffer so for love of you. He gave His Life that you would have life.  




Jesus took the Apostles to the town of Bethany and gave them His final blessing.

He raised His arms and ascended into heaven.

They stood below in utter amazement of what had happened.

He ascended to the Father. He had risen from the dead. 

These are the Glorious Mysteries.

Imagine the grief in the hearts of Mary and the Apostles to see Him go!

Jesus remains truly present and with us in the Eucharist.

He gave Himself on the Cross. He gives Himself to us this very day in the Eucharist.

He loved us so much He died for us. He rose to give us new life.

Jesus is truly present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharist.

He gives Himself to us this day. He wants us to visit Him in the tabernacle.

Who are we that He loves us so much?

R.  Oh, my Jesus, help me to realize more how much You love me and that You gave Your life for me. You rose from the dead so I could share in Your life. You did this for me. You remain this very day, in the Eucharist! He gave us a special sharing in His life through baptism. He remains with us in our hearts. God dwells within our hearts.

Jesus:  I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, My precious ones. I dwell within your heart. Keep your souls forever holy. I want to dwell in your heart.

R. We should be holy.

Jesus, make me holy. I want You in my heart. I am Yours, Lord, I ask You to sanctify my soul.

Mary, help me to love Jesus through your sinless heart.

Jesus:  I am your precious Savior. I have not left you, I dwell within you, My beloved one.



Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and the Virgin Mary

R. When the Holy Spirit descended on Mary and the apostles, what joy for Mary's heart.

Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit. A giant wind blew and there appeared over their heads, parted tongues of fire.

The Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles and the Virgin Mary.

What joy for Mary to see the apostles so fearless.

Oh, Holy Spirit, come to us, fill our hearts with the fire of Your love. Where we were full of fear, make us fearless, for we long to have the courage to do all God asks of us.



As Mary appeared at the old seminary


Mary was taken up to heaven. 

  She lived her whole life in service of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Now she was taken up to heaven.

  Mary has not left, she remains with us. She is wherever Jesus is. She is our spiritual mother. She is forever by our side. She loves us as she mothers us with such motherly love.

  Who are we to have Mary as our Mother?

  Mary's statue in the residence chapel: face changed. She is so gorgeous. Like other statues, she looks so beautiful!  I see Jesus and Mary, from when Jesus was a baby to His hanging on the cross, to His rising. 

  Mary watched it all. A young Mary and older Mary, a sad Mary, a joyful Mary.

  His mother forever in union with Him.

  He was carried in her womb and formed in her body.

  She held Him as a child.

  She peered into His eyes on Calvary.

  She held Him under the cross.

  Now she sees Him aglow after the Resurrection.

  To know Christ is to see Him through Mary's eyes. Feel

Him through Mary's heart. Love Him through Mary.


February 5, 2004



The Coronation

The Two Hearts - the Sacred Heart - the Immaculate Heart.

Mary is crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth.

  Can you imagine Mary's great joy to be crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth?

  Can you imagine her immense joy to be in heaven?

  Can we imagine her joy to see the angels and saints praising God?

  Mary is my most beloved mother and now she reigns in the courts of heaven.

*  She who carried the baby Jesus in her womb, who held Him in her arms, who walked by Him during the passion, who stood under His cross, who held His lifeless body and watched Him, locked in the tomb...Now is taken up to heaven and crowned Queen of Heaven, forever to reign in the courts of heaven with her Beloved Son!

Mary, my mother, is crowned Queen.

  She forever intercedes for us, her beloved children, and cares for our every need as a loving mother.

  Jesus gave to us His mother and she is the Queen of Heaven.


Mary appearing in priest residents chapel.

Note:  I see the same beautiful face of Mary on the Sorrowful Mother statue, I am seeing it now.

God lives in us.



September 11, 1994

Title:  Your Offering Is Pleasing to the Father

Jesus:  My dear child, do your everyday activities, according to the Father's will in love. Pray for intense union with Me. I love you so very much. I am Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. I am guarding your way. I am not far off. I am with you this very day.

  Souls are being lost. Say your morning offering. Offer all your actions united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass going on around the world. Your life is important to your brothers. Your Father wants this offering. Pray for greater union with Me. Bind your heart to our Lady's Heart and be placed so deeply in My Heart.

I am Jesus, your precious Savior, I love you so much.

R.   If the lights in the world go out, if I am in darkness, I still have the awareness of God's presence within my being, no matter how dark. If the wind blows and sun ceases to give its light, I still am at peace because of this interior union with God.


September 5, 2001


September 5, 2001

Jesus and Mary did not appear as usual in light on the building.


Jesus:  You realize this union within you. Your struggles may be times when you are deeply united to Me. Spend your moments being aware of My constant love for you. Discipline your thoughts to put worry aside and focus on My love. My love never falters, it is forever burning in your heart. I love you so much.

R.  I am realizing every time I meditate on Mary and how one she is with Jesus, my heart is drawn so close to Him. It is through her I become more deeply united to Him, I am drawn closer in union with Him. Her sufferings, her love, her heart, leads me to such closeness to Him.

   A man at church could not get the lights on around the tabernacle. All the other lights were on but they would not go on. Jesus said to me, "I can light up the room. If I showed Myself, you would be blinded by the light.."  That if He truly showed us His might, we may be blinded.

  He is the Almighty God. He told me once: if He showed Himself to us in great light, we may fall down to the floor, we could be blinded by the rays!

  Oh how foolish we are and how blind to not realize He is God and He is truly present in such love, waiting to give Himself in love to us in the Holy Eucharist, and wanting us to share His love. He wants us to love Him!

    Jesus, open up my closed heart to know You more and feel Your presence. You are my beloved. You are why I live. You I love with my whole heart!

    Today I feel a quiet awareness of Him. It is in these times my faith is strengthened. He gives me just as I need. Today I need to depend on my faith. I long for the times I feel His presence more, but it is in these moments, I grow in my faith.



September 11, 1994

Mary's Heart

R. It is through Mary's heart I know the Heart of Jesus more. She carried Him in her womb. She took Him to the temple. She fled with Him into Egypt. She lost Him for a brief time. She cared for Him all through His young life. She watched Him heal the sick and preach the love of God. She watched the gentle ways of God. She knew His joy and suffering. She knew His Heart. She walked next to Him on Calvary and peered into His eyes. She stood under His cross and watched Him die. She held His lifeless body. She cried outside of His tomb and she saw His beautiful body after the Resurrection. She saw Him ascend into heaven.

How well does the heart of Mary know and love the Heart of Jesus! She is closer to Him than is any other human person. The Father and Holy Spirit are one with Him. It is through this knowing of His most tender Heart that she wants to place us so tenderly into Jesus' Heart. She, who knows His Heart so well, she who is without sin, she who is close to Him, she who loved Jesus and knew Him so dearly, she is the way to reach the deepest part of His Heart. She is the door to Jesus. It is through her heart that I am most closely united in deepest love with my Jesus.

Mary knows the Father's love. It was He Who created her sinless and chose her to be the Mother of His Son. She knew well the love of her Spouse, the Holy Spirit. She was filled with the Holy Spirit when Jesus was conceived. She was filled with the Holy Spirit at Elizabeth's house. She was filled all through her life. She was filled on Pentecost. She knew the love of the Holy Spirit. She is the human person closest to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is through her most knowing and loving heart that we will reach the deepest intimacy with God.

Prayer: Mary, through your Immaculate Heart, place us in the deepest part of Jesus' Heart so we can more deeply love Him. It is through your heart and Jesus' Heart we want to have a deeper union with the Father.

Dear Holy Spirit, impart to us Your gifts to lead us to such love, to union with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Lead us in Your ways to know God and love Him more fully. Give us all Your seven gifts: Wisdom, Knowledge, Piety, Fear of the Lord, Understanding, Fortitude, Counsel. Lead us to greater union with God. Impart to us the fire of Your love. Where we were once blind, let us see. Fill us with Your love, Oh, Holy Spirit, through Mary's Immaculate Heart, we pray. Amen.



September 11, 1994

Title:  Let Go and Know the Love of God

Jesus:  Do not let the devil talk in your head. You must know the great love I have for you. Your Father loves you with the deepest love. Let go and know His love. My child, I love you so much.

     Come to My Heart. Come and be with Me in peace. I am Jesus, the Son of God.







September 12, 1994

Holy Spirit Center 6:00 p.m.

After Communion

R.  I experience Him in my heart. To write this note I have an intense warmness and immense awareness of His presence within my heart. I hear Him talk to me in my heart. I feel Him in my heart. My heart knows what my pen cannot write. My relationship with Him flows from my heart.

  I saw such a connection between Mary and Jesus' Heart and mine - I saw this connection between my heart and His Heart as if bound together.

  It is so clear to me to be one with Him, I connect in my heart. To be hardened in heart is to not know that deep oneness with Him.

  I Know, and Love Him in my heart - words do not describe it. When I write this letter, my heart burns. My connection is to His Heart. Realizing Mary's oneness with Him, her sharing in all of His life makes my relationship with Him so tender, so deep, so much more deeply loving.



September 12, 1994

Title:  You Too Will Be Raised Up

R.  As Mary held the infant Son in her arms, with such joy, she was in such joy to see Him as He appeared after His Resurrection.

As Mary held the infant Son in her arms with such joy, she saw Him as He raised His arms and ascended to the Father.

  She beheld her baby child. This is the Son of God. This is Jesus who died and rose on the 3rd day. She held His tender body now. She sees Him after He resurrected from the tomb. He came to this world to bring us new life that we might have it to the full.

Jesus:  I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I come to give you new life that you may have it to the full. My Mother carried Me - she gave Me to you. I have died and I have risen and I ascend to My Father.

You, too, will be raised up some day. The gates of heaven have been opened and you are heirs of the Kingdom. It is through My Blood that you are saved. You can have the fullness of life in My Kingdom.

    You will experience this life as you live in Me. I am with you this very day. You need stay fixed in Me. I am the true bread come down from heaven. He who eats this bread will live forever.

John 6: 48-51

 I am the bread of life.
 Your fathers ate manna in the desert
 and they are dead;
 but this is the bread
    which comes down from heaven,
 so that a person may eat it and not die.
 I am the living bread
    which has come down from heaven.
 Anyone who eats this bread 
    will live for ever;
 and the bread that I shall give
 is my flesh, for the life of the world.

 The bread I give is My very own flesh, the drink, My very own blood. Come and receive Me for I come to you, My beloved ones that you may share My life and have it in abundance.

    I am the bread of life. It is through Me you will rise into eternal life. I am the Almighty God. I speak here that you will spread the good news this very day. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has died and He has risen and you are His heirs to enter His Kingdom.

    His Kingdom is not of this world. Open your hearts, be not afraid to trust totally in Him. I come as a baby in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I come for you, My dear little ones. I come to bring you life. It is through Me you will have this life.

    Come and sup with Me, My children, My little ones, it is only through Me that you will receive this sharing in My life.

Children, children, come and be taught by Me. I am the Way. I am the Truth. I am the Life. I come to you, My little ones, this very day. Open your hearts. Let go and experience the God who loves you with His Heart on fire. Experience He who was born a mere human and gave His very own flesh and blood for you. Experience the life I bring you!

    Come and receive Me, God, the Son of God, truly present this day in the Eucharist. I give you Myself. I gave Myself on the cross. Open your feeble hearts. Open yourself. Let Me permeate your being and possess your soul. I want to be forever united to you, My precious ones. Open yourselves to Me, this day.

    There is no time to waste. I go before you. You are My faithful witnesses. I am Jesus Christ. I have died and I have risen that you will share in My life.  Alleluia.



September 14, 1994

Title: Words Are Meaningless Without Grace

R.  My messages are from Jesus, but they are words. When I read them, I unite deeper to Him. He gives me the gift to comprehend what the words say. He gives me the gift of His life. He lets us share in His life.

    Why do we call the Bible the Living Word of God? It becomes alive when He pours out His gifts on us to make it live in our hearts. I am changed when I read the Word of God! I am excited reading the Word. I am so excited at the Mass when I hear His Word! I love Him so much. I love His Word. It is His gift to me!

    I love the Mass so much. He gives me His gift to be able to come to Mass with such love and feelings in my heart I cannot express in words. I am so excited inside. This is the gift He pours out to me to participate in the Mass with such joy. I am so thankful to sit in front of the tabernacle where He pours Himself out to me. He gives me such gifts, He penetrates my very being.

Jesus:  I came that you might have life to the fullest. I am living in you.

R.  Lord, for You alone do I live. My heart is fluttering for I know You live in me. I long for You, my Divine God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. My life only has meaning as it is lived in You. You bring us to new life. I thirst after greater union with You. I long for Your presence ever greater within me.

    To know You is to love You, Lord. To know You is to want more. I have known life in You and You alone. My life has no meaning without You. You are the Almighty God. I am yours Lord. I live in You. You are my life. I love You so much!



September 13, 1994

5:30 a.m.

Title: Mary Saw It All

R.  Mary saw it all. She lived it all. She carried Him, she held Him, she fed Him. If I am to know Christ, I must go through His Mother's heart because she knew Him best. Her heart was filled with joy. Her heart was pierced with a sword. She saw, she felt, she lived her life with His. He was formed in the womb of the Blessed Mother by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives us His gifts to know God more.

  Oh, Lord, how I thirst to know You more! How I long for Your life. The Holy Spirit is God. He is a Spirit. He is on fire. He is love.


  Spirit of God, pour Yourself out on me, release Your grace to me. Make me full of this fire for love of God. Let me know Your presence, God alive in my heart.

  I love You so, God. I love you, Mary. Please work in me. I long for closer union with God: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through Mary's Immaculate Heart.

Jesus:  I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am Jesus, your precious Savior. My life is a vibrant force that can be actively alive in your heart. Your heart is the center of your life. Constantly be aware of its existence within you. I communicate to you in your heart. You know Me in your heart. I am alive and burning in your heart. I am God and I come and dwell within your heart. I want to have My life in you. Let go, My precious ones. I love you so very much. I want to be one in you. Pray the Prayer for Union with Me.

  It is in this union you will experience such peace. The more you unite with God, the more you live your life as God the Father intended. Pray for this union. Ask Mary to place you tenderly in My Heart. The Holy Spirit is her Spouse. She will deeply place you in My Heart.






September 13, 1994

Title:  To Know Him is to Love Him

R.  Mary pondered the ways of Jesus' Heart. She kept all these things in her heart. She knows Jesus' Heart.

     If I want to know someone, I want someone who knows them well to instruct me all about that person. I am thirsty. Mary knows the ways of His Heart. She instructs me in the ways of His Heart. She lived His sorrows and His joys. His Heart was formed in her womb. She is and was so close to Him.

     To love someone, I just love them. I accept them as they are, I just love them. I love their heart. I love all the things I do not touch. I grow in love the more I know them.

     To know God is to love Him. He is love. He is all good. How do I know Him more? Someone can tell me about Him. I am hungry for His love but it takes the gifts of the Spirit working in me to understand, to know, to be wise, to thirst after this love. It takes grace that He gives to me to know Him. Ultimately, it is a gift from Him whereby I know Him more. He gives me the knowledge to understand.

     Oh, God, how I thirst with all my heart to know, love and serve You more. I live for this union with You. Open me, oh Spirit, to know the things of God, to grow in deepest love of God. Impart to me all the graces I need for such union with You. I am Yours, Lord, mold me, fashion me into the creation the Father wants me to be.

     I am fullest when I am deeply united to my God and aware of my relationship with Him, spending time with Him. He fills me. I am more like the Father intended me to be. I become more one in Him. I love you more as I see God living within you. I must look for the Christ in every living being.

     The gifts of the Spirit come from God. I need the gifts of the Spirit. I cannot explain the love of God in words. He gives me graces to comprehend this love. I know His love in my heart. I cannot describe this love in words. He ultimately releases gifts whereby I grow in my knowledge and love of Him.

Note: I stopped at the Center to be with Him for 20 minutes.

I just want to be with Him. To live in this world is a cross, I want to stay here in front of the tabernacle.

I realize His presence within constantly, but it is so joyful for me, so exciting for me to be with Him in front of the tabernacle--words do not express my feeling. I realize more and more the Father and the Holy Spirit.

I saw a ball of fire, I saw hearts merging.



September 14, 1994

Title: He Gives Us His Gifts 

R.  He has created us in His own image and likeness.

Mary's heart:  More and more I experience her heart. She carried Him as a baby, she held Him as a child, she held Him under the cross, she wept outside the tomb, see her after the resurrection and experience Him through her heart. She knew Him more than anyone, she shows me her sorrowful face, her joyful face and old face and a young face. The Rosary is Their life - it becomes so alive in my heart.

  I unite in my heart. I saw hearts with doors going upward, a ball of fire, then I saw Their Hearts. It is Their Hearts, powered by the love of the Holy Spirit that sends our hearts upward.

  It is through the Spirit, He leads us to God. He knows exactly what we need to go to God. He gives us His gifts.

I can have all knowledge in the world. God gives me the grace to more understand deeply His mysteries. His life must live in my heart, it is more than knowledge and words. He gives me the ability to understand and love. Pray for His gifts - grace is poured out before the tabernacle.



September 17, 1994

Holy Spirit Center 7:00 a.m.

Looking At The Pieta

R.  My dear Jesus, I ask to become closer to You, to grow so much more deeper in union with You.

Jesus:  This is My great desire, My precious loved one and you feel so much further away.

Messenger:  I know how close You are, Jesus. It is in suffering I am drawn ever closer to Your loving arms. It is so much harder to seek You when You feel further away.

Jesus, I hear Your gentle voice say, "I will never abandon you" and I see your lifeless body held by Your Mother.

(Looking at the Pieta):

This, Jesus, is true love. You gave Your very own life for me. I see Your dead body. This is a reality. You died for love of me. I see Your body strung out in Your Mother's arms. I see her weeping face holding her beloved Son. I see You, Jesus. You gave Your all, even to death. You, Oh Jesus, gave Yourself to Your very own death for love of me!

Jesus speaks: I give you life in Me child. It is through this life you are raised to new life. I am the Way. I am the Truth. I am the Life. This period of dryness is ended by this period of realization. I am God. I am Jesus. I gave My life for love of you, My dear, dear child. Come and be with Me, alone with Me My beloved one. Be alone with Me in your heart. When you wonder and worry, I am forever with you alive in your heart, loving you with such love that you do not fully know.

I never abandon you, My beloved one. I never go from your side. I am forever loving you with the most intense love at this moment.

Oh, My child, let go of it all and let Me caress you. I will hold you forever in a pocket in My most tender Heart. I am He Who loved you to My death. Hearken to Me and love Me. I never ever leave you. I love you consistently with the same intense love as the day I died for you. This, child, is My love for you.



September 17, 1994

This Is A Special Day For The Blue Book

Jesus speaks: This, child, is the 17th. No meeting today? I want you to have a meeting whenever possible on the 17th. It may be changed for a good reason, but I would like the 17th.

This is a special day for the Blue Book. I pour out My special gifts to all who work on these messages. I want My beloved ones to read My intense letters of love.

Anyone who helps My letters to get out will be blessed abundantly by Me. I love each child so dearly.

Tell all to pray every day in union with the Mass. Pray for all your brothers living and dead. It is your prayers that will make the difference. Pray for all who read My messages that they will grow in their knowledge and love of God. Pray for them, pray for your brothers.

Strive to be more like Christ in all your actions. Meditate on My rosary as We have shown you. Lead others to pray the rosary with such fervor and love.

Your hearts will grow in peace and joy as you grow in your union with God. This is the purpose of your life, to be forever drawn closer to My most Sacred Heart through the tender Heart of My Mother.

I love you each so much, My beloved ones. I am with you in a special way this day. I love you with the most tender Heart. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus, so closely joined in love with My beloved Mother. It is through her Heart and the leading of the Holy Spirit that you will be led so closely to My Heart and to the Father.

This is the mystery of life. Union with Father, Son and Holy Spirit through Mary's tender Heart. The more you grow in this union, the more your peace and joy increase.

Pray to God to release all the gifts you need to have greater knowledge and love of Him.

Pray to the Holy Spirit to lead you through Mary's heart.

Pray, pray, pray. I love you so. I am Your loving Jesus.



September 18, 1994

Title: Comfort in the Father's Love

R.  The Father loves me so much. He loves me unconditionally. He created me. He wants me to do His will. He asks for two things: love God and love one another. He looks on me with the greatest love. If my children are "not nice", it is hard not to love them. I still love them no matter what and they are still my "cute" beloved children!

  God, the Father, just loves us. If I am struggling and not very Christ-like, He still loves me. I find such great comfort in His love. He gives me what I need. I need to run to my Father when I feel frightened. He pours out His love to me as no earthly father could!



September 18, 1994


  My Father, I need you so much. Come and pour out Your love to me. Help me to grow in my relationship with You.

  I love You so much, my dear Father. I am Your little child.

  Mold me, fashion me, into Your little one.

  I am Yours, Father, Your creation. I want to live according to Your plan for me and do Your will.

  Help me to be an instrument of love, help my heart to be loving - pour out Your grace to me this day that I may know and love God more. I love You so much!



September 18, 1994

Mother Teresa's Prayer:

  Mary, Mother of Jesus, give me your heart, so beautiful, so pure, so Immaculate, so full of love and humility, that I may be able to receive Jesus in the Bread of Life, love Him as you loved Him and serve Him in the distressing disguise of the Poorest of the Poor.



September 20, 1994

Title:   You Are My Little Flower

Jesus:  I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I call you, My sweet one, to total surrender. I want your all, give yourself to Me. To hold onto things is to hold on. Your children will be taken care of. As you let go, you will grow more in your union with Me. You must let go of the old life to be given the new life. Your new life is rooted in Me. I call you to total surrender.

  Do you want this union?  If you do, you will let go of those things that you hold on to that take you away from Me.

  I love you with the dearest love. You are My most precious child. You must be willing to let go. I am tending to your life. I want you in constant prayer and tending to your family.

  The people you talk to are your brothers and sisters. I am using you to tell them of My tremendous love. There are special gifts I give you to draw you closer to My Mother and Myself. Your Father is forever loving you and guarding you. You are His precious creation. The Holy Spirit is forever leading you to such love of God. Be alone with Me. Realize God's presence in your heart. God is forever within your very breast.

  I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. My Heart is on fire for love of you. You are My chosen one and I love you so much. You are My little flower. Oh, how I love you.

Alleluia, Alleluia.



September 22, Thursday, 1994   (Father Carter was diagnosed with cancer 
                                                        6 years later on September 22, 2000)

Message from God the Father

God the Father speaks:     My little child, I speak to you as I have in
                                        the past and you would not receive My messages,
                                        you told yourself God the Father speaks to
                                        no man. I have spoken to you many
                                        times in the past and you were afraid
                                        to write it.

                                            I am your Father my beloved child, I
                                        speak to you to tell you My love. I am
                                        the most loving Father, come and sit
                                        on My lap and be close to Me.

                                            I want to hold you as My little
                                        child and pour My love out to you.

                                            Do not be afraid, for I am forever
                                        in your heart, loving you.

                                            I am your Father I come to give you
                                        the love you need most.

                                            I am your Father little one, come
                                        to Me.

Messenger:        Saw a vision of trees -
                        so peaceful and calm -
                        ready to bloom, light,
                        but no bright light.

                           The Father created the glistening
                        trees, in the spring they are ready
                        to bud.

God the Father speaks:     You My child are ready
                                        to bud with such love of the one
                                        Triune God. Look at the trees glistening
                                        in the light, not too much light, not
                                        bright light, just light and glistening
                                        trees. Calmness, subdued light,
                                        a feeling of immense peace and joy.

            Jesus speaks:           Peace and joy will be yours My child, 
                                        be wrapped in
the embrace of the one 
                                        Triune God.
Look at the trees, soft, 
                                        created by the
hand of God. 
                                        A little budding on the
                                        Room for so much growth.

                                        What glory to watch these trees grow
                                        in the glory of the Lord. They will be
                                        in full bloom. They will turn their
                                        leaves and grow in the love of the
                                        Father who created each tree with
                                        such love. He loves you as His very
                                        own special child. Look at the trees,
                                        so peaceful, so calm, so young in their
                                        life. Such potential to grow. Such
                                        potential to be full of the life that
                                        makes them grow. Come to the living
                                        waters of your faith. Feed on the water
                                        and bathe in the sunlight. Your days
                                        of prosperity are at hand. As you grow
                                        in the love of God your heart is
                                        quieted and you know the peace and joy
                                        that only His love can bring.

                                            Look at yourself as the little trees
                                        ready to sprout into fullness. The fullness
                                        of the life of God flowing in its very roots.
                                        As your roots are nourished, as your branches
                                        bake in the basking sun, as you grow
                                        more and more in God's love, you will be this
                                        mighty oak. You will grow to such heights
                                        and strength you will not topple in the wind,
                                        you will not lose your leaves to the frost,
                                        you will bask in My sun and grow to full
                                        maturity in My love. I am the Almighty
                                        God and I have chosen you to full
                                        nurturing in My love.

                                                      Bathe before Me in front of My tabernacle
                                        and soak in My light. It feeds you and
                                        makes you grow. As you bathe in My
                                        light you drink and eat of My
                                        Body and Blood. Daily, you come and
                                        you are fed on My very own flesh.

                                            This child is life for the soul, this is
                                        participation in My life. It is in
                                        My life you are made whole. Nothing
                                        provides this life, but God. Pray for
                                        the grace to know and love Me. Pray,
                                        pray, pray, be empty, be open.
                                        Come and bake in the sunlight of My
                                        Heart. I shine from the tabernacle,
                                        sweet one, I wait there for you.

                                            Do not think you do not need to come,
                                        though I dwell deep in your soul, you
                                        are nourished by My Body and Blood, My
                                        presence is forever with you, but
                                        I am waiting for you to sit with
                                        Me in front of the tabernacle.

                                            Your interior union will grow
                                        with Me as the mighty oak that is rooted
                                        so strongly in the ground. Your life in Me
                                        is alive and vibrant, but it will be
                                        enhanced by the fire of the love of
                                        God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Mary
                                        forever with you and leading you into
                                        such loving union with all Three
                                        Persons, (God the Father, God the Son, and
                                        God the Holy Spirit).

                                            Oh child such joy I have to share with
                                        you. I give you so freely My life and My gifts.
                                        I long to be forever united in such
                                        union with you. Let go of the world and
                                        your fears and focus only on Me.

                                             I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.
                                        I never leave you My beloved child. Place
                                        all your love in My Heart. I will never
                                        abandon you. You must trust
                                        totally in Me.

                                             I am Jesus, Savior of this world and
                                        life to your soul. Feast on My Body
                                        and Blood for I come to you.

                                             Do not look only My children, for gifts in
                                        this world, come to Me and let Me pour out
                                        the gifts only God can give you. I give
                                        you a sharing in My life. This life
                                        is a vibrant force within your soul,
                                        it is not dry and inactive, it is alive and
                                        well formed in Me. Oh sweet one, do
                                        not ever lose heart, I move not an
                                        inch from you. I watch you daily,
                                        minute by minute. Live in Me
                                        that your life will be made whole.
                                        I am your God. I love you with
                                        the most enduring love. Come and
                                        let Me give you My life.

            Messenger:              And He gave them new life inside their
                                        souls. Their hearts were quieted, their
                                        bodies surrendered and they lived
                                        in the love of God. Alleluia.



September 23, 1994

Title:  Live Your Life for Me


  I come that you might have life and have it to the full. What matters child? I am with you at this moment and your heart is thinking about other things. Come to Me and release yourself to My presence. I am God and I am totally with you this day. You wonder, you search, you become very lost and before you, is He Who knows the way. I know all things, not some, - all! Come to Me and release yourself into My loving arms. I am He Who sustains you.

Messenger:  The thirst in my soul for God's love. I see His love ever present in you this day. I seek with my whole heart the love of God. He has given us to one another to be reflections of His love. In our darkest hour each person is still a reflection of God who created them.

  Each person was divinely created by God the Father. We were created in love, we are the product of His love. To be more like Christ we must seek the life of Christ alive in our souls. This is a gift from God! At baptism we are given new life. This life is given to us from God. This is a gift - the sacraments of the Church. This is a gift from God.

-- At baptism we receive a special sharing in His life.

-- Our knowing and loving capacity is elevated.

-- This life is not sterile, dry and inactive.

-- This life is the vibrant love of God, active in our very being. God lives and dwells in our soul.

  This presence is more or less intense, depending on our union with Him.

   He is forever present in a special way when we are baptized and in the state of grace.

We must be Christ-like.

  His life is active.

We receive special grace through the sacraments.

We get very much grace when we go to the Eucharist and sit before the Blessed Sacrament.

I thirst after His love. I see God in you.



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