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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

December 1, 1998

Jesus speaks: I ask you to include a section from the writing March 19, 1997, from the Spouse of the Lamb book.

This book I have given to you and is used as a handbook for the handmaids and servants of the Good Shepherd. They are single persons living as spouses of Jesus. This material is most helpful for all, especially the youth of today.

The old and the young are tempted by the evil one, what is needed is to remain always in steadfast love of God.

Youth especially need to be educated about the ways Satan works to attack the passions. In your world today it is presented as permissible to engage in sexual activity before marriage.

Your prayers are holding back My hand, My beloved faithful ones, for I am filled with sorrow for the education the children of America and the world are receiving. The movies promote sin, the children are the victims. A holy parent is competing with so many forces in the world. Parents, you must pray for your youth, continue to instruct them despite resistance from them. Pray hourly that the Blood of Jesus be spread on them and consecrate their hearts to Our Hearts.

I speak now of passion, for Satan has attacked so many well-meaning souls with passions. He works intently on the young and holy youth to lead them astray. Parents, you must tell your children what is right and wrong, for they are being taught that what is wrong is right in so many circles in the world. It is not "macho" to have intercourse before marriage, it is sinful. You must tell the youth of today the facts.

The devil sees two young souls and works through their passions. It is not all right for youth to allow themselves to get too close physically to members of the opposite sex. Sex is used by the devil to drive many youth to sin. Fashions, magazines, bill boards, television, movies, music, all lead youth into sinful situations through false teaching. The devil wishes all souls for hell. He wishes all to commit mortal sin. He will not stop at a venial sin, he wants youth to become entirely rotten. He is evil and out for their souls.

My Mother has given the earth the key to peace, but you do not listen to her. She is the Lady Clothed as the Sun crying out to her children. Even when the sun appeared to be crashing to the earth at Fatima, you did not listen to her.

I ask you to pray the consecration prayers to Our Hearts to protect yourselves from the evil one. America, I will not have mercy if you ignore My Mother much longer. I will throw the book at those who willfully contaminate the mind of the young with their sinful sources. You will be held accountable before God for leading others into sin. A child is vulnerable. An adult with a heart of stone pushing pornography through magazines, movies and television is responsible for his actions and all he hurts. You are not permitted to put yourselves in the occasion of sin. You are not allowed to lead others into sin by engaging in sinful ways yourselves before others.

I know the thoughts of all hearts. I will judge them rightly according to their deeds. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I give you the 10 Commandments and My Word. You must obey the Commandments and live by My Word. I tell you this, not to be harsh, but because I love you. I do not want My precious souls to be lost to the fires of hell.

Include here part of the writing of March 19, 1997, from the journal Spouse of the Lamb.

Messenger: Passion is a way the devil can lead a holy soul to death. Jesus calls us to holy love. He calls us to brotherly love, love rooted in God.

Passion is a way the devil uses to drive a holy soul to death.

When appropriate, for example at certain times when we pray together, Jesus wants us to hold hands, to join in unity and to touch one another in a proper way. Satan works in the thoughts of holy souls to create passions and desires that are not to God's liking.

Jesus gives us the Commandment, "Thou shall not commit adultery." He asks us to relax and be one and then asks us to be on our guard. He asks us for love as the Virgin Mary had for St. Joseph and for others. Holy love is holy. It is not rooted in passion and desires, it is rooted in love of God and Godly love for each other. If one truly loves himself and another, he would not put himself and the other in an occasion of sin that could lead to the death of the soul. One that loves would not wish the other to sin.

Time spent before the tabernacle is to give honor and glory to God. God is the focus of this time before the tabernacle. God is there to unite hearts to Himself and to others.

God gives us the Commandment to love God and one another. We are to love in holy love.

Satan can create passions, lights, feelings that will lead a holy soul into sin. Satan creates appetites within the soul to be improperly satisfied with food, alcohol, sex, indulgence. Jesus does not want us to be fearful. He wants us to help to bring about the Reign of the Sacred Heart. You must ask yourself, does this relationship have as its primary purpose to give honor and glory to God? Anything that would lead to anything sinful is not giving honor and glory to God.

I state clearly. Satan will try to lead some astray with passions. Our role is to help bring the world into oneness in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Satan can trick a couple engaging in prayer by passions and feelings. We must focus on the work at hand. Being led away by Satan harms the whole Movement. Be diligent, thrifty, and loving, praying always for the gifts of the Spirit.

(This entry is taken from the Spouse of the Lamb, March 19, 1997.)

Question for married couples and those in other intimate relationships:

Q: How do I feel when I do not get time to share the thoughts of my heart with you all day?

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