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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

December 12, 2005

December 13th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 9 Period II.
The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for December 13th are Glorious.


The retreat will be live – especially in the mornings

Begins 9:00 on Tuesday the 13th

Mass is at Noon

with the big prayer service following it.


December 12, 2005

Messenger:       Working through anger
                            is vital. If a person is
                            controlled by what others do
                            to them there will be an open
                            door for the devil.

                            Carol tried to live
                        according to God's will, but
                        if someone pressed an "old
                        button" she responded in
                        a way that was totally inappropriate
                        to the situation. From years
                        of anger and hurt and failure to
                        recognize her unforgiveness
                        for deeds done to her, she would
                        project her unmet needs and
                        angry hurt on little problems
                        that occurred with others in
                        her life.

                            Again and again the same
                        scenario repeated. Her job was
                        so vital, but she could not get
                        above her anger and so the devil
                        manipulated her through the
                        anger as she was carried like
                        a leaf being blown by the wind
                        when satan came and in the actions
                        of others and in some way pressed
                        her angry unforgiveness buttons.

                            Focusing on oneself is the
                        devil's playground. Before a big
                        celebration at the Church
                        so many "weird problems" developed
                        People in the parish having
                        problems pressing on the priest
                        trying to block the big event.

                            The people would not let him
                        alone the ones who came and the
                        problems were from people's
                        angry feelings toward each other.

                            The structure in the Church
                        is vital there are bishops over
                        priests, parishioners under priests
                        but the devil tries through people
                        giving into temptation to
                        challenge the priest argumentation
                        creating a case many times
                        from people projecting anger in
                        their lives from the past into the
                        Church situation.

                            Well you say can't the priest
                        control it. The lay people press
                        forward more and more with the running
                        of the Church which is good if
                        it frees the priest and the
                        work of the lay people done in
                        love and to honestly help the Church
                        grow, but if some in charge
                        are angry people they can
                        act as they are holy, but begin
                        bringing their bag of anger and
                        control causing the priest to
                        have bigger problems and less
                        time for holy matters.

                            The Church is sacred the Church
                        is to bring forth fruit for the
                        Kingdom religious orders have
                        collapsed during the past 35 years
                        because people do not want to be
                        under anyone.

                            Following one in authority is
                        at an all time low and this has been
                        evidenced by the closing of
                        the religious orders and lack
                        of priests.

                            The swing must return realizing
                        that God wants communities living
                        as religious primarily serving
                        them as nuns and brothers, praying
                        for the priests, the Church and the
                        world and performing integrated
                        functions to help bring this
                        about renewal of the Church
                        and the world centered in greater
                        holiness and the giving of some people's
                        lives to religious life.

                            Nuns and brothers have lots of
                        children, the children of the Church
                        they love and administer to taking
                        a vow of chastity and obedience to
                        serve this mission.

                            When Harry entered the seminary
                        there were fewer and fewer priests and
                        he struggled with his vocation
                        whether to stay or leave. In knowing
                        the importance of taking Christ
                        as a special spouse he stayed
                        taking his vows pledging his
                        life to God serving the people of
                        God as a priest and the bridegroom
                        of Christ, telling others how
                        sacred a religious life was.

                            Today the focus is not on
                        the specialness of religious life
                        as it once was, but that does
                        not mean God does not want it.

                            When the world is so worldly and the
                        Church suffering St. Thomas told
                        us God sends a messenger.

                            God has sent His Movement to
                        help renew the Church and the world.
                        The attitude prevalent now needs
                        to swing back to have this body
                        of people dedicated in praying
                        before the Blessed Sacrament and giving
                        their lives in religious service as
                        the special spouse of Jesus, God
                        wants nuns and brothers, priests and
                        lay people giving their lives in
                        celibate service, living in obedience
                        in an order to serve the Church.
                        This is a message.

                            When people's lives are run
                        by what everyone is doing around
                        them we lose the focus of
                        what God is telling us. The Word,
                        the Commandments are the Blue Print
                        of our lives.

                            The Church is the bride of
                        Christ. It is an honor to live
                        a celibate life and live a special
                        spousal relationship with
                        Christ as a brother, a sister,
                        a priest. How God loves the
                        religious in today's world and
                        He pours out His mercy and grace
                        for holy religious praying and
                        giving their lives.

                            When Jesus was whipped
                        at the pillar He knew the love
                        of the celibate priests, sisters and
                        brothers and he was comforted as
                        they tore His flesh for those
                        who commit sins against
                        the flesh today.

                            Is it not understandable
                        where there is such sin in
                        the violation of the gift of sex
                        as given by God for love between
                        husband and wife and procreation of
                        children that God would bless
                        the religious who give themselves
                        in celibacy to God.

                            A person doing so realizes
                            how the ring they wear and/or
                        the vows they take when being
                        especially espoused to God as
                        a priest, brother or sister is
                        a special honor to be the spouse
                        of God.

                            They should love their vocation,
                        they should love Jesus and serve
                        Him as a doting spouse, serving
                        Him and helping the children
                        of the Church with love as
                        their very own children.

                            A road was slippery and a woman
                        knew she shouldn't go down it,
                        but she did any way and she didn't
                        reach the bottom of the hill
                        after slipping 1/2 the way down it she
                        ran into a big tree This is
                        what it is like when we start
                        to give into satan with anger in
                        our hearts. We open a door to satan.
                        Every problem can be handled in
                        love according to God's will
                        It may be suffering, it calls
                        for discipline to suffer and wait for
                        God's timing, but who wants
                        anything, but God's will and what
                        good is it to do something in
                        anger and not with love
                        Anger opens a door to satan
                        Love opens the door to God's might

                        The devil wants to operate on the
                            slippery hill the devil wants
                            you to run into a tree not build
                            the wall and never get to the destination
                            which is heaven.

                        The devil wants us to give into anger
                            at any cost and then perform actions
                            while we are angry and half blind
                            with his black towel over our
                            head and hatred in our heart. The
                            devil wants us to act NOW

                            God has the precise timing
                        He wants us to do it in His time
                        with love and discipline.

                            The devil comes as a clanging
                        bull demanding his way

                        God lets people suffer
                            terminal illness
                            God's time is the right time.

                        His way is love
                        Always love even in
                            the biggest problem

                        It is by His Might we will




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