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December 21, 2007

December 22nd Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 1 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for December 22nd are Sorrowful.


Given December 20, 2007


                    It is knowing the oneness of God more deeply I
                know oneness. I know the Persons of the Trinity and
                yet more and more as I realize our imperfections and how
                we are not one because of our imperfections, I
                know more the oneness of the Three Persons of the
                Blessed Trinity.

                    God has given us the gift of communication in
                words (speaking) and in words in writing, in love given in spending
                time with each other and caring for each other. God loves
                us so much and cares for our needs.

                    God is love and to obey the greatest commandment to
                love God and love one another we cannot avoid loving. Why do
                we live if not to grow in love. For all eternity to be wrapped in
                the embrace of the Divine God —

                "Oh sweet mystery of love at last I've found Thee."

                And yet division tears at my soul.
                To know more and more the tender love of God.
                To be ever more embraced by Him —
                To dwell most deeply in His presence —

                It is an agony for me for people not even to realize the precious moments
                    after reception of the Eucharist when Jesus gives Himself to us in
                    the deep union as we receive Him.

                This Christmas and the days that come let it be a time of allowing
                    Jesus more and more to be born so deeply in our heart and soul —
                    a new beginning where we are so very consciously aware
                    of how God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit dwell in our graced baptized soul.

                "Oh mystery of life at last I've found Thee"

                The mystery is deeper oneness Him.
                God loves us so much.

                God wants us to love Him, to tell Him we love Him, to tell Him over and over
                    again. Our response to God's love. Being mindful every
                    moment He gives us our life.

                What can I return to Him for this life given.
                We were called to serve Him as He desires.
                We were called to love Him as He desires.

                Jesus' Heart is a Heart of tender love —
                He calls us to be loving — to spread the good news to the hungry souls
                    searching for love
                    looking outside themselves to make themselves happy
                    I remember a title to a book once
                    "Happiness is an inside job"
                    We were created for God —
                    Happiness is found in loving Him.

                Song:  A Priest is a Gift from God


                The gift of Jesus, truly present in the Eucharist, should give us
                    great happiness — He gives Himself to us — He comes to us
                    in the Eucharist
                    Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity
                    He comes in greatest love —

                Song:  A Song from Jesus


                Song:  I Love You Jesus


                Unhappiness comes when we go away from God.
                    We can do acts for good —
                    God calls us to act in love

                We cannot be inordinately attached to anything or
                    we miss the great opportunity to seek Jesus first!!

                God is the source.
                God is the source of love.
                God is the source of knowledge.
                God is the source of truth.

                When we realize that reality is in God
                When we realize that God is the source —
                We see we can go to Him as the fountain from which all else flows.
                We must mold our minds around God's vision.
                We must seek reality in God —

                There were two places to sleep —

                    1) an old house                2) a nice house
                        no electric                        electric
                        no bed                             a comfortable bed
                        no heat                            a warm heater
                        no water                          running water

                Where would you like to rest your head?

                Our minds and our hearts are to be molded more and more
                    into the mind and heart of God —

                God is the source ultimately.
                Everything we do is known by God.
                We can hide nothing from Him —

                Our minds and hearts are to be formed as He intends.
                In this lies our happiness —
                The evil of the world exists

                We perform good - by doing the will of God in love.
                God knows us far better than we know ourselves.
                We cannot hide from God how we truly are.
                We cannot hide from God our rebellious ways, our pride, jealousy,
                    envy, seeking dominance for dominance sake, lust.

                God wants us to let go and be molded more and more through the
                    workings of the Holy Spirit in the image of Jesus —
                    We were created for this
                    this marvelous wonder goes on in the Immaculate Heart of
                        Mary her spiritual womb.

                Life is not life — if it is not rooted in God —

                Now think of this

                    God knows our hearts far more than we do

                    Don't we think it is time to let go of pride and control and beg
                        for the purity - the humility - the love - the docility of
                        Mary's Heart.

                    We are to be more perfected as our heavenly Father is perfect —
                    Greater oneness with God and all others depends on being more
                        perfected — begging for healing for our imperfect
                        habits and lies

                    Mary is the handmaid of the Lord
                    We are to seek first the Kingdom of heaven

                    Our life in heaven is a continuation of our life here
                        below — we must grow in greater perfection to
                        get to heaven

                    The eternal now —

                God sees us as we are.
                We are always naked before God.
                Our life here is to prepare us for heaven.
                Our source is God.
                We are to live in being in His will.
                We are to live in love.
                We are to seek the Kingdom — WHEN - ALWAYS
                Goodness is found in Him.
                Love is found in Him as the source.
                We must seek His reality.
                We live to know the vision of God.




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