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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

December 30, 2004

December 31st Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 4 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries
for December 31st are Sorrowful.


April 5, 2004


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September 4, 2004



July 28, 1995

Sorrowful Mysteries

The Agony in the Garden

  1. Jesus: My dear ones, I am Jesus and you must listen to the words that I am speaking to you, for I am telling you that sufferings at this time are befalling this earth and that Satan is pressing down. He is pressing down so hard on all My beloved, faithful ones! As you see the confusion, the doubt, and the troubles mount in your life at this moment, you will know that Satan is busy and his work is at hand. I am molding you as special soldiers to go into this world to spread My love. How dearly I love each of you. I have called you here to pray this rosary with all your heart. Let your heart be open; let your heart be soft.

    Let Me fill you with My love so you feel within you My burning love. Although the earth be shaken and not give its light, you will know that the Almighty God dwells within your heart and that you have nothing to fear, for a graced soul is constantly filled with the presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I am Jesus, your beloved Savior. You do not know the tricks and the handiwork that Satan has planned to stop My faithful ones from spreading My love. It is in focusing on My burning Heart, My Heart of deepest love, that you will withstand all the trials with joy in your heart for, minute by minute, second by second, I am present with you. I am with you at this very moment. You are telling every person you meet about the God who lives within you. Let your hearts be filled with joy for I am truly present and in your midst. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in this room with you in the tabernacle, the same as the day I walked the earth and died on the cross. Let your hearts be joyous. Rejoice and give thanks to the Almighty God and praise His name, for you are called, you are favored, you are chosen and you are loved with My deepest, burning love.
  2. Jesus: In the garden I knelt with such agony in My Heart, for in My divine knowing I saw before Me all of the events about to happen. I knew of every beating, all of the blood that I would shed, but, more than anything, I knew the rejection and pain in My Heart for the love I had for My beloved ones and how they would reject Me. Look at your world this day. It was in the garden that I suffered for all of the souls that have forgotten God. I cry out to you from the tabernacle to realize My presence with you. You are given great gifts in this room. I want you to unite closely to My Heart, for I am longing and thirsting and waiting for this love affair with you. This rosary will be a time when you will share My deepest love. I am giving you great graces when you come before Me in the tabernacle. I will draw you more and more closely to My Heart. As I suffered in the garden for the souls that beat Me and treated Me with indifference, I was comforted by the acts of love that you are giving to Me this day.
  3. R. The eyes of Jesus that cried bloody tears for all of the souls that have forgotten Him! Jesus calls from the tabernacle. Constantly I hear His lamenting cry of how He longs and thirsts to be ever closer to the hearts of men. Many men have turned their backs and do not realize the gentleness and sweetness of His love.
  4. Jesus: Love is giving, My dear ones, giving of yourself for the sake of others. Many this day do not know the meaning of love. To love means to give of yourself, to give for the other. Many times it is hard to love and keep giving love for, as you are self-giving, the other continues to be selfish, but I am calling you to love. As you meditate on this passion, focus on My love, given for all, how I was persecuted and suffered and still loved. My way is love. Focus on the meaning of the word love and what it means to you.
  5. Jesus: I am vigilant and forever by your side. Unconditionally I love you. No matter what you have done in your life, I love you.
  6. Jesus: It is this love that I want you to give to this world. Love is giving.
  7. Jesus: My love is gentle. My love is sweet. My love is kind.
  8. Jesus: I give to you great graces to help you to love in this world that is hurting and in pain. Satan will cause confusion and division in your lives. He will tempt and tempt you to try to justify your actions. You must be silent many times, and yield and pray, for he is trying to create great division in your lives. You must go to My Heart and take refuge there and focus on My love for you. You are My soldiers that I am sending into this world to spread My love. Will you answer this call? Will you pray for more and more grace to spread this love to a world that is hurting and in pain?
  9. Jesus: Think of how it is when you love someone so much and that person walks by and ignores you. Your heart is crying out for union with that person but in his coldness he does not see you and goes his way. My dear ones, his heart is in pain and hurting. I came to show you the way of love. My way is love. When your brother mistreats you, you must realize that within he is hurting and in pain.
  10. Jesus: I come to give you peace, peace in your hearts and in your souls. Do not argue with your brothers. When you argue, Satan is there trying to cause division. I am asking you to focus always on the love in My Heart. I am giving you messages of My love. Do you realize the great gifts that you are given, that you are in this room, in this chapel, in the presence of the Almighty God? Focus on the great gifts given to you this day from the Almighty God.

    How can you be glum and sad in your ways when you realize that the Almighty God loves you with the deepest love and that He is present. Pray for the grace to see more and more, for many are blind and do not see the great gifts given to them. I am giving to you, My faithful ones, great gifts and the graces to see with much clarity. Open your heart and pray for the grace to love your brothers as I have loved you.

    Satan wants you focused on yourself so you will not spread the light to this world that is hurting and in pain. Satan wants souls for hell-souls for hell! Do you realize that? Let go of any kind of selfishness that you feel within yourself and vow to love and to give. Let go, release. If you let go you will feel tremendous freedom and My grace will pour into your heart and you will be filled with My burning love.


Jesus Is Scourged at the Pillar

  1. Jesus: You do not know the extent to which Satan will go to keep you focused on yourselves. He is busy and working hard to keep your hearts set on problems. I am Jesus and I am giving you My abundant love. Focus on My love for you.
  2. Jesus: You are My lights that I am sending into this world to spread My love. It is the smile on your face, the look in your eye, the gentleness in your voice, the love that you give to this world in all the little actions that will send My message of love to those you touch. Let go and surrender and pray for grace. Whatever is bothering you, let go and you will feel an outpouring of My grace as it rushes into your heart and you are set free, for minute by minute, second by second, Father, Son and Holy Spirit dwell within you and you are never alone. If the earth is shaken and the sun ceases to shine, you will have this presence of the Almighty God firmly fixed within your heart.
  3. Jesus: They tore My flesh; they beat My body. See My body, dear ones, covered with wounds and bleeding. See the wounds, deep wounds, My flesh torn open by the angry hearts of these men! I came to show you the way. In all of this torture I loved those who tore open My flesh. I came to show you the way to love. I ask you this day to release anything that is hurting inside of you, and you will feel joy in your heart, for to know Me is to have joy in your heart. Amidst all the sufferings that you are going through, keep your focus on Me.
  4. Jesus: Your life is a constant reliving of death-resurrection. My dear ones, as you suffer this day, as you stay rooted in Me, you are brought to deeper and deeper life in Me. You live this paschal mystery of death-resurrection in your daily lives. I came to show you the way. I came to show you the way to love. Love is gentle, love is kind. It is caring for the other. In this world today many hearts have turned cold.
  5. Jesus: In the intensity of My deepest love I want you to feel the vibrancy of this love within your heart. At this moment, focus on the presence of the Father, your loving Father who created you with such preciousness and such beauty. He created you, a very unique part of His plan, a plan for the salvation of the world. There is not another person who is like you, and He dwells within your heart. When you are in the state of grace, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit live within you.
  6. Jesus: Come to the Heart of My Mother. Lay yourself down in her Heart and be cradled by her love. As you dwell in her Heart, so too will you dwell in My Heart. Feel this presence, of dwelling within the Heart of your loving Mother and dwelling within My Heart, on fire for love of you!
  7. Jesus: The Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the mutual love of the Father and of the Son, is present within you, My dear ones. Do you feel His fire and His vibrancy as He leads you more and more on your way, on this journey to eternity?
  8. Jesus: My dear ones, focus now on the presence of the Almighty God within you, of the Father, and His love for you, of the Son and Holy Spirit. Feel the security. You have nothing to fear. The only fear that you should have is for the loss of the life in your soul. Let go, surrender, and feel the freedom of knowing the presence of the Almighty God that lives in a graced soul.
  9. Jesus: Tremendous gifts you are given, My beloved ones. Pray for the grace to realize the gifts that you are given. I stood at the pillar and they tore My flesh. The men, with their angry hearts and ugly faces, with hatred deep-rooted in their hearts. I shed My blood for them. I loved these men, these men that put me to My death. See Me wounded, with deep wounds that ripped My flesh. I am with you at every second. You receive abundant graces for loving when others are cold to you. I am with you every second. Let go and surrender. The time is at hand. Many souls will be lost and I am calling you to go into this world to spread My message of love. I am Jesus. I love you, I love you, I love you. From the tabernacle I call out to you with My Heart, yearning with deepest love, wounded for all the souls that have forgotten and treat Me with such indifference. Think of someone you love walking by and ignoring you. I am ignored and forgotten, treated with disrespect. I am, My dear ones, the Son of God! I wait, I wait, I wait for My beloved ones to come and, from their lips, to whisper their words of love. I am a Person and I am longing and thirsting for your love. Open your hearts and come to Me.
  10. Hail Mary…


Jesus is Crowned with Thorns

  1. Jesus: The words that wound! Words from your beloved brother! Do you see My body, covered with wounds, wounds all over My body? When your brother treats you with ugliness, My dear ones, focus on the wounds covering My body and pray for the grace to act as I would want you to act.
  2. Jesus: My dear ones, let your hearts be in joy as you realize My presence continually within you. During all of your sufferings, I am with you.
  3. R. They pounded into His head a sharp crown of piercing thorns. Look at the head of Jesus, punctured by the thorns, the deep holes around His forehead. Focus on these wounds and then think of the little wounds that we receive, the words spoken, the problems that we let press on our minds. Look at Jesus and think of the crown of thorns pressing on His head. He allows us to suffer and in this suffering we are brought to greater and greater life in Him. Do we feel this divine life within us?
  4. R. Look at the crowned head of Jesus and see the blood that comes down His face and goes into His eyes and into His ears. His hands were tied. He could not even try to wipe the blood from His brow. He loved those men that crowned Him with thorns.
  5. Jesus: You will suffer much mental persecution this day, a pressing down of problems and things in your life that will irritate you. You must focus on My love for you. Come and dwell in the Heart of My Mother and, when you dwell in her Heart, you will dwell deeply in My Heart. You must come for our love. Things will be very hard and you will not be able to withstand the trials without Our love.
  6. Jesus: Why do you go it alone when I am here, I am present, and I am outpouring My life, My grace, to you this day. Let go, surrender. When you are backed up against a wall, let go. I am here. Trust. (R. Jesus, I trust in You.) Forever on your lips say, "Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You!"
  7. Jesus: Accept all that is going on in your life this day for I am allowing these trials to strengthen you for the days ahead. The trials you are experiencing will strengthen you.
  8. Jesus: Praise the Almighty God for the great gifts that you are given in these sufferings for you are growing more and more in My life. They pounded into My head a sharp crown of piercing thorns and in all of this I remained at peace, for I knew that it was the Father's Will. Surrender and let go. I am with you, second by second, minute by minute. I ponder the way of your heart and I am with you.
  9. Jesus: You too can have joy in suffering if you realize the presence of the Almighty God. I am allowing this suffering to help you grow in your graced life.
  10. Jesus: I love you, I love you, I love you. Surrender and let go, for I am truly with you.


Jesus Carries His Cross Up Calvary

  1. Jesus: I ask you to carry the cross that you are given this day and to carry this cross with joy in your heart.
  2. Song: See the eyes that look at Mary…
  3. R. Jesus' and Mary's eyes met on the way to Calvary. Jesus looked into the face of His beloved Mother and He saw the tender love, and the hurt in her face. Mary looked into the eyes of Her Son and she knew of the suffering that He was undergoing. She saw His physical strain. She saw Him fall under the cross. She saw His blood and His wounds. She saw, in the meeting of their eyes, the immense love that He has for us this day.
  4. R. It is in Mary that we will reach this deep intimacy with the Heart of Jesus. It is in going to Mary's Heart, in being rocked in her arms and held close to her breast, that she gives to us the milk of salvation. She gives to us life from her Son Jesus.
  5. R. It is in knowing the tender love of our beloved Mother that we will join more deeply to the love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is through Mary's Heart that we are carried to this love of God.
  6. Jesus: Release yourself and let go for I am truly present in this room with you at this very moment. Put off all distractions. Focus more and more on My presence with you. All through your day, all through your encounters with others, I want you to be aware of My presence with you, not just when you pray, but all through the day-when you are talking to others, when you are walking, whatever you are doing.
  7. R. Be alone in a room and be aware of the immense love within your being of Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. You are touched so deeply within your soul! In this time you sit with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and you soak in this presence. Time passes by, but you are unaware, for you are lost in this experience with the presence of God. Time stands still.

    At this point you rise and walk from the room. As you walk from the room, you know that your heart has been touched deeply by the presence of the Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You walk into a new world, for you are free of anxiety. You have been touched in such a way that you know that the Almighty God is truly present and living within you. You know that you do not have to fear, for the power and might of God are truly within you. You walk from this room and you carry this special touch of grace with you throughout the day. And, although the earth is shaken and the sun ceases to shine, you are steadfast in His love and His presence.

    Jesus: My dear ones, things will begin to happen. So much confusion and doubt now in your life! Sufferings are coming. You must know this presence within you. It is in this presence, with the Almighty God within you, that you will have deep joy within your heart at all times for you know what God is telling you. You know that He is inside of you. You can watch things fall down around you, and people stumble in your midst, but you know that, if you stay steadfastly fixed in the love of Almighty God, you do not fear for He is truly present. You walk from this room and, as you walk, you carry this presence with you. Wherever you go, know that you have been touched by a special grace and that the presence of the Almighty God-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-truly dwells within you. Your greatest fear is to lose the life of God by sin. Everything else will work according to the plan of the Father if you surrender and carry this presence within you. Do His Will.
  8. R. And the earth was shaken, and trees fell, and many catastrophes hit the land, but within their hearts there was an inner peace and tranquillity as they walked from the room, for they were touched by Almighty God. Nothing can shake the presence of God within their hearts.
  9. R. And He carried the cross on His back. His body was stooped over, and His face was covered with blood, and His head crowned with thorns, and He could hardly move. He fell three times under the weight of the cross but within His Heart was peace for He knew the love of His Father. He knew the Father's Will. You, too, will go about your life and have peace and joy within your heart, for you will know that as you walk the Almighty God dwells within you.

    Jesus: Be one with Me, My precious ones, one with Me. Unite more and more to Me. Say the Prayer for Union with Me. Every day pray this prayer. Let go, surrender and feel the freedom of knowing the indwelling of the Trinity.
  10. Jesus: As you see My face covered with blood, see My body stooped down and the cross on My back. I could hardly move. As you look into My eyes, tender, loving eyes, My dear ones, I want you to hear three words from My lips as I look back at you with My tender loving eyes. I love you!


Jesus is Crucified and Dies on the Cross

  1. R. Jesus was raised high on the cross on Calvary. See Him on the hill and see Mary under the cross and hear the wind blow. See the cross against the darkened sky. This is the greatest sacrifice: the Son of God gave His all to the Father for love of us. His hands were pierced, His feet were pierced, His head was crowned with thorns. He surrendered and gave His life that we might have life forever with Him in heaven.
  2. R. As you go to each Mass, unite in oneness with the priest, the priest who is Christ present at the Mass. Unite in this oneness and offer yourself in this act of self-giving to the Father. See Jesus at the Last Supper as He offered the bread and hear His words, "…this is my body" (Mk 14:22), for He knew He would give His flesh and His blood for the love of His precious souls. At Mass we offer ourselves, through and with Christ, to the Father, in the Holy Spirit.
  3. R. It is in uniting ourselves to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being offered all through the world at every moment, offering ourselves with this sacrifice to the Father, that this is our most powerful prayer and that our prayers are magnified to such an extent. All through the day offer, with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, to the Father, in the Holy Spirit, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary. Offer up, My dear ones, your prayers-for the souls suffering in this world this day, for the souls in Purgatory that need your prayers-all of your petitions. Unite them to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass going on constantly, the greatest prayer that you can give to the Father.
  4. Jesus: This is My Body. This is My Blood.
  5. Jesus: My dear ones, I give you Myself this day in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and you take this so lightly. As I gave Myself as a sacrifice on Calvary, so I give Myself to you this day. Deeper and deeper My union with you grows as you receive Me in the Eucharist. I am crying out to you to realize the great gifts that you are given, for, when you receive Me in the Eucharist, you become so united in such oneness with Me.
  6. Jesus: Prepare yourself for this event. Prepare to receive the Almighty God in deepest union in your heart and pray for the grace that this Mass will be filled with meaning for you and that you will unite in such oneness with Me. You pray at the Offertory to the Father that He accept this Sacrifice. Offer your lives to the Father with Me. Put your life in His hands. Let Him run your life and you will be free and good will happen for you, as you grow more and more in your life and unite more and more closely to Him.
  7. Jesus: As you unite in such oneness with Me, you unite also with all those present in Me.
    R. Let the world unite in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and all become one in Christ, for we are one body in Him and He is the head.
  8. R. Let us all pray in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world and offer ourselves up continually in this Sacrifice with Jesus to the Father. As we all do this there will be unity in this offering, for we are all one in Him. As we unite in Him, we unite in each other.
  9. R. Ave Maria! It is through the pierced Heart of Jesus that the sacramental life of the Church was born. Blood and water flowed forth from His Heart-water, the symbol of baptism, our rebirth in Him, and blood, the symbol of the Eucharist, whereby we are fed by his Body. As the life flows through His pierced Heart, so it flows through His beloved Mother, for her Heart was invisibly pierced with a sword and she is the Mediatrix of all grace. As she nourished the Christ Child within her womb, so she provides the life to us from her Son Jesus through her spiritual womb.
  10. R. I see the life flow from His pierced Heart, through the Heart of the Virgin Mary, and into our hearts. We are saturated with this divine life and divine love. It is from His Heart that all mercy and love flow.






From December 3, 2004

Messenger:     My dear friends

    Today the Feast of St. Xavier,
First Friday, Jesus appeared to me
as the King on His Throne at the
Cathedral where He told me to go
to Church.  


    On December 5, 1996 - 
8 years ago Jesus appeared
to me at the point of death His
mouth moving, He was in excruciating
pain, I cried and could hardly stand

From a previous daily message:

I saw Him at the point of death on the cross 
December 5, 1996, after Mary appeared 500 times.

He hung, all battered, greatly weakened. His mouth moved very clearly. It seems that a man in His condition could not move His mouth to that extent.

Later in the rosary that night, He gave messages and said: "No one was listening." 

end of excerpt

    Today the Feast of St. Xavier,
First Friday, Jesus appeared to me
as the King on His Throne at the
Cathedral where He told me to go
to Church. 

   He was smiling and His
mouth moved and moved and moved.
He looked happy and the vision was
all aglow. He gave me a message to sit
in the first pew and He appeared
and talked about 20 minutes, He
was smiling.

    May God bless you in this
most beautiful season. 

With lots of love and thanks,






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