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December 30, 2006

December 31st Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 5 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for December 31st are Sorrowful.




December 30, 2006

Messenger:                         I want to be so deeply united to God
                                      to be one with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit —
                                      to know the center of oneness —
                                      the fire of God's love —

                                         Impart to me, oh God, the gift
                                      of detachment that my weary soul can
                                      but rest in Thee —

                                      that the peace of my soul rests in
                                            pure love —

                                      An army can fight devils — but I
                                           want the peace and joy of knowing
                                           the power of Your love —

                                      The refreshment of heaven —

                                             the depth of the sea —
                                             Your sea of love that has no depth
                                             or breath, but is endless.

                                      I see a light beyond all imaginings —

                                        I see reality in knowing the
                                               oneness of Your love.

                                      Peace and sacrifice

                                      Joy and contentment, amongst turmoil —
                                            sin — rebellion, selfishness
                                            and lack of peace.

                                      Peace that is found in knowing
                                              the crucified Lord

                                      Peace that is known in the
                                                resurrection —

                                      Peace that is such a reality in
                                            my soul — I reach for Thee and
                                            know Peace amongst turmoil —

                                            I know the ever lasting embrace
                                                  of the Divine God.

                                            Families are to be likened to this
                                                peace — where they rest secure
                                                in the embrace of God the endless
                                                  fire of His love — beyond all our
                                                  imaginings —

                                                Refreshment for the tired soul.

                                                Solace despite trial.

                                                Comfort in adversity.

                                                Peace and Joy in the embrace of the Trinity.

                                                Meditating on the presence of the Divine
                                                      God so intimately in the Eucharist.

                                                Thanking God for the power given to a

                                                Enough is enough you say — for I walked a

                                                        dark night of pain and the shadow of the
                                                        light was my rear guard and foreguard
                                                        and I could stay only so long in
                                                        the dark tunnel — knowing the
                                                        reality of Your embrace — the fullness
                                                        of Your love that is Yours to give me in

                                                A snake is slippery and wiggly and wants
                                                    a way and the ground can be
                                                    its dwelling —

                                                A star stays plastered against the
                                                    dark sky and its light is a fire —
                                                    it shines despite the fact it is
                                                    surrounded by darkness.

                                                My soul can be gripped on the sides
                                                        by trials and discomforts, but never
                                                        does His light not shine from
                                                        my center —

                                                Always an awareness of things beyond —

                                                     so real to me —

                                                I rest in Thee as one opening a bath
                                                of warm comfort in the middle of
                                                  torrential rains —

                                                Never is the reality of heaven and its embrace
                                                     distant from my soul —

                                                Cry out oh Jerusalem for your Savior
                                                        is with us today.

                                                        The Light has risen in the East.

                                                        The Sun stealing away in the West.

                                                         But the clock turns by the hands of
                                                               God and never does it stop for
                                                               me — the reality in darkness and
                                                               light is the rear and foreguard
                                                               of my soul —

                                                         Light following darkness
                                                              darkness giving way to light —

                                                              barrenness and fruitfulness —
                                                              not ever far behind —

                                                The fruit of heaven is constant —
                                                        it can spring thus from
                                                        the barren land —

                                                Its fruits so succulent as one
                                                      beautiful tree after the long
                                                      barren winter —

                                                Rise up Jerusalem the Savior has come —

                                                Night is no more — for the things of
                                                      this life are passing —

                                                Now reach with the knowledge of your
                                                          soul — little shoots left from
                                                          Adam —

                                                          for your Savior has come to you
                                                          and washed you in His Blood —

                                                He has paid for your salvation, a precious
                                                        price —

Jesus speaks:                            Where were you when I called young one —
                                                       to bring you your gifts — you were
                                                       strung out wrapped in cloths
                                                       that were binding you and the rag
                                                       around your eyes — was blinding
                                                       you from My Light, but now
                                                       fair one —

                                                As a summer's morning — I open the
                                                        porthole and you see the refreshment
                                                        of fire from My Heart — peering
                                                        in your once darken window and

                                                Like a sleeping doll you get up —
                                                    shaking off your sleep to a
                                                    glorious morning —

                                                Do you not grow tired of the dark
                                                        hole — satan trapped you in, but
                                                        child — you walked in and you
                                                        wear your darkest blindfold —

                                                You cry misery and complain and I stand
                                                       by the hole and wait for you to
                                                       quit your wailing and come out
                                                       to be carried away by the
                                                       Divine Bridegroom —

                                                       the one waiting for you — like one
                                                          courting a lass who was afraid —

                                                But child you were not afraid — you
                                                      walk into misery and cry a while and
                                                      take your eyes off of Me waiting
                                                      with the love you seek and fills you —

                                                Oh baby — whine and complain no more —
                                                      Your Savior is the Light of the morning —
                                                      The star to the dark night
                                                      The constancy your soul seeks —

                                                You bind yourself in burial rags for
                                                       no reason, but to whine a while and
                                                       even in the trials — I never leave
                                                       you — not for one moment — not
                                                       for the batting of an eye.

                                                Come away with Me and taste the refreshment
                                                          of My everlasting embrace —
                                                          A song of joy I sing — you plug
                                                          up your ears and play sad songs —

                                                Like one putting a record on a phonograph.

                                                Grapes can be bitter and yet they can make

                                                        a sweet wine —

                                                How is this you say —

                                                Oh child I am the Divine God —
                                                      my grapes never give you bitter wine —
                                                      your tongues tastes your whining heart
                                                      you give into sadness when

                                                The King waits by your dark hole —
                                                          day and night and you embrace the darkness and
                                                          hide yourself from My light —

                                                For no reason — stop crying — take off your
                                                      robes of doom — shout My gifts to
                                                      the hungry babies.

                                                Time is nigh.

                                                Wait no more — the babies are waiting the milk
                                                        of salvation —
                                                        their little mouths are longing to be

                                                Their ears are open —

                                                Their hearts ready —

                                        You are like a wailing woman —

                                        Come to My Feast child — taste the
                                                  succulent Feast of the Savior —

                                                  Weep no more —

                                        Your Savior has come —

                                        Let me wrap you in the robes of salvation.

                                        Amen, Alleluia.


                                        Come away with Me —

                                        Rest in My Heart and

                                        Know the Father's love —

                                        Be filled with the Spirit —

                                        Stop and focus on this —

                                        God dwelling within your soul —
                                               Father, Son and Holy Spirit —
                                               dwell in you —

                                         Light child — reach for the light
                                             pick the high grape —
                                             not the one dirty and dragging the ground

                                        My grapes are sweet —

                                        I feed you My Body and My Blood —

                                        Meditate on this —

                                        My love for you —

                                        the reality of Father, Son and Holy Spirit
                                              dwelling in your soul —

                                        Let go — experience this peace —
                                              put everything out of your mind and
                                              go to this refuge place in your
                                              heart —
                                              see the light there —
                                              know God alive in you
                                              Live in My love


The Our Father

    Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.


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